What the fuck happened to my country?

Its time to take back our country.

What the hell happened to Canada?

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Jews and enablers.

Central banks need fresh meat.

Join the Identity Canada Discord if your a Canadian of European heritage


I'm sick of becoming a minority in my home country.

Whites will become a minority in Canada if we do not do something about it.

You can thank Chief Leaf (King Cuck, Jewdeau, list goes on for names) for all this shit.
Vancouver is literally referred to as Hong-Couver now.
And every city with +100 Thousand people is being "enriched" as we speak.
Last Ditch option maybe moving to the Yukon and riling up a separatist movement, then through actions, and long economic success, slowly reclaim parts of Canada that also want to bail the sinking ship.

First you have to get rid of Castro who's running it
I think the best bet for White/Euro Canadians is to ally with the Chinese and show them what happened to Detroit.

To fix it you need to take all the Non-Degenerate Canadians, old and new, and get political control over the country again.

Chinese basically want Canada to be like the Switzerland of old where you could trust the banks implicitly and there was always order and civilization.

Lot of people spending money to get a Western non-Commie education for their children thinking that they can find it in Canada, and not realizing that the West is being destroyed by design.


When that's done you can shut down all immigration to a trickle and divide up cities like Houngcover into Anglo sections and Chinese Sections.

Got your work cut out for you, eh?

Fuck off FBI

I think you have to distinguish between buyers and invaders.

It's like some rich guy from outside France who wants to buy a house in the South of France to go on vacation with his mistress vs

You guys should give our province and the Maritimes the boot
Seems we're having a hard time filing for divorce

Better to ask what the Cuban and his ilk have done to us.

I live in New York City and I remember the paranoia when Japan was rich and buying up Rockefeller Center and everything.

this same pasta is on halfchan

leave cunt

Which part is the pasta? OP?

That's already a problem I see with you.
Also would rather post in this thread than refresh to see more gay furry porn spam. (was spammed about an hour ago)

this board deserves better content
leave, both of you

You sound like you think every leaf on this board voted Trudeau, and/or virtue signal.
Christ, here's a small lesson on Canadian Politics.
Conservatives = Neo-Cons
Liberals = Socialists (Borderline Commies)
NDP = Retarded Socialists
The last time I voted there was no other parties.
Which is bullshit in itself. But just how Canada is.
Any polls they do about Trudeau's popularity are in major cities, and even then he isn't getting a decent rating as of now.
No polls are done in the country areas cause those would show below 15% approval.
And CBC/Canadian Media doesn't want that.

We Leafs disagree on ^95% of the bullshit our Liberal Government is doing. But Media wouldn't let you hear that.

I think the Quebecois language has a pronounced uniqueness; the French language was made by aristocrats and has been deliberately complicated (sabotaged/embellished ( embelleished as in Beau/Belle which means good looking ( a good looking car is said to be beau not belle since the word char is a masculine word (but an automobile is belle not beau ))))

We've keep alot of vocabulary from the 17-18th century aswell as added allot of aberrations and slang over time. The way I see it we're trying to make everything as short as possible with out sacrificing the dept of meaning, I geuss we're trying to sing

Tu sait, c'est juste de la marde parler mais ce n'est pas bien grave, ce qui compte c'est le message
Tsé cs'juste d'la marde parler mais s'po bin grave s'qui compte cs'l'message
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Sorry for the random reply I appreciated the dialog you provoked, but didin't feel like I could add anything

Canada may be really fucked up and far more liberal then America but you guys have two things I admire, first being Canadians are much more intouch with their European heritage then Americans it seems and Canada although in decline is still very very white

Don't listen to the retards who spout about 'A FUCKING LEAF" and shit Canada is a great country. I've met so much redpilled Canadians on Holla Forums

You ever heard of confirmation bias?

Canada is being oiverrun with chinks and pakis like the US is being overrun with shitskins.

Wat u zay Hwite Boi?

yeah I've heard the Chinese people come to Vancouver and buy up all the property and move in their chink familys forcing native white Canadians out of the city. I hate when people white knight for asians on here, if anything asians pose the greatest threat to whites because of their IQ's

And you think we don't want that to change?
We can't stand any of the new foreigners cause they are all unassimilated shit tier people that want gibs and to replace our culture with their inferior one.
The immigrants 20 years ago assimilated and live/identify as Canadians.
These new gibs takers are invaders we hate, but our government wants us replaced by them.

Being in Canada these days is like signing on to your favourite image board, and noticing that all the old posters have left, and you're stuck with weird refugees. Then when you complain about the situation, you get banned from participating on the board.

This is pretty spot-on. Cucknada is cuckchan irl, complete with fag-in-charge.

Highly exaggerated meme. What they do have is an excellent work ethic and can treat each other like ants for a productivity boost. Those high Asian test scores are the results of ignoring scores from poor rural farmers, while testing university students. Asians in the Western world are also going to test higher than their norm, owing to the days when sound immigration policy was to only admit bright people with useful skills.

I can settle for this. I always found the asian girls in my high school attractive and they bring traditional values which forces competition for the white women who would otherwise sink further into their degenerate feminism. Things are so dire that I will settle for the Mongoloid if it means we can get rid of the Semites and Negroids.

That's a shame, because you're not going to racemix. You're going to work harder and meet a well suited white girl, so that your progeny is not comprised of degraded mongrels.

There's enough physical space there too that you could do all sorts of "Special Economic Zone" things where you let them build an actual Hong Kong or Singapore out in some undeveloped section and make it a big trading port or whatever and set up the tax schemes so that it's funding the Anglo / French White Canada in whatever places there's actually a White Population.
No technical reason there has to be a Brazil all over Canada when you could set it up completely differently.

I am concerned this infographic might be a fake quote. I searched for the following:

I found lots of people repeating this on the internet in forums, but no major news outlets. If this is real, I need help finding more information about when/where Justin said this. Ideally within a larger transcript of discussion, so that I can properly cite it.

We know it's something he would say without a doubt, but I've heard it's not real.
Just a Too Accurate meme

And this is why you fuckers deserve all the shit that you have now. You for whatever reason, think the chinese are on your side when they are the ones financing all the politicians that are creating the current situation that exists today, and creating an environment that is economically hostile and thus completely hostile to whites. They are not your friend and you will send yourself into extinction if you continue to think that. It amazes me to this day, knowing all there is about the role they have played in politics, all the money they sent Trudeau's bloody way, all the shit they have pulled in other countries too that people will continue to look to them to do anything other than do what they are good at: stabbing people in the back. Bloody hell.

UK made a bunch of money off of Hong Kong for 100 years without having to turn London into Brazil. The pozzification of the West is not a Chinese plan it's a Jewish plan.

If this is indeed fake then Holla Forums should be at the forefront of debunking it, shit like this always gets planted as false flags to make us look like liars. If it's real then we should get it sourced properly. This "when asked to comment on his Open Borders immigration strategy" is vague as shit. Do we have a video clip?

I'm not Canadian but you could say that everybody from China who wants to bring £20 million can develop on Vancouver Island and send his kids to Canadian University and keep his money in Canadian Banks for 50 years but cannot


The UK had considerable control over Hong Kong and none of that dispute the shit the Chinese have been doing in Canada, or the fact that they have been giving money to politicians that are actively fucking things up. Trudeau was the butt of jokes due to how hard he bends over to China. The Chinese only care about the chinese as evidence by all the financial shit they are pulling.

But you are chinese, so obvious it hurts, trying to push some nonsense idea of the chinese being on the side of canadians when they are obviously not. Your posts might as well be "please don't kill me white man, I'll suck your dick long time" with a gleaming knife hidden behind your back. I mean really now.

And look at the people who funded him too.

what was it like before?

I'm not Chinese, I'm a regular user from NYC.
OP is asking for ideas on how to un-fuck Canada.
Since Leaf's aren't up to the challenge of doing your thing and 1488 throwing the chinks out, I'm trying to suggest things that might actually fly there where they can make it less-pozzed and more white-friendly.
If you can convince Chang that it's bad if his daughter has Half-Somalian children, then maybe Chang will throw his money at a politician that isn't going to fuck up his family tree.

Chang already hates those people. This is known by anyone and everyone on here or anyone who has had to deal with the chinese. Despite this, they throw money at people and politicians that are going to actively fuck over the white population because they see it as a threat.

You're a terrible liar. Some nitwit talked about racemixing and your reaction is to talk about zones? Are you kidding me? You think the chinese will settle for that? How ignorant about canada, and the role the chinese play in canada can you be? The chinese have played an active part in the way things are in canada these days. You can fuck right off.

Why are they even bringing in Muslims??

I'm thinking this was just a Halloween prank by twitter.com/HenryMakow/status/925463866804441088

I cannot find any instance of this quote prior to October 31st 2017

Yeah, I hate that guy. I think he's (((controlled opposition))).
Makow is constantly tweeting fake news stuff on Twitter that looks pretty good and every time I go and dig for the original sources it's bullshit.
I think he's just there to make anyone who doesn't like plastics fucking up hormones sound like some kind of tin-foil-hat conspiracy retard. It sounds good on the surface but then it gives (((them))) an easy way to attack you.

Chinks in USA started voting for Trump over Hillary when it was pointed out that Hillary wants to use (((affirmative action))) to fill the best universities with Spics and Niggers and exclude the people who get good grades and perform well on standardized tests i.e. Whites and Asians.
One of you Holla Forumsacks should run and go hit up the rich people for money by convincing them that the current policy is going to make their investment worthless.
Otherwise like the old-time infographic above showed they'll turn it into Chinada until Chinada decides to go DOTR on the Muzzies and Niggers, and maybe White People can go who the fuck knows where. The current direction Canada is heading in is disturbing. I'm just trying to suggest a practical way to turn it around that might actually work instead of some Northwest Front fantasy larpshit. I'm sure other people have better ideas than me, but that's how I would do it if I were in Canada which I am not.

surely you jest.

Join the Identity Canada movement today.

We just purchased a few domain names which will be going live tomorrow and will be incorporating as a non profit this week.



D/iscord server link T7Ysu7p


The Chinese have been active donors and supporters of leftist policies for the longest time. The fact that you are acting as if you know anything about Canadian politics or think this shit started with Trudeau is mind-blowing. The Chinese are not Canada's friend.


Rappel quotidien que 95% des anglos et des kikes du West Island votent pur le parti Libéral de puis 50 ans…je vous laisse tirer vos propres conclusions.

White people use kikebook (marriage) / Tinder (cheating) for talking to men, and instagram for talking with their female friends.

For actual shopping, they use Amazon, except when shopping for clothing. Then, they're in standalone clothing stores that have the most shitty, mundane, clothing for men, because that's how the kikes like it (kikes run ALL the department stores).


All good points. Who the fuck goes to a mall anymore. OP should be fucking some White Canadian girl and trying to raise some White Canadians instead of hanging out at the mall. That's why we have smartphones and stuff.

Wew. You're a filthy shitskin trying to cover for the chinese. You can't expect white canadians to somehow ally with the very people who created the current situation they are in now. That is like siding with the jews to remove jewish influence from American politics. It doesn't make sense. None of what you're suggesting makes sense unless you're some idiot asian who thinks people are stupid enough to fall for your shit "logic". You're too stupid to live and should fuck off already. The fact that your only suggestion is "ally with the very people fucking everyone over" is beyond stupid.




But Chang doesn't need to through money at the politicians. He and his family and friends just need to do what the Chinese have always done:
It works out pretty well for them. Which is why they need to leave, either back to China or to whatever country is dumb enough to let them in.

And all OP needs to do is what Chang has always done…
Which would work OK if you didn't decide to scream "Refugees Welcome" and tell Chang to come move in along with Abdul and the Hatian Border Jumpers and ….
It's not actually all that hard in the first place.

Nope, according to 42d90b we should ignore all that


Since Chang apparently runs everything up there, and it's not the Jews or you Cannucks, why not kindly suggest to Chang to at least close the doors to the fucking niggers?
Why is Quebec 18% Arab?
Can we at least try to keep ABDUL OUT as a reasonable SECOND STEP??
I'm not trying to get you to actually
I'm just trying to give you permission to at least politely ask if maybe please you could do those two little small things first, using the natural voting blocks that might actually support those two small steps in the right direction.


Copypasta'd bread from cuckchan. Same link and everything. Mods, please gas this kike. He probably glows in the dark.

Fucking hell. I'm trying to ignore it but fucking hell.

Anyone that has been on /[pol/ for more than a day knows this. Jews hate niggers too and yet we see what they've been doing with them.

I never said the jews or other groups did not. This is why I keep saying that asians are PART of the problem. Lying will get you know where. Argue like a white man and not some inferior creature.

Are you fucking serious? You don't think people have tried? And you wonder why there is pushback against your retarded idea when you are this ignorant?

Look at that picture again. A majority of those non-whites are asian. Asians will never help get rid of a people that they can use or count on politically, which they can. That's like the democrats suddenly getting rid of mexicans. You need to get rid of the money sources for the people bringing in non-whites if you are at the very least not getting rid of the people bringing in non-whites since that alone will neuter them and make it easier to get rid of them.

Chang and his monetary influence will still exist. The fact that you keep ignoring that when there is evidence showing how full of it you are is appalling. We can keep abdul out if we keep Chang out since that makes less people bankrolling abdul entering.

Worse, you're trying to misdirect people and get them to waste their efforts when they could be doing something that would actually help.

THAT VOTING BLOCK GAVE MONEY TO TRUDEAU. How do you not get this? And even worse, you keep skipping over this point instead of confronting it. You have to be a shill. Hell, you argue like a shitskin too. Ignoring points that prove you wrong and outright lying. Fucking hell.

You've been praising "Chang" and acting like they are a viable option when they obviously aren't.

And you continue to ignore the second picture, the obvious issue that being the majority of asians and the fact that they are the financial backers of much of the shit going on in Canada. And instead of telling people to raise awareness to this, or push for an end to foreign money in politics, a move to use Trudeau's own call for transparency against him to reveal all the foreign money that has been thrown about (something that even the conservatives and NDP have used to decent effect despite their shortcomings), instead of trying to push the idea that whites, french and english, are being removed due to language and thus demographic change and pushing for hard mandatory language limits and thus make things unfriendly for non-whites, you want whites to side with the very people who have been systematically fucking them over and working with their enemies? You can't be serious.

1. create posters containing images of relevant quotes made by Canadian people of importance, Trudeau, MacDonald, etc. ensure that the quotes are dated and sourced on the poster to ensure that (((people))) can't accuse us of making them up.
2. Print them out and put them up in public places around your area. Everywhere. No organized dates or operations necessary, just print them out and take them with you to work or school, then put them up on your way home.
3. Keep yourself as safe as possible, but stop being a pussy and lose you cowardice, every time we start talking about doing something in Canada, everyone starts using fears of CSIS to excuse doing fucking nothing, what do you think burgeranons think when they read that? "Canada is too full of pussies to actually do anything", meanwile the burgers are actually raising some hell in order to MAGA, and we're to afraid of the fuzz.
4. like I said, don't assume someone else will take the risks of doing something here; take some personal responsibility and FUCKING DO IT YOURSELF!

Unironically kys Silverstein. You're not even an effective blackpill shill.

Sounds like reasonable advice. At this point any action, however small, is better than what shareblue is suggesting.


Off yourself. So on top of lying, you will ignore all the points made and can't even answer simple questions. It's so obvious you're a shill it hurts.

And As I said before, you're a fucking liar.

On top of all of that, focus on the ones that shows the issues with language and then show how many employers favor knowing such languages. This parallels how knowing spanish is used to favor spanish speaking job-seekers and thus put whites who are not ethnically mexican at a disadvantage Not knowing those languages shown on the second picture puts whites at a disadvantage job-wise.




Where's the suggestion for canada?




Just go to the North Canada but stay away from the natives. They are not your friends. Ask any Canadians who live in the rural and have to deal with the natives.

My girlfriend has it in her head that Canada is a great place and that she's totally leaving where she lives right now (Denmark, which tbh isn't the worst in terms of diversity, at least the government has called out the issue unlike our friends in the North). Then I see how large Canada is, wouldn't mind a smallholding somewhere innawoods or at least to be able to work out in the sticks somewhat where there's no niggers. I have the skills, but do they have the jobs?

TL;DR, how do I convince my waifu to not tanketorsk and run away to Canada? She's probably going nowhere if I don't go with her. But she's not quite redpilled yet.



North Canada don't have many people so there's a chance that the white Canadians will flock to there when Canada get annex by USA (probably not going to happen) or Canada get balkanised.


the triangular area on the left near the west coast is the only part of that highlighted area that is farmable or really livable without outside supplies. Almost all of that highlighted area is just rock or maybe dirt with some lichen if you're lucky. There's a very good reason why nobody lives there.

Yea but not when there's a war or other conflicts.

Oh but he will, and sooner rather than later. Chang wants what's best for him and his people, and he wants it now, and before anyone else. Most of that greentext usually comes as a result of that.

Funny how they immediately shoot the messenger instead of thanking us.

Tell her the government will take her kids away if they dont believe in fag marriage. If that doesnt bother her, she was never the right one.

New board covering the CBC's subversion of Canada.


You are either a Chink, or completely delusional. Unbelievable that this argument keeps getting pushed here.

Yeah this.

The UK made Hong Kong into a place that Chinese want to live in, and ironically the ones already there don't want more of them coming over from the mainland. Take a hint from them.


cant you at least use qtox, you fucking idiot
ofc you wont because you're litterally fbi just like there is litterally JIDF in this thread because the world just can't leave us alone
and it pisses me off more than you can imagine

So if Canada wasn't full of retards
waiting to be told what to do

This. I hadn't even noticed that OP blames Holla Forums for his problems. If it weren't for us he'd be happily living his bluepill cuck life and not noticing anything was wrong at the shopping mall.

cuckstianity begets jews begets multicult destruction.

Reported for not even trying.

I know a Canuckian who says that she never saw a Mexican before a few years ago. She is also afraid to live on her own for fear of being stalked by muds. Canada is going to shit, we need to wake up our brothers to the north (who, alas, have a tendency to run from conflict).

I would like to make one point, btw:

Being a pure white has nothing to do with blonde hair and blue eyes; people with those features are not "more white" than those without. If I recall correctly, the original Aryans had brown hair and blue eyes and the original Nords lacked blue eyes, while having blonde hair.
still, blonde hair and blue eyes are superior :^)


Maybe experience is the best teacher. I live in NYC where we have seen scary people. It's kind of a Left Wing town but when it got bad enough people went all Death Wish and even (((Bernie Goetz))) went DOTR and started shooting muggers in the subway.
Rudy Giuliani is sort of a proto-Holla Forumsack /ourguy/
Maybe there's no way to avoid Cuckistan and some gang-rape and cultural enrichment before Carl the Cannuckcuck hardens up and embraces some Holla Forums ideas. Right now he's just blaming us for waking him up and begging to go back into the Matrix where everything was easy.

I dunno, opened your eyes?


01100011 01101000 01100101 01100011 01101011 01100101 01100100

Tell her to forget about it. Many Canadian provinces want to ban or regulate wood stoves with the excuse that burning wood releases CO2, nevermind that decomposing wood also releases CO2 in the wild. The (((power companies))) and (((natural gas providers))) totally have nothing to do with this legislation.

You culture consists of the carbonated jew

Is that a real image? It would not even surprise me if it was.

I just hate him so fucking much.

I know exactly what you mean but Canada has been fucked for a long time. Nearly all city gwailo are completely blind to their own replacement or are simply rainbow cucks or commies. Whenever I try to drop a red pill on folks I usually get dismissed as “le asian kiddo is being le funnay lmao” pitiful really.

The most redpilled folks I have ever met lived at least 75km from cities and are fully aware of ‘the great replacement program’ but don’t know what to do about it except to keep voting conservative and hoping for change.

Meanwhile just today while out for a walk to enjoy the gifts of winter chan I laid my eyes upon a family of pakis dumping and burying diapers in a local park not 2km from where I live

And a European ethnostate

No, its gimpped.

It is nice to know that my gimp skills are now good enough to fool people. Thanks, user.


This. Shit is mind-blowing. Everything he suggests amounts to giving the asians what they want and leaving little for whites since asians having only one group to contend with will make it much easier for them and easier to take it to whites.

The Chinese are not going to play along as simply and easily as you think. First off they won't take just a tiny chunk of land. Secondly they'll be scheming about how to take over more. And if you think you can hold them to a time frame or whatever, no.

Their two hopes is balkanisation and annexation by USA. If I am them then they should be hoping for balkanisation because USA is on the way out within 5-15 years.

If ASIO couldn't get me, then neither can you CSISnigger

Everything suggests you're another faggot masturbating at ShareBlue who wants Canada to do nothing and accept the Trudeauization of Leafland and your defeatism that Asians can 'stick it to Whites' when they're not even outnumbered 5 to 1 shows how little respect you have for the white race, Nigger.

I guess you can continue down the same path of handing your country over to them in exchange for nothing, because Stupid Leaffag, but maybe trying to do something instead of nothing is beyond your abilities.

Canadian Faggot:

You're still retarded and refuse to reconcile this.

report all you want, I'm dead serious.

at a new years party in Toronto, the women were so ugly they made the tranny look good, the nigger music was so loud I couldn't think, all the joy from worthless bottom feeders made me realize I have no friends and that degeneracy is one of the few ways my generation can "bond". multiculti parties are extremely depressing, all the white people on antidepressants sitting in the corner and not talking, meanwhile niggers that don't work have massive egos and are in control of everything, making modesty & decency look like cuckoldry.
Its like this every year, but it keeps getting worse, new years is the worst time of all.
If you are like me and still open minded (coerced) into socializing with multiculti crowds just stop, you won't get ANYTHING from these people.

also, fuck off chink user, we will slaughter you on the day of the rake.

You're a retarded nigger and don't realize that the White Canadians keep voting in Trudeau and that you're going to need all the help you can get if you want to even slow down immigration.

So, yes, reported for not even trying. No one cares how serious you are, you fucking yid.


I'm suggesting that instead you set up a special economic zone and let Chinks develop some property there.
But you think that means I'm siding with Chinks because you


Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

wtf is up with that shirt?

I feel you m8. I went shopping this morning in a place I knew was full of third world's. Saw 17 Africans and saw the scene of the first Religion of Cuck™ic terror attack in this Country's History today.
Whilst I am Extremely Glad The Majority of even Normals are Waking Up to What is Truly going on, I'm still upset things aren't moving quite as fast as they should be, how insular & content slot of people still are with being spoon-fed. But Always Remember. "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth.



So why not cut immigration and limit the areas that can be sold to foreigners?

Show me a solution not a goal. Are you so stupid as to think that we haven't thought of lowering immigration? the majority of Canadians want lowered or no immigration at all. That doesn't mean we have a way of implementing it.

Then kill yourself because you are fags.

You don't really know how this country works do you?

You guys are based and have it all under control, clearly. Good on ya.

Fuck off and kill yourself chinese astroturfer. Nice job outing yourself yet again.

Arguing with a dog is better. At some point even it realizes how stupid it is being and shuts up. Giving the chinks any aspect of what they want will make them go away. How in the fucking hell do you think they will be happy with little when they have not shown this behavior before. Even your full of shit Hing Kong example which was debunked in this thread doesn't help your "argument". Shit like the bullshit that you are pulling is why the slants will get shoahed. And what you are suggesting does nothing to get rid of chinese influence since there is nothing stopping them from having continued political and economic hold over Canada. For your plan to work, they would all agree to up and leave, in which case, we should just throw them out altogether. Why would they self-deport in the first place for a "promised" economic thing and some space that is all less than what they have now? Why would they settle for less when they have more now? That is one of many reasons why your idea is shit. There is no way it would even work, let alone the fact that the asians will stab everyone in the back like they often do. As for the British and Hong Kong, the slants held no true political power and even less economic power and even then, they were hoping to get rid of the chinese there. Your idea is full of holes filled with shit. That said, the British worked themselves into a fine shoot so claiming people should follow suit when even now, many British will claim they shouldn't have, is also beyond stupid.
Let me guess, you're part of this troll brigade aren't you?



Because that's all you offer.
You haven't provided one single policy and even attempted to justify any changes to the current system.

And how do you expect to enact that when there are already a large number here in the first place? You have to get rid of the ones here already. And if we have the ability to do that, then why even bother offering the asians anything in the first place? My point is, you don't offer them anything. You throw them out and leave it at that. There is no need to bargain with someone who is not in power. If they are in power then they will not bargain for less. This is why you idea does not make sense. How will deal with the current demographic now?

That is civic nationalism with a mask on. If Canada has the power to do that, they should close the doors entirely and throw out the asians altogether. Why not just throw them out entirely and ban them from coming into Canada in the first place then? That is the ideal and that should be done.

Which is another lie that has been proven wrong.
Are you fucking serious?

In these posts:
I've said this:

"the obvious issue that being the majority of asians and the fact that they are the financial backers of much of the shit going on in Canada. And instead of telling people to raise awareness to this, or push for an end to foreign money in politics, a move to use Trudeau's own call for transparency against him to reveal all the foreign money that has been thrown about (something that even the conservatives and NDP have used to decent effect despite their shortcomings), instead of trying to push the idea that whites, french and english, are being removed due to language and thus demographic change and pushing for hard mandatory language limits and thus make things unfriendly for non-whites"

This is due in part to the how well this has worked in the US and part of the reason why you have people actually talking about demographic change. It is a useful tactic.

I've posted this:

"On top of all of that, focus on the ones that shows the issues with language and then show how many employers favor knowing such languages. This parallels how knowing spanish is used to favor spanish speaking job-seekers and thus put whites who are not ethnically mexican at a disadvantage Not knowing those languages shown on the second picture puts whites at a disadvantage job-wise."

Again based on how useful this has been in the US, all these can work in Canada. These are for Canada since suggesting a take on something that has worked in the US is pointless for the US since it is already occurring.


Point out that niggers are coming to steal their shit and fuck their daughters and unless they want to go all DOTR like the Roof Koreans, they had better support anti-immigration measures to keep more shitskins from coming in.

They'll burn down the rest of Canada and then come for you in that winterwonderland looking for fikifiki and gibs. They'll come seeking a better life because Canada will be turned to shit. Where will you go to then?

Deliberately ignoring the point. Wew. How do you cut down on asian immigration. Look at the picture attached. Asians have to go and are a problem. They don't belong in a white country. How do you get rid of them? You can get rid of the other races as well, but asians have to go to since they are creating a demographic issue. How do you get rid of them?




Canada was doomed the day Pierre Trudeau was elected. Look at the Canadian constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canada is officially a multicultural country, by constitutional law. The guy put it in the fucking constitution of the country.

Canada is not a democracy

Canada is not a real country

I don't give a shit what happens to this shithole, I hope it will collapse like Venezuela. I want to see trannies kill themselves on the streets after pharmacies shut down.

A nigger country like Jamaica got it's constitution before Canada. Fuck this stupid shithole of a country. I'm going to attempt to join CSEC/CSIS and gaining that leave this fucked country behind

Canadian whites want nothing to do with Americans. They see you as you see niggers. Never trust a cucknadian white/anglo

Soros is everywhere.

This is an important reminder of how fast it can happen.
5 years is nothing nowadays, 15 years is plenty of time.
Same has happened to England, with an almost entirely muslim immigrant increase, by millions in just 15 years.
Anyone gloating that their country isn't quite as fucked yet, is missing the point.
All countries are targets, and some come sooner than others. The richest and most important ones first.
Never let divide and conquer threads or posters dissuade you, we are all fighting against the same enemy.

Take a look at his father, who was prime minister in the 70s.
He was famous for his 'multiculturalism'.

Select from this list, you are a:
1. nigger
2. spic
3. kike
4. all of the above

Whatever you do, don't listen to the jew or the negros or any of that filth.
Maintain yourself no matter what, and if necessary, move to a place where sanity still prevails and you can be around similar people to yourself.
People are what is important, and keeping your culture, because without that, there is nothing.
Like Hitler said, the most important thing is your people.

Here OP:

What happened is the Trudeau's… But most importantly WW2. If we want a reference for what Canada should be like, we have to look back before WW2. Defeating Germany in WW2 doomed ethno-nationalism in all Anglo countries.

I was at work in Vancouver and the other white guy in the office said "how do you say…" in Chinese and our boss (an uppity gook) said "IT'S A BIT LATE TO START LEARNING, IDIOT", and stormed out of the office huffing and puffing.

Fuck this goddamn country. The only thing that makes the country enjoyable is the number of good looking and educated, lonely women.

Thats who he's talking about dipshit.The only way leaf/pol/ is fixing jack all is a bunch of anons specializing in constitutional law, infliltrating multiple levels of government and playing the long con for decades which would put us squarely into demographic jeopardy. Balkanization is another possiblity, though yet again far-fetched. If anything comes of this, it will start in Quebec with western Canada potentially seeking its own independence. The last scenario is acceleration of the collapse, banking on tipping point being at a time when you're young and virile enough to defend yourself and your own when the beast starts devouring itself.

how young are you?

Amerianon here, godspeed Canadabros.

you're a fucking retard you must be a chink or something. kill yourself. the yellow jews emulate kikes more than anyone. there's thousands of books written in chinese about how to manage money or run your business like a jew. there's university courses on it.

never forget, you are a retard.

Just go to Whiteville Saskatchewan

*White City

More like 56% White City.

victoria still seems alright to me

To be fair there are NO attractive women in toronto.

Do you own a house? And I don't mean did the bank allow you to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to live in a house they own for the next 30 years. Because you sound like someone who doesn't. My property has gone up by over 80% in the past 3 years. That increase is thanks to the Chinese now buying property in Victoria as opposed to Vancouver. Wake up.

Not to mention all the shit they're trying to do to Australian. Attempting to basically turn them into a vassal of theirs.

Saskatchewan is like 85% white with the rest tribal

Its okay to racemix with Asian women, I prefer them over white whale SJW whores and their flappy vaginas. (:

Asian girls are intellectualy supeior, and more beautiful than white bitches.

And yet China is the only nation on this planet which is NOT controoled by Jews. Wake the fuck up, China will overtake USA economically in 10 years. The era of Anglo dominance is over.


I read the CBC erryday.

It's actually cheaper to live in New York City than Vancouver or Victoria.

I miss the trees though.

His stuff on Premier Orville Reddenbacher is spot on though. He had to take it down. There is a mirror though:


It's not ok, and never will be ok. One drop rule or rope, choose.

Why? Isn't that being a welfare queen? All the Canadian tech talent moved south.



Hookers and hackers? LOL They have to call MI6 to get any real shit done.

Everyone thinks Canada has a lot of space but the reality is that there's a shit ton of mountains and swamps and other shit land you can't live in and the amount of arable land is very small. It's already basically at carry capacity.

No it's fucking not and also this is part of the weird antperson "Go" game strategy of sacrificing pieces to win the game. Mix whitey into weird mongrels and still have nearly a billion pure people left.

because I'm not an american citizen who can into three letter federal agencies. joining the cuck-bitch army of a cucked ally nation is the best option I have.

Hookers and hackers?

listen here, and listen well faggot. Canada is FUCKED. alright, so we agree on something.

the question is, what's you fucking plan? what? you think you'll survive "inna woods" ? You think the "woods" are filled to the brim with animals to hunt and fish to catch? It's not 1860 kid, you'll be eating your own shit by day 4.

Get a real plan, or get fucked. Joining a federal agency and becoming one of them greatly improves your chances of survival. Maybe you'll even have a chance at becoming a part of whatever comes after.

the civil service has always prospered. you just need to be a part of the right department, with the right levers of power.

if you faggots are in any way serious about achieving any sort of change, start infiltrating the civil service. Don't give me your bullshit excuses about how they only hire trannies, faggots and women. You don't want those jobs. Those jobs are for trannies, faggots and women. You aren't one of those are you? Get a job in the mil, intelligence, tax department, and anything to do with natl security that requires security clearances. Trannies, niggers and faggots don't get security clearances.

That's all they are. Basically a bunch of techs and literal prostitutes. They're nothing.

My plan is not living in cuckada.

good luck with that. the only people who leave canada are techies working for the jew in silicon valley on NAFTA "TN" VISAs.

And that little scam will end when Fuckadeau blows up NAFTA because he did not get clauses on gender rights in a trade deal.

You can't actually believe this, right?

That's what they said 10 years ago and so much for that. 10 years later, when China does nothing other than being the paper tiger that they are, they will say the same thing, assuming China does not fuck itself like it tends to do. They are incapable of doing anything by themselves and almost always inevitably fuck up. They are perennial fuck-ups, the only thing you can count on. I would like, however, to move ahead and not wait for their inevitable fuck-up.

You would like that. Again, if this is true, then why in the hell do you think anglos can rely on someone who has shown that their "dominance" can and has occurred at the expense of that of anglos? You fuckers are terrible at shilling.

I think China graduates more college students every year than the U.S. did in its entire history. All without crushing debt. Even if the U.S. removed all its rabid monkeys tomorrow to make schools safe again, China would still dominate all innovation unless the jew can get it into a civil war.

I've met those chinese businessmen. They have no sense of honor or morality, only a sense of profit. Allying with them is just trading droppy eyed parasites for slant eyed parasites.

Again, more humor. Asians just cheat. We all know this. Even more so, many leftists are college graduates as well. That alone means nothing. What is done with that is key. Existing at the behest of individuals who have convinced you aren't a threat is nothing impressive. It would be a shame for China if people saw them and treated them as a threat. Then again, this may be why they have trolls in the first place. They fear extinction and know their expected fuck-up is looming.

Yeah the ChiCom government paying top dorra to every American university is one of the things that keep those indoctrination centers open. Why don't they teach themselves? Because they are inherently incapable of original thought.


Lucky for China, Mao listened but rejected everything the jews advised him to do.

Yeah, they are. Like taking over mobile from the U.S. They seem less interested in teaching Koko physics and making movies about Koko and his happy new Chinese wife and holocaust movies.

I've lived in B.C. my whole life with absolutely no outstanding numbers of non-whites, but walking to work or the store now shows the parks, schools, and stores are just infested; maybe 20% white at best

All they are doing is emulating the jew. In the end, they are still a paper tiger that is utterly reliant on everyone not being tired of their bullshit. The minute that ends, they are done. And people are more and more becoming tired of their bullshit, assuming they don't fuck themselves over. This is why they have people here shilling for them, essentially begging people not to be tired of China's bullshit. They exist at the behest of others.

Very often when there is some new Chink "invention" or infrastructure project, there is foreign expertise behind it that doesn't get much notice. Whether collaboration with foreign universities or companies or institutions or what have you. Then it gets sold as "omg look at what China has achieved now!!!"

The only piece of tech I know was invented by the "Chinese" was gunpowder.
And it took the white man less than half the time the chinese had gunpowder to go from wooden tubes launching rock, just like the chinese had had for centuries, to rifled barrels, explosive ammunition and motherfucking minè balls.
But hey at least they built the world's biggest wall!



If you outside Toronto even 20 klicks to smaller towns,the demographic changes dramatically

Dude has done some terrible shit over the years, that is among them. I wonder if he is related to Adam Schiff, the Hillary flunkie trying to fuck over California. No wonder he is liked in the asian communities. They know what he represents.

I don't Singh, somehow those filthy chinks managed to worm their way in. Us Hindus and Sikhs need to stick together now. Together we can take back our homeland, Canada!

Why don't you just emigrate to USA?

women voted

doesn't mean they are any less cucked. canada is cucked no matter where you go.

Maryam Monsef, iranian born "afghan" refugee was elected from Peterborough, and is a cabinet minister.


that is the dream. it's not as easy as you think it is, doing it legally.

As someone who also intends to try, what is the strat? With IT skills we can get a TN ezpz, H1B seems harder to come by. The path to citizenship seems like a struggle.

It's a subtle sort of D&C.

Isn't USA on the way out?

Join the Identity Canada Discord
Invite Link u7XDgDg

Identity Canada is a group focused on the preservation of the shared culture, traditions, values and history of Canadians of European descent.

We are working towards advancing the interests of European Canadians in the wake of demographical decline and population replacement.

Become part of the solution today. Something needs to be done before its too late.

How to big-red-text for former cuckchan user?

Lurk more or go back to cuckchan soy boy


Apparently my tag changed, just testing what it is. Sage for unrelated.

We need men not soyboys and numales from the half chan.

So I'm not moving in the right direction? Good work, goy!

Compared to Canada?
What Western English-speaking country do you suggest then?



its 2019 nigga there is no need to go to a mall compard to shopping on amazon

Idiots voted a cuck into power, then a moron, then an even bigger cuck

We've been right fucked for a while now bud


well, besides that it seems alright


Its 2040 bro, the only way you can go shopping is by making it yourself since white people aren't allowed into "businesses".

Take photos of the place, long distance so you make it seem like you're not trying to photograph any specific person, if true this alone will get us anywhere from a hundred to a thousand more whites on our side.

hello newfriend :^)

Stratford Ontario is having a Woman's March this month.
Anyone wanna join? Thread here:

Fuck it ill join..


Last I heard canadacuck was near the rubicon of being minority White.

The same shit that happened to my country….

t. Swede who used to travel into Malmoe as a kid, alone (because it was safe).

It's an Emoji version of the Last Supper.
We still can't tell if he was either trying to be hip with the "Modern" Christians or mocking Christianity.
I figure since he's such a Religion of Cuck™ slappy it was to Mock Christians.
I've started praying again for Trudeau to not get re-elected.

Ay Lmao

honeypot.com doesn't exist though, so now what??

Don't tell me you put that in your search bar…

Why did my soul pick the most hopeless country to reincarnate into, it's like sweden but the chinese drip torture version fuuuuuuck. I just wanted to play video games, you kikes. It's almost like you've set history up so you can make as many Hitler volk as possible, I don't understand you parasites.


jewish communists infiltrated the liberal party in the 70s

God damn you better be baiting cause that really steams my 叉烧包.

Kikes invented communism, therefore ANY "Communist" government is controlled by kikes

it's because our rural areas are generally more conservative than the average rural Leaf. been like that for awhile

Aliens? Where!

The notion that Trudeau is a "cuck" prime minister is a misnomer.
He's a CHAD prime minister (he fucking got elected out of his looks in addition to daddy's legacy), he's simply CUCKING the shit out of Canada as Chads do and he's having a great time with it.

what would drive a man to save something like that to his hard drive
what is wrong with your rotting brain?

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, faggot

That was bullshit. The bomb tech offed Bibeau.

Vickers did get his gun out, though.

Meanwhile Harper hid in a closet and shit his pants.

You have to go back. To school.

Well I mean he didn't have a gun, I don't blame him.

Chad cannot be homosexual though and its actually illegal in the country of Chad to be any kind of LGBT.

Canadians need to love in the Northern Canada.


Jason "Unruhe" (faggot Marxist Canadian youtuber) is trying to flag me down and doxx me. Here's his info, use it wisely. Send him pizzas.


its sad that canada is north of USA
now we need two walls

Did you guys at least get your weed.

You nico nico need to stop leaving footsteps if you are going to shill for china. I've been nico nico noticing you since you and at least one other sharing very similar talking points regarding China when you are posting my wife.

Have a NICO NICO NI~~ day motherfucker.

socialism happened

All of that happened before Justin though.

The reality is that it was his father that destroyed this country forever.

Start by replacing popcorn dyke with Doug.



Bold strategy.

Mandatory reminder that Canadian history as you know it is a fucking lie.

Nice knuckles shitpost.

He WAS given a majority. They voted for him on cuckchan because dude weed.

The woods are literally full of animals and you can take a 20 foot walk off the road in a rural area, suddenly you have foxes darting between your legs and shit. Wolves howl at night. The problem is you need to sleep around bears and such, and the government can just use canopy penetrating heat vision. No one is going innawoods, learn how insurgencies work. Read the Turner Diaries ffs, its a start.

You fuckers would rather niggers than anglos.


Come back with footnotes and citations for all those claims.

Reminder they took a poll in the other provinces and they all voted above 60% when asked if they would removed Quebec from Canada. Therest of Canada wants Quebec to separate more than the actual French.

looks like your in toronto partner
move out to the country with your waifu its 100% whites

I used to work at a customer service call center in the States that serviced an online retailer in Canada, and I don't think I ever talked to a white person. Everyone in Canada must be a poo, chink, or muslim

fuck the kikes

Most people aren't really aware of how the Chinese armed Africans to genocide whites in Rhodesia and South Africa.

Canada is finished, we are fucked. Colonies are stupid. I keep thinking of the southpark movie, "theyre not even a real country, anyway".

Better to die in Europa instead of with "canuck" cucks.

Fuck colonies.


Justin Trudeau would not be prime minister right now if either Rob Ford, Jack Layton or Jim Flaherty were not assassinated.

How did he managed to get voted in? He is very clearly unfit for a leader. It's wild.

I miss Jack and I'm coming around on Rob, what's Jim's story?

just move to atlantic canada and buy an sks faggots


Seconded, make maritimes fend for themselves

Even commie liberals are hating this fucker, he turned the pot to rapid boil too fast. inb4 that was his literal plan not really, hes to brain damaged to plan anything

God save this great nation

Our country is done. Take a road trip across the country. It's done. Between drugs and cultural marxiam and immigrants and abos. There is nothing left.

I make good money in Vancouver but have to deal with slimy chinks on a daily basis. Fuck this country.

The only good thing is the number of DTF latinas.

canada no

Canada is an artificial construct born of the British Empire. There is no "Canadian identity" per se; it's a big fucking mystery soup even more than the US. The only true definable, native ethnocultural groups in Canada are french-canadians and the injuns, WASP's have all melted into some kind of multicultural melting pot centered around speaking english, muh queen and free healthcare. The notion of "being Canadian" is in itself multiculturalistic.

The only way to save Canada is to destroy it. Partition it into many different states; BC, the Prairies, Ontarioistan, Quebec, the Maritimes and split the arctic between them. Only then wil you start having something to save. Any return to the old notion of canada being a WASP country is impossible; first because it's not anymore, second because Quebec and french-speaking parts will separate faster than you can say "Tourlou" and begin the partition process i outlined above anyway. It would create a political power shift to the west provinces that Ontario and the Maritimes would not tolerate; not any more than the west wants to keep being ruled from Ontario.

Literally everything in there is well known history that can be confirmed in an hour's reading.

Well at least you can tell a nigger from afar.

Thinking of leaking to (((Frank Magazine)))?

Think again.

hello leaf!


This is an important aspect to remember anons. In order to fund their scheme they need new loans to be taken out constantly and right now the average Canadian is over $30K in debt. So they are importing in fresh slates that they can give (((loans))) to and continue their scheme, with the added benefit of (((diversity))). But I believe the primary reason is the system may literally crash too quickly without fresh meat to lend to.

Soros minions are working with people at every level of government. They are using work/live visas as a backdoor to immigration. 1.2 million a year are coming into Canada. Whole neighborhoods are being changed overnight It is exclusively non-white and mostly no skills/education. They intend to create order out of the inevitable chaos.

Rural Ontario still feels Brit and comfy af tbh

There's also a lot of taboo in building new homes or turning existing property into highrises. NIMBY commies loose their shit when you create new housing stock even if it helps control the pricing. Muh view, muh enviroment, muh character, muh gentrification. Coop elitists are just as cancerous as foreign house flippers as they care just as little or even less for the working citizenry.

I'm getting tired of this specific kind of shit from fellow Frogs and I work hard to raise maximum awareness of the fact that we both face the same enemy and that for the kikes and their leftist pets, we both are nothing else than fucking white males.

Agreed, something needs to be done and soon fellow leaf. I can't keep living in this multicural shitfest. All the big cities have now been completely overrunned and people around me are still preaching equality and diversity. we need one of us to take control of the country in the near future or we're all doomed.


A fucking leaf

no. fuck off. lurk for two years before posting here, idiot

race traitors get the rope. lurk for two years before posting here

No they don't, and if it were like that they'd get to work trying to bring a little of their Chinese culture along and you'd see that change quick.

The traditionnal Canada is french and catholic by essence, the other visions of it are just different shades of crypto-multiculturalism.
When british Canada was formed by the fusion of the Upper and Lower Canada, the english debt was 12 times higher than the french debts, and since the anglos are eternal crypto-socialists, communists and multiculturalists, they splitted the debt in half between the french and the english debts :^)
tl;dr anglo cucks ruin a bran new white country once again.

I'm with you. We have a common enemy which has brought anglos, frogs and Indians together many times. The history the other poster put up isn't wrong but it has a butt hurt slant to it.

I'm with you. We have a common enemy which has brought anglos, frogs and Indians together many times. The history the other poster put up isn't wrong but it has a butt hurt slant to it.>>11298729

in 1990 canada went from letting in 20,000 imigrants (mostly white) a year to a quarter of a million a (mostly non white) a year
this has been happening so long, its almost doubled canadas population since then


Get your fucking priorities straight faggot.

Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but I'd guess most of us are well younger than 28 years old, this user included.

Stupid Leafs. Germans and Americans BTFO you in Jewlympic hockey.

Organize with others are start massacring the fuckers. There's no other way.

Up in Terrace, BC, the Chinese are teaming up with the Natives.

The Chink-Chugg Alliance would be some kind of free trade zone on unceded Injun land.


We're too apathetic and were somewhat free of other people for too long. Now we're lazy and too well off and will just wilfully die out and be replaced. inb5 muh kike, muh shill, muh blackpill, etc. I just personally go through periods of anger at it all and periods of not giving a shit since I know it's FUBAR. The only time you're going to see Canadians stand up for themselves is when Canadians officially all look Chinese/Indian/Arab. I have zero faith in our country. Not one shred but I would love to be convinced otherwise.

>Germany only even got a medal because all of the best Canadian and American players weren't allowed to go to the Olympics
And I say this as someone who barely cares about hockey anymore since it got progressively gayer post-lockout.

I can't believe all the idiots that voted for this faggot, who's now destroying their country, just for the sake of weed legalization.
The "dude weed lmao" fags deserve the oven as much as Jewdeau.

Everyone in Ontario voted for him because he promised free gibs. And thats all i took to elect him, the other provinces never actually get a say in who runs things because we have only a popular vote, not an electoral college, and so the most populated provinvce, Onterrible, sets the tone for the entire nation.

The boomers and their worthless cultural revolution happened. They failed at it when they were young, and now they're trying to use their children as cannon fodder for a last ditch attempt to create their insane utopia.

My father is a mid-level government official that's worked in "international development" and my mother a social worker who teaches sexual "education". I know all about how their little "progressive" networks operate, and how they influence our government. These fuckers and their retard friends care only about two things: their gibs and their self-image as messiahs leading a new age of "enlightenment" in spite of the inferior, dirty, uneducated proles.

Boomers are a plague upon humanity. Their degeneracy knows no bounds and they voted themselves all sorts of social "benefits" while transmitting nothing worthwhile to their own children. The vast majority of those I meet always try to find some way to loot everything that's not nailed down and get a free pass on their abusive behavior, and they become particularly violent and vindictive the moment you disagree with them, no matter how trivial the subject. They have to be right at all cost. Quite a few of them brainwashed their own children using cult tactics and threats of extreme violence. I know some conservative girls from a few families who were literally threatened by their own feminist mothers with being sold out to niggers to be gangraped and pimped out for the rest of their lives because they didn't tow the party line.

These people willingly sabotage everything they have access to, because they can't accept that there exists something outside of themselves, especially something greater than themselves. They threw down the catholic church only to exalt themselves and govern-mommy to godhood. They expected their parents, their children, their grandchildren and frankly everyone else to pay for all their excesses, they utterly nuked the family (I can count the people of my age I know who have an intact family on one hand) and they promoted all kinds of "feel-good" insanity while repeating telling us "I hope I die before consequences happen".

Joke's on them, though: it won't be their own children who will be taking care of them in their nursing homes. I wish them luck with their foreign pets.

The memes are real.
>Instead, from his Eid Mubarak socks at Toronto Pride to his preference for ‘peoplekind’ over ‘mankind’, Trudeau presents like an alt-right parody of liberalism. He’s gender-neutral pronouns. He’s avocado toast and flaxseed soy smoothies. He’s safe spaces and checked privileges. Trudeau is a cuck.

Hello leaf!

Back to your thread.

You are a multiculturalist in denial.
There is no anglo culture, I have never seen it, but i saw multiculturalism, communism and socialism arrive with your so-called anglo culture.
Anglos are mandatory kikes, stop ruining white countries for fucks sake..

In the early 90s eastern europeans needed a home, it was unknown if soviet communism was truly fallen or just breathing out and relaxing before another strangehold.
I don't blame anyone that ran, the massacres carried out in the name of the jewish marxism were done in a way as to minimize their total activity while threatening the life of every agent who chose to disobey.
You either had a choice, kill dozens of your fellow countrymen, and maybe live. Or sacrifice your own life right there, no one will know or hear, and the next one behind you will have the same choice.
So not all immigration in the 90s was nonwhite.

Keep your division inside your head, if you arent a defeatist fuckshill, ok?

The joke is that the very opposite of their "blank slate race doesnt exist lol" paradigm is sweeping the minds of everyone that is still young enough to change society.
We are in a dangerous situation, while we value tradition and family and honor, how many of our seniors truly deserve mercy for their actions in this decline?
I would say some for sure, but not many.

Man these kikes are going to make me run for prime minister as some fascist native american warlord one day so I can punish them for making us a mystical untouchable political pawn.


Manitoba has the most kids in care in the western world. Winnipeg used have underage male prostitutes in Bonnycastle park which is 4 minutes drive from the legislative building. During this time (((sam)) Katz had multiple tax scams and several scandal. Bribes were paid. And those that were to investigate delayed until it was too late.
What kept the silence?
How did Scam Katz always get away?
Why did Brian Bowman turn Bonnycastle park into a dog park?
Also I am redpilling my city hard

Calgary, AB here.
Anyone else in this shithole?


What about those who voted for him, because they are accelerationists and wanted to see the country burn since the country has been shit for a while?

Division came with the anglos.
We were one and united as frenchs, now since the anglos came we are 50 shades of goyim and divided on every levels, politicaly, religiously, racialy, intellectually.
I know what, you are saying, but I will not see it as some high level hypocrisy only the day the anglos will admit they ruined Canada and are still ruining it with that fake bilingual Canadian identity.
It is not my fault if there is only one nation up there that historicaly makes sense and that they are french and mostly located in Québec.

Those damn anglos, why aren't they onboard with us bringing in muh based francophonie niggers from africa????

I'm assuming you don't then. Filipinos love the North.