Colorado shooting suspect was an Iraq War vet who posted alt-right ‘Pepe’ memes on social media

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Why would anyone on the right kill a police officer? Sounds like an ironic lefty

This whole thing is a Police versus Military thing. Nigger

On closer inspection, I'm not seeing anything else mention an alt right connection. Heck, there's not even that much in the news mentioning this incident at all.

It'd be a shame if I got bamboozled by some fake news.


Because this country is a jewish-infested leftist hellscape, and the cops enforce that status quo?

>identify (((leftist hellscape)))

Shooter's alt-right claim seems to have come from mediaite and heavy and signal-boosted by CNN. Probably fake-news bullshit designed to make cartoon frogs look bad.
Low score too.
not even bretty gud 1/5 :(((

Looks like a beaner with a kike.

Not even the ADL says he's right wing


He's a lolberg. Remember when those Jonestein superfans killed cops and Adam Kikesh defended it?

What is Mr. Riehl? He looks like some kinda spic. At the very least, for a "White Nationalist", he doesn't look very White.


Thank goodness this woman whose Twitter describes her as
>Writer, anti-government extremism at . UC Berkeley alumna. Cats are badass. Hoarder of narrative snippets.
was able to get snapshots of the totally-legit Faceberg profile, eh?

Here's an interesting tidbit:

Checked for makes this bitch


Here's this wonderful contributor's bio:

Oooooh, well, guess who else was a part of that?
I wonder if they knew each other.

>MacNab is the author of an upcoming book, “The Seditionists: Inside the Explosive World of Anti-Government Extremism in America,” scheduled to be published in 2016 by St. Martin's Press. The book takes readers deep into the movement, their recent growth, their racist history, and the many factors that drive them towards violence today.
>MacNab received her Bachelors in International Relations with an emphasis on weapons policy from the University of California at Berkeley and lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Well, sure is a good thing this broad is on the case!

I added the third comma, since the author is a degenerate and couldn't be bothered.

You gotta watch this shit.


Dude is accusing one of the police deputies of being a pimp, who ambushes you from behind a door with a mute hooker… Wat

Another fun snippet being reported on:

I think this fucker might be the lobeposter, further trying to taint the magnificence of the Aryan culture. In this case, by implying that the use of logic, humor, and attention to detail are symptoms of a mental illness.


Being bad at target selection and being an "ironic lefty" are different regardless of whether or not it's stupid.


Yes, it was an unhinged 4chan peepee frog posting alt righted racist who shot people for no reason

Police will enforce the pozzed system no matter how bad it gets, as their "duty".

Cuckservatives will say "Blue lives matter!" while their doors are kicked down and guns confiscated by the state.

Of course in this case it's a lolbert so I don't care either way though.
Vets are deliberately treated like shit by our 'boys in blue'

That cop was shown mercy, he was allowed to live. How does he react to honor? He takes potshots at the merciful veteran and is put down in disgust.

Yeah goy, why would anyone want to kill ZOG enforcers who deserve the oven purely by abiding to arrest quotas aka making shit up to book people.


why do you idiots suck police cock at every turn? police aren't on our side.

Thats a Jew. Got a mouth like fucking Mnuchin.

This isn't how Hitler won his power, that's for sure.


Reported for promoting black on white rape and anarchy, go to lefty/pol/ if you want to do that.

how did that weirdo hook up with a total babe of a wife
there are hotter finance guys with more money still doesn't explain it

In jail the prison don't care about black on white rape

Every prison guard deserves the rope

That's not what happened faggot. Stop being an edge lord

look at that woman's eyes. same soulless dead black eyes, demonic. it's in the eyes with these creatures

If you are white, you will be dealt with before the kikes youre protecting.

Sadly, it gives a pretty clear look into the current state of the military. Faggot probably did desk duty while deployed…

Nice try

I don't think the alleged shooter is any kind of right-winger. If anything this whole story reeks of typical "sandy hook" or "columbine" media op.


Come on… Iraq war vet?
It's fake.
J MacNab probably met this guy at Berkeley or at her Counterterrorism Center at Georgetown or whatever.
He's an actor, it's a hoax. Like the batman guy or supreme gentleman or anybody else.
It's a low-energy script that follows their profile of 'lone wolf active shooter'
It literally ticks every single box on this subject….

cracked the code

Dude looks like jewish kat from Ghostbusters 1984 Rick Moranis

No wonder he was posting based cartoon frog memes first envisioned by homosexual AIDS riddled faggot mentor of Trump, Roy Cohn the Mossad pedo entrapment agent

Based fashy isreali motherfuckers everywhere I look on this board from Tel Aviv to the Euphrates

Ability to recognize Jews is something you develop over time, like say, 2 years of lurking.

Fucking niggers

watch out, the kike loving mods will ban you for "chronic shitposting" if you talk shit about Trump

I agree comrade, who would ever kill a BASED stasi, cheka or KGB officer?
The police are NOT on our side.


My job. I never post on it and I have PC I use just for social media.

Good thing you didn't include the video, insufferable, cringe, punchable, .. few can last listening to this smacking fucknut.

I'm glad you watched the video for me user.
Do you think this was an actual happening or just some media stunt to promote the Homeland Security Mental Health Act of 2018 to make sure frogposters get their government-rationed Prozac?

Confirmed for non-white. Just look at those disgusting wide lips. Maybe this story is being shelved by the media because the shooter is a spic or a mutt.


is he ramzpaul?

was probably a desk jockey in the Army or in whatever his branch was

'Sovereign Citizens' are fucking wacky and LE attempting dynamic entries for petty shit is just as wacky; the results were predictable and unfortunate.


Matthew Riehl: "Person of Color"

Is this news?

Klang's other songs are good too.

He should be banned for not calling it GRIDS tbh. If there's one wordfilter we need, it's that.

It's the same fucking shit. If you call it GRIDS you are excluding niggers from the equation.

Not liking cops is different from shooting some, you stupid faggots. Stop shitting up my board with your retardation, and tell your bosses you failed the false-flag.

This is a valid point, but I refuse to see the (((news))) as anything other than memes–because that's all it is.

Still not relevant.

Finally, actual relevant points again.

Hey, don't insult Treasury Barbie. She's fappable.

Der turning de fogs grey

Nobody hates the police more than the left.



If you're including lolbergs in the left, you're correct. He's one, and past cop-killers were, at the very least, defended by them. And if you remember when there were still lolbergs here, most of them defended it based on their supposed right to fuck kids.

White (German-American?) father, Taiwanese Chinese mother. Photo is her yearbook photo from Barnard College, 1967.

another supreme gentleman strikes again.


what are you reporting you fucking autist? Hapas and mixed race people are statically far more mentally ill then non mixed people


i dont know lol 1t5 ju5t a j0ke

Im ok with this

the terminal comma is considered to be incorrect. look it up

Yeah sure by fuckin idiots no doubt.

why would that twink little kike be a vet or kill anybody? green frogs?

It's only used by fucking idiots. This is one of the most basic elements of grammar, almost common sense.

looks like the poster boy of beta cuck jewry.
the mental gymnastics these parasites go through to do even the most basic task must be tiring

Cohesive understanding as a people of a nation has been butchered for this retarded thinking, (((they))) do not fear a sole ethnicity gaining centralized power as other races within the United States will be goaded into conflict with them causing a decentralization that the kikes will feast upon like vultures, what they fear is pro U.S. national movement regardless of ethnicity that identifies the problem (((Them))) because they cannot effectively play a side against one another, National Identity in unity i believe is the key, racial conflict has to be -perpetuated- by them for this reason, it is the only one that makes sense as to why the fires are being fanned, co-existence is possible with differing minorities so long as there is a mutual and respectable indifference and general adherence to understanding and logic as opposed to consigning to half-truths and emotional bias influencing decision making, the conflict that would arise inevitably can be solved with separate communities for those who desired them and cities for those who prefer the opposite, this can be accomplished by having an understanding of human indifference itself and can be tempered with a strong sense of civic duty and contribution to the country that allows this state of living to exist.

Shit, please explain.

And that's why the vast majority of style guides endorse it, right?

the fuck?

Yes good goy…go after the cops. Surely this is an effective strategy.

Whats Pepe?

What kind of faggot is paid to shill against the Oxford comma? You’re objectively wrong in every single motherfucking way it is possible to be wrong.

Protect and serve amirite?

Fuck you and your kind. It's completely justified to hang you faggots during dotr.
I'm 100% sure you pigs will be siding with the status quo.

Is there a cache of the source for this image and at least soft proof that this is his mother?

The military is full of jews just like him and so is the police force. It's probably a bullshit story.

The comma on the penultimate element in a list is called the Oxford Comma. It's correct but a lot of people don't like it. When I've been forced to drop it at a job (this is the problem with women in the workplace) I shut my mouth and conformed to standard. But I prefer to use it. It reduces confusion, especially when list elements contain more than two words.

the trips have it

Another ugly jew getting passed off as White. How long America will you put up with this? They are destroying all our countries. Stop them!

nu-Holla Forums

Anyone else notice how many non-whites there are in the alt-kike? Funny coinkidink that.

You look it up you stupid cunt. I still have my HOLT TE and your lefty style guide for blogging isn't the god damned Holt Handbook.
The audacity of this nigger attempting to correct his betters when he can't even capitalize like a white man.

He looks like a leftist soyboy.
According to the lying media, posting a picture of a cartoon frog means his crimes are the right's fault.

His nose stretches further than the story, just another kike being used to make the white man look guilty. Also kikes fighting Iraqis??? when did that ever start

Bout the same time a hang nail earned you a purple heart.