New year in France.

The full program of enrichment on NewYearsEve in Champigny-sur-Marne (near Paris).

Rioters & destruction of cars and urban property. In the end, a policewoman lying on the ground is brutally kicked by a large group of niggers.

Muslim women are rejoice and laugh.

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New video.

The Camp of the Saints became real.

The whole french internet talks about this and a lot mention civil war.


Why did they vote for Macron then? It's not like they were warned this would happen. Fukin french.

The French voted for Le Pen, idiot.

One more redpill.

Yeah well they better fuckin' hop to it then. They're rapidly running out of time before they are completely outnumbered by mudslimes and niggers.

French women voted macron.

At what fucking point, do you go into ghetto territory, and not take out your gun when thugs are breaking shit and threatening you. It happens so often in France, armed policemen getting the shit kicked out of them. In America that never happens, because when dealing with thugs, the police have their guns out. French cops never use their guns, they're useless. I don't know if they have orders mentioning not to take their guns out, or if they're pussies, but something needs to change.

Le Pen sucked, that's why she lost. Three hours of debate with Macron, and she didn't mention immigration even once. The least garbage candidate was Fillon.

Civil war won't happen. French civilians don't care. France is pretty much done at this point. Beautiful country though.


Civil war probably won't happen but NOT for this reason. And that the French civilians don't care is a tired old lie as evidenced by every poll.

H2L shill detected.

I live near that city. Please let us die in tranquility. The few of us who are aware can simply weep. France is actually worse than Germany or Sweden; the enrichment is just a lot older and installed.

Here's on the French civilians, which supposedly don't care.

14% of French citizens (in the general sense) think that immigration has a positive impact

43% think migrants are treated better than natives, 55% think there are too many migrants already and shouldn't let in rapefugees

And there are dozens of polls like this.

Who voted for Macron then? the dutch?

Vote fraud, you idiot.

Macron's wish for 2018:

Henry Delesquen was right about Lepen.


faggot who thinks that squabbling with someone who agrees with him like a 7-year-old is the most appropriate response to the situation in OP. what a sorry sack of shit.

Funny video considering that it was Soral and not H2L who criticized her for THAT.

H2L criticized her for many other things though. And while he was right about le Pen as a person, his support of Fillon as being "less cosmopolitan" is just ridiculous.

THE Africans who out number the french

Allright you call me when there will be an actual anti-immgration candidate that runs a real campaign.

That's wrong as well. First of all africans don't outnumber french people and secondly massive vote fraud is a fact.

Google fraude électorale macron

Henry de Lesquen a voté Fillon car c'était le seul qui avait une chance contre Macron, pas parce qu'il il est plus anti-immgration que Marine Le Pen.

With what? Rocks and sticks? You're either going through the political process or you're not. If not, you'd better be ready for blood in the streets.

Not enough Frenchmen left to preserve their nation. With no blood, there can be no soil.

Who said anything about Frenchmen? At least, insofar as the dotr heavy lifting is concerned.


How would you know? Official stats are outlawed. Remember that sickle cell disease study?

What happens in america is that police are trained to treat everybody like niggers instead. :^)

Since they love to film their own crime we should do an operation to collect all nigger footage of new years we can find to use as ammo or redpills later and also to maybe try and identify and get some frog niggers arrested.

H2L avait appelé à voter Macron parce que ce dernier serai "moins cosmopolite" que Marine le Pen. Je n'arrive pas à trouver les vidéos en question mais il l'a dit à plusieurs reprises.

Have you ever thought that just maybe there are other countries with many guns except for the USA?

To begin with, there is over a million of active hunters in France.

By daily life maybe?

In theory but not in practice as INSEE does publish numbers. Massaged numbers, but still.

I was one of the anons who posted it in the past, so yes I do remember that study. And that study was about BIRTHS not total numbers and even there the births didnt outnumber the white births.

*Fillon, bien évidemment

It's impossible to do anything like this. Either you live near Paris like me and see like >30% of non whites (and I'm in a "nice" part of Ile-de-France) or you live in the country where it's 99% white and leftist.

Fillon isn't anti-immigration by any standard. What a politician says during an election has little value - that was only a desperate attempt to get votes at the time. Try to find him talking about immigration and the French culture/identify in the same matter PRIOR (years) to the election.

Pretty sure all but the special SWAT police forces in France are unarmed. Wouldn't want to hurt or scare the muslim criminals while they are committing crimes and rioting.

wtf is going on here?

With original sound.

What a stupid false dichotomy, as if medium sized cities didn't exist and all of France was concentrated in IdF.

French university.

(truthful dubs)
How much worse could it possibly get before they're moved to act?

running a woman was obvious mistake
her father should have been the one to run
oh well
if not the boring way then the fun way

It'd be a lot easier to have a revolution in Europe if everyone just understood a little bit of English. I know French people (young!) who basically don't understand basic English. Same with other larger European countries.

Man I want to FUCK Illya

who are you trying to spur to action?
i knew on new years, i was thinking about the rape of cologne, i was thinking, tomorrow i will hear about terrible things because animals and monsters are here in europe
so, if we do not act
then we go extinct
normies are not going to be redpilled into exterminating the jews, it is our job to exterminate the jews, and niggers and all the subhumans
we are the metaphorical armed policeman getting kicked around on the ground because we refuse to act
deeds first, then words
i guess i should shut up and act before i speak
we all play our part

just a message to all the men in western europe who are up for it
war is coming
we should bring it

Is France the blackest country on Earth? Reminder gauls are not human, let alone white, and you have your answer.
Yes- more so than the US: France is the blackest country on Earth.


Shareblue was hiring new people last month. Some of them are still green, like that one.

Mein eyes hath saw
Aught ye be checked

What's so confusing about it?

Kill yourself retard.

I wouldn't go to France.


Boomer trash raised by "the greatest generation" allowed this to happen


perhaps that's the angle we need

Daily reminder that any blame directed at X group of White people is only meant to take blame away from the Jews


French got enriched again? This is Camp of Saints in real life.

You've imported more foreign fighters than that. I'll bet your military is brown too.

Looks to be the 'CRPPC', a department at the University of Lyon.

I think the 'fingers' are pointing out homeless people squatting in the university building. The sign in pic related says "Due to the occupation of Room H109, the CRPPC seminar is moved to Room K142". We're meant to infer that there are homeless people or something in there, but it isn't clear as scheduling conflicts are common.


Why the fuck were the french so niggerfied ? This shit goes back to the ww1.
Does every country with colonies eventually end up inviting niggers and mudslimes ?


who could possibly be behind such an action?
if only we knew of a people who have repeatedly announced such intentions such as negrofying all whites

probably gets paid by the mile on gps by just eat and has some sort of gibs bus pass.

This user is right. Leftists in France literally live in an euphoria of cuckoldry: they cherish the thought of becoming a minority TO PURIFY THEIR SINS.
You got that? Now tell me how to fix a problem like this without a complete massacre.

Duck! I heard about these people on Alex Jones Bill Hicks and David Icke. These are the shapeshifting lizard saudi prince globalists illuminati nazi fascists right? The ones who report to the aliens? I've been watching youtube videos to try to learn their symbolism like he told me…

Dunno user, maybe teach them to lift weights to boost their testosterone and try to redpill them?
Probably the most sensible thing to do would be have 5 babies with some hot French girl and try to redpill your children. Otherwise once all the cucked white people are dead the only ones left to redpill are going to be the niggerfied muslim mongrels?
I think at some point the white frenchmen will wake up but I am really shocked that point wasn't 20 years ago.

Sounds like a plan m8


Imagine being the Author who is still alive and gets to see his terror made manifest. That has got to be a special kind of hell.

That's not Macron, it's Sarkozy, the previous kosher president. Macron worked for the Rothschilds so he isn't different, but I don't think he ever was as clear. I think it was in a speech to some oil allahsnakbars.

"Here comes the diversity"

From last year.

The U.S. has experience with niggers. This is new to France. They haven't learnt yet.





Old French women voted macron.


I T ' S T I M E T H E L O R D H A T H C O M E T H

What you need is Charles Martel.

What these Euro countries need is a total purge of those subhumans.


Did not know that. It hurts.


That is Sarkozy, not Macron