/pg/ Purge General: The Case r/T_D

Mods cucked the last thread here is a screenshot. Anyway ledditors are flooding our boards because of the Kekistian meme that 4ch brewed up.

fuck, my screenshot program didn't work fully


Go back to 4chan and suck kike cock.

I don't believe this reddit or TD shit at all. Just post pictures of Hitler to scare them away if they really are here, you faggot.

Sleep tight furher.

Anyone got that nu-male collage as shown in the screenshot?

Kill yourself

Sleep tight fuhrer.
And remember what I said lads.
Isn't it a tiny tad suspicious how these people bitch about moderation and similar things, yet they refuse to make their own board. Instead, they are content with complaining forever without doing anything. Just think on that one for a bit.

I care that kikes are poisoning the well with halfchan.

Be the change you want to see. Go back to reddit.

It's not Reddit. The idiocy is coming from inside, supported by BO and vols that actively work against the interests of the user base.

Loser's mentality. You lose territory it will eventually be used against you.

We need a purge board, we need to destroy /ptg/ and T_D.


Redditors are far too scared to come here, they think 4/pol/ is scary

You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye
and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.


isn't this just how we reproduce?

The only thing a scary about this board are the teams of hasbara kikes praising isreal, ZOG instigated revolution worldwide and every neocon kosher Conservative as they literally piss in the faces of every single goy attempting to post here, while the mods go and ban every single non-jew from the threads as the openly jewish trolls demanded.

Don't worry, I just reported you. Once the mods wake up that'll be one less kike on the board.


Why so triggered, Moshe?

Now that's what I call LARPing

Hello TRS. Im not going to tell you how I know you were banned for something other than you are complaining about, but the rest of us should see it plain as day.

Cuck chan Holla Forums
80% bot
15% shills
5% people
and 100% shit now fuck off shill

I think Holla Forums has a few more problems. Such as the lack of promoting nationalist ideals amongst people, the ever prevalent defeatist culture, and the boiling down of what were once fine arguments into shill calling. When was the last time you seen a really good natsoc thread? Why don't people post redpills anymore? Why do people get into long-winded shit flinging arguments with obvious shills rather than post statistics that they can't work around? When was the last time we had a thread where the reader left it feeling truly inspired by it's content?