Media promoting tiny houses

Redpill me on this one pol.

I have some examples:–and-stuff/2015/06/23/f8f706f0-0acc-11e5-9e39-0db921c47b93_story.html

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It's an attempt to make the economic decline due to globalization and extreme taxation to pay for shitskins seem cool and hip to the goyim.

Allow me to give you my honest opinion on this. Generally speaking things like this are done to transition people into a lower standard of living. They will make it seem cool, or super environmental; but the overall focus is to get you to lower your outlook on life. Why? Well, the eventual economy that (((they))) want won't allow you to do much. Why do you think the phrase "the new normal" suddenly came into being? It is a coded phrase to get you to reassess what is possible. Around the same time they started pushing the "the jobs just aren't coming back" and "learn new skills" all the while importing or outsourcing those same skills.
In short, they push the tiny house shit right now so that in time you will not think about people who will be living in 3rd world conditions. You live in a tiny house, but others live in a tin shack with a dirt floor. Be thankful to live in a tin shack with a dirt floor, because others simply live in tents. Or as summed up while I was typing this.

Basically, yeah. It has all the buzzwords. "cool, chic, awesome, eco-friendly, casual" and so on. Also, see how they're calling them designer houses. That's to make them seem fashionable and appeal to the masses obsession with designer everything. Designer clothes, furniture, and now shitty cramped houses.

The worst thing is that at least in the United States smaller houses were a thing. They would call them a starter home, and it is the type of place you might move into when you are first married. Then after a time you would move to a nicer place. Then they started building these huge cheap homes, and now they are expecting families to live in houses smaller than the old starter homes. Ah, who am I kidding? They don't want people to have families.

Gotta make more living space for an increasing population…

of rapefugees

Definitely. Completely understandable when you're still starting out as a family, but obviously not something you aspire to. A house like that should only be a stepping stone on the way to a proper family household, not the fucking end game.

The more people they can fit in cramped, small spaces, the more areas they can acquire for businesses.
Think about it. If you live in a small area, you'd have to sacrifice lots of furniture/appliances to have enough room to live in.
That means people no longer think of buying an iron/washing machine, they just put up businesses all around you to do it for you.

Same goes with cooking and other recreational activities.
They just want you to sleep in your house, and not do any other activity in it.
Which also makes it easier to monitor you.

That pretty much sums it up.

I actually have a tiny home on wheels. It's built on a short military trailer, and set up for off grid living, and extreme cold. I lived through a -50 degree (F) winter in it. Gonna park it on land as soon as I buy some start building my real house.

If we didn't have the massive immigration the low birth rates would mean that young people could afford to live in the bigger old houses that don't suit the older generations. It's also just so they can keep wages at poverty-tier because who can live in the big city and afford $4000 a month in rent on $2000 a month and $800 a month in student loans?
A lot of this stuff is just trying to make a sheckel or two off of whatever the current trend is. Carbon friendly eco-house! Low footprint!


I've always wanted to live on a boat.

t. person who has never been on a boat

Not just that, we also have to accommodate all the immigrants flooding in every year. Where I live they've been telling us we have to get used to high-density living for a long time. In a place where pretty much every house used to have a reasonable size backyard.

My toilet is bigger than those cucksheds

I have noticed sort of a war on backyards. Which is sad, because that used to be this place where children could play. Maybe you could have a tree house in a more iconic time. I live in Japan, and while front lawns aren't a thing, people will have a small backyard if they can. Kids can play in the streets here, but in the United States I wouldn't allow children to do that. Hell, cities across America ban basketball nets on a garage. Out of "safety", but I think it is to either keep children inside all day; or worse in "clubs" after school to allow more and more indoctrination.

If I can play devil's advocate for a moment, small houses do have a few advantages from our perspective, such as…
-Preservation of the countryside, more population in a small area means a bigger area remains untouched. Countryside you can then visit and ramble through as part of a Wandervogel chapter or on a KDF outing. Or just a lone camping trip.
-Easier to insulate, heat and cool. Lower energy demand means you are using fewer of the earth's resources, meaning less mining and deforestation. It also means you can make renewables a larger part of your per-home energy use. Bugger the global warming angle, solar and wind are used in the place they are made, meaning a reduced reliance on imported energy. Plus any natsoc country is going to be heavily sanctioned and a target for warfare anyway. How can an enemy knock out the power of a whole nation of homes that can go "off grid" (at least temporarily) at the flick of a switch?
-Single people living in tiny homes frees up (and reduces the price of) bigger homes for couples starting a family. Though I'm a proponent of a future natsoc system effectively making housing "free", anyway.
Also, homes that are tiny in footprint need not be tiny inside, just vertical. City homes in Japan are not much bigger than the family car, which is parked on the ground floor. The actual rooms are on three or four floors above it. All those stairs are a little extra excercise every day, too.

Always do. You make a lot of good points. I think that the best one is single people living in tiny houses, and I might go so far a newlywed couples is a net benefit to the society. I think what some of us are getting hung up on is the promotion of it as a 100% permanent living solution for all people. If we could get back to a starter home mindset or permanent for singles and childless couples I am behind the concept.

Lots of great Americans grew up in log cabins and went to single-room schoolhouses historically

Japan's nice. I miss Japan. A lot healthier society in many ways compared to my hometown.

Fuck off

Checked, It's all about stuffing as many people onto one parcel of land as possble, like battery cages for chickens. Whites aren't insects like chinks and Koreans are and aren't willing to live in closets, but something that looks like a dwelling. It's also a way of making it appear to normnorms that there's way more space in this land than there actually is, so why not let the entire world in?

There's nothing inherently wrong with small houses but the 'tiny house meme' seems to come from Agenda21 UN Ponzi-scheming like some of the other anons astutely noted.

Checked, this scene from The Holy Mountain is a look at their plans for the future, coffin shaped sleeping quarters, just a bedshelter, no families, no amenities, eat at the factory and shit in the latrine trucks.

There's something positive to be said about being able to live with less, too. Satisfaction isn't defined by acquiring a new thing that you want, it's defined by not needing more; and satisfaction is the one thing every person on the planet seeks. This doesn't mean one shouldn't be ambitious, but rather that one direct their ambitions more accurately towards things that are actually fulfilling. A house larger than you need is not going to fulfill you anymore than a box of cookies will.

Same like feminism. Females were introduced in the workforce, wages go lower.. oy vey goy strong independent womyn, don't be a misogynist.

It´s about people can´t afford slaving for so many years to end the payments for a large home, because jobs aren´t eternal anymore and banks are paying for those 'news' articles to put the lemmings into that goal.
You could make some additions to that cuck shed when you have the cash, even better you can build the whole house around the original cuck shed. Also, you can dig tunnels between several sheds.

Smaller houses allows lots of things (((they))) want to place when one world government arrives. It allows to fit a big number of people in (((smart designed metropolises))) for easy surveillance and control. It demoralizes and break people's spirit, any user who lives in a big city can confirm this. It frees big spaces for their Soylent Green plants and slave-powered factories.

Its like pottery.

Bingo.I remember a decade ago the goal was promoting a large spacious house with a room for each of your children, and a large backyard for them to play in. Now its "go live in a tiny commie shed with your family of 5, look how neat it is, it'll save you money!".
And as usual, the media is colluding together to all push the same narrative.

Another positive element to tiny houses is that, if they are on wheels, parking them on land will not raise your land taxes (at least in most places in the US), because you've not made an improvement to the land.

So your argument is that people should live condensed into tiny commieblocks so daddy gubment has room to continue insane amounts of immigration from 3rd world countries for decades to come.
More population density = more crime, you're pretty much advocating to cram everybody into micro ghettos what would be worse than Detroit.

They're turning people into cattle. In any case, this is similar to how China is. I can't help but feel as if (((they))) want to do to the world that China has done to their own people. No wonder they keep propping them up.

His argument seems to be that smaller house = more land to use for other reasons.

I mean, that is why we had two-three story houses while the rest of the world failed and couldn't reach any sizeable population density (except Japan) until we physically built it for them.


A very tall, thin house, surrounded with a well-toiled set of farms and a long path, with a small fence. Surrounding this, nature.

Of course, that's now what's being advertised here. What's being advertised is a trendy ghetto.

*that's not what's being advertised

This Tiny House stuff has a show as I'm sure you know but there is a show for water houses too. They have these little neighborhoods set up around docks where people live in floating houses.


Yeah, that's why OP gave an alternate viewpoint.

Privacy vs practicality - our larger houses in the West are not useful because they're ONLY a large house completely dependent on their neighbours.

But if I had a tent, I woulnt be sleeping on a dirt floor…

Counterpoints should always be welcome on Holla Forums.
Otherwise Holla Forums becomes just another echo chamber.

The focus on material wealth and a reasonable size house and backyard aren't necessarily the same thing. I would want to be able to move around in my house a bit, and have a backyard to also be able to relax a bit. I have zero interest in the accumulation of trinkets and whatever else. Outside of the biggest cities people in the west have always had reasonably sized homes.

small houses in general?
no problem
nothing wrong with asceticism
conspicuous consumption only feeds the jew
if you want a big house try building one yourself
suddenly smaller houses start to make sense

tiny house communities?
filled to the brim with the most insufferable faggots on the planet
purge them with fire
showing off your tiny house to everyone on the internet and bragging about how eco friendly you are?
gas yourself

Yet really for the sole purpose of accommodating mass immigration.

In agenda 23 they are misanthropic and seek to destroy quality of life because captain planet.


China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and a bunch of other places. People on board with this probably underestimate how stressful high-density living can be. Especially if you have inconsiderate neighbours (which these days almost seems to happen more often than not).

OP, look up the so called "bedspace apparments" in Hong Kong. Tiny houses are very likely a stepping stone to this.

That's completely subjective.

tbh would rathe live in one of these than the sharehouse I'm in

This and because you are considered cattle to them.



Its smart economically, Americans never needed gigantic houses in the first place.

I myself have been vandwelling saving $40,000 in home expenses, no taxes either.


user but single people already live in tiny houses, they are called apartment blocks, where Tyrone sells you meth of the hallway.

these houses are not building up several floors (((they))) want you to cram your entire family into a single room like the filthy animals from the Middle East and Africa do

Bug man houses.

Cuckshed! yelled the 12yo T_D baby wrapped warm in mommies cuckhouse as tyrone plows her.

I'd rather be in my comfy cuckmobile than paying kikes $1500 a month in rent.

So long as capable young men are using the savings to work towards a greater goal than hedonism, I fully encourage tiny houses for people who don't currently need more.

>(((tiny houses)))
If you studied Industrial Design or Architecture you would know that.
Where are you industrialdesignanon?

Sustainable material and energy choices are not enough, sustainable space choices are next. Establishing the proper value on the quality of a space is the next shift. Cities will become less congested as we limit the number of people that buildings support to a number harmonious with the area of the building's footprint.
Not that carbon footprint bullshit
Even though trashing the earth is for fags

These things exist but unrelated to "tiny" living.

Not even close.

Owning instead of renting or borrowing (mortgage) is what "tiny" houses enable. They encourage the adoption and use of quality objects that rarely, if ever, need replacing. And they support closer, more engaged experiences with important people in your life.
They also help minimize waste.

Ironically, if the intention is to convert "white" America into gypsies, "tiny" house owners are forced into land ownership due to laws that do not fit with the "freedom to live" marketing.

Gommunism does not support private ownership.
In fact, it hides behind capitalism in the form of "subdivisions", actual irl communes where your deed is nothing more than a rental agreement between you and the entity that is the "housing authority", a corporation which you are a member/shareholder but cannot leave.

Even most "Cities" are communes in this sense, where dogs have more public freedom than man, since you can't shit on your neighbor's yard and clean it up but their dog can piss and shit on yours.

This has been true in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since 1871.

~10 over the past decade.
The best is with Zack Giffin
Many more huge/dream/vacation house shows.
The actual trend that should concern people is the increasing value on an aging house. No other product with such an abundance of supply is valued like this.

Remember Podshare? The 'live in a youth hostel-style dorm' innovation some shebrew came up with? It was like an insight into their end game:

You don't own nothing goyim!

sold as modern(tm) aspirational(tm) lifestyle.

So much space wasted. They could fit 4 or 5 more beds between the floor and the ceiling if they closed the distance between the bunks, or used smaller mattresses. And who's sleeping on the floor space underneath? For fuck's sake…

Yes I remember that and good point.

Maybe this and not the Hong Kong cage homes is what they have planned for westerners. After all, chinese ant people and westerners have different expectactions. What do you think?

This podshare stuff is really a living, textbook embodiment of the ideology we're currently subjected too: a bizarre and heterogenous mix of communism and liberalism.

Pretty much this. I don't think most of the people in this thread actually understand tiny houses, or how they got started.

Hear me out:

The tiny house movement started when the economy crashed, as a way to still have proper housing despite the fact that nobody could fucking afford it any longer. It was pretty much a way for people to strike back and the government/banks (read: jews) for fucking everything up. Of course these days, it has pretty much been co-opted by jews/hipsters/leftists as "trendy, environmentally friendly" bullshit. But it was not this originally. I always laugh when I see a tiny home listed as "For as low as $50,000". 50k is not cheap, and completely defeats the purpose of a tiny home to begin with. When the tiny home trend started, people were building them for 10k or less. It was started as a way to provide AFFORDABLE HOUSING after the economy crashed. Now its a way for kikes to cash in on "minimalism" as others have pointed out. The reality is, both sides of the argument in this thread are pretty much true. There is definitely something to be said for the way minimalism is marketed towards people now days. They are definitely trying to get new generations to accept living with less as the new standard. By less, I don't mean less mindless consumer goods (which everyone really needs to stop fucking buying), but less of what actually matters (land, space, housing, etc).

What I think is truly funny though is people who want to slam this and call them "cucksheds". I think its hilarious that everyone here claims they want to fight the kikes, yet criticizes a method in which you could. What are any of you doing to fight the kikes? Originally, these people built their own house by hand. What better skill is there to have? I can't think of a more white man thing to do than build your own fucking house by hand AND NOT PAY KIKES. Yet all these people here calling them cucksheds are most likely paying kikes for an appartment, or WORSE, paying even BIGGER kikes for a fucking house they literally can't even afford. They had to take a fucking loan from schlomo to pay for it! So much for fighting the kikes and being a "white nationalist" I guess.

A tiny home is really no different than a travel trailer or RV, except you built it by hand. Plus, with the job market as bad as it is, I think living on wheels is much more beneficial for everyone here, as you can move with the work. Despite the fact that kikes/leftists have infiltrated this and are trying to market it to idiots, this is still ironically an excellent way to fight kikes, fight their shitty usury system and save an absolutely ridiculous amount of money in the process. If you want to fight kikes and bring the wealth into our hands, I would encourage most people here to consider some form of alternative living. If you want to buy a house, fine. Use this as a stepping stone to save money, and pay in cash. Whatever you do, don't take loans, pay as little tax as you possibly can, and pay in cash for everything. Fuck debt, credit and all other kike usury. Your life will be so much more satisfying if you can avoid bullshit, and this really is a great way to avoid bullshit, and even gain real white man skills in the process.

You don't need living space Goy. Here is a boatload of more niggers. Enjoy!

You're wrong, a lot of us including myself do know and understand this fully.

However, regardless of how tiny houses started, it's undeniable what they are becoming (which is what this thread is about).

A lot of news is just advertising, Drew Curtis wrote a pretty funny and good book about it many moons ago before became a group of insane communists.

that's what turned me off the tiny house thing as a whole. They are REALLY expensive for some reason, so that hipsters can say they live in a house instead of a trailer? A mobile home gives you more space for the same price.

Did anons meme cucksheds or what?

Seriously. It's developed into a fashion trend. I got my tiny home for $2000, and it's more than paid for itself.

The communist Jew is squeezing whites into smaller spaces as they push other things like abandoning meat and eating cockroaches and grasshoppers instead.
The zionist Jew at the same time sees the downturn in the economy that would result for all these large homes being abandoned for smaller ones, and the loss of shekels for his people etc.. so places like California are trying to ban them, and largely have.. putting people on the street homeless, after confiscating their "tiny homes"

The "little house" meme has been around for a while. I can remember reading an article in the paper around 5 or 6 years ago about some environmentalist whose entire house was stolen because, when he went out to the shops, someone hitched it up to the back of their ute like a trailer and just drove off with it. It does seem to be getting a lot more coverage now for some reason. Probably b/c

bait thread report and move on

Manlets trying to push the small cozy house narrative to compensate for their houses being bigger than their egos.

I see your point, but at the same time, you don't need to pay a mortgage.

They don't have to be. The whole point of these homes was live your life without a giant mortgage hanging over your head. That's probably why we're seeing it coopted so hard; can't have the goyim living debt-free.

If you're paying over $15k for a tiny home you're doing it completely wrong.

Best post in the thread.

Given my budget, I'd rather buy a nice lot of land and build a modest cabin rather than some prefab piece of shit house in an HOA community with jackshit for a yard, or god forbid, a communal yard. Tiny homes in urban areas make no sense to me unless you want to live in some sort of chink-tier hive complex

Calling it a cuckshed is a way of outright rejecting lower living standards. Saving money or not, you are being cucked into living like a slave.

They want American infrastructure to be tiny like EU infrastructure.

Don't forget the cargo container houses op.

This is what the lower class will live in.

Glorified commieblocks with Scifi LED lighting will be the middle class version.

And finally the middle class youth will live in these filled with vibrancy when they are studying in college for their worthless degree (which is going to be mandatory to obtain the lowest paying jobs).

I agree with this - small houses are a great idea, and should be accompanied with buying a large area around it to keep from happening.

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I seriously doubt any sort of conspiracy is going on with that. It is just the media writing articles where they can put great clickbait headlines. Most of the population would not care about an article dealing with benefits of mansions, cause it is not applicable to majority of the population. If you present a new concept (tiny house) with a positive light (helping get rid of the stress of modern life) in a way that is relative to a large number of people (cheap, more affordable than other houses), then you get views. The ad revenue depends on the number of views (sometimes clicks, but that also increases with more views).




Live a simpler life style, and stop imitating boomers. You’re never going to have what they had, and they sold your nation/race down the shitter to do so.

The march to equality for goyim continues!


Maybe you should get redpilled on not being a shill and sliding the fuck out of the board. God damn, you faggots are in EVERY FUCKING THREAD right now. Fuck off.


Well it's simple. The goys need to put in little cucksheds and communal living areas for the sake of easy monitoring, control, and economic efficiency. It is just like what they did in the Soviet Union.

most mobile homes cost more than 15k though, and the tiny homes being advertised now, at least years after they first came on the market, are way higher. I wonder how much it would cost in product/labor to do it yourself, if you had the know-how. Couldn't be much more than building a cabin in the woods.