Full Scale Onslaught on Holla Forums

We need to take back Holla Forums on half chan. For too long has it been subverted by kikery and reddit retards. If we can sustain our influence on there once again through a wide scale raid, we can take back the board from the hands of these retards and make it a white nationalists board again.
How do we do this?
We kick out the Trump General, and replace it with Natsoc generals, tell offtopic posters to fuck off and to fill the catalogue with pro white content.
We can take back the board if we just try.

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Good luck.
The place is owned by literal kikes and so is Holla Forums.

We can fix it. But we're going to need a lot of help.

bump i'm all for it.
Gives me the vibe of Hitler cleaning Jewish infested Germany.

That pic goes to my nu male folder.

First fix Holla Forums and kick out the shills then we can start carring about the retarded halfbreed.

I don't even feel anything anymore.

Holla Forums Holla Forums is pretty damn clean, my diggity dog. If we can kick out the reddit posters and boomer faggots we'll be all good.


Mugabe tier argument, you dun goofd hirojew.

So here, then.
By killing yourself.
lol, faggot thinks he has any power when the mods ban anything ✡they✡ don’t like.

If we increase our influence there and here, we can go back to the way it was before, don't you understand?

got permed on halfchan a while back - viewed it as a good thing… didnt even bother tryin to change my ip…
i probably could slip back in but frankly i just dont want to…
also, isnt ching-chong-moot infecting users with bitcoin mining software?

For those who havent figured it out cuckchan is now obsolete with Gab and us. Theres literally no reason to use it at all for political discussion which was an very large chunk of their "valuation" - Holla Forums. Now they have anime, but theres other places for that. They have Holla Forums, but theres blacked and I imagine some tranny porn websites to replace that. Theres like what.. /o/? /fit/? /sp/?
Cuckchan has no purpose to exist anymore, its not a bastion of free speech, and this is the "National Socialist board"

We cannot take back cuckchan without the support of mods, which is not going to happen since they are directly involved in destroying cuck/pol/. I accepted the death of 4chan back in 2014 during the first exodus and haven't looked back since. You should do the same.

I dont want it to go back to the way it was. I want you to get off your ass and march in formation until we have the REAL power to put a stop to this bullshit.
Self defense patrols for whites, thats what we need to focus on. Thats how this escalates and ends in us stopping white genocide.
No more acid attacks. No more gangrapes, no more anti-social behavior… not on "our" watch.
Cuckchan is irrelevant. It served its purpose.

Don't be black pilled, guys, we can reclaim what was lost and go back to pre 2014 era if we work hard and kick these parasites out.

I want this to happen, but we can't pull it off without the numbers. Cuckchan has become mainstream, don't you realize how important it is to pull so many ripe white men in to our movement by promoting nat soc tendencies and influencing them to get a white girlfriend, to stop fapping to porn, to stop being degenerate? That's the point of this.

The leftypol mods here are part of the mods on 4cuckpol. That's why the pro-commie shit barely gets deleted.

✡Gabbai✡ is not something you should be using, fag.

You have no power. You have no influence. You cannot do anything, ever, in any capacity. You fundamentally do not comprehend how imageboards work.

The (((mods))) on cuckchan are even bigger faggots than they are here, and besides, who gives a shit about cuckchan, the kikes here need to be booted.


we cant even get rid of reddit scum from here

Get a fucking clue, you blithering idiot.

We'll boot them everywhere and overwhelm the mods. Don't give up.

I'm banned for calling them out for pinning a fucking non-political slidethread, so…..

Fun fact, you stupid fucking kike: you can’t even overwhelm the mods HERE, and we have a tenth of the traffic we had just two years ago. How are you going to do anything about kikechan, where a thread is slid off the board in a single hour?

Ok I tell you what the way I see it true national socialists are gonna find their way to Holla Forums the same way we all did, 4chan can be used as a bridge to help us nothing more. It's too late to turn back and almost nobody on Holla Forums wants to go back.

Shareblue reported

Shareblue would never say this; it goes against their manual. It’s just an idiot who doesn’t get why we’re here.

Who gives a fuck about 4Chan?
Do you know where you are?


Fucking infowars is namedropping Holla Forums now. At this point I think it's just a matter of time before Holla Forums eclipses cuckchan, UID counts notwithstanding.

Let me guess, you're a kike who gets banned for posting cuck porn right? If you don't like 8/pol/ leave faggot

fuck off back to T_D

There's a newfag born every minute. I'm not too familiar with normalfagland so i'm not sure what sort of memetic penetration we have.



Stage 1:
Kick out the Trump Tards and boomers.

Stage 2:
Kick out the bait posters and shills

Stage 3:
Promote pro-white content and right wing content,

Stage 4:
Get into the fucking moderator team


Leave Holla Forums and never come back Issac

It will be deleted.
Do you have any fucking idea how cuckchan mods are chosen? Fun fact: they’re either government employees (Holla Forums) or paid, hand chosen by the ownership.

No, if you were to look at my other post here, retard, it says why I am banned. The (((mods))) here pinned a nonpolitical slidethread and I called them out on it, so they banned me. I haven't ever uploaded an image to here and I mostly lurk, quit assuming shit like a dumb nigger.

Most torposters don't have a good track record. I don't always agree with the moderation here and I've been banned myself but I will take this place over 4/pol/'s blacked porn and shills

To kick out the Trump tards, we turn their threads into natsoc general until they're forced to move.
We deprive newfags and shills of attention.

Uh huh. By whom?


Why exactly do you think we should kick out Trump voters you retard? Let me guess DRUMPF IS A ZIONIST SHILL WAAAAAHHHH JEW JEW JEW

You don't know what a namefag is shlomo

You know just about as much as the OP, honestly.

preddy gudd:BDD

So will I, there aren't enough filters to make cuckchan Holla Forums worth even looking at.

The kike mods would be overwhelmed.


4chan's Holla Forums has been virtually since the election brought in the reddit children. It's depressing because years ago it was a great board

virtually unusable

This is how I know you are a kike. Instead of destroying "trump generals" and kicking out Trump people you should be converting them. "Generals" are merely containment threads. Go in there and convince them that the current kiked order is wrong with real arguments. Autistically screeching about NatSoc and spamming NatSoc imagery does not an argument make nor is it persuasive.

It's BBC and Commie thread central, now.


better than
which tornigger if you're the one whose been spamming fix pol, pay the fuck attention to minute details in history. something abut this book excerpt/post content triggered the chronic shitpost alert

What are you saying?

Not me, that faggot deserves to be necked, despite my agreeing with his sentiment. I can't fucking stand spamming.

nothing important, Prescott.

you need to learn that arguments on the internet dont work that way. the losing side always just ragequits and then keeps circlejerking.
and trump general threads on here are just a bluwark for the poster immigration from reddit, facebook, halfchan and other sites.
not to mention that the whole point of trumpgenerals is to circlejerk and selfenforce with full M0D approval.
/sg/ for example was one of the best things Holla Forums had and it got banned because they werent "pro-american" and "pro-trump" enough

Post all your redpills in their generals and force them off the board.

You literally don’t fucking get it.

That looks like a shoop to me, I can tell from the pixels and having seen a fair number of shoops in my time.

Most of *them* are bots.

Yes I do.
Their generals have become a safespace for them to breed their ideas.
If they're flooded with content that counters their bullshit, they'll be forced to move.

you should probably start on here.
besides i tought its breaking a global rule if you encourige cross board and site raids.

Go try it then, you stupid fucking redditor. See how far you get.

What’s it even supposed to be saying?


I haven't been a reglar poster on Holla Forums in a couple years but yeah when I was there last there was unironic communists, "kekistani" aka /r/donald people, Civic Natiolnists, 100 different flavors of anti white D&C garbage that the newfags ate up. Just awful in everyway. Holla Forums might have it's flaws but it's a incredibly better quality wise

I remember the mass migration and finding how relieving it was to be here for awhile at first. The quality of discussions & individual posts was so much more in line with what I had forgotten I was on half/pol/ for.
The sophisticated and proud white posters here put me on to so many resources in literature, videos, reports on the state of their own backyards around the world that you could never get from any news source other than the honest individual, even music they appreciated & in a few cases, created, which stands for our interests & the beauty of European culture..
I was gone for about 10 months to a place where internet access to Holla Forums was restricted, and when I came back on here, the utter state of this place had dropped so low.
This refreshment is needed again in a new migration, and I know when the site is created/discovered, I'll have no qualms packing my bags & never returning to this kiked-up shillfest.

Indeed, that's why I'm still here despite of some of the (((mods))), they stop more issues than they create, I have to give them that.

He's gotten more mantric as of late.
I get his point but it's over a map of /k/ posters who some asshole crossposted as a white meet up which if you've been following have always been the subject of harassment from (((the usual suspects))). From his dedication, I'd suspect that he was the either the fool who cross posted it or the fool who greenlit it and refuses to back down.

redpill posting and smugposting are the only stable board conquest/turning techniques, all Holla Forums boards are being analyzed for subversion they're counting on the postcount going up and shillposts will make the boards seem like they're populated with kids in order to dissuade curious higher-ups from taking an interest.

I still don't know what the future of Holla Forums boards will be, but I guarantee you that 4pol will be even more of an illusion of an actual board within the next couple of years. This place, too.

The btc mining software is in the Javascript, which anyone ought to be able to block with noscript, uscripst, or some other kind of Javascript blocking program.

What does your post imply, you stupid fucking faggot? No shilling campaign began because of someone posting IG Farben’s “complicity.”

We'll turn their generals full fash.

I doubt its possible tbh, i moved over here fully a year ago because the election was the final wave of reddit that made the board 90% reddit newfags and 10% oldfags. The entire board is fucked not even considering the cucked mods. Its just a reddit hivemind and you get called a cuck for not being a generic conservatard

wew you're the one bringing a shilling campaign into it
come on, it's just a chronic shitpost and not worth anyone's while to read into hence the ban
you really don't think IG Farben split into Bayer, Syngenta, etc and continued their global monopoly with Standard Oil's derivative companies after the monopoly busting, do you? surely the companies who cooperated in ww2 to ensure maximum profits until it was illegal outright declarations of war don't still do the same thing.
Additionally, the overlap between the derivative companies boards is interesting. How many companies do you know of that got trust busted then in a matter of 70 years or so consolidated and increased their global control by acquiring all of it's children companies that it was required to break up into?
How many companies who had the above happen to them were able to position themselves into controlling essentially the entire world's minus China and Russia (who outright banned a derivative company's products) food supply?
It's a chronic shitpost you stupid faggot. Don't read into it too much - you might learn who you're not allowed to question.

Piss Off
t. born in 1954

5th greatest force of the 4cuck exodus. At least you aren't screaming about /ptg/ or Q, which were the boomer threads last I checked on 4cuck Holla Forums.

4/pol/ is shit but it's not as bad as people say. It's still very Anti-Jew despite the constant JIDF raiding. As someone who still goes on 4/pol/ calling out shills and dropping redpills, the main problem is NOT trumptards and boomers. Natsog general already exists independent from ptg. Here are the real problems.

1. Med vs. Nordic d&c, which is obviously bullshit. Not many attack back with the standard "people who make "you're not white threads"' anymore.
2. Low quality posts from Canadians and Australians who ought to be white. These countries should be instead encouraged to actually be white instead of being shitskin-tier shitposters and then being called out for it.
3. Non-stop shill spam of the 56% meme to the point of blackpilling and acceptance of a non-white America. It should instead raise awareness of the demographic problem of the USA. The fact that this meme is artificial is evident from the speed at which OC was created. There is also the huge problem that all arguments from Americans are deflected with "mutt" as a non-argument rebuttal.
4. The lack of ban to nigger spammers, but this is a mod problem
5. Lack of rejection of asian-white racemixing on a fundamental level. People don't argue back with hard data anymore, so the common rebuttal has diluted to "muh elliot rodgers" which then the jewish counterargument is "but the hapa girls are ok". This has become so epidemic that the vast majority of cuck/pol/ are ok with hapas as long as they are female, which is completely awful.
6. The general lack of well thought out posts and excess of shitposting, but that can only be fixed with user submission of redpilled posts
7. Bullshit discussion about the most inane things about women. "Why are women such whores", "muh white sharia", "has social media destroyed women, Holla Forums?", shit like that. That shit gets too long so I think it shouldnt be interferred.
8. Use of Slavic anti-Nazi sentiment to delegitimize the third reich. Almost every 3rd reich thread gets shilled by butthurt slavs, jews larping as such
9. Bullshit lying disinfo shills that lie about the details of every historical event, especially WW2. "Muh hitler should have listened to his generals" "the third reich ended with barbarossa" the same old tired shit. These are rather effective because facts confuse the average braindead retard more than blatant kosher memes.

I would say that 4/pol/ can be fixed just by dropping redpill images, facts, calling out shills with facts, and praising hitler. Messing with /ptg/ is unecessary.

Also It should be mentioned that 8/pol/ screencaps are commonly shared on 4/pol/. So by making long, good posts here, you are actually reclaiming 4/pol/ without having to go there.

4/pol/ is the property of Jesus Christ
nazis aren't allowed

Holy fucking Semitic religion, Batman.

see, this is why you're not allowed
no respect
it's disgraceful

Hitler underniably did more for Christendom than so many other christians. He literally brang back god to all the areas temporarily liberated from the USSR. The "muh nazis are against christ" is a tired old lame piece of American propaganda, when it was primarily the US government that destroyed Christendom.

It literally fits the definition of Semitic religion right to the tee.

go back to reddit. someone that perpetually circlejerked in the US democracy and the "elections" really doesent belong here

The christcuck poster above is the kind of bullshit that infests 4/pol/. Disinfo shills that spam false short phrases. It's tiring because vanquishing one requires a far longer post.

We require reading comprehension to post here, so why not go back to cuckchan with OP?

Fun fact: Christianity and National Socialism are the only ideologies to name the jew, so enjoy your kike D&C.

It's full of redditors who do nothing but make us look like shit
Pic very much related

I wonder (((who))) could be behind this post

One of the Abrahamic or Semitic religions, tom-ai-to, tom-ah-to.
Of course heretics don't like their originator's beliefs, since they have their own modification of it they strictly follow.

Not an argument faggot

I just defended Adolf Hitler in another post

Oh right, I forgot the religious d&c, but that's a problem here also.

Indeed it is.

what is your argument you pathetic LARPer

Le 56% I am a D&C kike meme is exactly the same as the Swedecuck meme, but lazier. Are they still falling for that one, too?

Come on, there's way more than those two. You don't get pogromed 180 times without pissing off everyone at least once.

It's a battle we can win, but is it worth it?

low effort post

Mhmm. Thanks for outing yourself.

Do you think this is fucking reddit, you stupid faggot?

I’d love to hear them. What other ideologies codify both hatred for jews and a call to dismantle anything they attempt to do in their doctrines?

Fix a honeypot? OP obviously swallowed a metric shit-ton of nigger jizz full of AIDS last night. They block so many fucking subnets to prevent this and to log people. If you ever go to a forum and they have gay rules like that, avoid it.

It’s really funny how bad you are at your job.

just prettymuch any anti-zionist movement, any movement on the right that isnt cucked by the anglosphere etc. this includes shitskins. come to think of it alot more shitskins than say burgers.

lets do it point blank face value:
(((chatolic church)))

Umm, let's see here.
>all (((lies)))

Do you need me to write out an entire essay with sources pointing out how much of a kike worshipper you really are? I will if need be.

Religion of Cuck. Much as it's a backward goatfucker cult, they do hate the jews.

So you can’t name one.
What shitskin groups openly hate jews?
No one said anything about those. Try to keep up.

Okay, thanks. Reported.

Ißlam doesn’t name the jew. Religion of Cuck™ is the sword of Jewry. Jews were the Religion of Cuck™ic diplomats for centuries and honored by the Sultan. Jews opened the gates of Christian cities during the Ißlamic conquests. The fucking Saudi royal family is jewish.

Damn, lost my sage.

You just follow your (((death cult))) then.
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” - Sun Tzu

hezbollah, strasserists, russian nationalists, baathists, polish nationalists…
want more?

all the ones that your (((media))) is telling you are bad guys, with the exception of US-saudi-israeli proxies like IS and alqueda.

the groups that control the paradigm of christianity have nothing to do with christianity
are you mentally challanged

No, white meetup spammer is literally FBIniggers. Nobody is that mindlessly autistic or committed unless they're getting paid.

Canadian and Aus cancer posters are literally non-whites. You can always tell the native shitposters from the butthurt shitskin parasites. You are literally speaking to a pajeet, insectoid or wog.

Goebbels would be using it, you shouldnt be telling other people how to spread propaganda when you have no fucking clue about it.

You're still some indonesian mutt christcuck.

Also I probably put in more work there in the last week or so than you have for the movement in the last 10 years. Laughing at memes doesnt count.

You would have to buy 4chan from Hiroshima to ever get 4/pol/ under control.

Wew lad

I’d love to see where in their codices they denounce jews, sure!
user what the fuck.
Yes, I know that already. All Holla Forumsacks do.

No, Goebbels wouldn’t use a jewish controlled media platform.

Fun fact: being part of CBTS doesn’t mean you did work. It means you fell for a kike shill.

how could jesus be something that didn't exist until after he was preaching the religion of his father


It's funny that I'm sitting here with pneumonia on both antibiotics and a ton of codeine, yet I am saying more than you. The only D&C kike I see here is you, but I proved my point long ago, this is now just frivolous banter. I got banned for calling the (((mods))) kike faggots for pinning a nonpolitical slidethread that detracted from this forum, btw, and I would gladly do it again (the best part is that they unpinned it less than an hour later, so I ultimately won there as well). Maybe you should go back to Reddit.

We went through this in the soyboy thread, consensus was that it's a combination of classic primate submission facial gestures, infantile mentality and post modern dead-inside ironic exaggeration in order to avoid authentic human emotion.

Thanks user, that makes sense. i think i've seen the "classic primate submission facial gestures" picture somewhere, it'd be great if someone included it in that picture.

fuck off back to reddit

then saying christianity in the context of your OP doesent make much sense does it?

Take back 420chan

My sentiments exactly, and this retard is calling me a D&C kike for knowing more than him.

I'm starting to ramble and commit all kinds of logical fallacies, I'm going to bed. Fuck the (((Christcucks))), after the day of the rope comes the day of the axe.

Sieg heil.


this tbh.

I'm already there dude. Absolutely swamped with alt-left. People just think I'm trolling most of the time over there. It was there that a kind Holla Forumsak redpilled me on Trump in 2016. Worthy battle. I consider it a home of sorts. There are some others besides me, very few though. Feels like enemy territory quite often. Some of them are legit antifa I believe. Also I know for sure some celebrities post there

That's not a bad idea. How much did Shkreli offer him?

what makes Holla Forums any different? Any, and probably all, sites with open public access have been subverted at this point.
If you want to get rid of shills then you will have to create a closed forum with a sophisticated screening process.
Personally, I like the shills. Most are stupid as dogshit and give away their agenda.

They're so cut off from real human experience and meaningful communities, in their haze of substance abuse, social media circlejerking and electric jew media consumption, that they don't even really understand authentic emotion. Their ironic exaggeration of happiness comes from the belief that everyone else must be dead inside and faking it too.

they also had supersonic commercial air flights.

The whole goal of people infesting 4chin Holla Forums stems from the fact that the leftist media (see: all media) stated that 4chan played a part in getting Trump elected. This is why they are here. They are trying to annoy us enough so that we leave, and thus de-platform a site where some people will help Republicans get elected in 2018, and Trump re-elected in 2020. It's all political, and theres Billions behind it.

I assume some of the nay-sayers and seemingly black-pilled users here saying "don't do it" are paid leftists as well.

This is bullshit. I post all kinds of crazy right-wing, natsoc, anti-Jew, anti-black, whatever stuff and make threads on 4chin all the time. I have NEVER been banned and I post in 4/pol/ all day. I post Meta ideas, beaver posts, all that, and not once has a 4Mod or (((janitor))) banned me. I am the anti-thesis of leftism on 4/pol/. I don't think you guys are being honest about that and are actively deceiving to ruin the movement.

I as a meme war veteran with 5 confirmed memes and many contributions still go and fight the war on cuckchan. It is our patriotic duty to redpill the redditors and demoralise and bully the shills into submission. It gets rough out there, but you get by, one day at a time
I seem to flourish in hostile situations, have my witts about me and can stay cool under pressure


Reported for ban evasion.
The only ideologies to name the jew are Christianity and National Socialism.

Cry more, yid. You had your chance.
Yes, we know you don’t know what Christianity is. Run along now.

The key to retaking the motherchan is not to assault Holla Forums headon, at first, where the shills have the advantage. The key is to target the slower boards. Wage the war on /x/ for our beechhead, and spread onwards from there. We have much ground there already taken, as they are receptive to hollowearth, Antarctica, and Esoteric Hitlerism. Further, Kek shall bless our righteous cause.

I say to you brothers, true Holla Forumsacks of the Infinitechan, of the Infinite Reich! Stand with me!
TO /X/
We retake our homeland!

Do you think anyone cares?

Holy fuck.

Pissing in a sea of piss

I support this motion. /x/ is indeed a promising place for redpilling

Mods don't quit or change over the years.


Nobody gives a fuck about 4ch. This place has enough problems itself.

OP, telling people to fuck with 'Trump General' on 4/pol/ is a good way to get the thread deleted. Some Mods are pro-Trump. I wouldn't try to start a movement against their 'Trump General'; that's a good way to get locked n banned. Just saying.

They've ruined the board.

OP, you're going about this wrong. I occasionally go to 4/pol/ to redpill some stray non lemmings, let me tell you something:
A mass redpilling operation will not work there. There are too many bots, too many shills, and too many lemmings to do a raid or anything of the like. However, feel free to start or contribute to a NatSoc general if you really still want to take back the board. But for now, you should probably try to do something else with your time

A mass redpill invasion is the only thing that will bring it back.

wasn't the last time 4/pol/ got shaken up the april 1st /mlpol/ ?

Helping ensure that Killary didn't get elected was not ruining the board. Right now they're contained to that particular thread and every other thread has people shilling ideas that Trump is a Zionist and "Drumpft bad". I fail to see how that's ruining the board, but thanks for getting the thread locked. Before shilling agianst Trump, try to at least have a valid candidate to push for first. Trump is the best chance we've got in 2020 because the (((msm))) will be shilling for WAY worse candidates in 2020. Please try to wait until we have any other option before you shit on him. Trump HAS done some good things.

There are 'red-pill threads' constantly up on 4/pol/ and they always reach bump limit. Like all day long theres a new one over and over. Ideas on flooding the board with topics other than "nigger hate threads" and shit like that? I'm game for a redpill invasion.

If Shillary was elected, there would have been an insurrection.

Everytime this thread pops up year after year and Everytime nothing happens and things get worse. Why bother making this thread schlomo? We already know you own it

Yes, we would have went to war with Iran for certain and she would provoke the Russians into defending their ally with us defending Israel. That insurrection?

That's speculation, you can't know that.

No. Anyone remotely right wing including the military wouldn't have let her in the white house. They knew this, now they're just biding their time and waiting for the demographics to change. Now that everyone's distracted and babbling over Trump they can get back to ruining the Earth.

You’re a goddamn lunatic. Everyone here would have taken up arms, as would many local law enforcement officials and eventually the military.

Right. And? 4chan is unbreakable unless you buy it and shut down everything.

All I'm saying is that it is a semi-popular Web site that people can be red-pilled and find alternative sources of media at. It influences normies with 'nigger crime' threads and all sorts of non-pc ideas. That's a good thing and we shouldn't throw it to the communists.

I don't think you realise what manner of people we are. Sure some here may have guns, but I'm quite sure it's a minority. I would be shocked if we could even manage to get beyond a 1000 man force across all imageboards. Trump winning was clearly the best thing to have happened in a long time, it's pointless speculatng on what could have been, I don't think it would have happened the way you guys think it would

You don't understand, it doesn't matter who wins in the end. What matters is appeasing the masses so they're under the impression so that they believe everything is okay. If Trump lost, we would have pulled them screaming from their homes and hung them high.

I don't think it would have happened the way you guys think it would
No, just his idea. Btw, Trump's the best president we've had for MANY years. Lot's of good things, and despite what the commies (trying to influence the next election) say, he's not super Zionist. What I see happening is he's giving Israel bread crumbs and nothing of MAJOR importance. In his 3rd or 4th year when he fucks Israel HARD, he has plausible deniability saying "look at all these good things I've done for pissrael". Best case scenario, it emboldens Israel into warring with Syria or Iran and then Russia steps in to protect their allies. Trump says 'NOPE' to WW3 and says 'America First', sorry Israel, you're an aggressor nation.

I always sage and carpet bomb the first page of shill threads with redpills, newfags their don't know there is a catalog button so they only see whatever is on top.

The faggot mods have been banning me more lately for doing so though. This pic almost always gets me banned. I like to drop it in their communist general threads while pointing out the body hasn't been ID'd and no one got in any trouble for it.

Yeah I used to get banned all the time for doing similar stuff. the jew mods really hate goreposting, doxxposting too

Basically trying to re-brand it as a anti trump conservative board you fucking kikes. I get your angle.

You bring up a good point

So ultimately, while we claim to be closet case shut in autism basement dwellers whom cannot into social abilities…. they are actually the fuckers whom that applies to? I am not really sure how to feel about that, I have become rather comfortable in my self image.

Fuck off, yid.
D&C elsewhere.
Fucking lol
Even funnier.
No one cares.
It would. The fact that you have to lie to yourself about it proves that.

read the thread shlomo



Purge General /pg/

Kikes are all over this thread

We need the gestapo on Holla Forums. Let's show everyone that we will not go quietly into the night!

Younglets BTFO

I've had much success. /X/ is already primed for Kalki redpill as well.

Fuck off namfag. Reported for Intl.

Shills are getting so desperate they want people to go to cuckchan.

read the thread

A few months ago i'd ask you to stop blueballing me, but this year I truly want to believe we can be made great again.

Gee I wonder why?

This tbh, We need the right people running these boards.

Hasabrafag got his revenge. Sorry it had to end so early.

Every board is a honeypot. We need to get rid of those who push this shit and start being productive


Pop quiz, retard: How will you get rid of people over whom you have absolutely no power whatsoever in any capacity?

They're looking, but they have no expression

You smother them out and ignore them so that they go away.

Oops wrong set.

low effort faggot

Think about this for a moment.
People will tell you
Yet, these people always come back, to repeat the same shitty one-liner posts, over and over, and over again. They don't go elsewhere, they don't make another board, they don't do anything themselves. They just complain about the state of events. Does this add up to anyone? Does it make sense?

We should ask that later, rn we need to focus on getting our people to come back who left due to reddit faggotry

I did more to save Holla Forums than anyone here faggot, we'll have to go some place else (like everyone already did) and deprive Jim of his shekles. Leave Kiley and resurrectedretard sucking eachother off in every threat to pretend this place still has some life in it.

do something about these shills kampfy

Blackpill is the easiest shill tactic after all.

They aren't one liner posts you shill. All of these things are proven that is why this board is in decline. Because of shills who accept authority blindly for no reason other then to shill their agenda endlessly.

We're not coming back, find us m8.


Pop Quiz 2: Electric Boogaloo:
HOW DO YOU SMOTHER THE MODS, YOU FUCKING IDIOT? Holy christ, you people are shit at shilling.

No, not you reddit, the oldfags, yes.


Pathetic. That's what you are.


Shut it down!


As subtle as a nigger in a KFC.

So considering how brain damaged the mods in this board this thread will be sticky?

He was triggering his alerts.

Do you have brain damage yourself, my man?

Whiter than you, mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker.

Reminder that this “meme” is the calculated result of a think tank’s paid shilling and that it should be reported at all uses.

(10) and calling someone reddit without basis is the best you can do argument-wise? Good thing I really didn't bother reading all that and filter you go.

Eh oh el this place is a joke

So it's confirmed you're a spic then


What is this fucking stupid bullshit? Go back to cuckchan you faggot.

Interesting. Nobody's answered why you don't just make your own board and fuck off. Very interesting indeed.

laughing naturally and organically

Mmmm kay

Sarmatian Polack*

stop, mein sides can only take so much

Reminder that this “meme” is the calculated result of a think tank’s paid shilling and that it should be reported at all uses.

spic detected, all DACA spics I know look white that you

No I don't but the mods definitely have them since they keep stickying retarded threads.

wtf is DACA? I'm European, but keep deluding yourself, you to Holla Forums to become its number one running joke.

speak english correctly, european spic

You on the right, me on the left.

report nigger