Can someone webm this?

A thread died for this.

Committing a federal crime on national television? That jews needs to be arrested. FCC should have a fine ready for them as well.

Not a surprise at all, just brazen. That's where they are, shedding all pretenses.
fuck off muh weeders, they're showing stoner culture here which is shit

Stupid whore

Degenerate whore.
Should have let a train of nogs run her while she was at it
and then murder her
420 YOLO

Pay DE Toll

Its "cable" so the FCC has nothing to do with it. But its still illegal under federal law. The Whitehouse should ban CNN from the white house grounds. Criminal scum.

The shit that is accepted as normal nowadays…

later found dismembered and crusged skull by pack of feral nogs


Doesn't matter if it is cable if there are actual law violations. They get around the public decency (((standards))), not the law.

Smoke her weed first though, fam.

Funny how it wasn't "We're here in city square in the middle of downtown Denver and ‒ omg somebody there appears to be smoking marijuana" but instead, from the unusual surrounding, it looks as though CNN intentionally sought out a weed-centric location. Obviously they wanted to promote/ normalize degenerate practice, but I would've thought that being at a more normalfag tier party with some cool, casual looking marijuana users smoking an unnoisy bong pipe periphernalia would be better propaganda.

And it wasn't just REPORTING it was PARTICIPATING.

See kids? CNN is koool

pot heads

nothing as far as hard work will get done if you allow pot heads to run things imagine yourself working hard to provide for your family and you over lords are dirty pot heads that act cool when things are going well but the moment things get stressful they freak out and can't hack it that goes on in the work force every one will suffer every business would be staffed with young tacobell employees THE WORLD WOULD BE IN FLAMES AND EVERYONE WOULD BE HIGH AND COMPLACENT AND FINALLY BEND THE KNEE TO THEM AND BY THEM I MEAN

What was meant by this?


send in the party bus MR TRUMP THEY ARE VIOLATING FEDERAL LAWS AND I AIN'T PAYING MUH TAXES UNTIL YOU DO wait we have no say they take my taxes

blowing of steam and keeping a bread from turning into a anchor

This is the new jew propaganda in its infancy. They want to grow all the medical weed in Israel. They have targeted the marijuana business as the next market they will corner. They have already talked about genetically modifying the weed in the Sony leaks.

Disgusting degenerate whore.
Should and probably will be murdered


Man evolved with cannabis.
And psilocybin mushrooms.
Only you shit feds are against the use of nature to heal the Aryan kind.

Holla Forums is a board of peace officers.

Feds actually think this.

Look it up.


I disagree on the single notion that this is "new"
But other fhan that you are completely correct:

I'm at a point where I just want every single redpilled person to be rationed and subsidized mod / safe variety of meth.
Fucking degenerate non medical users.
Im ok with people healing themselves though

This is as old as time.
Shilling against cannabis internationally while seeking to be the world's largest "supplier".
Just like how they became the only money lenders during the Iron and Dark Ages.

All lies.
Anyone falling for plant control seeks to control your entire existence.


Prescribe safe meth already.
Fucking Stuka pilots did it. And Panzer drivers too.

Get off the pookie, ese.
tweakers and junkies don't use cannabis

You should know a thing or two about that Oliver

nigger, meth has been prescribed for years now

It isn't clear what exactly you are referring to.
Taking a guess.
These two things have destroyed my family and many of my friends. The "laws" are to protect non-aryan "whites" who produce "legal" forms of the same substances while continuing the real holocaust, the one against the Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, and Slavic people and culture.
But you already knew that.

Was I not perfectly fucking clear?
I am not against medical use
This is pure fucking degeneracy though


Torpedo of truth

There is a BIG BIG fucking difference with someone using ganja to heal themselves or this fucking whore promoting godless degeneracy on live tv.
Don't fucking argue me either

You are correct, sir.

dont watch it, sing some hymns or something, you have a choice.
If God didn't want it to be psychoactive and nice he wouldn't have made it psychoactive and nice would he?

you fell for the semantics.
I shouldn't be surprised yet I somehow am.
I forget how intelligent I am sometimes and think other people are on my level.
I don't mean to be demeaning to you but can you guess what I meant by this post?

protip you caught the godless b8

111 0 66 00
This why anyone opposing me has no chance.
This is why I set 18bl sorosmonies ablaze and everyone associated with it

This is why NO ONE can stop me or 8/pol/

Sage for not trying to come off braggadocius.

I'm but a humble thought merchant



CNN is trying to save face and present themselves as hip. "Look we're cool we smoke weed, that's why you know it's not propaganda 'cuz we're cool stoners like you." CNN is just continuing to flounder, it's death spiral is hilarious to watch.

Regarding weed it's something that really shouldn't have anything to do with politics. It's a plant, a drug. Stoner culture, hippies, and all that horseshit obscures a rational approach to the subject of drugs at all, politicizing what ought not to be politicized (as only leftists can do, tainting everything they touch with superfluous "culture").

You know, some people do okay on pot. It does indeed help supress the crazy motherfuckers, my main issue is this type of "DUDE WEED LMAO YOU AND YOUR KIDS MUST SMOKE POT" fucking wiggers.

t. 35 year smoker

Washington fucked up the laws trying to keep the jews involved in regulating it.

Yeaaaaah, well, I've never seen such a person, though heard many such claims as yours. Sounds like bullshit to me, because almost everyone I've encounter whose been smoking for more tan 10 years is a wreck on one level or another. No stoner ever thinks it effects them negatively.

t. 20 year smoker


Their legalization fucked with the medical provision that was already on the books. Medical patients can't grow, nor can anyone else without the state's kosher seal. The state got greedy yet again and knew the medical patients would continue to grow their own and the state would be out shekels.

But hey, 100 an ounce for 26% ain't that bad. I would just rather grow my own like I grow my own veges.

Weed is for fags and niggers

I warned people about the argument "yeah just tax it and regulate it or whatever just let me have my weed, man!!"
They were willing to give everything to the state when they really didn't need to.

To the people associating pot with fags and niggers like says, it's true of any drug that it will attract fags and niggers. You won't see the responsible users because they are, well, responsible about it. Same thing goes with alcohol, although drinking doesn't always get you visibly intoxicated. It also has to do with being prohibited which attracts criminals i.e. fags and niggers.

i had an uncle who was an intervenous meth and heroin user for 40 years - he maintained a career, a family, and was honestly one of the most reliable people i ever had in my young life - right up until he died at age 60 (he looked 90)
you can always find examples that buck the trend, but dependencies like drugs, porn, booze are inherently self destructive - this is why (((they))) promote these things…

T. another 20 year on/off smoker


I fucking agree. It makes perfect sense when you see the big picture.

That's why I like jeff sessions for not supporting weed legalization

Fix this pic someone please

Why did someone shop that bong over the shit log? And a gas mask? Fucking anti-semites.

More like they didn't really care, and the vast majority of people continue not to care. For a supermajority of people who support cannabis legalization, everything else apart from "I can walk into a store and buy weed" is trivial at best and people who are dissatisfied tend to find out after the fact. Case in point, Colorado. There were a lot of people who were thrilled at the prospect of legal grows because they thought it would be like the California medical industry - you grow it in your basement or backyard or whatever, take it to a dispensary and the dispensary pays in cash with no questions asked and no strings attached. Turns out, the legislators went out of their way to completely shut down that kind of cottage industry; every single plant is tracked by the MED from seedling to trimmed bud and on top of the thousands of dollars in fees, all of the red tape must be followed - and separate fees and red tape come with retailing marijuana and production of goods from Marijuana. To be able to grow your own pot, produce goods from it and retail yourself you're looking at five figures in fees as well as the cost of having compliant premises for all of those things and three separate mountains of red tape and legalese to deal with. Small grows and production facilities of sideline size just aren't worth it unless you already know damn well what you're doing and have the money to invest; the laws favor establishments of the maximum possible size. Not, of course, that that's stopped people from just growing pot at home and selling it under the table like before.

Communist detected.

you anti-fun faggot shill.

Kikes use weed to keep the white man docile you faggot

Kill yourself, yid.

Just smoke De Herbal Jew
Its cool look even CNN does it

It will in no way affect your ability to be a reasonable person thinking about future.
What is that goy? Not good? Watch rick and morty and chimp over sketchuan sauce.
Good goy

t. 13 year smoker
dude like 420 yolo blaze that lmao

Like edibles dude weed bhang jah 420 yolofari

Fucking degeneracy.


freaking tor kyke every time.

we didn't evolve smoking it, but redtex your non-argument more. pic related.

Nothing to see, move along.

We'll see if this gets the legal attention it deserves.

Kill yourself, jew fag.


I have a serious question for the Americans in the thread.

I am seeing allot of negativity towards it being legal in cali now. Is this not good? More companies popping up to meet the demand a drug that was illegal is now being taxed the criminals and the cartels running things are forced to give up allot of control and power they once had on the street.

And it will free up allot of space in the prison system and the courts that is backed up with small possession charges.

There are rational arguments for and against. It is good for a number of reasons yet very bad because of the decisions non-whites tend to make with it. It enhances the nature of a person. If you're a lazy nigger, weed is going to amplify that. If you are prone to paranoia and neurotic thoughts, it will enhance that. The way to make it "good" for anyone is full legalization which allows people to grow their own like any other plant. Otherwise, the niggers will still not be kicking into the system because, fuck the law they will grow their own and no revenue will be gained from them and it is just another means to fuck white people yet again. Beyond that is any of the niggers ARE buying it they tend to be using gibs money which means we pay for it anyway.
fucking jews

*if any of the niggers

When Mardi Gras comes CNN will show tits

Are big companies allowed to grow in Cali and Colorado or do they not touch it because its illegal on a federal level?

Boobs are too sexy for the (((PC world))), we'll get tranny things I shall not mention.

Not sure about those states. The big guys are likely waiting and chomping at the bit to get a piece of that action and are waiting for the feds. In Washington it is local kosher.


Its an abstract kind of hell we're in, but the night is darkest before the dawn.

best post of the thread

Checkin them trips of fucked up truth. I guess bongs remind kikes of uncircumcised dicks, so naturally theyre ok with that being on talmudvision

Yeah, and the consumer is still getting fucked. I've seen it happen in Colorado.

Weed hasn't been their cash crop for more than four decades now. They've stayed in the business, sure, but cocaine and heroin are not only an order of magnitude more profitable per kilo but also a fraction of the volume even when bricked, more easily offloaded to wholesalers and can readily be disguised for smuggling.

Depends on what you mean by "big companies"; there are certainly extensive and staggeringly profitable cannabis ventures in Colorado (which will probably be eclipsed in a hurry by Californian companies) but companies like Phillip Morris, British American, etc. aren't touching it with a ten-foot pole despite taking out patents for "cannabis cigarettes". So yeah, I'd say that they're just waiting in the wings.

How do you mean they are getting fucked because of the taxes? or because of the inflated prices?

Well this was one of the things I was wondering is it not better that its being taxed and locals are growing small businesses and people are finding jobs there I would rather that happen then some street thug or some cartel capo line his pockets.

Clown world. Whats up with the 4th picture? She looks like evil as fuck.

Kikes are probably kicking themselves not for campaigning for FREE WEED FOR SCHOOLCHILDREN earlier. I remember reading it had something to do with the shekels they were making on other products like paper, so maybe the goldgrubbing jews were at odds with the propaganda jews, and they thought they could have both by banning it, but showing it to be cool in movies, television, and music.

It's the same kikes. They made it illegal, and immediately started funding research on it in the 1950's (Raphael Mechoulam, who is now of course being paraded as the "savior" of cannabis), specifically research so they can patent the synthesis of THC, CBD, really any therapeutic compound and any use whatsoever and monopolize, or more specifically oligopolize the market.


Just smoke your fucking drugs and stop pretending you have any reason besides escapism & low stress tolerance.

Every single time.

i thought they legalized it in the CSSS

Free Speech is coming, in truth, this year. I can feel it.


I look forward to workplaces implementing post-vacation piss tests.

Every time

In our darkest hour, you want our people to become even more docile useless idiots? Not sure if you're a kike, high, or just born stupid.

He's absolutely right about why it's banned. It's banned because people who are attracted to power are also inclined toward sadism, and dislike watching others be happy.

You are right, though. Now is the time to keep watch. Something's coming. Perhaps it will have to do with what Assange has teased.

Isis mudslimes smoke weed all the time to cope with how shit their glorious caliphate is. I'm not saying this to defend weed just wanted to point out that drug use and war often go hand in hand.

Only thing I see wrong with this is that it is as immoral as drinking on live television, that is it's unprofessional and fiendish.

That surely is the poster of medical Cannabis, great way to cure back pain.


Both drinking and cannabis are far more dangerous than condoms-used heterosexual intercourse.

Colorado legalized it in 2012, so why did they even run this broadcast?

and god…

Anderson "mega cuck" Cooper covering his eyes when the dude lights up. Cringe overload.

When Colorado did it the same network made fun of them. Kikes don't like Colorado, or middle America at all.

Ironic, seeing as how the Denver metro area is basically turning into Portland at this point. Boulder in particular is probably the single most liberal city of note between the west coast and Chicago and one of the whitest liberal enclaves in the entire US.

And? Liberalism is a part of young college life. And you shouldn't say Bo—era because you are going to attract more Cali– oh FUCK

This. It’s not too complicated this is exactly what they’re trying to do. Lol desperate as fuck. Don’t have to be a brainwashed commie faggot to smoke pot.

I'm a Europoor but let me guess : That area used to be relatively poor and thus had a low cost of living? No wonder the rootless hipsters moved there.

And now liberals are in the process of ruining Idaho and Montana. I was in Montana not long ago and was shocked.

The rope is good too. Try it

Go back to 420chan, you degenerate fuck

I smoke weed everyday and make 70,000 a year working six days a week with no vacation in two years while also going to night school to finish up some pre-reqs to apply to either PA or DPT school. Weed is what you make of it. Stress relief for me

Fuck off perma virgin. We don't need advice from faggots that haven't lived yet

Booze does worse.

You seem to be confused. Legalized pot would have prevented a real fucking jewish scam: opioids.

Holla Forums used to be right all the time, now it's just right-wing and I can't even tell if it's just ironically anymore.

Faggot. She's smoking a plant not fucking a kid.

Did the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Germanics and other Europeans smoke weed? If so, was it a common practice? Was it socially acceptable, or was it only for social rejects?

Some of the Founding Fathers of the US grew/smoked Hemp. They're the only people that matter.

No they don't. Weed isn't legal.

During the New Year countdown Andy (((Cohen))) and Cooper were reading Trump tweets in goofy voices and laughing about how totally stupid he is. These kikes missed the entire fucking point of the broadcast because Grimbsmold Glumf needed to be mocked for 30 minutes straight.

I tuned into this out of sick curiosity as to what they would be doing. This is literally everything I expected it to be.

70k 6 days a week? You're doing it wrong stoner.

Moshe, please.

No they didn't. Growing hemp for textile production, yes. Smoking, no.

One could make the case that there is a need for overlooking journalists who do these sorts of things in an attempt to expose certain types of crimes. For example, if a news organization went to interview some MS13 gang members and they were forced to get high as a prerequisite for the interview, then the value to society of that interview (getting a look inside the minds of these people so we can better fight them) is higher than the cost to society of that reporter getting high once.

Assuming that the DEA goes to arrest these people, how do we defend against this point? I'm not quite sure how to counter this point in a way a liberal would accept.

There is no overlooking participation. You REPORT the news not make it, cunt. That's where all these journo fucks keep blowing it. If you are just standing there filming a drug op that is one thing, getting your hands involved in the cooking or the trimming changes the journalistic protections dramatically.

Oh shit, that's the counterpoint to a bunch of the other shit I've been dealing with from them as well.


low tier bait

Are you the same faggot who spams /sudo/? Go fuck yourself.

It's really pathetic how they try and say that growing Hemp which you can't use to get high is somehow the same has having a huge pot farm with Cannabis plants. Stoners are so desperate to force their greasy hands into history to try and write themselves in

Get the fuck out, don't come back.

If they didn't want people to be smoking weed they wouldn't be promoting it in and making it seem hip and cool in every movie and show intended for teenagers and youth.

Are you fucking serious? The entire basis of the enslavement of the masses is to distract them with pleasure.


mate tell me why this thread exists, cnn didn't break the law, weed is legal in Colorado

Fun fact: most of the old weed dealers now sell blow and pills. I see legalization and regulation as a good thing, since these "social outlaws" now have their real degeneracy out and in full display.

Scumbag pot dealers are now scumbag fentanyl and coke dealers. Also, my drug plan covers oxy but not pot.

nah they'll show anderson cooper getting the gift Mardi Gras in America is also the faggot parade isn't it

Did the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Germanics and other Europeans smoke weed?
Yep. It was an Aryan practice, just like alcohol, Muslims were the ones to outlaw it later. The richest Viking grave yet discovered, The Oseberg mound, was found with a sack of weed. In Northern Europe it was a drug of rich adventurers, but places like Eastern Europe where ruderalis (wild weed) was common it was simply a folk medidice, but then again as it is much weaker to its eastern counterparts so it couldn't really be used recreationally.
It was socially acceptable before the 20th century. Queen Elizabeth was even given weed as a gift from a Turkish sultan, it was a drug of the rich.

Congrats, you're a retard.

Take it up with my boss, faggot.

oy vey, deception has no place in journalism, Project Veritas is null and void because they lie to obtain their information

nice meme

Terrible idea given our current society.