Druid/pol/ #0018 - PORTENTOUS NEW YEAR edition


I bid thee welcome to our portentous octavusdecimus thread and the first of a glorious new year! In this auspicious time the druids gather and witness the changing of the seasons. The circle of Ouroboros continues is infinity loop as the old year dies and the new rises - the circle of birth and death, of life and resurrection.

Our Tarot arcana for this thread is that of the XVIIIth card - The Moon.
The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and of the unconscious. The Moon provides light as a reflection of the Sun, yet this light is dim, uncertain, and only vaguely illuminates our path as we journey toward higher consciousness. The pool at the base of the card represents the subconscious mind and the crayfish that crawls out of the pool symbolises the early stages of consciousness unfolding. This creature also represents the often disturbing images that appear from our inner depths, just as the dog and wolf at the beginning of the path represent the tamed and the wild aspects of our minds. The path leads between two towers into the mountains in the distance, showing the way to the unconsciousness.

This threads governing planetary body is Saturn which crests the firmament along with Pisces. This threads stone is amethyst whos vibrations are effected by the saturnic energies. Watch out for that Saturnic current lads - its a potent force that can bite you on the arse when attuning oneself into its vibrational range.

What fresh horrors and joys will '18 bring? Whatever our enemies see fit to throw at us, we will, without a shred of doubt endure and thrive. '17 bought difficulties, anger and heartache but we are druids of integrity and hardship is out sustinance. What would break the minds of the uninitiated merely tempers our resolve. We are forged in these strange times, shaped by the machinations of cruel gods and evil men. But we will persist.
A new year brings new opportunity. A fresh canvas for us to work on, fresh clay for us to mold. This year will belong to us lads. My scrying and ruminations inform me that many more folk will come to our side in this year to come as the scales fall from their eyes and they awaken to the evil in their midst. My divinations suggest obstacles and calamity await in the coming year but also glory and satisfaction. Whatever happens me must endure and continue with the Great Work.

Having established the Charter, the B.O.N.D now continues to consolidate its foundation, particularly those in the etheric realm. It is our duty to keep the B.O.N.D alive, to live by the tenets and spread its influence in any way we can.

As always the topical newslinks are presented for the readers persual and delectation:






Thats it for now lads. Im working on a special sigil which I will post up soon when it is completed. Remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the portents and give thanks to the based Druids.


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theflatearthsociety.org/library/pamphlets/Is Britain the Lost Atlantis.pdf

First for druid/pol/ archives



We had a clear night last night here in Britbongland. The Wolf Moon shone brightly in the sky though the piercing light of fireworks could be seen throughout the land.
I believe 2018 shall be a good year for us all. The year of the Wolf. The year of the moon(man). Our path continues as it always does, yet our fight has just begun.

Excellent edition as always, happy new year all.

Happy new year lad - lets mak this a good one

Thankyou lad, a happy new year to you too.

I forsee the B.O.N.D growing in strength and influence this year if we work at it.


Good morrow once more friends.

The moon arcana and the full moon last night is a most encoraging alignment of the stars and the divinatory. My research into the Anglo Saxon period proceeds apace with encouraging results and I feel I am beginning to gain insight into their ways.

Good stuff lad. There is definately a unique current we have picked up on and are working with here. Our endeavours will be fruitful if we persist.

It was a good image lad. The druids seem to concur too.

How is this a thing if Anglo-Saxons are Germanic? Are you all Welsh?
Shouldn't you be doing a combination of druid and Norse mysticism?

Alright lads fess up, which of you was it.

I don't even know any more tbh lads.

Not me lad. I avoid london like the plague these days.

Chin up lad

Britons are by and large predominantly the original hunter-gatherers who first settled the island, even in areas dominated by nordics (the danelaw of the northeast) the admixture rarely rises above 50%.

kek what lad
all I heard about was the fireworks being for muh wymyn

keep calm and stockpile supplies

I noticed something about that too - noticed a giant female symbol was projected onto one of the skyscrapers. What was that all about?

Well I'm Cymraeg.
An actual Briton even.

I see. Most sources has it that Daneslaw and the Anglo-Saxons before it pushed all romanic-britons to Wales, Cornwall and Scotland before being assimilated completely.
Does your figure include Anglo-Saxons, who are also Germanic?

I'm no shill or anything, by the way. I'm just curious as to how you guys became druid/pol/ and have been reading a bunch of early British history.

womens lib, so brave

most sources are complete bullshit and refuted by the genetic evidence, there's a good one showing how most british people's ancestry for thousands of years can be traced back to an average of a 30 mile LOCAL area which I don't have on hand smh

It's due to the tendency for usurpers to stay within their own, the natives remaining as peasants, the ruling classes changing from roman, to saxon, to angle, to norman etc.

I do dip into germanic paganism as well because my roots are actually majority dutch as far as I can tell

This I get, but I thought most of England in particular, being the largest portion of the British Isles, was largely an admixture of Germanic and native Briton. So the ethno-nationalism of druidism would have to be extended to include Germanic elements as well.

Romanic Britons?
Romans didn't really mix with the locals and the locals didn't like them much.
When Rome left their cities were abandoned by the handful of Britons who lived in them.

Essentially this guy gets it right.
Foreign ruling classes kept invading and imposing themselves on us, hence our opposition to a united Europe. Because every fucking time they invade us.
Also he posted my explanation of the English, so happy.

Read the Oera Linda book. If you know Dutch then make sure to read the Dutch/Frisian version as it cannot compare to any translation. Heil.

If you head to London and the southeast you will find many a mongrel.
But London and the southeast needs to burn.

I'm born and raised Briton lad, can only recognize a bit of modern dutch by my studies in Old English smh. Might learn it one day.

Yeah, makes no sense lads.

Fucking hell. I loathe these feminst/sw cunts so much. Even something as innocuous and non politican as a new years eve fireworks display (payed for by us taxpayers no doubt) has to be co-opted and made all about them. Sickening. They pushed this shit so much that I have an automatic reaction now as where I see anything about womens lib as utter cancer.

Oera Linda Boek is bullshit and has almost nothing to do with the religion of our ancestors.

Well nobody knows shit about the druids anyways.
Because they didn't write anything down.

No, there is a large body of texts on Celtic mythology, though it has a Christian bias.

Anyway, it's odd to call yourself druids and then point to tarot which is an system of Christian-Esoterics.

Cheers lads.


Are you implying that Jews wrote down the Irish cycles? Or are you just being obtruse for no reason.

We are NEO-DRUIDS. We keep the spirit of the druids alive and their spiritual hearthfire burning while using any esoteric discipline we see fit - utilising them as tools to be selected for different purposes. The spirits of the Druids, our patrons who dwell in the etheric interstice, impart their wisdom unto us through the numeromancy of repeating digits and through our own personal divinations (mainly tarot and scrying)
The lodge of the B.O.N.D has formed and endured because it has the blessing of the long dormant druidic shades. We are closer to them than any other modern druidic movement, hence them imparting their wisdom to us and not some other group.

christianity is a jewish religion.

So you like to repeat jewish lies. How funny indeed.

No, to say you are a modern form of something older, implies as actual connection to that something older, clearly that connection is not there, there is a connection to Christian-Esoterics.

Therefor you are not Druids, but more like Gnostics.

If you where something akin to Neo-Druidic, you would do so from the point of view of Celtic or atleast European Polytheism.

Nowhere do I find that.

Yes, your point.

Right, just like Christians consider all criticism against Christianity a Jewish lie.

Show me proof how the Oera Linda book connects up with the Edda's, Skaldic poetry and the Saga's.

Christianity is jewish and ruined further by the jews, so that in the end doesn't matter much. It's just that the historians in my country claim the Oera Linda book to be untrue or false (these historians all have jewish ancestry).

That wouldn't prove much and you know this.

Most of it will have been misinterpreted or reinterpreted by those (((christians))) to make sense in how they saw the world.

Let me get this straight, you have no proof of it's authenticity, but you belief it because of Jews?

No, it would, but you are basically admitting the book doesn't fit the greater body of ancient Nordic literature.

>Most of it will have been misinterpreted or reinterpreted by those (((christians))) to make sense in how they saw the world.
Yes, literally what I said, your point.

Full druid regailia it looked like but i only saw him for a seconds after the countdown, not fucking around with iplayer just to check though.

You are just looking to start an argument. We are a neo-druidic lodge, end of story. Read through the archives ( here ) to get up to speed.

Yes, your point? Are you implying that having arguments is somehow not healthy and a way to find the truth?

No. Why would I?


Ffs, are you a bit thick or something lad? The archives show how druid/pol/ & the B.O.N.D came into being.

I am sorry, how does posting random links to an archive, constitute evidence for something I have not actually asked evidence for?

I don't care about that, I only asked why you called yourself druids, when you practise Christian-Esoterics like Tarot.

I didn't get an rebuttle to my awnser.

(observed and heiled)
Portentous numerals lad.

May the morrigan watch over all of you lads this year and restore sovergnty to this land

Ok, we call ourselves druids because we operate in the spirit of druidism and also give veneration to the druidic ancestors. However, being NEO-druids, (having been born in the modern age) out time contains many things that the druids didnt have (be that schools of esoterica, technology etc) but we reason that if the druids had had access to these things (like tarot, hermetica etc) they would have utilised them, just as we do.

I have a question, do you really belief there is a goddess called Morrigan and that she watches over Britain, or are you just larping?

In order for a pagan revival to be genuine it will have to be organic no reliable source exists and most people just larp as a Hindu with western mysticism

I legit believe. Had a few odd dreams where I encountered her I might either be a scitzo or the divine is real either way I believe

That's all very nice, but that's like calling yourself a druid and practising a catholic religion and then saying that you can do that, because you can imagine the ancient druids becoming catholic.

I mean, that's not how it works, druidism is a particulare system within a particulare culture, when you leave the system and the culture, you are no longer a druid.

I mean, I am Germanic and I don't think worshipping the Buddha and following his teaching would mean I am still Germanic.

There is simply a border that I would have crossed that would have turned me from one thing into another.

Not for Celtic polytheism, but there are plenty for Germanic polytheism.

I have plenty of dreams like that too.

Just keep going back to the original texts until you understand them.

Im not a catholic lad. My missus is but im not. My grandfather was a welsh eisteddfod druid and also christian. He reconciled this duality within himself. There is no reason why one cannot be both and the concept of duality plays a pivotal role in all things esoteric. Also membership of a church can be for community/status reasons rather than to do with religion. Learn to embrace the duality of being lad.

If the nature of the universe is polotheistic isn't it not a duality but a multitude of different truths and spiritual aspects that create this reality? A duality is a Christian universal worldview where god and the devil are the only two spiritual entities. You also have the stupid Evola worldview of a oneness to the universe but it just Hinduism and Plato's Greek paganism.

So, you are basically admitting that the term druid is basically meaningless, since you think you can be multiple things at the same time.

Admitting you are not a druid.

Can't believe I'm replying to my own post this is going to be a long one.

I have been studying the history of the British mainland during the period roughly between the 3rd and 11th century spanning the end of Roman occupation until the Battle of Hastings effectively ended Saxon rule in England.

The three tribes Angles Juttes and Saxons came from the northern european coast running approximately from Holland to Denmark. There is speculation that the Juttes may be related to the Goths. These tribes came first as raiders then as mercenaries and settlers, they practiced germanic paganism venerating the same deities and speaking a similar language to old norse and English still shares it grammar structure with other north germanic languages.

The claim of displacement with regards to the Bythonic or native Britons is at best highly suspect many early Anglo-Saxon kings had Bythonic names. Artifacts from this time show a mixture of germanic and celtic design elements which in the later period are supplanted by christian iconography. In addition the social structure of the Anglo-Saxons and the Bythonic people was very similar with a Priest/Warrior/Worker three tier division of society.

I hope that through studying our ancestors I can better understand my own heritage and relationship to the land. It may be possible to find out more about the history that came before through this study.

No, there is only one Lord of Hosts, who rules from his throne in the domain of the Gods.

No im stating the principle of duality which is a one of the core foundations of esotericism, something it seems you lack understanding on. Id suggest having a read of Liber Kaotika or some of Phil Hines essays to get a grasp of this.

I understand perfectly what you are saying, I just refuse to accept it's premises.

You are a Christian, you are a fairly heretical, esoteric and perenial Christian, not really a Christian to the average church going Christians, but still a Christian.

that's just your Semitic desert religion's opinion lad

Can you point out what is exacly semetic about my opinions?

"No, there is only one Lord of Hosts, who rules from his throne in the domain of the Gods."
although I'm not sure about that "gods" bit, but the lord of hosts is definitely le big nosed autist god

also desperately wanting people to be christian when they state they're not

No, it's a name of Wotan.

I don't want them to be Christian, they simply are.






Defending myself.


As what, also offer evidence or an argument, bitte.

Ill have that sigil iv been working on up soon lads. Just got to charge it and consecrate with some rocksalt.

Todays major arcana reading lads

Interesting one too. Curious to hear your interpretations to see if they match with mine.

I'm completely unfamiliar with the tarot I'm looking forward to seeing what you all have to say.

Whilst our research into the esoteric seems to be proceeding well I'm thinking that we might need to work on memes redpills and activities to apply in the day to day alongside this. Having these long lasting threads is a real opportunity to work together towards the future.

Agreed. The wider Holla Forums board is suitably equipped for this but we must also contribute. Anything that spreads this particular current is good. B.O.N.D memes, art etc. We are good at making memes - as a small splinter board we've consistantly outperformed the larger but more insular brit/pol/ boards here on fullchan in quality memetic output (we've had the druids themselves which has endured long after the KEK fad had died down and introduced a revolutionary (and esoteric) new way to check dubs. We also had gems such as international tommy and the millenial woes 'fanfics'. The historical stuff some of the lads post is really useful too -the threads are becoming a repository for stuff that is difficult to find elswhere.

Yeah its endured and become something pretty unique in its own right.

This only applies if you don't believe the things the druids believed had any connection to reality. If they believed in something real, then you can rediscover what they knew through observation, referencing what old texts are available to help you make sense of what you're seeing and experiencing.
I don't believe my ancestors were making shit up when they described their gods, or later their God.

Remember that civil service user?
The one who said the MoD believed that Religion of Cuck™ic State would ramp up attacks over time to culminate in a big christmas attack?

Was he wrong or were these attacks averted?

reverse hermit -> cease solitary action
hierophant -> spread the word, religion
judgement -> visit judgement, or be judged
high priestess -> divine benefit

the time has come to act as a druid outside of the thread, make ourselves known, use our viewpoint to judge others, this is a divine command

don't do tarot though so not sure on the actual meanings

I have a feeling it's going to be an extremely /comfy/ year lads.

So if you're in Waitrose tomorrow and a man swathed in a fine ceremonial robe with a sign etched upon parchment to the rear, that reads "Greetings - if you want to know wtf is going on - ask a druid (I'm a druid)" walks by, you will know he is kith, kin, nay BOND….

Will you feds fuck off already? You can't even crosslink properly, your shilling is terrible and you've been doing the same garbage for weeks.
If you want to actually complain about the mods, complain about the fact that this board is supposed to be a national socialist board yet any deep discussion on national socialism gets anchored in favour of shitty newsposts about (((trumpism)))>>11106475

Maybe just a LARPer?

Doesnt matter if your not versed in the tarot, its still useful to hear an interpretation based solely on intuition.

he got delet fam

Insha Allah: The Rape of Britain


WotW is best up and coming nationalist youtuber. Will watch it lad but it looks like it will be filled to the brim with depressing rage fuel and will kill my mood so i shall steel myself to watch it in a bit.

Bit late to the new thread but Happy New Years lads


Happy new year lad

Some fresh ionoclast


London is going to crash and burn soon

Well done lads. The high effort shilling early in the new thread betrays (((their))) fear of our growing power.

Fucking retard

I've just finished "The Mystery of the Grail" by Evola and highly recommend it . It's a good quick read about the archetypes of Grail myths across cultures from Ireland to India. It posits their ubiquitousness should be looked at as evidence for an universal ancient esoteric tradition the Grail Quest is an allegory for. It shows that the myths are both instructions and cautionary tails for initiates about the perils of the path.

It also goes into the fall of the Templars and the rise of (((Freemasonry))) at the end.

Stoke-on-Trent is one of the largest Saxon areas.

Infact, if you go to Stoke, have a look at the locals.

Good to see the police is still as incompetent as ever. I've honestly lost any sympathy for any native who clings to the 'diversity is strength' meme. So the police leaving them to suffer from migrant crimes is a just reward and may even cause some of them to rethink their worldview. Joe makes the point pretty well tbh

He seems to have conveniently forgotten all the info dumps on the Celtic gods and ancient religious practises smh

True, also worth mentioning is that although we still remain significantly Celtic in our genetic makeup, a significant part of us is still Germanic, so the lad who suggested we perhaps find a balance between both Germanic and Celtic paganism is on the right track.

Also forgot to observe your portentous numerals


How are we today lads? Just baked some camenbert. Proper getting into that zelda game I got the kids for christmas. Was in two minds tbh because the last one I enjoyed was windwaker. This one exceeded my expectations though.

Nice, ill keep an eye out for it. As far as Evola goes, iv only read ride the tiger.

Seems like it was some kraut looking to squabble and start an argument. Didnt stick around that long.

The excuses they make. Meths bigger in oz than it is here so the excuses we get are 'muh mental health' like they did for the you-aint-no-muslim-bruv nigger.

been doing a bit of new years cleaning to herald more activity than idle browsing. Peterson might be an anti-reality cuckold and his memes devalued but there really is something to

Sorry, obligatory.

Am I the only person who thought evola was awful? He completely disregards all western occultisism and had no grasp of any Christian theology which seems strange for someone who talks so much about the west.

Shouldn't need a based civic Christian to tell you that lad,

Good post on what wiccans and neopagans actually are

I think I need a job tbh.

A lot of people do, his voice is not a joy to read. I've only read three of his books and this is the only one on western occultism. I picked these because my local book store actually had them. He also wrote "The Hermetic Tradition" and "Introduction to Magic" which are both centered around western occultism; the latter of which I also have and am
about to start. I haven't seen any good or poor grasp on Christian theology in Grail, Yoga of Power, or Doctrine of Awakening tbh.

Evola irks me because he is a philosopher that came to his conclusions first then looked for his facts. He came to the conclusion that monisim is the nature of the universe and all religions are an expression of a singular diety. Even basic Christian theology or western occultisism is incomparable with his worldview the Christians established that the nature of this universe was a duality there were two spiritual entities that existed simultaneously and separately those being god and the devil. Which is why the west had the concept of good and evil but the east did not. This shows that ultimately FAUSTIAN civilization rejected The concept of oneness even when it those to be monotheistic. The way Germans and celts viewed the spiritual self and spiritual entities favors hard paganism over evolas soft paganism.

need a dafty party already smh

based paganism lmao

A rare good point made by Owens.

Wow you really showed us. Im never posting again after witnessing sheer acerbic wit of that caliber. Pack up lads, its all over, this fucking savant has us rumbled.

< shitty libertarian globalist pro-shitskin faggot cucks out
wow imagine my shock

It's that simple m8

He does make some points, and he is a good source of criticism. If you want a good laugh then watch him tear into Woes I actually like him tbh

Speaking of tearing into woes, iv not seen these posted for a while

Kek here it is

thanks lad, was asking after them earlier I think

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?
it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.
Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.
Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!
Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin Holla Forums maymays, this one is the readl deal

Good morrow once again freinds

I hope you are all safe tonight as once more we are visted by a storm, to have two storms on consecutive days feels like a portent to me. Any chance of some info on our ancestors storm gods?

How much cultural enrichment took place new on years night in Britcuckistan? I don't expect the lying press to report on it.

Allegedly 4 promising young rappers/sportsmen who didn du nuffin met their end upon steel. Just part of life in the modern city of londinistan.

Feeling a bit reflective tonight friends

Though the storm rages around me
I go forth without fear
For I know I shall endure

The light of truth is a shining sword that only the evil fear

Have a good night all

The Based Loyal Lads deserve it.

Night lad.




Thor basically

The sheer squirming and inability of the alien newsreader to identify all stabbees as 8dun-nuffinkbruv's was delightful.



Lad what the fuck is that image?

Good morrow friends

Today I've been thinking about how we solve a problem like jewemy…
The cult of personality that is the corbin movement backed by the momentum communists is ripe for disruption anyone interested?


Sure lad, what do you propose?

we are reaching whole new levels of larping here

He called NA and the ironmarch guys feds, he's old a gay.

god he's such a faggot

Nothing larpy about the druids of the B.O.N.D son. Its a way of life.

brit/pol/ turning him into a forced meme with an overdose of ironic joeposting didnt help either. It was pretty amusing when some user linked him to a cuckchan thread and he was greatly perturbed by what he saw there though. His preoccupation with accusing everybody on the right of being spies and his "my way or the highway" attitude doesnt do him any favours either. I dont think hes a bad guy either, just a misguided relic of a bygone age. He thinks we should be leafletting for the BNP instead of developing and honing our memetics. Hes out of touch.

Who said anything about LARPing? It's pretty obvious we practise what we preach, if you don't like it then leave faggot

I feel a bit dirty after writing this.

Jewemyy as the odious dianne abbot calls him's many flaws have been pointed out a lot before, he's a marxist pro migrant etc etc and the support for terrorists of all flavours. The MSM has pushed this narrative until the wheels have fallen off so IMO it should be saved for important moments and paired with strong images duch as what his terrorist griends actually do to shock normies. He also doesn't have any policy on may subjects by not saying anything people can project what they want into his silenve. We can use his silence to commit him to nonsense such as the tuition fees where somone said he would abolish them and he was forced to deny it or simply use the lack of action to accuse him of indecision and weakness. Another area of inaction that can be exploited is his lack of action on racism sexism and discrimination within the party this is a effective tool to use on the bluepilled nor mies.

Momentum is where things get interesting, online they are the typical leftist lemmings hurling abuse and threats at anyone they consider ideologically impure they don't think or plan just pile in.
Fake posts and rumors might have them attacking almost anything, in particular tony blair and anything connected to him seems to trigger mindless behaviour. Which leads onto IRL

Momentum has targeted and involved itself in normal labour party business such as campaigns and meetings disrupting the existing party operations installing it's own people and intimidating anyone they don't like. Let's give them a taste of their own medicine by introducing a group of even bigger retards. After all isn't antifa committed to protecting public gatherings? The appearance of these upper-middle class anarcho-communist idiots would produce hilarious results and further reduce general support for labour.

Next we can weaken support for corbin directly he is after all the defenition of a champagne socialist. Corbin is a very privileged man, privately schooled and oxbridge educated from a very weathy area in londonistan for example he grew up in a more expensive house than "call me dave" cameron. Corbin has assets of more than a million and is very well paid from, we shoud tell his backers surely the leader should actually come from the people how can someone like him possibly understand the struggle of the working man? And not only is he rich he's a "white male" shouldn't there be more diversity in the labour party if today and who better to lead than a woman of colour…

Dianne abbot is a huge liability an arrogant, hypocritical sycophant, this holier than thou clown can make a fool of herself any time and any place. She's an easy target because of her poor record such as sending her kids to private school while the public schools in her constituency were failing. Corbin gives her special treatment such as being allowed to miss the vote on brexit and their affair allows us to claim she has her position because of the sleeping her way to the top and nothing triggers BLM goons like bedwench

Mcdonnell is a hardline marxist and vulnerable to many of the same attacks as corbin himself, mcdonell also seems rather thin skinned and easily provoked it appears he holds grudges. He keeps a lower profile then the others so further investigation is required.

jej nice photo.
Personally I'd describe him as a bad guy; all he appears to do is sit on jewtube and shill (((democracy))), despite the fact that engaging in democracy is what has caused nationalist organizations to be crushed continually since WW2; whilst also accusing everyone else of either doing nothing or, as you said, being "spies". Useless prick tbh lad, fucking boomers.

^ a "Chad" fag.


Some unobserved numerals from the last thread. The final post infact was.

May you morning be full of portents and lacking in rage fuel lads.


why is that british chap wearing an american flag t-shirt? i don't get it

Is an American descended from Irish immigrants.

Lad have you been doing some automatic drawing in charcoal? Fucking excellent idea! Is that the face of one of our druidic patrons do you think? I might have a go at that at some point.

Thats a wank meme lad. I dont mind virgin/chad memes but that one is piss poor. Try harder. Why even post that here? How is that relevant to druid/pol/?

Thanks lad. A break from the rage fuel is needed from time to time to stave off bouts of blackpill depression.

Agreed lad. On the subject of generations, I was born '81 and im kind of unsure what that makes me. Am I right at the arse end of generation Y is that even a thing? or am I one of the first millenials? fucking hope not tbh
I always just used to refer to it as the 'chemical generation' - pretty apt.

Good stuff lad. He needs taking down unless you want to bring on the accelerationist option I am attacking labour by occult means (mainly sigils and incantations designed to scupper their machinations and expose their bullshit to normies) but im game for a large and well ordered memetic campaign too. A multi pronged attack is what we need here. Hit them on all fronts. I find pointing out their absolutely sickening brown nosing of Religion of Cuck™ and their utter disdain for the native working class to be a good fracture point when trying to convert normies to a more right way of thinking. They are all a bunch of treasonous scum who deserved to get joes cock'd.

Nay I had my eyes open and wasn't in a trance. Though I was wearing a scarf of my family's tartan under my hood while chopping wood today. I was just trying to recreate the 200%portentious meme from memory and it turned into a Wojack Druid hybrid tbh.
I used to draw and paint a lot and have be meaning to make some irl OC since I can't mspaint worth a fuck. That's probably the first thing I've drawn in 2 years that wasn't on a shit house wall. Everyone feel free to use it as you like.

You ever tried automatic drawing lad?
It is a means of expressing the subconscious and also way of tapping to the etheric. In automatic drawing, the hand is allowed to move 'randomly' across the paper. A.O.Spare was a fucking master of it. His automatic drawing produced images of atavisms, spirits and daemons and he developed a magickal system round it.

Its a technique that is also utilised by spiritualist mediums to draw spirit faces. You focus on your desired goal and invite the spirit to guide your hand then draw. Usually you get a few pages of scribbles but sometimes something forms and is visible. Then you have to interpret it. The same can be done by writing too. There is a wealth of information on this subject.
Anyway, I think its something we should try - we could add proficiency to automatic drawing to our repertoire. Would you be up for giving it a go lad?


interesting technique, I'll try it at some point

I'm liking it lad

I've heard of it before and seen it in movies. I'll give it a go since I have a talent for drawing it may be a powerful tool for the lodge.


Why the "tbh"?

old brit/pol/ vernacular dies hard I suppose tbh lad

Go for it lad. I'll give it a bash too if I feel the time opportune.

bit of a meme on newbrit and brit
when taking gets or in the first post of a new thread I put "druids tbh"

I think the crest needs a B.O.N.D on the motto scroll too tbh lads. Feel its missing something without that and it would complete it nicely.

kek does it still wind them up? Remember when SA through a bitchfit meltdown over the druids and druidposting in general?

yeah I think that might have been a factor in his demodding
that and drunken mass permabanning

Posting here since it might be relevant.
Anybody remember the tarot threads a while back?
Many of us seemed to have the sun/wheel/magician birth cards, which was interesting.

cringelords be gone!

Fuck off SA

Certainly is, considering the sun and the wheel are both very important symbols in Celtic mythology

He's back to being a mod now smh

Anyone see sargoy get BTFO in the warski stream last night? It was pretty glorious. He get rekt, claimed to be going to bed but then slunk off to his echo chamber have his sycophant cockholster vee suck his dick, soothe his jimmies and convince himself he won.
All this recent skeptic carnage is beautiful to behold.

I wish I could've been there during when it was happening, that sounds tasty. I love to watch cuckolds wither and dry in their own filth.

Testing to see if b& tbh lads.

A fine day of sabbatical to all my druidic bretheren. How does the day find you lads?
Raining fiendishly here but I must venture out soon to aquire more weed for my scrying operation.

Good morrow

Not up to much continuing my research though not into our ancestors today.

What you researching lad? Im experimenting with differing pharamakeia and their effects on the scrying process. Sleep deprivation also seems to be a useful tool for this, particularly for entering the gnosis/trance like state - the danger being it is easy to succumb to the pull of sleep and doze off.

Rhodesia, a hot potato when it comes to /pol. I want to know the truth; so much of the real history has been obscured by propoganda, assumption and projection. At the moment I am focusing on first hand accounts so I can know the facts and make my own conclusions rather than be affected by the biases of others.

Good luck lad. Share what you find with us

My pleasure, I have a pretty good grasp of what happened. Most of the sources avaliable are from the Rhodesian government side much of the other side was not recorded or subject to purging by Mugabe. I can answer a few questions now if you want

Good thread

Thanks can any of us help you?

Indo-European Prayer and Ritual

I was wondering if you could help me Holla Forums, this thread seems like the right place. I posted this in another thread also.
When I was younger, I'd constantly get déjà vu, and I'll remember stuff even now aged 26 that I dreamt when I was a child, things I've seen before.
A very distinct dream I had:

This dream has intrigued me for years. It has really stood out, and I'd say is the only time I've truly felt like a God has spoken to me. Despite coming from the ground, it didn't feel as if it was the devil. It felt as if it wasn't Christian at all, and this was long before I had even heard of paganism/astratu. It was as if it was a choice between 'God' and the old gods in hindsight, but it's strange. I've never had a dream like it. I truly felt different when I woke up.
Does anyone have any ideas? Any ideas on the symbolism of the smouldering stick? The ground opening?

Something I noticed:

Harold Wilson's (((friends))) peerages
Lady Marcia (((Falkender))) admits she wrote the list that marred Wilson's career
Harold Wilson's 1976 'Lavender List'
These included a peerage for crooked industrialist Joseph (((Kagan))); a knighthood for property developer and fraudster Sir Eric (((Miller))), who later committed suicide; and a knighthood for Right-wing financier James (((Goldsmith))).
When it was formally approved by the honours scrutiny committee, the finished list contained 41 names – matching many of those on the list we reveal today, including television impresario Sir Lew (((Grade))) and Wilson's publisher, Sir George (((Weidenfeld))) didn’t he sell porn an d smut, who were both ennobled.
The 'dropped' honour: Boxing promoter Jarvis (((Astaire))) (pictured) does not appear in the published list, but is eleventh on the list obtained by the MoS.


He was an old alcoholic and needed the money…

Britain and France sought an alliance with Stalin. Their delegations were at the same time in Moscow as Germany’s.
The western allies, including US “observer”, told Stalin to “march” trough Poland to attack from the east. Polish government wasn’t totally convinced about the wisdom of such an arrangement.
Stalin didn’t took the offer, even it being very tempting, instead made a deal about the respective interest spheres and economic cooperation with Germany.
Stalin had his spies in England, in the government, we know that. Most probably they told Stalin that the western offer was part of a long time, since the 1920’s, British strategy to turn Germany and Russia against each other.

That's very specific, imo it may be a memory of something you saw we form very strong memories when we are young.

It's probably how you dealt with whole paedophile in the park incident tbh. He showed you how to use the smouldering stick, and now you have the same power and impulses.
It definitely wasn't Christian but ironically he may have learned the lesson in his youth from Father McCherrypicker.

Good morrow friends

At the end of the month we are going to have a full eclipse of a blue moon how should we approach this event?

By way of a Ritual of Lunar Egress, perhaps in some kind of inverted form. Ill see if I can dig something up and tailor it to our specific styling. Lunar's black shroud shall signify a portentous occasion.

Looking forward to hearing more

Morning lad. Continuing from yesterday on the business of our eclipse activity, there are some rites i'v found in the Azoetia that I feel are pertinent to our upcoming portentous ritual of lunar egress and could easily be adapted to our purpose with a bit of tweaking.
Most notably…

The Offering at the Western Gate
and the Waning Moon; and from the Venom of the Serpent, mingled with the Thrice-Triple Secrets of the Crone and blest with the Blood of She whose Full Moon shineth in the Nine Nights of the Aged Witch-Queen. Let the whole be bound with the Tinctures of Zephyrus and with all such Poisons as bestow the Bless'd Sight, and by all Enchantments of the
Occidental Path be purified, consecrated and aligned unto the One True Circle's Heart and Hearth. Of these Arcane Elements mould an Image in Thine own True Likeness, adorned with such charms and amulets as pleaseth and are pertinent unto the Conjurations of the Western Gate. Conceal this Image
within a Vessel of Clay marked with the Sigils of the Arcanum. This done, and all being to Thy satisfaction, Thou shalt proceed to
petition the Ancestral Gods and Spirits of Witchblood to watch over and diligently attend unto the Needs and Requisites of Thy Sacred Purpose.
Mystery of the Occidental Path of Our Wisdom.
(Azoetia p51)>>11128478

It continues with a rite for each cardinal point
Im not attempting to greentext this because it always fucks up Forgive the formatting here…

The Offering at the Southern Gate
In the Southern Gate of the Circle fashion the Second Icon in Thine own
True Likeness… from the White Wax of a Candle, such as burneth in the
South like unto the Sun at its Zenith; from the Dry Earth taken from Thy
Noontide Shadow; from the Dust of Thine own Flesh, mingled with the
Blood of She whose Full Moon shineth in the Night of the Moon's Death;
from the Sand of the Wilderness and the Jewel at the Desert's Heart - form'd
where the Offering of the Satyr is spilt unto the God beneath the Sun
at its Height; and from the Honey'd Elixir of the Lion, mingled with the
Black Nectar of the Moon and blest with the Sole Secret of the WitchQueen's
Corpse - She who passeth into the Place of Death and who raiseth
Herself up in the Illuminate Darkness of the Opposer - who is Our God
and Death Itself.
Let the whole be bound with the Tinctures of Notos and with all such
Poisons as give the Bless'd Sight, and by all Enchantments of the Southern
Path be purified, consecrated and aligned unto the One True Circle's
Heart and Hearth.
Of these Arcane Elements mould an Image in Thine own True
Likeness, adorned with such charms and amulets as pleaseth and are pertinent
unto the Conjurations of the Southern Gate. Conceal this Image
within a Vessel of Clay marked with the Sigils of the Arcanum.
This done, and all being to Thy satisfaction, Thou shalt proceed to
petition the Ancestral Gods and Spirits of Witchblood to watch over and
to diligently attend unto the Needs and Requisites of Thy Sacred Purpose.
Then Thou shalt perform the Act of the Sacrifice:- Cast forth the Vessel
and its Concealed Icon unto the Watcher of the Southern Gate. Cast it
forth into the Vast Abyss of Fire beyond the Gate, and thus fulfil the
Sacrifice of Thine Whole Being and the Iconoclasm of its Forms according
to the Mystery of the Southern Path of Our Wisdom.

(continuing with 3/4 of the cardinal point rites)

The Offering at the Eastern Gate
In the Eastern Gate of the Circle fashion the Third Icon in Thine own True
Likeness… from the Red Wax of a Candle, such as burneth in the East like
unto the Risen Sun; from the Red Earth, taken from Thy New-born
Shadow cast at Dawn, moistened with the First Dews of the Morning, and
blest with the Sweet Nectars of the White and the Waxing Moon; and
from the Elixir of the Eagle, mingled with the Thrice-Triple Secrets of the
Maiden and blest with the Blood of She whose Full Moon shineth in the
Nine Nights of the Virgin.
Let the whole be bound with the Tinctures of Eurus and with all such
Poisons as bestow the Bless'd Sight, and by all Enchantments of the
Oriental Path be purified, consecrated and aligned unto the One True
Circle's Heart and Hearth.
Of these Arcane Elements mould an Image in Thine own True
Likeness, adorned with such charms and amulets as pleaseth and are pertinent
unto the Conjurations of the Eastern Gate. Conceal this Image
within a Vessel of Clay marked with the Sigils of the Arcanum.
This done, and all being to Thy satisfaction, Thou shalt proceed to
petition the Ancestral Gods and Spirits of Witchblood to watch over and
diligently attend unto the Needs and Requisites of Thy Sacred Purpose.
Then Thou shalt perform the Act of the Sacrifice:- Cast forth the Vessel
and its Conceal'd Icon unto the Watcher of the Eastern Gate. Cast it forth
into the Vast Abyss of Air beyond the Gate, and thus fulfil the Sacrifice of
Thine Whole Being and the Iconoclasm of its Forms according to the
Mystery of the Oriental Path of Our Wisdom

…and the final offering at the northern gate. The order of these individual rites could be performed in reverse to signify the eclipse.

The Offering of the Northern Gate
In the Northern Gate of the Circle fashion the Fourth Icon in Thine own
True Likeness… from the Black Wax of a Candle, such as burneth in the
North with the Light of the Sun shining at Midnight; from the Black Earth
of the Tomb, taken from Thy Shadow cast by the Full Moon's Light; from
the Ashes of the Pyre, wherein consumed are the Sacraments of Our Flesh
and Our Agapae; and from the Blood of the Bull, mingled with the Thricetriple
Secrets of the Whore and blest with the Blood of She whose Full
Moon shineth in the Nine Nights of the Great Mother.
Let the whole be bound with the Tinctures of Boreas and with all such
Poisons as give the Bless'd Sight, and by all Enchantments of the Northern
Path be purified, consecrated and aligned unto the One True Circle's
Heart and Hearth.
Of these Arcane Elements mould an Image in Thine own True
Likeness, adorned with such charms and amulets as pleaseth and are pertinent
unto the Conjurations of the Northern Gate. Conceal this Image
within a Vessel of Clay marked with the Sigils of the Arcanum.
This done, and all being to Thy satisfaction, Thou shalt proceed to
petition the Ancestral Gods and Spirits of Witchblood to watch over and
to diligently attend unto the Needs and Requisites of Thy Sacred Purpose.
Then Thou shalt perform the Act of the Sacrifice:- Cast forth the Vessel
and its Conceal'd Icon unto the Watcher of the Northern Gate. Cast it
forth into the Vast Abyss of Earth beyond the Gate, and thus fulfil the
Sacrifice of Thine Whole Being and the Iconoclasm of its Forms according
to the Mystery of the Northern Path of Our Wisdom.
Thus is fulfilled the Sacrifice of the Sphinx of the Four Elements - the
Iconoclasm of the Millions-of-Forms-of-Being as They are existent and
visibly made manifest within the Four Physical Elements

did a bit of silly OC

᚛ᚄᚐ ᚔᚄ ᚐ ᚚᚑᚑᚃ᚜


᚛ᚐᚂᚂ ᚆᚐᚔᚂ ᚈᚆᚓ ᚅᚓᚃ ᚑᚏᚇᚓᚏ᚜

᚛ᚂᚑᚍ ᚂᚔᚃᚓ ᚈᚆᚓ ᚇᚏᚗᚇᚄ᚜

How are my druids this evening?

slowly working on a kriegsspiel for the newbrit lads, takes all day to sort things out…

A wargame?

yeah, set in Warlords Period China, roughly 1890-1950. Got four lads and their armies, I have to move bits about on my map and send each of them reports of varying vagueness and they have to interpret it and send fresh orders.



Just been looking at the bolshevik broadcasting corporation site. The two terrorists who met on a mudslime dating site get sentenced today and it doesn't get a mention, but 6 people arrested on suspicion of being in national action makes the UK main page…

That and the feral who committed 6 acid attacks in 45 mind makes it clear londonistan has gone to the dogs.

Press F for the 6 based NA members, lads

Widspread locaation of arrests, detailed charges released, I smell a lot of publicity incoming lads.

portentious af tbh
Most excellent day today lads. We've had a warm dry spell after a snow so the wife and I went and picked a crop of Turkey Tail mushrooms. Teas and tinctures have been shown to cure cancer in countries like Japan where doctors are allowed to do so. Fresh ones can be chewed like gum or tucked in your lip like tobacco; tastes like aged cheese and activated almonds tbh.

Nice, brings to mind Ray Mears' wild food from a while back.

I always found it strange how there are hundreds of thousands of different species of ants that you can't even tell apart from each other, yet such distinctive "races" are all considered the same species.

Have you Britbongs found any more crop circles like this recently?

feat. Jan Lamprecht

Noice. A wacky hollow earth episode. I do enjoy the more fringe, far out episodes tbh even if its mostly bullshit.The more mundane stuff like the jfk episodes pale in interest to me compared to this.
I used to listen to this guy on rense called tim rifat who was very out there (made some of the more outrageous david icke theories seem tame) and he used to go on about MI5/police projecting microwave rays into his flat in brighton and rothschild jews performing occult ceremonies to turn him gay. Very entertaining stuff.

Evening lads, dropping some info on the occult tools.
The Sword - A Bridge of Iron & a Tongue of Steel
The sword of the magician or sorcerer, the exorcist's knife, or blackhandled
blade of the necromancer, is the weapon par excellence in
the arte of dealing with spirits, whether it be the conjuring or exorcising of demons or the communing or charging of spirits. This essential weapon reveals in itself the connection between dealing with demons and communicating with the spirits of the dead. There was no basic distinction made between the demonic servants of magicians and the necromancer's spirits of the dead.
Ancestry-based religions, where spirits of the dead become demons, cults of angry ghosts, or gods, are testament to this. The demons
and the spirits of the dead were both of a supernatural order, unlimited by time or space and utilized in very similar fashions. The only real difference was in their initial origins and the magical knowledge necessary for controlling them.
It was commonly believed in ancient times that there where two basic classes of the spirits of the dead commonly utilized in the rites of black magic: spirits of a person who had not received a proper burial, and those that suffered a violent death. These spirits
were accessible to serve the necromancer, motivated either by the discovery of their remains, or the assurance of revenge and a
proper burial.They were eager to return to earth at any opportunity and take revenge, or compensate for an abrupt end to their lives.

In The Magical Treatise of Solomon it is suggested the magician find iron that has caused a death - a sword or blade or something similar - and then pass it to a blacksmith who must remain pure while he is fabricating it into a sword pleasing to the practitioner. It should be fixed with a handle made from the black horn of ahe-goat. It is to be used only because of its magical power and not for anything else and should not have a sheath. The demons in particular feared the power of iron and the harm that the sword
could inflict upon them.An example of this is inscribed on a phylactery for painless menses where the demon is threatened with the iron rods of those four holy matriarchs, BILHAH,
RACHEL, ZILPAH and LEAH whose initials form an acrostic for the magical element of iron. Not only is the sword a powerful
weapon to threaten, chastise and coerce the demons, it also fulfilled another function: it was a bridge of iron by which the exorcist or
karcist could communicate with the spirits. The sword, by material and dimension, may reach safely past the parameters of the circle
and breach the triangle of constraint containing the imprisoned and incarcerated spirit, ensuring that the communications of the
spirits were faithful.The demon could not lie across the bridge of iron. The sword as a weapon of truth may allude to Solomon using
the sword of David in the judgment of two prostitutes: The Word of the Lord is quick and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword:
The sword is usually inscribed with a name of God or agency thereof, a qabalistic conjunction, scriptural lines from the Psalms,
or other magical formula:. Here words of power are combined with the power of the sword's material, then fashioned and forged
into a formidable weapon which the demons feared, and which could inflict pain upon them.
The metaphorical use of the sword is found in the titles of two magical works: The Sword of Moses and the 'Sword of Dardanos:
Here the sword is a qabalistic or scriptural formula:, a great and powerful invocation, or the knowledge contained within the book
itself. Mantras combining both words and breath become the two edges of the sword of the unfaltering mind. This scriptural 'sword'
of magical words, formula: and string-of-names could also be used as a weapon against the supernatural forces.

So how does this thread exist if Britbongs are forbidden from Politically Incorrect websites by their government?

>implying brits do what their (((goverment))) tells them

Because we can still access these sites and post on them. They can't stop us from using these sites directly.

What the traitors in our government wish to do is make it so our police force waste their time, money and resources in monitoring every single one of us for simply being pro white and thus pro British. If you speak any non Kosher opinion on Twitter, they threaten to send the police at your door for a 'bit of a chat'.

Meanwhile Pakis continue to invade and run rape gangs and rings all across the country, meanwhile our government is working directly against the people's intentions, meanwhile we have government propaganda directly being taught and coursed in our colleges and education system about how 'ISIS isn't real Muslims but you as a white person are Devil'.

I bet every single one of us on this thread is being constantly spied on by our beloved government, meanwhile London is literally begging to be gassed tbh.

These rules and threats only serve to frighten people. Teachers are telling students to stab their friends in the back and 'report extremism' if anyone speaks out against the horrific way our country is being destroyed from the inside out.

But we will never be discouraged.

The blacksmith must remain "pure"?
Whats that even mean?


Probably meant he had to remain either completely chaste or at least abstain from sleeping with a mentruating woman during the operation.

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Stop spamming this shit TORpedo


Fresh Willett ramblings

Fresh Dafty news

Fresh musings from the Mulleted Grandad of Tinfoil

Always get a sly chuckle from that pic lad. Poor joe kek.

forgot vid herp

Yeah pretty much confirms his long game. It's just a few jews, most jews don't know.
What David most jews don't even realize that they run all the media, all the banks, are present in every government all over the globe? In the UK they don't realize their fellow jews comprise the entirety of the unelected supreme court? They don't realize Zuckerberg, Bezos, Sir Philip Green Janner and Saville are/were jew.
Sure they just don't realize. Fucking bullshitting disinfo agent. Freemason at least, probably a jew himself.
They realize, they just think they are rightfully in all these positions of power, because they are jew and everyone else is goyim.


Its nice to see him back.

You are aware this video is hypnotic induction. It's supposed to put you in a trance state.
Oooh beware the elite lizard illuminatii inter dimensional non humans. Don't challenge them, they aren't even human.
This is the absolute worst of it all, the clearest attempt to get right in your mind and fuck with it. Flat earth tier psyop.
It's the jews. I have no doubt some of them worship satan, but basically it's just tricky mother fucking jews.

So had a thought.

Platonic thinking espouses the idea that there are two "worlds"
The world of appearances and the world of forms.
The world of appearances being our material world, is full of transitory things that will inevitably break down and decay.
While the word of forms is the world of ideas and objective truths.
All of this divided along the four lines. And for man the goal is to climb higher along the line.

Things we can see, touch or taste are things of the world of appearances. Representing the two bottom halves of the line.
Meanwhile to Plato the top halves represented knowledge, truth and the gods. His world of forms with nothing physical in it.

The internet in many ways is like this world of forms.
There is nothing physical in it. It is full of knowledge and ideas. These are the only things that CAN exist here.
But they are presented in a format that we as creatures of the world of appearances can understand.

Which brings us to another tidbit.
Plato believed that philosophers were higher along the line than the rest of humanity.
That their role in life was to see into this world of forms, grab what knowledge/truth they could then bring it back to share with the rest of humanity. In effect invoking the idea of Prometheus.
Thus helping mankind as a whole climb higher along the line and bring the world of appearances closer to the world of forms. Closer to truth and knowledge.

So is the internet a modern invocation of the world of forms?
An inadvertent bridge? An artificial realisation of an ancient philosophical idea?
Are neets the modern philosophers charged with grasping knowledge from it and sharing it with the rest of mankind?

Fuggin checked

Thinking further on this.

If neets/anons are the modern philosopher it explains why no notable philosopher has emerged in the modern era.
To spread the knowledge/truth they had obtained the philosophers of Platos era sought to establish schools, teach the children of the wealthy or teach at others schools.
Later philosophers published books and tried to teach at institutions of higher learning.

But anons don't need to do any of these. Through the internet it is easier to reach and teach directly.
The internet has put the means to obtain knowledge and access these philosophers directly in the hands of the common man with minimal required effort needed.
At the same time it has made it easier than ever for the philosopher to spread what knowledge/truth they have obtained.
Why bother establishing a school when sites like this exist which have a wider reach than any school ever will? At the same time you can reach and teach people on other sides of the planet.
Why write a book when everything you put out is online forever or in communities like this, scrutinised and then either adopted as truth or discarded as incorrect/flawed.

Even in entertainment media the philosopher seeks to guide the mundane man towards greater works with messages that contain this "truth"

There is no great shortage of philosophers or great thinkers in the modern era.
What has changed is the means by which they fulfill their purpose.
They're on the Chans, they're making Youtube videos, they're writing non-shit videogame/anime reviews.
But the most influential of them, the ones occupying the imageboards are anonymous. Identity is something of the world of appearances and they have discarded it, bringing them closer to the world of forms. Closer to knowledge/truth.

These are some nice posts (and trips)

Oh and another element I forgot to add.

The internet makes it a lot easier to interact directly with the teaching philosopher.
With a book you have only what is in the book. In a school your access is typically limited as there will be procedures, timetables and so on that must be navigated to access the philosopher and he has to handle the mundane affairs of managing his part in the school.

But on the internet there is none of this.
We have no expectations upon us. Many of us have essentially dropped out of mainstream society adopting the modern equivalent of the lifestyle of Diogenes the cynic.
With no expectations upon us and a reduced sense of self/ego we are a lot more available than the philosophers of old. We can be engaged with a lot easier.
All you have to do is come here. All you have to do is immerse yourself and you will be taught in the tradition we have developed, a highly interactive teaching tradition wherein you are able to teach even as you learn.

So the cost and difficulty of entry and education in regards to philosophy in the modern era is at an all time low.
All you need is something that is becoming exceedingly common in the modern era.
Something you can carry on your person at all times and that indeed many do.
A computer with an internet connection.
Now the means to climb further up the line is open to almost all.

I see it as a place where the etheric and the mundane meet in a sort of digito-arcane interstice. It has an Akashic quality where everything is recorded/imprinted into the digital ether too. There are many parallels between the digital etheric and non-corporeal realm of the empyrean spheres.

But the most influential of them, the ones occupying the imageboards are anonymous. Identity is something of the world of appearances and they have discarded it, bringing them closer to the world of forms. Closer to knowledge/truth.

This is an excellent observation. Some of the most profound, enlightened and side splittingly hilarious musings iv have ever read have been that of image board posters. As in higher levels of occultism, I think the death/non function of ego on image boards helps contribute to this state of intellectual purity (while you see the complete opposite trend on social media where ego reigns supreme and shallow narcissism is the order of the day)

Morning druidbros how does this thursday morning find you all?

somewhat dead
fasting after in my frugality I ate some suspect bacon and black pudding

having a think about what I can do to begin actually practicing paganism

Would you agree these are the right equivalents for Brythonic paganism?








Looks about right lad yeah. The druids seem to concur too with that portentous pair of septimus digitus.

the expert pagan lad on discord disagreed overmuch, so here's an updated version

Belenus (?)







Fair dos lad. Ill save this version over the other.

Specifically Brythonic deities haven't been looked into much, it seems to be the most difficult to reconstruct smh

Glorious news lads


May the maw of Hades swallow him whole

Missed it at the time. Died couple of days back. I shall have a drink tonight to celebrate.


I've got Aussie pneumonia lads. Who too.

Spend some time with your familiars, appreciate nature & listen. Kindness to animals is repayed in dividends.

Easiest thing to do is just to read and practise the religious holidays and make offerings to the gods tbh

nature will return

If you don't have a gun, get three: apes are expected to be a problem this year.

How so lad?



But lad, that's in yankland, our nigs have tried to co-opt it but it's always fallen flat on it's face

There are druids in America too
Got any predictions for the island?

Also, would you find it personally offensive if an American wore pic related?

I'd laugh with scorn
sinn fein are literally golems dedicated to destroying their country and race
at least the UVF want to keep NI white and religiously whole even if that religion is kikestianity



Kek I forgot that lad
Same old tbh, though it seems we've passing a peak in terms of public opinion
Basically what says, it smacks too much of plastic paddyism tbh

Forgot to observe your digits smh

Ill do you one better. We have a prophecy for the entire west lad.

Portentious as fuck lad.

That's nice to see lad. I finished The Golden Thread by Miguel Serrano the other day where in he said,

This was in reference to the last days of the Druids, forced into hiding by the Roman church. How could a guy with a cape and a sword cane be wrong about anything tbh?


Boars are also the warrior's totem

Yes they are



Irish savant mused on his blog that he believed the recently deceased Peter Sutherland's meteoric rise in the globalist ranks was possibly due to some manner 'faustian pact'. I am inclined to agree.
Im using the term 'faustian pact' in its literal sense rather than some metaphor for a shadowy cabal (although they also doubtlessly exists) ie trafficking with non human/non corporeal entities. My inclination is that he bargained with the soul of his nation (the irish people) and offered them up to the daemonic powers behind globalism in exchange for power and limitless wealth. I believe the whole globalist/white genocide plan was not originally conceived by human minds but by something more calculating and more sinister. The elites are offering up their own people and nation states as the sacrifice to the Beast. The Beast in turn for their treachery, rewards the cabal with more power, wealth and unlimited indulgence or their desires.
The Beast/Devil/Archon/Moloch/Demiurge/whatever the fuck it is, revels in this because the white race is posessing of the Divine Spark (being closest to God, having being made in His image) and the Beast, seeing the divine spark being snuffed out, takes great pleasure and is spiritually nourished by chaos, violence, savagery etc. It wants a world free of Adamic Man, free of those with the Divine Spark - a world of base savagery, bloodshed and fear where it and its underlings can continually thrive off, in a world of a dwindling (and eventually absent) source of the Divine Spark.
This is the ultimate authority behind Globalism. It goes above the alphabets and the jews and into the territory of a primal non corporeal evil.
What I want to know is what particular daemon to they traffick with. Ultimate authority and power over a being such as this lies within knowing their True Name. Exorcists have understood this fundamental principle for millenia (the exorcism ususally being a battle of wills between daemon and karcist in which the True Name is cajoled from the possessed and the daemon banished) There are myriad old gods, daemons, spirits and other oddities that the elite cryptically allude to (lucifer appears a lot in UN stuff, masons have their JABULON, Moloch seems to pop up a lot too) but im willing to wager that the name of whatever ultimate authority they are following is something we are as yet unfamiliar with. It will be there, hidden in plain sight (they are obligated to do this due to strange rules of their qabbalism) I think we should try and keep an eye out for any possible leads regarding this topic. Look for names (for example PINDAR was something that used to come up a while back) and sigils/logos that show subtle uniformity.Unmasking the intelligence behind the traitors and their cabal would go a long way to putting a chink in their armour (in the spiritua;/etheric sense)
What do you lads think? Do you think im right on this or am I going off at the tinfoil/greenpilll deed end? Im convinced that this is the ultimate redpill. What I want to know is the fucking things True Name.

I don't know about your theory lad, what I do know is that evil is a part of the nature of man a part of our fundamental duality. Acts of unspeakable cruelty have been carried out by those who believe they are doing the right thing, and that is why it does not matter what motivates it evil in all its forms must be opposed.

The idea of man as fallen from grace suggests that resisting evil is to hold back the fall and move closer to grace. The idea of man as rising from his bestial origin suggests resisting evil is to transcend and grow becoming something better.


Fresh Willett
Martin looks like he should be a druid dont you agree lads?

Topkek lad, not seen any gordon oc for a while. The /cow/ have threads have tapered down to a slow pace compared to a year ago but there is still a dedicated hardcore keeping them alive. It would be good to see a resurgence of jahans pisstaking. Leftists deserve to be bullied and ridiculed for their beliefs, even if they are an autistic dysgenic quivering mound of blubber. Its an evil ideology, no matter the mental state of who espouses it. Jahans serves as a wonderful caricature of a "dont be like this guy" far leftist muppetmong and actually serves as good propaganda for our side. The memes that came out of the whole affair were pretty fucking glorious too.
Vid related. My personal favorite btw

Morning lads. Paranormies have done and alchemy episode.
What are we up to today?

he seems to be leaning toward germanic paganism what with all of the Thor's Hammers smh, maybe I'll comment a bit about Brythonic things at some point. He does live in the danelaw iirc so maybe he is more anglo-saxon than briton though.

fasting until tomorrow tbh

Trying to survive tbh pulled a muscle and it hurts to move I've only slept about 4 hours since Thursday morning.

Bit of an odd question but do we know of female religious figures alongside the druids.

Lots of (((new age))) "sources" say that Druids were of both sexes but IMO the most there might have been were female only sects or cults dedicated to female issues and deities.

Thank you

I ripped down some anti brexit stickers this week anyone else noticing this lazy subversion?

nothing happens in my rural area tbh
hippy boomers who fled glastonbury after diversifying it complain about brexit and etc because the telly tells them to
not surprising that there are suck stickering campaigns going on though, it's like the ANTIFA bullshite

So my question is, how many Britons remain? Is there a way to reconcile the bad blood that may exist between Anglo-Saxons and Britons?

Most natives are Brythonic and most "Anglo-Saxons" are still majority LOCAL, the ones that aren't have been here for over a thousand years and are part of the makeup of the Islands. There is no bad blood among brothers.

Forgot to add that I'm very ignorant on the subject. Apologies if I didn't make sense.

Goog. In fact, that's VERY good to hear. So, is "Anglo-Saxon" a nonexistent thing, overexaggerated, or otherwise misrepresented? How can the true Brythonic identity be rekindled?



It's been a few stuck on signs in the backstreets of town, they're clearly professionally produced that'll be (((open society))) in action.

I've seen two versions one circular in blue with eu stars this seems to be vynil and is easily peeled if you can get under it. The second is day glow yellow and paper it tends to tear in strips and leave residue. Both carry the slogan "bolocks to brexit" and a hash tag "it's not a done deal".

Anyone else seen these?
Remember when peeling stickers sharps may have been stuck underneath them.

From what we have learned it seems Bythonic and Anglo Saxon societies merged. Our existing culture is the result of that, our language is Anglo Saxon our ancient traditions come from both. IMO I think both can be revived and maintained, this next bit is very speculative but I think the similarly between the Celtic and Germanic pantheon suggest a even older common heritage.

The Anglo-Saxon meme is basically the same as 1066 and the Normans, they didn't breed with commoners that much, it's something like the genetic makeup of those in the Danelaw are generally 30-60% Germanic, there's a case to be made there for having some parts of the isles practice Germanic paganism over Brythonic paganism but the majority is still Celtic and having a homogeneous outlook is always better.

We're working to reconstruct the Brythonic culture and religion here and now, the only way to popularize it is to practice it.

There's nothing to observe there lad kek, lurk a bit more.
Based retarded upper middle class communists with more money than sense.

They do have a common heritage, all European paganism stems from the steppe Aryans or dispossessed Civilizer-Atlanteans from Antarctica before the great tectonics of ~15000bc that moved Antarctica to the south pole

What is the general opinion of the Welsh?

Common heritage? I read that the people of the British Isles were pre-Aryan, somewhere.

they are the most celtic/brythonic group apart from some parts of Ireland in Britain and the Welsh language is the closest to the old Brythonic language.

yes, most indigenous populations in Europe are original hunter-gatherer stock, the religion was an Aryan influence and they may also have had an influence on our genetics.

Interesting. Either way, Brythonic Blood is bound to the Soil. I have no doubt you'll succeed in finding your Old Gods, and wish the B.O.N.D. the best of luck.

They're part of the family, good people

Happy new year lads, sorry its a bit late, not been on in months.
Just had a look at /brit/ and see they're up to threat 2069 kek
Hope you lads have all been well.

Meant thread not threat smh

Welcome back

You're spot on lad, there are very clear links between all of the European faiths,


The remnants of the celtic Britons alongside the Cornish tbh, those of pure Brythonic blood, good lads take their rugby a bit too seriously though, especially the grills

I hope so lad, I've actually been practising Germanic paganism myself but if there is a way to reconcile the two, I'll do it


Gordon is Martins estranged son.

You should tell him hes become somewhat of a hit on druid/pol/ and suggest that if he mentions us in one of his videos, we will make him an honorary druid and make crude mspaint shoops of his face over druid robes and shit. Send him a copy of the B.O.N.D charter too so he knows what we are all about.
I like Martin. Hes my goto lowkey 'everyman' youtube vlogger since brother john went off the deepend and turned into a prickly embittered reality denying dick who refuses to engage with the (small) audience whom he repeatedly insults while harbouring delusions that hes somehow " very influential in right wing circles" (he thinks all the alt right bigwigs are watching his videos kek.) I used to like johns vids too for the no nonsense working class take he gave (his grenfell ones are still spot on tbh) but it became apparent over time that he had a massive sense of unwarranted self importance, constantly blowing his own trumpet and that. Irked me after a while and more and more thee days he comes out with increasingly silly or anti-right shit then goes in a huff because no one who watches him is agreeing with his retarded suggestions like 'we should pander to pakis more' or "give up on the idea of removing immigrants" etc. Then he goes in a huff when his (entirely right wing viewership whom im convinced half of which are only hate-watching him at this point) viewers tell him hes wrong. Living as a middle age NEET in the hive of dysfunction that is rochdale is doing no favours for his sanity either and he looks to be deteriorating. I dont dislike the guy either but he needs to sort his shit out imo. Hes been told too but you know how it goes - you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.
brother john rant over
Martin by contrast seems nice and humble and is just a regular dad type who is fed up with the situation and is not afraid to tell it like it is. His videos are usually straight to the point and eloquent too and free from autism. Good stuff. Guy is really likable. It would make my fucking week if we got him to mention druid/pol/ or the B.O.N.D tbh lad. It would be a good portent too.
Or do you think he'd think we are a bunch of dafties because of our occult stuff? Not everyone can wrap their head around the esoteric and some minds (of otherwise good people) seem firmly closed to it.

Gords is Keith's curse not Martin's lad

Thanks lad. Same to you. Dont be a stranger.

It was a most portentious day in NW burgerland. The weather was like a cool spring day so I went for a hike up a nearby mountain at dawn. Pics one and two are the summit and 3 is the view of Mt St Helens. The volcano was named after Lord St Helens by Commander George Vancouver in 1792.

The rock formation at the looks tailor made for offerings next time tbh. So I then carved pic 3 into the stone; trying for a crude resemblance of pic 4. When I first saw the "double disc and z rod", I interpreted it as a representation of a time portal; arrows always being the symbol for the passage of time. In this instance bent, and separating two vortexes; thus why in mine, the Swastikas spin opposite one another. Then as I sat back to meditate, just before closing my eyes a portentious bald eagle flew across the face of the cliff below my perch; not more than 22 meters away it was the closest I've ever see one. Our national totem is off the endangered species list now but is still rare to see. Especially in winter when the salmon aren't running. Any interpretations beyond that I should meditate more would be welcome lads. Nearly every part of this interpretation applied tbh.

Have a good Sunday lads.

I also found this picture of Hitler with some guys larping as Druids in another thread. They appear to be handing him a picture frame; perhaps a lodge charter in which case they wouldn't be larpers; just clean shaven SS men trying to look the part. Whatever it is, Hitler loves it and the guy behind him looks comically upset.


that's christmas with the hitlers lad

beautiful stuff



Rather liking these New Observer lads tbh

Good find lad and portentous as fuck.

Good stuff lad

I know we like to rip on higgiswop but I think he held his own well on this stream of autistic mongs. Starts about 50min in if you fancy a bit of rustle fuel. Id forgotten just how fucking insufferable aurini, forney and co actually are.


Fucking topkek lad

If it was supposed to be Christmas, then why were there two santas?

german efficiency


Fresh Willett video

I commented on it with a question about his hammer so maybe things will develop from there

Greetings, I am a burger who has recently learned of his Celtic/Nordic heritage. It seems my ancestors are primarily Danish/Scottish/Irish, although my family name is British and been in America since it was first colonized

How should I pursue reconnecting with my spiritual ancestors and racial brothers?


thank you user

My comments and Martin's response

Through the Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel and guidance from benevolent druidic shades.
Druid/pol/ is a good start lad


He sounds open to the stuff we are about. You should show him the thread lad, it would be amusing. Bet he would react way more positively than joe owens did when cuckchan brit/pol/ linked him to one of their threads.

He thinks the royal family are British!


And keked hard

a further reply

Christianity is ultimately a memetic virus that seeks to transform its host into a transmission vector to further spread the virus.
It must be destroyed.

He would like those myths to be true not bogus. Right…..

Why not just improve it?

because it's a Semitic desert religion at it's core

we have our own native religion to turn to

Because its fundamental principles can't be changed.
It would remain a homogenising and destructive force.
While the Church of England is tamed by this point, the damage was done long before it was formed.

At this point we need to cut out the afflicted tissue.

Also this needs to be said.
Our gods are dead. It's time to stop grieving and move on without them.

>Why not improve ((( Christianity)))
Check out this thread

A literal kike trying to defend it after I called it out to be a kike vector to infect the west.

You know "chutzpah".

There are no good jews, but dead ones come close to not being completely revolting.

Our gods get reborn every time someone perceives thunder.
Experiences death.
Relies on a harvest.
Sees the sun after the longest, darkest nights.

The natural phenomena that created the initial idea persist.
But the gods themselves are forgotten and lost to time.
They're dead.
Best we've got now is Kek.

Either way gods are more trouble than they're worth.


To each their own.

No because those who worship gods and revere them are vulnerable to infection by the next christianity.
Because another religion like it will inevitably emerge.
Meaning any who hold divinity in high esteem will always be at risk and will always be a risk.

Our relationship with Kek though is different.
It's shared pain and hatred not the master/servant relationship that gods typically demand.

I'd throw you into a local forest if I could. Naked. During winter.

Would you beseech Kek?
Would Kek lurk into the yawning, black void?
Would the howling wind that snatches your breatch and binds you like iron bands make you think of Kek?
Would the baleful howl of a wolf that seems to come from all around you at once make you fantasize about Kek?
When you slip and tumble, when brambles lash your face.
When your limbs are broken open. When your skin is blue and numb and battered.
Would you think of Kek?
Would you, if you were rescued, write about the experience?
Would you attribute things to something like Kek?
If your brain were erased of all spirituality and 'mythology' and all of that happened to you.
Would you reinvent Kek?

I doubt it.

Course not.
He's not useful for anything other than disrupting shit. Ruining the plans of the Jews.

But then what would your gods do?
Jack fucking shit.

The mask comes off.

So now you'll claim I'm Jewish in an attempt to cover for your lousy argument.

Watch over us and give blessing to those who are virtuous and honour them in the correct fashion, the same way they always have

So in short take credit for your accomplishments and work.

Not quite.
I'll call you jewish because:

This is the same for Kek and you want to have your kek and eat it, too.

As you admitted, they would come to you the moment you leave the reality escaping dildoverse you are in.

A god only exists so long as it's remembered.
So the gods of our people are dead because nobody remembers them. Because we didn't write down shit about them.

Oral tradition works perfectly well.
Why else do you think are you so assmad right now?


Another jewish trait is inversion of reality and "chutzpah".
Doesn't work when one is inoculated, though, I'm afraid.

Our gods and spirits are so well remembered that other nations and cultures use them for various purposes every day.
Japs like to make elves to fuck.
kikes like to turn the Edda cast into social justice warriors.
Koreans like to make MMORPGs about them.
Nationalists put runes and other icons on their flags.
Name themselves Soldiers of Odin, etc.

Even our enemies remember our gods and spirits.
Santa is one of the first children learn about.

So don't wonder when I'll just continue to laugh at you.
It's easier to convince a child that a jolly fat man comes down a chimney than it takes to convince them that "Jesus Christ" is their savior.

Most children hate church, too, etc.
And Kek? Kek is an internet dildo god. Good for a laugh, but if you think he's more alive than our gods then you're deluded.

I'm assmad because you're the next generation of Christians.
Because I want this shit to end.

And you lot bringing more continental gods here isn't helping.
Haven't we suffered enough of the continents bullshit?

he's talking blatant bullshit, just ignore tbh
top kek

What you think is going to happen:
Hahahah my chutzpah will stun them and leave them speechless.
What is happening:
See gif and webm.

You fail entirely to understand the point.
You're relying on external divinity and so long as you do that you're vulnerable to infection by a homogenising memetic virus. If anything your infection is inevitable.
It's like leaving open one gate in the walls of a fortress while the enemy pounds on the walls. Of course he's going to exploit that.

Oh, definetely.
Was good for a couple of posts at least, though.
But I'm bored by that dumb/chutzpah style of posting he does now.

Sauce on the dancing beasties lad? That pretty fucking cool tbh, are they krampuses or something?

It's more you disagree but aren't able to articulate WHY you disagree

Yeah, they're connected to Perchta, who, in turn, is both a murderous crazy hag who loves to eviscerate things and somewhat benevolent figure that makes it snow.
Aka, Mother Hulda, etc.

The design of the demons changes from region to region, usually it's the classic "Krampus" that is goatlike and whatnot, but these strange misshapen ones are used in some parts of Germany, too.

Embed has the Krampus style ones.

I wish I could post both and embed and pictures at the same time, but, alas.

Anyway, there's some overlap in all three figures but they're also distinct.

Overlap like that is also a reason why people, actual people, normies, look for proper origins of all these things.
Because, again, they're anything but forgotten and people actually long to find out about them and actively research them.

All very German.
So what does German folklore have to do with us?

Nice digits tbh, but the Old Gods never died. Only at the complete destruction of the Blood and Soil they're bound to could you hope to sever them from the material world, but even then they'd still be alive and kicking. Not only have they not been cut from the material, their very names have not been forgotten also. Plenty of opportunity to rekindle the Old Ways, and only a few obstacles (Including demoralization).

Like lmao my individual. Read more Ogdoad lore and get to understanding the importance of Chaos as the Potential Manifest it is.

Germans have druids too lad

Burgo is in a way the originator of this whole thing iirc

I wonder how he's doing

Lets say that true.
Do we want to? But more importantly, should we?
As the original issue of it serving as an avenue of infection by Christianity and similar faiths remains.

Oh I get it the whole bringer of darkness before the light thing.
But for our shared purpose it's his role. We need a monkey wrench, he's useful on that front.

As I recall the accounts of Rome were quite clear. The Germannic tribes did not have druids.
Briton was the centre of Druidic thinking and study and Druids in Gaul aspired to learn there.

There never were any gods, bruh. They're simply figments of one's imagination and fancy, nothing more. I laugh at both christcucks and pagans, because both crave to serve some piece of shit spirit who thinks it's better than a mortal. Fuck that shit. All spirits and gods can go fuck themselves.

Good to see that not everyone here is cares about gods. Keep it up.

The only historically relevant memetic virus that works through a religious vector and you correctly understand to be a threat would be the Abrahamic faiths. No other religions had the same level of zero-sum Evangelism as Christianity or Religion of Cuck™, and nothing can compare to the evils of Judaism. I agree that measures must be taken to prevent such a catastrophic expansionist policy, but abject atheist Materialism is not the optimal solution.

If you feel servile to the Old Gods, you're doing it wrong.

Less excessive materialism.
More human exceptionalism and human divinity.
For if we are ourselves divine then how can we fall prey to something clothed in it?

It's your cup of tea, not mine. Either way, we're on the same page when it comes to recognizing the Abrahamic threat to both our worldviews. I think we can set aside difference of opinion.

I would pray to Ebola-chan instead. She seems more appropriate for this short of situations.


Wel, nid ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg

Oh fucking hell I remember you, you're the guy who gets his idea of religion from 40k
>More human exceptionalism and human divinity.
This is a key part of Paganism retard, look up ancestor reverence and hero cults

Lemme know how that goes

"Species" is a buzzword.

There's a load of people who dig the idea of humans being the best.

Pretty well this far, pic related.


He does not know de wae

Fresh Willett
Apparently haggiswop is after henry boltons sloppy seconds kek.

"Somebody toucha my spaget" is better imo.

These are retarded normalfag memes used by children and the mentally handicapped. Next one of you is going to dab, come on now lads pull your memes together.

You forget the old days.
About how many noble nigras laid down their lives to close the pool and protect habbos from AIDs.
Or the purple penguins and their fight for recognition.

This sort of shit is what we do.

Kek, calm down lad, it just a bit of fun. Besides, the wog knuckles one, shit as it is, did serve the purpose of triggering leftard journoscum into an obnoxious tantrum and by proxy, turning more yet more normies and gen Z's against them.

Fixed my own response and:
That's basically why you think "there were never any gods".
You're sitting at home with a fleshlight on your dick and waifus 24/7.
You're already dead but have not departed earth, yet.
So you're simply in a terrestrial hell.

Lads I found a correlation between seeking the K&C of the HGA and the tale of Wotan receiving the knowledge of the runes. I took a break from Serrano to finish reading The HGA edited by Michael C. pdf one of you lads suggested, thanks. Being a neofag I don't have to tell you most approaches to gaining the K&C have analogous techniques; the final right takes 8-10 days of fasting, cleansing, new white robe, invocations sometimes yelled, using a sacred space with an alter or pole in the center and four corners representing the four elements and directions, and one that instructs the adept to "raise the arms up in the gesture of a psi(last pic). A few even involved using a spear/lance, Grail, and a coronal wreaths of flowers, all evocative archetypes of the Grail quests that the crucifixion of Jesus was an allegory for as well.
Then I went back to AH the Ultimate Avatar and began to read where I left off; the aforementioned origin of the runes. From the Chapter Woewre, page 270.

As you lads know rune stones are a divination tool, but Serrano also posits that they are emblems of mantras and mudras/yoga positions. He also posits that these will aid in reunification with your Valkyrie(HGA), strengthening your astral body, and defeating the kikes and the demiurge.

Tl;dr gaining K&C with the HGA should be everyone's priority like the pdf kept repeating.

For the young lurkers, this is also were the (((illuminati))) stole their flagrant symbols from. Pedo pics related.

Good find lad
>this is also were the (((illuminati))) stole their flagrant symbols from. Pedo pics related.
I hate kikes and their pedo supporters so fucking much

Good stuff lad. Glad you found The KCHGA link useful.

I love Serrano's ability to tie together elements of eastern (indo-aryan) and western esoterica into a glorious workable amalgam. Incredibly useful to our endeavours.
Great contribution lad and well spotted. Its always nice to have another quality poster join us in our esoteric musings.

This. There are myriad ways to attain this too and it should remain one of the primary goals for our seeking of True Knowledge.
Couple of links here to some grimoires im currently reading if you are interested.
Legion 49
Dragon Book of Essex

And a link to the occult library megadump (some good stuff in there)

I should've used this one.

Thanks lads, I'm honored to be on the team tbh.


Happy to have you lad

Apparently this thing is in Kendall, England.

Things like that most definetely need to make a comeback.

first video he's uploaded in years, good to see the channel back

Lovely bit of carving that lad. There are some similar things round my end that a local artists goes out and does on his own. Doesnt tell anyone hes doing it either so his stuff just 'appears' from time to time. Also have the chainsaw carving championships here.

Good morrow friends.

Hope you're all good because I'm fuming, the poppy worthington inquest has been in the news and tbqh it makes my blood boil.

It brings to mind the bog and the wicker man can anyone enlighten me about them?

We once had a beautiful hand carved bench of animal figures, made by the local villagers that lasted from the 90s and is still around today. However nigs and trash from the city came and set the bench alight in 2008, destroying some of the animals. they arrested the nig but the others got away and the nigger was released later apparently.

Wicker Man
>Caesar also claimed that human sacrifices involving criminals were “more acceptable to the immortal gods”. During this discourse of Celtic human sacrifice, Caesar provides one example of the way the druids carried out this task, which involved “figures of vast size, the limbs of which formed of osiers they fill with living men,” These figures are the so-called ‘wicker men’, which would then be set on fire, and the men in them would be destined to perish in the flames.

It is also a damn fine British film lad, highly recommended

Rageworthy lad, i feel for you. The only local art iv known destroyed here was pic related a couple of years ago.

Agreed, the mindless nature of vandalism it's petty selfishness is high octane fury fuel.

Forgot to observe your portentous numerals lad

It seems that the portentous numerals are strong tonight, it is observed

How are we today lads? My alarm didnt go off so i was late getting me girl into school. Probably going to get a nasty letter off the school now smh. They usually send one if your kid is over 10min late in. Being 10min late was no biggie when I was at school but now its a "send a letter home and bollock the parents" offence. Bit harsh imo as there are various mitigating factors that can add time to ones journey and lead one to be slightly late. Im expecting a letter though.
Ill have to intercept it and destroy it before the missus sees it else ill get grief

ever thought of home schooling?
can't bear to think of the sort of drivel that the teachers put into children's heads tbh

slow time in sleepy somerset as usual but I've got some work with vanlad at the end of the month

The schools here are not that bad tbh lad. My kids goto a small catholic school thats 99% white children and iv never seen anything that raised alarm bells curriculum wise (no muh 67 gender bullshit etc) If they do get anything suspect, ill put them right. They already know certain fundamentals (around blacks never relax, Religion of Cuck™ is cancer etc) and they are under strict instruction not to repeat said advice to teachers but keep it close to heart.
Also I think the social side of school is important (making friends, having good mates) and kids can miss out on that when they are homeschooled. Plus if you do homeschool, you will get a lot of local government interference. They will constantly check up on you, send social services round and all kinds of bullshit hoops to jump through and I dont really want them in my house considering I have a fairly large collection of occult stuff and mostly repro third reich memorabilia proudly displayed in my home. Explaining to some busybody social worker why I have Waffen SS daggers on my walls is not something I'd relish tbh.
Had the police come round once after I had a scrap with a pisshead outside and the collection raised a few eyebrows with them. One copper asked why I had them and I told him I liked the aesthetic.
tl;dr - I let them goto school because socialising and making friends is good and healthy but also keep an eye on their curriculum/homework ready to counternance any propaganda if needed.

Good lad, wish you the best in raising your kids right, seems like they have a head start over other kids, shudder to think how awful it must be to be a white lad going through school at this point in time

translators, immigrant children being lauded for achieving average results, general neglect and sometimes hostility to the native children/ parents. A perfect preparation for modern life in Britain.
t. someone who knows teachers and teaching assts

About as bad as I thought then, how are the children handling it? Are they just lying down and accepting of it or is there a growing backlash?

I'm sorry to disappoint you but the vast majority of the teachers are of the same brainwash, and the rest are just glad of the dosh so don't rock the boat.
I'm at a point in my life where I have not much to do and have considered taking the training myself… where else can you get £26k for what is basically easy work, no weekends and all holidays off.
One fella I know gets over 40k now he's trained because he opted for a special school with autistic/ difficult kids.



Example CIA agent:

They're using incoherent posts to implant in the subconscious of pol users thoughts of suicide. The same was practiced by the FBI against the magic negro.

How are we today bretheren? I hope the day finds you well. Sun shines here upon the isle but it is fakkin nippy old son.

kek no lad, thats one of our regular druids. Easy on the tinfoil there laddy.

Whilst you are clearly new you do speak the truth.

It's an user poster on an user website. He also posted the hypnotic induction earlier in the thread right after he posted the freemason Icke's video, so you are either oblivious to it, under its spell, or covering for it.
really? As opposed to tarot, runes and a wreath of a tree place on yer bonce.


He's referring to NobodyTM's videos.
Either a clueless newfag or a spy tbh.

I thought nobodyTM was one of us though who does kind of arty farty juxtapositions illustrating societal decay in a digital audiovisual medium involving overlaying images and soundtracks.
The lads got a pretty high post count and none of his posts raise any red flags for me. Hes the lad who was chatting with martin willett and posted the comments. Im sure he's a regular lad. Lets not attack our own because of a misunderstanding.

Sorry lad, got you mixed up with the accuser poster. Disregard , it was meant for

What is the B.O.N.D position on an Anglo Celt Wedding a Tueton?

Extremely windy, shingles flying everywhere, but don't have a lot of work to do so I'm watching Catweazle.
Comfy stuff.

Yeah it's exactly what I'm talking about, no I'm not a newfag. Yes I am a spy. I spy on the corruption that wants to enslave us.
The video contains several hypnotic induction techniques, arty no.
Maybe it is pure coincidence that it got posted immediately after the Icke video got negatively commented on, I personally think not. Icke uses nlp in his talks and obviously the top tier of his little trance talks is the revelation that it's not the jews (although zionists are bad, yuck) it's interdimensional alien lizards.

Constant kys references even slipped in as jokes implant triggers in your subconscious.

That's why - and you are free to disagree with this assessment.

Anyway ew Gladys did you hear about Carillion owing a billion, and now we all have to pay. I wonder if they were one of those companies that diverts British taxpayers money to cultural marxist projects and foreign charities with the full help of our government awarding them the best contracts. I wonder if that's profitable.


Don't really mind tbh, part of Anglo-Celts genes are Germanic anyway. So really an English lad can happily marry a Celtic lass or a Germanic lass without much fuss. He should however, always try to marry other Anglo-celts if he can.

That's great! It might be kind of cliche, but I do consider trees and woodwork to be one of the most comfy and at home things one could have.
I'll look up stuff about the championships, looks pretty wholesome from the photo.

There is nothing worse than mindless destruction of beauty, but, alas, that's where the subhuman thrives…and it's a thing that has no racial restriction, even if some are more prone than others.

Got any more info on that carillion QUANGO lad?

Seems exactly the case.

Whats the opinion on people trying to revive European culture through music?

love heilung tbh, this one always gives me shivering

its pretty cool considering shitskins like to throw around that whites have no culture.

I'm wary of Heilung.
They seem cucked/pozzed, and the lead female singer has a mouth region like ((((((Adam Sandler)))))).

Great idea otherwise, though.

Good tbh, even if Heilung is pozzed, though even then it seems more kinda like lipservice than any genuine belief

Bit of Icke, courtesy of /brit/

How are we today lads? Had a very portentous dream last night then got a black sun pendant i'd forgotten i'd ordered through the post. Good stuff.

nice on both counts, any auguries from it?

Druids tbh

Do you wish to discuss your dream?

Today has been pretty good for me was able to catch up with friends.

It is true that Christianity destroyed tribalism among Aryans.


(((Religious groups))) call for removal of coroner who said religion does not entitle them to special treatment.

Gender Indoctrination in Rural Preschools

Based coroner tbh. She stood her ground and didnt back down. Cue screetching from various "minorities" because the are refused special treatment.
I noticed there a few pretty based coroners in recent times. Its a powerful and ancient office and relies on the judgement of a single person (with small team under them) rather than a heirarchical structure. They answer only to the crown and are able to make decisions on their own intuition. There was the portsmouth & hamps coroner who praised the english lad who went off to take a pop at ISIS and joined Assad's forces. That coroner called him a hero. Seems to be a profession that is prone to redpills.

whoops, meant for…



How are we today lads? Apologies for my absence yesterday, got dragged out to a party. Thots everywhere. Wasn't a bad night though tbh.
Whats new with you lads?

Starting on a two day fast, stepped on a scale a while ago looked in the mirror earlier and it's really hit me how badly I've deteriorated in NEEThood and how I've never really looked after my diet.

Been thinking more about prayer as a way of structuring my otherwise irresponsible days, a sunrise and sunset appeal and dedication of that day's work to the appropriate god. Still unsure how to go about it though, I wanted to do it in Brythonic, but no dictionary for that exists and the oldest language of Albion that I can use is still Old English. It would fit for me personally because I've such a large Saxon heritage, but for the cause and the lodge the best I can think of is modern Welsh or Irish.

Also considering learning Ogham although I'm unsure on the provenance of that too (whether it was a later christian Irish invention).

Updated Brythonic day-gods again


Dagadeiwos (sky father)

Lugh (order, king of gods)





asked the discord lads and they had some more suggestions
it's a never ending task kek

Brighid (Dawn Goddess and of hearth and home
As well as victory
And cattle and dairy
And summer half of the year
And smithing
And healing springs)

(instead, Elatha? Irish?)

Dagadeiwos (sky father)

Lugh (order, king of gods)


Branwen (instead, Penarddun?)


Bel (goddess, Áine - irish?)

Wew, sounds fun lad
Nothing much tbh, just getting coursework done and revising for an upcoming exam

Good job lad, we've just got to keep at it

Was unexpectedly pretty good tbh lad. Got dragged out by the missus for a leaving party for one of her workmates leaving (normally avoid that shit tbh. I hate the whole binge drinking nightlife scene these days but she'd (craftily) preemptively got my mother to babysit so I had no excuse not to accompany her) We ended up at her mates flat first for a few drinks then went on to the pub. I was looking pretty sharp tbh lad - id just had a fresh "hitler youth" style buzzcut, expensive aftershave and my finest smart/casuals which are pretty casual tbh as I dont normally do smart Openly wore my new black sun pendant with pride too and no one said fuck all. After the pub shut we ended up in some club that plays godawful shitty music. Not being the dancing type (especially to that cacophony) I stayed at a table guarding the groups bags. I had two girls try it on too (one comes up to me going "you want to darrrnce? Daaaarrrnce wiv me!" grabbing my hands and trying to pull me up and shit. The other one didnt even say anything, just came and sat on my knee and started bopping the the music. Had to rebuff both although I have to admit it was a nice personal whitepill considering iv been with the same lass for 13+yr now, that I can still attract female company if I so desired - and female company 10-15yrs younger than me to boot! Couldnt misbehave with the missus there anyway though. Stuck to iced baileys all night so didnt have a hangover. The real whitepill of the evening though was talking to a couple of young (late millenial/genZ) lads who were without doubt completely accepting of the new dawning redpill paradigm. One, without any prompting from me spoke of how he despised "the cultural marxist left", how he loathed social justice, pakis, feminists, denigration of whiteness and all other morbidities associated with the modern left. These were young lads too, no older than 21 but they were fully awake to the reality of the situation. It was an incredibly positive experience tbh and it is nice (personal) conformation that the 'le redpill gen Z' maymay is not just a meme but is grounded in reality. I have real hope for gen Z. They will be the generation that ends progressive liberal tyranny. They were good lads.

Good luck on the exam lad.

—Skeptics & Cucks—

With Theberton. Good shit lads. Im very fond of Morgs tbh.

Thanks lad, it's gruelling but it's all relevant to my future goals, so I'm glad to be doing it.
Very glad to hear that, I have no doubt the up and coming generation are going to naturally rebel against the current status quo and as time goes on it's only going to get better. It seems now is the perfect time to spread our message tbh

Good for you lad. Here's a youtube channel I really like that artistically researches health and nutrition. This embed was a game changer for me tbh. I myself have been slacking on the meditation and prayer as of late tbh. I did finish Adolf Hitler the Ultimate Avatar by Serrano last night finally. Not really necessary reading tbh, but lots of good background on our struggles and coming battles. Tl;dr only esoteric warriors can turn the tides. I also like that Serrano refers to meditation and traveling to the astral plane as "going into combat."

criminally unobserved


I hold a ring of truth to this too. Not everyone has to be some kind of level 777 ipsissimus imperator either, but any effect put into place on the esoteric front has a tendency to trickle down into the mundane and influence outcomes or else the possibilities of certain outcomes by way of causality.
J.F.C Fuller is a good example of an "esoteric warrior" particularly observed in his "Triads and Trichotomies" and "'The Nine Principles of War" theorums that would give birth to the modern doctrine of mechanised warfare. He utilised various occult principles (the kabbalistic triad as a prime example) to effect some of the most profound (and genius) changes in the application of modern warfare. It goes to show how ripely arcane knowledge can, when applied to the right endeavour, bear such fruits as to be beyond comprehension.

Good work lad you'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel.

Good luck give your all and you will succeed

Generation Z knows it's being screwed over and I don't think they're just going to take it. If they don't do something they're in for a rough ride.

Next week leads up to the return of the full moon having one at each end of the month seems fitting for its dedication to Janus - whilst a foreign deity Janus was the Romans god of beginnings transitions and endings. This feels portentious did our ancestors have different names for the months? The more I learn the more I become aware of my own ignorance.

To expand, on Fuller (because hes interesting) he also ended up falling out with Crowley because of the latter's penchant for bisexuality (and its application thereof in the rituals of the A∴A∴)
Regarding ww2…
To wit…

Was there ever more a pertinent embodiment of /ourguy/?

To further expand on a minutae regarding the aformentioned topic of occult practicing army brass and their eyebrow stylings fuck me I think Micheal Aquino tried to rip off old boney fuller's look but ended up failing somewhat imo because I think aquinos look a bit fucking daft tbh lads.

Aquinos a weird one. Theres footage of him (rather lovingly) showing off an SS dagger and him and a bunch of brass reportedly had some kind of ceremony/ritual in the WEWelsberg black sun chamber but his reputation is always dogged by ritual child abuse rumours and lurid tinfoil shit.

A numinous beauty in the sunrise this morning lads. Deep hues of red and orange as the sun crested both the land and sea. A portentous beginning to a numerologically significant day.
How are we all today?

hohoho lads apparently imkikey and that put a filter on the yank meme

I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass

enjoying those esoteric posts lad
the pagan discord has an esoteric subset to it as well, might be interesting

the absolute madmen they actually did it

a m e r i m u t t


Not good lad, coming down with a cold at the worst time possible, missed my morning lecture and slept as much as I could smh

Thanks lad.

Harsh. Worst possible time indeed. Hope it clears up soon lad and doesnt effect your grade. Will meditate on relief of your symptoms in a bit.

Have the dates for upcoming Druidic festivals this year. All portentous dates, these are the eightfold nodal points of the year. The festivals are:
February 1/2: Imbolc (Candelmas).
March 21: Alban Eilir or Spring Equinox.
May 1: Belteinne (Beltane).
June 21/22: Alban Hefin or Summer Solstice.
August 1: Lughnasadh.
September 20/23: Alban Elfed or Autumn Equinox.
October 31: Samhuinn (Hallowe'en).
December 21: Alban Arthuan or Winter Solstice.

Will work on some potential rituals pertinent to these dates.

Nice pic, thanks for those dates too. Was relying on this somewhat suspicious chart before.

So I've not been here in some time and had a bit of issues finding the place, not unlikely considering the name change, is this some attempt at obfuscation for some reason for which I've yet to divine?
I recall a bit of druid LARPing when I left but not to this extent

Thanks lad, shouldn't be too bad, I've always found taking a day off and sleeping does the trick

Yeah you have to watch out lad, wiccans have stolen a lot of our native beliefs so you have to be very careful with materials like this the pentagrams are a dead giveaway tbh

Punished druid is down for the time being lads

Talk shit, get hit. "banter" is for cucks.

Every time.

He didn't spam it at all you paranoid cocksuckers, burgers confirmed for being able to take a fucking joke. Fucking embarrassing

Punished by name, punished by nature. A lad denied his 56% memes.

It has morphed into something wholly separate from its origins. As the general has taken on a more esoteric nature, occupying the niche it does, the name has changed to reflect that outcome. Nothing to do with obfuscation but more a reflection of the regular content of these threads.

Dose up on some sudafed lad or maybe something stronger to take the edge off

I bought some Lemsip today, should help

Theberton is livestreaming right now

Pentagram didn't originate with shitty gardnerian wicca though lad, it is much older and a powerful symbol utilised in most rites and systems of western esoterica. To be fair wiccans are the ones most responsible for co-opting it & essentially spamming it culturally, thus committing a great sin in robbing one of the most potent symbols of sacred geometry of some of its magisterial mystery.

All you have is "banter" because actual opinions are outlawed in bongcuckistan. It's a shame.

I should have known it was you traitors propagating that shit.

Wheres that from lad? Its not from our thread, pretty sure of that.

It's nice to see some of the Celt/Briton resurgence that you guys badly need tho. Good luck, brit/pol/.

It isn't, these fucking spergs seem to think a fucking meme is a psyop against them.

Thanks lad

Thanks lad. Aquino's brows look to deliberate and quaffed tbh. I remember last summer some anons were digging on him at his (((wiki))) page disappeared. The one for his organization The Temple of Set is still up though.

That ban is a bunch of bullshit; I had a good Kek before the hatred of my worthless countrymen set in. Don't ever let up on the OC lads.

Portentious numerals for a pentagram post tbh lad. A little known fact about the geometry is that if perceived as three triangles overlapped, the interior angles of each are 108, 36, and 36(Devine Tesla 9 vortex digits tbh). These are the angles the 2 Hydrogen atoms orient themselves from Oxygen on a water molecule. In western alchemy, the 5 points on the pentagram were designated for each of the 5 elements and Platonic solids. The Pentagram has many logos among the Pythagoreans

Serrano refers to 5, 55, and 555 as Hyperborean without giving specific reason; though Hyperboreans have "married" their Valkyries making them metaphysically androgynous.
Serrano says Hyperborea was at the North Pole until a cataclysm(all the deluge myths) making it what we call the South in Antarctica.

This ties into the Chinese 5 Phases theory of medicine where again, the points of the pentagram represent the 5 elements; fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Chink plebs draw pentagram with one point up, usually fire or earth. However, in Taoism the importance of the humble, lowly nature of water is constantly repeated and that it always seeks the lowest point, pic related. These elements are also representative of many other things including direction. Water's direction being north, despite being at the bottom of the pentagram. This is interesting since the Chinese admit they learned this from an older foreign civilization.

Evening druids. Just finished working my way through the archives finally putting off rewriting my CV tbh, got a couple of questions for you lads

Anybody read much of John Michael Greer's stuff? Surprised I've not seen him mentioned here tbh, I'm working my way through his Druid Magic Handbook and finding it pretty good. He uses a Welsh pantheon along with a sort of hermetic structure adapted to the wheel of the year, got stuff on Ogham divination in there too. He seems like a good bloke, heard him interviewed a few times, kind of reminds me of vid related big beard too

Which is it? The consensus here seems to be the latter (I thought so too) but upon looking it up it seems not to be a word. Should be -tous like momentous not -tious like pretentious apparently, or have the druidic ancestors channelled a new word into existence?

Evening lad. Portentous is the correct spelling but I tend to find that I will spell it portentious on occasions if I dont catch myself. Im endeavouring to spell it right from now on though.
I have the Druidry Handbook and the New Encyclopedia of the Occult (and a pdf of Celtic Golden Dawn i found that some russian had uploaded VK.com too) Good stuff tbh lad.

Spoopy AF about aquinos wiki page going down just as anons were digging. I kind of want to like the guy too (military occultist with an affection for the reich) but those ritual abuse rumours just wont die and we have learned that in most of these cases there is no smoke without fire so to speak. He's certainly no 'Boney' Fuller thats for sure. I read he was involved in psyops, firstly in 'nam, but later, involvement with more sinister shit like MK ULTRA/monarch and the like (worked through the 'san-fran satanism boom' of the late 60's which was awash with alphabet soup) Lots of stuff written about him and much of it descends into tinfoil territory a lot but there is no doubt the guy has some baggage and is the subject of many nasty rumours. His ToS was a step above the edgy nihilism of LaVeyan Satanism (of which he was involved) and has some solid info in its teachings but was never really my thing. I think him going on oprah looking like the lovechild of eddie munster & mr spock put me off a bit too, or at least hindered me from taking it seriously although in hindsight that was probably part of the 'psyop' angle

Spot on info regarding the fives lad. Solid numerology there and some interesting shit that I didnt know (the oxygen/hydrogen info and the chinese five phases of medicine) Good post.

"Mosquebuster" Gavin Boby on Simon Harris' channel lads
This guy is really good. Got a lot of respect for him and hes always worth a listen.

Lads help me decipher this fragment from Dr John Harries' fabled book of incantations. He was an 19th century Welsh physician who was known locally as a 'Dyn Hysbys' (knightman) which is the Welsh equivalent of a 'cunning man' (a shaman/warlock type) Apparently this guy was pretty learned and by many accounts an extremely accomplished magician who came from a familial tradition of magicians, his son following in his footsteps. He suffered an interesting death too:

Anyway, true to form, like every other doctor iv met, he has an almost illegible cursive scrawl. Wouldnt mind a more legible print version of the text to see if there is (as is with most occult texts) a cipher/hidden meaning in there. Can read most of it but am struggling with the spirit names. I suspect they the names and sigils of servitors this guy was allocated by some goetic higher up the food chain. I want to see if they match up with those in other tracts.

Thats the 2 bodies of text, but im struggling on some of them spirit names. The ones marked (?) im not sure about.
First Row (left to right)
Amenadiel (?)
Rapsiel (?)
Vadrear (?)
Second Row
Marmiel (?)
Sochas (or Jochas?)
Geteres (?)
Chansi (?)
Manse (?)
Marques (?)
Astiler (?)

What the fuck is this shit general? Just make your own board, this isnt Holla Forums.

I met a druid on discord.
came here to finally check out the thread.
my path is murky and is going to be difficult.
my mentor seems to think i have good instincts for the esoteric, but i need advice and direction.
TBH i'm struggling with this new knowledge but i feel magnetised, it ties together loose ponderings of mine in a way that has made more sense than anything i've found previously.

Yes it fucking is son. This is Holla Forums's ahnenerbe. Anyway we have been here years and we are not going anywhere.

Good stuff lad, I wish you success on the Path. Dont neglect to share your experiences in the druid/pol/ threads.

…..oh and if you have any questions ask away. The lads here are pretty clued up on all things druidic (and beyond)

Friendly reminder that Imbloc is coming up on the 1st Feburary


Adding to this, any Pagan lads should make offerings to Brighid/Brigantia and any Christians should pray to St. Brighid Pro-tip: they're exactly the same if not very similiar

Can anyone advise a young traveler on some resources for learning about runes?

Been following the trial of ramadan van man the msm made very deliberate mentioned that he had been in contact with tommy robinson and that britain first woman. I'm thinking they might use this as justification for a crackdown.

Good day fellow B.O.N.Dsmen how does this thursday morning find you? In good spirits I trust?

Some handy beginning pointers in this pdf lad

I find runic readings are 50% theorum an 50% intuition.

Seems like they are trying to do a smearjob and associate even fairly kosher anti Religion of Cuck™ic activism with 'extremism'. Press have a real hateboner for Tommy so they will act in their usual snide underhanded way to smear. Doubt many folk will buy it though. Not seen a single comment section open regarding said topic (which is usually a sign they know whatever garbage they are printing is going to go down about as well as a cold cup of sick) They are trying to say he was "radicalised" by that bbc drama about the pakis raping girls in rochdale. You just know half the country is secretly rooting for van man. Its worrying though and im sure they will use it to try and crack down on anti Religion of Cuck™ opinion (at least in the msm - its a handy excuse for them not to have to address the topic at hand because it might radicalise more middle aged welsh plumbers dontchaknow) Traitrous cunts.

My blood is boiling.

I can see why they hate Tommy, edl scared the heck out of them. Imo van man wasn't "radicalised" he just learned the truth. They'll use it as an excuse to try and hush thing up in the future.

It's nonsense lad it's probably actors, recruitment is down because the pay and conditions are shit.

I realise it's actors but the sheer gall they have in literally showing a group of soldiers arranged around a supposed comrade like they were his fucking personal guard just has me completely pissed off.
It's just completely blatant mockery at this poi t yet i'm the crazy one to normies if i point out how ridiculous things have gotten.

The sjw army recruitment campaign has had massive backlash. Lot of folk are livid lad. I think the (((ptb))) are going all out with demoralisation propaganda but its not working like they hoped it would because every time they do this now they piss more and more people off> They did it with the xmas adverts and they have done it with the army recruitment ads. (((Advertising companies))) doubling and tripling down on their pc bullshit but it will only serve to turn more folk against them. Literally no one is defending this shit but everyone is mocking and deconstructing it. This is a good sign.

You're not crazy. I know it's ridiculous and completely detached from reality don't let it get to you. Keep faith in yourself lad I know it's hard but making a difference is worth it.

Absolutely, the harder they try the more ridiculous they look. People are seeing through them and the people don't like it.

Morning lads how are we today? Couldnt sleep last night, bad insomnia. Ended up watching ralph bakshi films on youtube. Fucking cream crackered this morning. Trying to resist the temptation to doze off. If I tried to meditate now i'd definitely fall asleep.


Not too bad lad, feeling a surprising lack of a hangover from the night before and just putting together the last details on a bit of coursework before handing it in.

Don't ever presume to know what is in their minds and hearts. As we know, they've been trained since birth to outwardly agree with the narrative regardless of how they feel inside.

The name of the phenomena escapes me, but there is a threshold of people acting against prevailing norms but in accordance with the private views of a community that, once reached, creates an avalanche effect wherein everyone joins in with the vanguard. A personal example is having moved into a neighborhood with no American flags hanging. I put one up, and not long after my direct neighbors all had them, and they appeared elsewhere as well. Not even three years ago Patriotism was being counter-signaled by the POTUS, MSM…the entire establishment.

Don't lose hope, realize your voice is part of a sum that will reach that threshold.

Why be a Celtic Pagan?



Great work well done lad.



Thanks lad, I may have memed to hard; pic related. Off to the woods to make an extra large offering of fruit, veg, herbs and nuts tbh.

Nice one lad, how many is that now?

Thanks lad

It's our first go and probably our last. We're in our mid thirties and fell for the "don't have kids you'll be happier goy" meme when we were blue pills SMFH. Hence the desire for multiples; plus having identical Druids that can communicate telepathically would be most excellent.

Hope you get a good mark lad.

Smashing news lad, congratulations.

Heilung is outwardly multi-culty but Germanics always have enjoyed saying how we can all be friends and then doing otherwise. This isn't a dig at Heilung themselves but merely stating a tactic Germanic peoples worldwide do use and have used to overcome other peoples. If they continue far beyond what is necessary to keep being heard is when you know it isn't subversion. How far do you stay icy is the question here?

Lad its great to here a seedling took but don't get cocky, there is many ways (((doctors with procedures))) could ruin it for you, your offspring and your woman. Be aware.

Aye, we plan to do it as (((doctor))) free as the law will allow; definitely drug free. Time now for me to go back to nofap, and increase the offerings, meditation, and fasting.

Are you hoping for a boy or girl lad? Any preference or are you not fussed?

Boys, but I'll happy as long as they're healthy tbh.

Good channel to watch here lads

Faggots in pedo ring.
Conservatives' LGBT group linked with paedophile ring after former chairman is jailed for sharing child porn

The court was told that Mr Sephton, also an ex-Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Trafford councillor, was a member of groups that shared child abuse images.

Absolutely disgusting. Hope he gets shanked in prison the fucking nonce. Hopefully some based cons will get the opportunity to douse him with boiling sugar-water in his fat cuck-bespectacled face.
A great number of them are at this noncing lark imo. This one is small fry who they are prosecuting to give the public an impression that they are doing something about the rampant pedo hive that exists in the heart of goverment. I think it is one of the blackmailing techniques the cabal uses to influence and control politicians to tow the line.
Some of the more (((powerful))) and (((connected))) ones have got off with it though, like that cunt (((Janner))) They handled him the same way they did with savile and waited for him to croak before admitting to it. That alison saunders bitch had a hand in that. Same with (((leon brittan))) - its well known hes a nonce. Pictures allegedly exist of him in a french maids outfit with a young preeteen boy sat on his knee. Customs got hold of it via some dutch pedo they caught but the HO and secret services made sure it was buried before it got out using a "national security" pretense. Brittan was also responsible for "losing" a dossier compiled on the westminster pedo ring. Fucking cunt. They are doing the same with him that we seen with janner. They will wait for him to die before admitting that he was a dirty nonce so he escapes prosecution. They did the same with cyril smith and others too. Even ted heath. And dont get me started on the labour 25 probably a lot more than 25 now too They use the security services to keep it buried until the scum kicks the bucket so they cant finger their fellow MP pedo filth mates and bring the whole rotten edifice crashing down. Absolute scum. Really gets my blood up. Westminster is rotten to the core.

I often wonder what the breaking point would look like. I see Americans preparing for civil war but I don't think the conditions exist for it here.

I dunno lad, theres a lot of silent resentment building up here. Its just that the populace is presently muzzled by all pervasive political correctness and the very real fact that you can get prosecuted for speaking out too vehemently. Deep societal divisions exist and the fissures are widening to chasm like proportions. Just look at the polarisation between brexitieers and remoaners to see there are irreconcilable ideological differences among the populace. This type of deep societal divide is usually an indicator & prerequisite condition to the prelude of civil conflict of some kind. The fact that one side, which consists of a vocal minority are intent on enforcing their opinions on the majority via the apparatus of state while also displaying blatant double standards only accentuates the feeling of silent resentment bubbling away under the surface of polite society. The shitlib traitors have a hold on the power structure but it is ever more tenuous and is requiring ever more draconian & tyrannical measures to keep in place but their system is unsustainable - a house of cards so to speak. They are plastering over the cracks with masking tape & I think when people see that their house of cards is a paper tiger held together with fucking sinews, the silent resentment that is currently festering away will come to the surface and explode leading to a forceful & cathartic reassertion of order based on natural law. It is human nature, despite the lefts attempts to shame, beat and demoralise it out of us. Also remember these things (revolutions etc) dont require the participation of the majority to succeed but rather a dedicated (fanatical) hardcore to act as vanguard with tacit support of the majority.
Im of the firm opinion that this will happen. What I cant tell you though is what the catalyst will be that finally sets these events in motion. Could be any number of factors, recession/final collapse being the most obvious but sometimes small, seemingly at first inconsequential happenings can snowball into unforseen avalanches of societal change.

Sean Hannity got his twitter hacked on Saturday. Right before his account vanished he tweeted "Form Submission 1649 | #Hannity". Odds are, he got phished. But here's the curious thing, the day that tweet posted was January 27. Look at what happened on January 27, 1649:

"January 27 – King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland is found guilty of high treason in a public session. He is beheaded three days later, outside the Banqueting Hall in the Palace of Whitehall, London." - kikepedia

Its all very cryptic. Its like how they started sticking very blatant illurminarti imagery into
music videos and the like, probably primarily to troll christians & tinfoilers rather than serve any specific occult purpose.

Musicians really do worship the devil.

What we need is the destruction of the house of saxburg gotha
The public are too attached to its current head and as such she and the ruling class have been able to paint opposition to the ruling class as opposition to this seemingly sweet and friendly woman. Made even more effective as she's now essentially everyones favourite granny.

With her gone they lose a vital distraction

Many congratulations sir.

May I say, the last experience I had in hospital was frightening. Our baby was perfect, my wife was fine but they kept her in for 'observation'. After 2 days we were getting tetchy. They kept taking our baby away for 'tests' -with totally unfounded reasons- when all we wanted and needed was to get home.

On 3rd day my wife confronted a doctor, asked to be allowed home only to have the doctor threaten to call the police on her.

Needless to say a shit-storm ensued, I complained etc and thankfully the young fuckwit doc was told to stay clear and we left that night. But having experienced that it made me realise just how helpless you are.

Not trying to frighten you brother - most of them are 100% genuine good people, especially the midwife's. It's just the system; if you get on the Wrong side of it, your fucked.

I just found out last Monday we have another on the way. The Gods are good indeed, I know this is a Brythonic clan here but I offer blessings to good Freyja fór yours and mine.

She will die soon. And the public is not nearly as attached to charles as they are to her.

I don't think Charles will take the throne.
It'll be one of the "sons" which will only continue our current problem as they're well liked due to their mother.

Thanks lad. Congratulations to you too.

Probably William tbh but if harry gets in we have to work on memeing a public demand for a DNA test. We will not have the bastard son of james hewitt and that race baiting floozy mongrel hes with as monarch. I wont stand for it.

Seen this lads?


Gave me a chuckle.


Does it matter?
They're all equally foreign. German or otherwise.

My wife and I are trying…any tips for a Yank on the Path?

It happens quickly. Since Trump announced and went on to win the Office of POTUS, we've seen:

-Americans began openly expressing dislike of illegal aliens and calling for deportations. This used to be a verboten topic wherein charges of racism would grind discussion to a halt, but within a year proponents of illegals had to start playing defence. Within two years Trump had ICE conducting large raids and politicians are now wondering out loud about arresting sanctuary city mayors. Not even five years ago, the Senate voted in favor 2:1 for amnesty.

-Before Trump, the Deep State was widely regarded as a conspiracy theory and never discussed. Now it is widely accepted that it exists and, in fact, is fighting against Trump.

-Paul Nehlen, a successful WI businessman who tried primarying the weasel Paul Ryan has begun loudly pointing out the jewish control of American media.

I have been able to, within the span of about two years, go from hiding my power level to outright and unabashedly being a Proud White Male. I can openly discuss that I view politics as a tribal zero-sum game while hinting at the JQ without being jeered. Depending on the crowd, I might not even need to obscure my meaning regarding the jews. This is meaningful as I live in Chicago which is a a DEEP BLUE fortress.

I believe we'll see people regularly naming the jew before Trump is re-elected, that any pushes for war will be met by AMERICA FIRST backlash as opposed to the old MURRICA FUCK YEAH, and discussion regarding proper interpretation of the 14th Amendment (as a basis for anchor babies) will begin.

How are we this eve lads?

I'm alright, lad. You alright, lad?

My wife was shitposting elsewhere and asked for an epithet for the new princess.

Good reading for everyone tbh.

My wife has been taking these since we started in November:


We both have been taking a maca tincture and adding colloidal minerals to our water. I've been adding a zinc colloid as well. I've also been taking the following:

Maca should not be taken longer than three consecutive months. The liver and mushrooms were to ease the burden on my immune and detox systems so more of my nutrients would go toward seed production. As for diet I'm on paleo OMAD and have been eating foods highest in zinc and phosphorus building blocks of testosterone and life. Phosphorus is what makes your sacred essence glow under a black light. Raw pumpkin seeds, eggs, raw dairy, meat, onions, greens, fermented foods. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.


I forgot to mention, the herbs I listed or equivalents were all found at local health food stores. (((Amazon))) bought Whole Foods if you hadn't heard and (((Jeff Bezos))) is a both human trafficker and literal vampire. Amazon ships are customs exempt most places, and this is just what (((technocrats))) do on the surface. archive.fo/Iu9zi

Polite sage for double post.

Morning lads, how does the day find you?
Im going on holiday in a 10 days. Nothing fancy. Got 4 days in a cottage booked in the New Forest with her & the kids. Going to do some druid stuff when im there (most probably at night & alone) Just mulling over some appropriate rituals and rites. Might try some proper 2spooky shit as the forest and its isolation seems like a perfect place for attempting conjurations or communing with spirits plus if it fucks up im not bringing a malicious spirit, fae or elemental into my abode
Any ideas for rituals lads? Im defo going to do the bornless ritual in the forest (for atmosphere if nothing else) and perhaps try some fire scrying (if I can get one lit - might be wet)
New Forest has a lot of supposed ghosts and connections to british witchcraft so im hoping I can pick up on whatever current flows there and try working with it. Would be a shame to waste an opportunity in such a portentous place.



(observed more fervently)

Thanks for the information.

Thanks lad. No problem, I also remembered that on the advice of the local metaphysical shop, I slipped a piece of moonstone under the mattress, and wore a carnelian bracelet. I can't say for certain about the moonstone, but the carnelian definitely helped with my vitality and daily recovery.

Sounds really nice; I can't wait to hear how it goes. If it's wet, you could build an inexpensive, small "rocket stove". Once they get going, they burn hot enough you can add damp sticks if you whittle the bark off. A buried L-shaped stovepipe would work as well. Handy for emergencies at home as well tbh. How long before you start training your kids lad?

Thanks lad. That firepit method looks useful. I have a chiminea in my own garden for fires and shiiiiiet (its really useful, especially when the working calls for something to be cast into the fire - usually a spirit pot of some kind Chumbley seemed to love chucking shit in fires) but I doubt ill find such a luxury at a rental cottage.
I send the boy to sea cadets and he goes shooting with my dad. The girl is only 7 so ill give it a couple more years with her. I also drop subtle but fundamental redpills on both of them (the importance of family, teachers are mostly full of shit, around blacks never relax, its ok to be white etc etc)

Bit of music lads? We've not had a druid/pol/ musical night for a while, therefor, I declare it to be…
Druid/pol/ Golden Oldies Night

"They dont write em like that any more"

Sure lad, it's not quite an oldie but I still like it

Old enough. New order is literally /ourband/ too.


On a side note I cannot get enough Steeleye Span.

And a bit of this….

Good taste.

Was it jaundice, out of curiosity?

Yellowing of the skin

sorry lad misread that

Also I'm pretty sure you can refuse treatment and you can take your child out of the hospital's oversight no matter what they say. There have been cases there children have been treated against their parents' wishes but they will first have to convince a court that your child has a legitimate health concern sufficient enough to warrant kidnap.



I meant in the esoteric tbh.

Lads I, I may have memed the death of my wife and I in sacrifice to destroy the pacific coast of burgerland by tumult, fire, and water:

I regret nothing. However the rest of the night goes, it's been an honor tbh. Let the our enemies tremble before the power of the B.O.N.D. and Esoteric Hitlerism.

Wew, going to need an explanation there lad

Sorry didn't mean to scare you lad. There have been earthquakes up and down the west coast for the past two days because of the Blue Blood Wolf Moon eclipse happening here in four and a half hours. In the stickied Awoo thread I made the following post:

Ah right. In practical terms, not much yet but im laying the groundwork so to speak. The boy shows a keen interest in folklore and enjoys learning about all the myriad different spirits/gods/entities worldwide (he has a real passion for Japanese yokai - he knows what Yamata-No-Orochi, oni, onyudo, kappa etc are) and he has also memorised the major arcana of the Tarot thanks to based japanese vidya for helping spark that interest - im not complaining -he actually learned something from stuff like Persona and Nioh
The girl is showing interest in the tarot and likes to do readings with me. Im showing her the major arcana and seeing if she can remember all the suits and what they represent. She will draw cards from the deck with me and seems to take great pleasure in doing so. She also likes me to read her extracts from my demonology encyclopedia (shes big into the shemhamphorash angels and of course, fae) Iv also taught her how to draw pentagrams, hexagrams etc.
They also like the black sun symbol (that I wear on a pendant) They see it as something homely that represents them and their folk but also something secret, elitist and exciting. I'm going to try and start teaching them to recognise the runic alphabet at some point.
The boy also serves on the altar at church on sundays (the other half is catholic) which I have no problem with and encourage as it adds to his spiritual repertoire and sense of discipline and provides a base for that of ritualistic practise that can be expanded upon later.

Well done, nice to hear lad.

Wew, we just hit maximum alignment with no tremors or volcanic eruptions yet. I consulted the IChing for us at the peak, pic related.

maintain correct thoughts and actions.

Bloodmoon tonight lads. Its just ascended above the horizon here.

fyi the eclipse was very early this morning.

Happy Imbolc lads

You would be right on target with that post.

You know there's no such thing right? It's a code word they use for homosexuals.

Happy Imbolc to you too lad. May you have a portentous evening

No, they're not. Most traditions associated with St. Brigid are first mentioned by historical sources dating from the early modern period, which suggests they have either a Catholic or at least a non-pagan origin. For example, St. Brigid's cross is often claimed to be an ancient pagan symbol despite the fact that no historical record of it exists until the 17th century. Traditions dedicated to the Celtic goddess almost certainly became associated with the historical St. Brigid after her death. This is all besides the fact that dozens of other Catholic saints are also venerated on the 1st of February, meaning it's unlikely that St. Brigid is venerated on this day because of any alleged connection to the Celtic goddess.

There's a ton of pseudo-history and outright misinformation in these threads. It's fucking infuriating how people think historical research is as simple as skimming through a Wikipedia article.

Morning lads how's things?

Got a fucking ear ache lad. Pretty miserable tbh. Kept me awake early this morn and was agony. Its settled down a bit now but has fluid running out of it. Fuck my shitty luck tbh, just got over a cold/virus not a month ago and now getting another.
Iv been reading up on cthonic crossroads rituals and also "Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos." Very good practical book imo

magicgatebg.com/Books/Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos.pdf

Not nice hope you're on the mend lad.

I've been troubled by a particularly vivid dream from last night

Want to share your dream lad? Might help glean some meaning from it with a bit of outside imput. I understand if its personal though and you want to keep it private. Funny things dreams. I believe many take place in the astral and can be influenced/manipulated by the myriad discarnate entities that make that realm their home. Im told the souls of the dead (at least whilst the ruach and nephesh are still as one) are very fond of dream manipulation.

It's not much but it felt very intense. I dreamed that I was in the church my family went to when I was growing up and that a group of outsiders were doing some sort of ceremony or prayer within it. I was protesting that the people in charge should stop it, that it was defiling the place.
Rather than listen to me I was told to leave and I very strongly remember saying "why don't you just/go ahead and ban me then" so they did. Then I woke not much I know but I remember it clearly and it felt so real.

Pot calling the kettle black tbh
It's clearly based off the Celtic sun wheel lad, the cross as a symbol goes wayyyy back
I'll happily admit the true origin of St. Brigid is still debated but as you've said, the two have become intertwined over the years and her feast day is on the old Celtic festival of Imbolc, formerly dedicated to the aforementioned Goddess. Bit of a fucking coincidence don't you think? Hence why I said any Catholic lads here should pray to her
Care to share any examples? Or are you just making shit up?

Anyway, here's a cool link for the rest of you lads


You're confidence is misplaced. Though it's impossible to say either way without irrefutable evidence even that most sceptical and unromantic scholars of ancient paganism Ronald Hutton concedes that St.Brigid was originally a pagan deity, though not the same as the British Brigantia. The celebration Imbolc doesn't appear to have been celebrated in Celtic England or even Wales, it's an Irish thing. It's also agreed that the sacred flame of Kildare that was kept burning up until the reformation had pre-Christian origins.

Also an interesting story about the Christian Brigid is that she stole property, a precious sword, from her own (pagan) father to give to a beggar. A thief who stole from her family (the sword of her father, a symbol of sovereignty and protection) in the name of Jesus, how very Christian of her.

was meant to read
concedes that St.Brigid was almost certainlysage originally a pagan deity

How are we today lads? My ear infection has subsided somewhat but still feel bit shit tbh and im coughing up green stuff. Defo feel an improvement though, I can smoke a fag without it feeling like inhaling sandpaper now which is nice.
Iv got me a new brazier and iv been burning sage & camphor wood in it. The wonderful smell permeates ever inch of the house. Got to nip out in a bit to get some self lighting charcoals.

Thanks for sharing lad. The defilement of a holy place is fairly potent imagery. Could pertain to the current state of our institutions and the "banning" aspect is representative of those who refuse to listen & heed our wanings (the 'diversity is our strength" crowd) Pretty smybolic all round lad. Very portentous.

Glad you're feeling better lad

Pretty much what I felt about it the sense of injustice trying to protect something and being the one punished instead of those responsible.

I don't dream like that often though and honestly only one has ever really stayed in my memory..

Alright lads its vanlad

Got a VPN so am back for good

Punished druid got banned for a few weeks

We installed another canopy as Druid Construction Inc

We are imminently purchasing one of the £6.5k bits of land, subject to him not failing his test again

He is now called Weakling Druid

40k my friend, I hope you are well?

It's nice to be back

Glad you're feeling better lad. Try something like these ear drops. The garlic is very antibacterial and the rest should be soothing.

Sounds about right. I was never good at interpreting symbolism, but I thought the church in your dream may be your sacred homeland as a whole. Not just defilement of one specific place.

Still no volcanos and earthquakes in burgerland, though we have 11 more days of the Fire Cock. Wifeanon is doing very well and getting chubbier by the day. I've been trying to make her first appointment but the (((medical system))) has been giving me the run around. Fortunately there's no shortage of hippies and traditional farmers around to find a good midwife for the final push at home.

You lads should get into foraging and making medical extracts tbh. We'll need them more as the kikes accelerate the poisoning of our lands and people to make money. Pic related was one day of foraging and cost $15 for a bottle of vodka. After daily shaking for a month, we'll have 32 1oz bottles of for gifts or sale at $15 each. A pretty good side gig that doesn't take much room or labor. In the cities here, people give away tree stumps we're going to "inoculate" right in our backyard this spring.

Already into mushroom hunting lad, I can assure you :^)

Well enough thanks lad. Good to hear from you
Top fucking kek
Good to hear business is booming. Praise the Druids for success in this endeavour. Any act that furthers the cause of the B.O.N.D is indeed a revolutionary act.

Druid/pol/ 90s mix tape

I agree it's more than a single place the location is symbolic of somethig more. Dreams often reflect on things happening in our own lives my other dream was completely different and disturbed me a great deal.

A few years ago I dreamed of a fight, a fight to the death between myself and a man I never knew who, but I was there to end his life. It was vicious prolonged and horrifying I could feel the flesh tearing around the blade in my hand, it felt so real. In my dream I won the fight but the thought of the dream unsettles me to this day.

Good stuff lad. How are the kiddies and missus? And the isle in general? Sorry we didn't make it down for a visit last year, is the offer still open?
Been lurking all the threads, you've kept it pristine in here. I see yankanon is still around, who else is alive?


Fine thanks lad. Isle is same as it always is. Lads in his first yr of secondary school. Just listening to the morgoth live stream.
It is indeed and remains so.
We got a few regular anondruids that tend to the grove. Couple of occultfags like me and there is also a couple of very learned historydruids that contribute from time to time. We get the odd curious user pop in to see what its all about too. We have a charter now too lad. Did you see it?

Portentious tune my man

Auspicious binary numerical representations of the void signify incoming portentious electric gold!

Good stuff tbh, exciting times, is he a hellraiser yet?
That warms my heart lad, the digital grove lives.
I did see it, I liked almost all of it too, though my lawfag advises me that some parts are beyond what I could personally agree to.
For the record, my involvement here is to further the implementation of self sufficient nationalist/nativist neo-pagan enclaves to prepare for the coming collapse. I am not actively attacking, or supporting an attack against, the current system in any way, but withdrawing from the most objectionable parts of modern society. I cannot condone attempts to hasten societies collapse.


Hes pretty well behaved tbh. Swears like a fucking sailor when he thinks im out of earshot though.

90s house could liven up any place. Even fucking detroit!

Lel good lad. Is he still doing the church stuff?

Aye. He goes most weeks. I think its good for him, even if I dont personally subscribe to all the churchs views.

Agreed lad, community is important.

Materialism is a (((lie))). It's there to weaken you, make you an apathetic consumer. Without a higher order, humans are more vulnerable to ideologies like Dialectic Materialism. Be careful my Atheistic lad, skepticism is a virtue, but so is being open to a strange world.

In modern terms, the world is composed of information, algorithms and math. Structures of mind stuff interacting with each other, the whole thing bootstrapping itself into existence. Think of Gods as being like naturally emerging AI. The simulation hypothesis basically, but not needing some sort of "real" world outside with a computer to run it all.

Go read some Max Tegmark, or one of the many other other mainstream science writers advocating some form of Idealism. The Esoteric community has been talking in those terms for a long time and now that technology has caught up, Science is returning to its roots. Look at all the advocacy for meditation these days! Only a matter of time before (((Sam Harris))) and friends fold.

That doesn't mean you need to run off and become a (((new age))) shill. But think for yourself and don't buy the leftist party line that pushes Atheism to keep you down.

Has he shown any interest in the old Gods lad?

Ignore that faggot, he occasionally wanders in and makes a fool of himself

Had some good success with the Opening of the Watchtower ritual (using the Regardie/HoGD instructions) last night. After vibrating the Names I became aware that the circle around my altar was indeed glowing in a potent white light. The amazement at the effect almost caused me to give into wonder and lose my conentration but I managed to keep my mind on track. I also found that any symbols I traced in the air with the tip of the dagger also became (briefly) infused with the glorious light (in so much that when I scribed a pentagram in the air in front of me, it seemed to stay for several seconds before fading out) The sigils on my desk seemed to give out the same light too. Iv not had visual phenomena this intense before and I am confident that my abilities in this particular enochian art are improving. Everything settled down after the closing of the Watchtower and a LBRP but I was left energised and happy, feeling that progress has been made. I intend to continue with these exercises until such time that I feel confident to move into full evocation. Most pleased with the results. Definately incorporating this particular aspect of enochian magick into my future system I hope to develop.

Some. At present he is very interested in folklore and the myriad different entities that comprise it worldwide. He likes compiling lists of different entities and different cultures (ie: he will list the japanese oni/yokai in one column and move onto certain Shemhamphorasch angels/demons (Michael, Uriel, Razael, Gabriel etc) In another he will put Cuchulainn, Scathatch, Leanan Sidhe, Kelpies, Setanta etc into his celtic column. He has a mind that is very much geared towards organisation and catagorisation.


Fucking brave, that water can be choppy as fuck in the harbour.

Fresh Willett

I really don't like the d&c of "muh but are you Welsh enough" - if you are European, european religions are you native religions, most of us can't trace what tribe their bloodline is from anywhere without sending our DNA out to (((them))) which if and of itself is not a good thing to do.

I agree. I don't give much of a shit at all about the quibbling on ancient genetics and Anglo vs Celt bullshit. There's no meaningful difference between Welsh and English or "Brythonic" (Brythonic is actually a linguistic term not an ethnic one) genetically. I've become a lot less interested in ethnicity and ethnic traditions recently, even my own. I recognize their value as guides and keys but I want to go beyond them. Petty provincialism isn't going to save us in the future when the whole of Europe is swamped by a billion shitskins.

This is what I've been thinking of paganism too. I think it's useless to us in its most ethnically disposed versions. Really we need good ol' Roman synthesis and dare I say it, universalism. Or rather, we need something like a Catholic Church of Indo-Europeanism for the whole white world. Something to give a broad spiritual/cultural foundation for all European pagans and non Christians that can compete in this the modern world.

Of course these things are anathema to both nationalists and folkish pagans, but I don't really care.

Good morning lads how are we doing today?

Is it considered Alchemy if you turn Jews into Soap?

Good thanks lad. Had an interesting experience.
>Blood of the Moon dont even fucking ask lads

I love it when shit like this happens and things just fall into place. Feel particularly energised today.

Nice lad and I know what you mean, little things like this just go to show that you're on the right track
Don't really want to kek

Only if it involves a magickal process. Otherwise its just bog standard chemistry.

What is the molar mass of gold in jew? Does anyone have the corresponding average percentages for the elemental components of a jew?

Interesting report, thanks.

I've had…..mixed experiences with the Enochian system personally. I don't entirely trust it. Seemed like a trap, the further I got in. It has the appearance of pattern, but attempting to turn the remnants we have left by Dee led to dead ends - for me anyway. And the entities are just….a little too eager to stroke the ego of young Magi.

Frustrations encountered: Disregarding the GD work (based on assumptions and incomplete material), there's no clear correspondence between the tablets, spirit functions, letters or the language. No clear use of the calls.

I'd have expected the squares or the liber logaeth to behave like a kamea - nope. Even trying to connect the letters to a gematria style number system (using the Joseph Peterson editions of a True and Faithful Relation and the 5 Books of Occult Mystery) got me nowhere.

I even tried cracking it using cipher breaking techniques that using modern computers should easily break any cipher Dee would have known about. Nothing interesting. Given he was a Mathematician, it surprised me that I didn't find anything along those lines.

It might be that it's just too incomplete, lacking some crucial to correctlty interpret the system. A shame, I found it fascinating for a long time. I'm not the only one who mistrusts it either, or thinks it's dangerously damaged beyond recovery.


I'd fully agree with you here lad. Most books on enochian magic seem to based on the Golden Dawn and its successors and as we know, the resources of enochian magic, utilized by the GD, were far from complete. I think only the enochian calls, the Sigillum Dei Æmeth, the Great Table and the sigils of the 91 governors were used to develop the GD system. The other parts of enochian angel-magic were either unknown or consciously omitted. So nowadays many writers that based their works on the Golden Dawn materials have an incomplete picture of the actual enochian angel-magic. Many things we accept as common practise in enochian magic were probably not even part of the angelic system originally transmitted to Dee and Kelley. I think Donald Tyson positied that in this situation a profound magical law comes into action: "Power follows your thoughts".
By many accounts the modern version of enochian magic works fairly well, although it was not originally transmitted as such. Id personally consider the inventive use of the enochian angel-magic by the Golden Dawn as an imperfect but valuable extension of the original system.

Yeah so true. Im fairly green when it comes to enochian too and a lot of it feels like wild stabs in the dark. Never the less, the Opening of the Watchtower rituals is a real godsend for me (on par with the bornless ritual and LBRP) insofar that it provides a (personal) grounding that seems to gel better than any other (in the form of ritual opening and closing) You definitely get the attention of higher powers via its use.

Yeah, that is the kicker. I dont really trust them either tbh lad. I dont even think "angels" (as so many call them) is an appropriate term. I find the "big boys" (Michael, Uriel, Gabriel etc) do tend to pretty much do what they say on the tin but some of the more obscure servitor types lower on the food chain (or spirits dwelling in more obscure aethers) can be deceptive and even downright malicious, oft behaving in a similar manner to certain Goetics rather than the supposed 'divine beings of truth light and justice' kek they are meant to be. They seem a little too eager to trip you up, feed you bad info or just fuck with you in general they had a whale of a time with the pious Dee and less so Kelly with the wife swapping shit and all that…
…assuming that was a not deliberate "muh dick" misinterpretation on Kelley's part as Dees wife was apparently quite desirable. Who knows what actually went on there…
The nature of enochian spirits is disconcerting. At least with a Goetic, you know where you stand. You KNOW they are out to run rings around and if you give an inch they will take a fucking mile (hence the need for the precise legalese style of ritual & evocation required to treat with such entities with a manner of success.)
Still, I find nothing has the potential to push ones shit in quite like invocation of planetary intelligences Im looking at you Saturn….REALLY dont want to invoke that particular current again in a hurry…

Cliched as it sounds I am firmly of the opinion that the best method we have is to pick and choose the parts that work for us from different schools and combine/refine them into our own system of arte.

What is the purpose of these rituals lad?

Lots of different things tbh lad. Stuff like the Watchtowers, LBRP etc are preparatory rituals that seem to (for wont of a better phrase) "open the right channels" prior to any operation.
Other stuff is more specific. The shit mentioned I was gathering before (the grave dust, ash et al) is for construction of a spirit pot that will be hermetically sealed and will live on the altar to comingle with and absorb the energies that flow through there. Then, when the time is appropriate, it is eventually cast into a fire, carrying the intent of the Operator with it and releasing the condensed energy and Will to the elements and unleashing the desired force into the physical, spiritual and mental planes simultaneously. Its a Working iv got from Chumbley's DBoE, who apparently got it from olde Essex 'cunning man' word of mouth traditions. Folk magick essentially and very potent if done right.

Other rituals im currently doing are for help/clarity in divination, seeking the counsel of spirits and protection/amulet construction.
It all ties into my personal magickal development unto which I have dedicated to furthering the causes encompassed in the B.O.N.D. Some of the shit can seem a bit obscure, out there, distasteful, weird, pointless even but I assure you that I remain steadfastly committed to our cause lad. I am willing to explore and delve into the most esoteric corners of osscure systems if they hold a possibility to furthering our goals.

Good stuff lads, I'm thinking of studying self hypnosis some of the mind over body skills sound very useful and meditation to keep myself balanced any thoughts?

The fury is back.

EU wants to be impose sanctions suspend trade or ground flights because they feel like it.

Dumping some good texts

Gods of the ancient Northmen

Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty


The Celtic Literature Collective


Go for it lad. Never hurts to master arts such as mesmerism/hypnotism. Might come in useful at some point in the future.

So much rage fuel these days…

Nice links lad, good stuff thanks. Will have a look through them now.

Oh you have no idea


Observed, this "black" cheddar man thing is blatant manipulation.

Oh it is, notice how it's been pushed hard by mainstream media and twitter. Just another means of erasing our identity

Yeah its so obviously being pushed with a political agenda. They annoying thing is now we have to suffer disingenuous shitlibs and leftard traitors (the likes of stephen moffatt for example) gleefully using it to justify their penchant of forcing wogs down our throat everywhere, in everything and at all times.
Demoralisation propaganda pure and simple. There is a merchant behind this too. It is —imperative— that we deconstruct, debunk, mock and ridicule propaganda such as this. Survive the Jive has already started countering this with fact. We need to make sure that propaganda such as this does not take hold but is instead derided and ridiculed for the bullshit that it is.
Something tells me this is all planned anyway and due to the negative public reaction to recent events like the racemixing xmas ads, the bbc "educational" bronze age shite and prince harrys mystery meat floozy, they needed something "academic" like this to add an air of legitimacy to their arguments (as they have constantly been btfo in any comment section they dared leave open)
This propaganda is designed to demoralise and undermine. Dont let it succeed lads. One of the most important thing we can do is to attack shit like this.

The science behind their "black" claims is already shaky at best. Taking partial dna fragments from millenia old skeleton in a cave isn't going to give you perfect results. The actual genes are from haplogroup U5 which is virtually exclusive to europe and blue eyes hmmm. They have to admit they can't be completely sure about their claims and the facial reconstruction looks like blackface.

Cheddar man may have been darker than you or I but he was definitely European.

StJ's response sums it up nicely:

Fake news alert: there are a few fake science articles going around with a new reconstruction of a WHG skull from England known as Ceddar man. I have stated that WHG had darker skin than modern Europeans and that they also all had blue eyes. We cannot tell exact pigmentation but to call them “black” is incredibly dishonest because it not only describes a complexion we cannot confirm but also a specific genetic racial category that WHG did NOT fall into. The closest living relatives to WHG are modern Europeans such as Estonians who have a lot of WHG dna and are not African! The reconstruction not only makes the man very dark, but also beardless like many Africans and lacking the distinct brow ridges that those with significant Neanderthal admixture have (Africans do not have this and WHG did). Facial reconstruction leaves a lot of room for the “imagination” of the reconstructor. Another misleading headline describes the ceddar man as a “briton” which makes no sense because as i have explained, a 2017 study showed that over 90% of the DNA of the British isles was replaced in the late neolithic by an invasion of bell beaker people from Holland who were themselves descended in part from steppe peoples. All celtic and germanic people in Britain are descended from these people, so 10,000 years ago most of our ancestors were living in Russia and were not in any way black! Those people are the ancient britons since they are the progenitors of our people. Media twist scientific facts for an obvious agenda. Please be aware that all science is heavily politicised these days.

We lost one of the first of our lads today

Official druid/pol/ day of mourning

World Renowned Egyptologist John Anthony West Has Died
A crippling blow was dealt with Egyptology today after famed author John Anthony West passed away at age 85. West was known for his ground-breaking work on the ancient architecture of Egypt, particularly the Great Sphinx.
It was thanks to his Sphinx water erosion hypothesis that the modern accepted age of the Great Sphinx in Egypt was rewritten and our understanding of ancient Egypt was changed forever. West dedicated decades of his life to researching the megalithic structures left behind by ancient Egyptian civilizations.
In 1993, West won a News & Documentary Emmy Award for Best Research and a nomination for Best Documentary for the NBC special "The Mystery of the Sphinx." The documentary presented evidence to support the theory that the Great Sphinx is much older than modern archaeologists previously believed.
In the documentary, West contends that the main type of weathering evident on the Great Sphinx and surrounding enclosure walls could have only been caused by prolonged and extensive rainfall around 10,000 to 5,000 BC. This theory challenged the conventional dating of the megalithic carving which put the creation of the Great Sphinx around 2500 BC.
A close friend of West named Graham Hancock commemorated his passing today on Facebook with a touching tribute:
"With courage, fortitude and a great sense of humor my dear friend John Anthony West put up a spirited fight against cancer for more than a year, defying all the odds, bouncing back again and again with the love of his family and friends and the generous support of this community for the crowdfunding appeal to cover his treatment: fundly.com/john-anthony-west-project.
He beat cancer, but the fight took too much out of him and he has moved on now, with great dignity and style, to his next great adventure. I love him, I admire him and I consider him to be a great light in the world that has by no means gone out. His example of rebellious thinking, of asking the difficult questions, and of never, ever, under any circumstances, putting up with the bullshit of the dominator culture, helped set a whole generation on the path of free and independent thought that leads to the discovery and unfolding of our true humanity.
A few words from the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead in the translation of Normandi Ellis to which John introduced me a quarter of a century ago:
"Hail Thoth, the architect of truth, give me words of power that when I speak the life of a man I may give his story meaning. I stand before the masters who know the histories of the dead, who decide which tales to hear again, who judge the books of lives as either full or empty, who are themselves authors of truth. And they are Isis and Osiris, the divine intelligence. And when the story is written and the end is good and the soul of a man is perfected, with a shout they lift him into heaven."

Without him and Hancock I would not be here

40k lad is there anything you can sigilise to make these 40 months hell on earth for him?

He ascends unto the great grove in the sky but shall live on as we carry his spirit with us. Through his works, his spirit endures and remains with us.

Ill have a go lad. Gotta beware of that threefold law of return though its not just a wiccan myth/bullshit tbh iv had genuine comeback while trying to perform hex/curse work before - usually in the form of nasty gum abscesses Ill try and sigilise something to effect his circumstance rather than trying for outright physical harm. Perhaps one to harden the governers heart to any possible leniency in prison or maybe try one that will result in his anonymity being leaked online or something similar. His life is probably pretty shit already so im reluctant to try for outright harm - if hes already reaping his karma so to speak, anything I throw at him has a good chance of coming back at me so gotta be cautious in matters such as this. Ill certainly have a think unto the best course of action though.

Good points lads. We have well and truly entered THE AGE OF DEMORALISATION now. They are going to try and throw shit like this left right and centre in the hope that some of it sticks. We must be ever vigilant and ready to counter their bullshit narrative. We have truth, natural order and righteous justice on our side. They have lies, subversion and obfuscation (and near bottomless funds for now) Despite that, we still hold the advantage. Light and truth will prevail over the darkness and it is always darkest before the dawn.

I think the druid/pol/ prophecy of last year is really starting to come into fruition now. We shall endure because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks lad I understand your hesitance. I'd settle for him to never see an uncloudy sky for his gaoling period tbh. No leniency is fair, i guess thats what i wished had happened in his sentencing, maybe thats significant

Sounds right lad, I recon it'll go down worse than the Christmas of racemixing.

As for venables no need to try to do him harm, though I'm sure somehow if his fellow inmates were to be enlightenend as to his real identity…

Cool vid posted on the discord

In particular, the cunt with the fucking steampunk goggles and horns raises my ire something fierce. Who other than an utter twat would dress like that in public? For what purpose is he wearing fucking goggles? Is he going to be doing some spot-welding? Or perhaps flying a biplane? Jesus Christ I detest these people. Look at the bint in pic 2. Says it all doesnt it.

Perhaps im being harsh in judgement & casting unfair aspersions on the girl based on a preconceived notion of appearance but you know im probably right

I tell you lads, if the B.O.N.D goes some way in working towards reclaiming our ancient druidic heritage from these insufferable new age weirdos, freaks and attention whores then ill die a happy man.

Fucking pisses me off lads, I thought the crusties had got the public banned from defiling stonehenge back in the 90's after they damaged and defaced it with spraypaint.The tabloids had a field day about the menace of "new age travellers" but they seem to have let them back now. Stupid tbh. Solstice at taht particular momument should be a solem dignified, almost sacrosanct affair but instead the site is annually defiled by a gaggle of drugged up crusties and obnoxious metropolitan dilettantes who have no fucking connection to the land but instead go there to LARP, to show off, to get wasted or to be be 'lolsorandum'. Every year the cunts leave shit and empty tinnies strewn round the site too. Boils my piss. Also I bet if WE were to attend under the B.O.N.D banner we'd be denied access if they knew our political leanings too never mind the fact that we wouldnt disrespect the site or leave sick and rubbish strewn about. Im nursing a grudge here lads.
rant over

Couldn't agree more lad. Wiccans and other wishy-washy drugged up socialists are without a doubt the biggest obstacle for us.
I's pure defilement is what it is, it's the spiritual equivalent of squatting

I like that. Very good analogy. This degenerate booze & drug fueled mob descends every year, shitting the place up with their faggotry and giving the outside observer the impression that they hold a monopoly on the Rites of Old. The vast majority of them hold no knowledge of the Mysteries, no connection to the land, no love for actual tradition and no concept of the blood and soil aspects that are integral to proper functions of fraternal order. Its a disgusting LARP by atomised, fragmented individuals who piggyback off of a sacred tradition in order to justify indulging in a mindless & self indulgent display of Bacchanalia. The henge is indeed defiled by such an affair.

I do love the utter impotent rage that existence of groups like ours cause them though. The apopleptic, autistic fury you get from them when they find out that occult interest & praxis spreads into spheres way beyond their fluffy left wing wiccan circle jerk and into territory they find fearsome and perturbing. They look there and they find us staring back at them with angry eyes.

We are the fucking Kwizatz Haderach bitches….

That's not good enough for me lad. I want them to be utterly driven off shadows were they belong, and for them to know the Rites of Old are not for them to twist and warp into their dumbshit ideology

Indeed lad. I concur with the sentiment wholeheartedly. With the currently burgeoning revival along the rightward swing of counterculture we will seek to displace them and banish them from the spheres of (sub)culture they currently occupy.
This is accomplished on multiple fronts. Mockery and ridicule are our best mundane tools for now. Strength, health and well groomed order to their shaggy shambling dysgenic chaos. The universal antidiluvian symbolism of conflict between two polar opposite forcess comes into play and physical alignment of this dichotomy is like unto a ritual in its own right.
With our more esoteric toolset, multiple fronts could be opened up, including that of sigil operations, abramelin squares, memetic and egregore work and, most importantly, attuning ourselves to certain currents that oscillate best with our ultimate will and intent (particularly as such currents are indelibly anathema to their dispositions.) Such things can effect them on levels of vibrational frequency they are attuned to as to render them into a state of discombobulation.

Kind of an odd request shot in the dark type thing but I thought of Druid/pol/ when I had no luck finding these. There's an author named Comyns Beaumont who wrote books about pre-diluvion Britain and also wrote about ancient Aryans and suppressed British history. I put a request in at >>>/pdfs/ but thought I'd fare better with you lads since you are knowledgeable about this subject matter. Anyone know the work or have any of it?

I think the one you are looking for is "The Great Decepton" but im as yet unable to find a .pdf link. Ill check the obscure russian VKs that I lurk to see if theres a scan of it there. Regarding Beaumont, in the interrim I have a link to 'The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler'


And an article on atlantis here
theflatearthsociety.org/library/pamphlets/Is Britain the Lost Atlantis.pdf

Ahh much thanks! Yes, "The Great Deception" is one of the ones I'd like to read but there are others as well. For example "The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain" and "Britain the Key to World History". Both are Beaumont as well.
So I'm actually watching Tsarion's "Irish Origins of Civilization" DVDs and collecting some of the books he's getting his info from. All criticisms of the guy aside there's some fantastic info, especially about the Etymology of words tying back to ancient Britain and the evidence that culture and knowledge moved from west to east, and not the other way around.
Just watched a segment demonstrating the word "Jew" as originally being Yew, as J and Y were interchangeable. Yew being sacred to the ancient Aryans/Druids and symbolizing holy men, etc. There's a lot more but basically he concludes that the name was stolen and corrupted from ancient Druids and mis-attributed to this multicultural mishmash of people by early church fathers like Josephus.
Good stuff so far despite the dry delivery by him, but I'm glad I finally sat down to watch it. I wasn't sure what to expect but it's synchronously lining up with other things I've been looking into so I'll roll with it.

I used to watch Tsarion in the early days of youtube (Around '07/'08 when the tinfoil/illurminarty scene was thriving) Hes does do some good presentations despite his quirks. Im going to go and rewatch some of his stuff now you mentioned said segment. Might glean some new meaning we missed a decade ago.
Ill keep an eye out for Beaumont books and and link you them if I find any. I find VK is a good source for obscure/rare occult books. The pages are in russian but the .pdf files are almost always strait scans of the english print versions. Iv found all sorts there, from Crowley to Blavatsky, AE Waite and even Chumbley.

Also if you have not got it already, heres a link to the occult megalibrary. Theres a ton of interesting stuff in there covering all aspects of the esoteric.


Tsarion does good research. That much is evident. I do have the MEGA library, but having read through most of the more well known stuff years ago my tastes have turned to rarer and more niche materials. Been having increasing difficulty finding the things I want. Anyway, I appreciate you keeping your eyes peeled, and if I find them I'll post them here as well. I'd love to start and ancient Aryan/pre-diluvion thread but the way things have been here lately it'll get shilled and probably anchored in no time.

Faggets who will never taste the deliciousness of the indigopill

Focus on the self you fucking wannabe aryans, every time you put your attention to something you dont like you are giving it energy, change the world by mere example and expect nothing from none one, not even your wife, not even your son, be the change you want to see… a powerful body and soul will never be affected by low vibrational acts even if you are in a shithole of a place

want to get rid of larpers? stop spending minutes thinking about their 'downfall' and more on your own growth.

tbqf I don't think you were invited.


How are you lads? Things have been mixed for me meditation has me feeling more relaxed and focused but my attempts at self hypnosis have thus far failed utterly.

Couldn't agree more about the pollution of stonehenge "spiritual squatters" sums it up nicely.

An user was nice enough to post this in response to my request on /pdfs/.

Britain The Key To World History by Comyns Beaumont

Novice Magick initiate here. I am well aware that degeneracy is a swift path to failure and worthlessness, but I have also read in a few places that our pre-christian ancestors across northern and western Europe had several rituals of a sexual nature. Is this historical revisionism at work or some other sort of falsehood or is it something I could potentially utilize to bolster my wife and I's contribution to the next Aryan generation and assist in safeguarding our offspring from the sway of the Yid.

Where have you read these lad?
Chances are definitely yes lad, a key defining trait of the spiritual squatters is the way they twist various aspects to their own liking and by doing so attempt to legitimise their own degenerate behaviour.
The only advice I can give you is to make offerings and prayers to your relevant deity (if you're Pagan) and give your wife a good dicking or three, others may have other rituals though

Smashing, good find. Thanks for sharing lad.

Portentous numerals frater

Not bad thanks lad apart from fluid retention in my ear thats left me half fucking deaf. Its something im prone too - its sinus related and usually happens when I have a cold. Just Got to wait for it to dissipate. Cloth-eared at present. You ok lad?

Keep up with the meditations and self hypnosis. These things take time to git gud at and master. Dont be disheartened by initial failures.

What a silly post. What manner of cretinous new age nonsense is this? It's "be the change you want to see in the world" level tier cringe. Shits not going to get done if we just stand around putting out good vibrations. Ill agree that the aspect of self development is important but it is not an all encompassing solution. You also have to act, to grab the metaphorical bull by the horns and take assertive action.

No lad. It doesnt work that way.

Sexual ritual can be pretty powerful tbh lad. Raw generative force can be harnessed. Imo it only reaches degenerecy levels when you go down left hand path routes that require the bumming of men (like the A∴A∴ 7th degree and above for example, of which i am not a fan) Also some of the more fringe practises involved in tantra are pretty disgusting too (although they do serve a valid purpose in overcoming things that one would find nominally find repellent so the degeneracy aspects are debatable in that regard should they serve a higher purpose)
Nothing wrong with exploring differing aspects of sexual ritual in the privacy of ones bedroom be it fertility rites or workings involving sex magick and the harnessing of the primal generative force of creation. It is a powerful current to work with.

Hope your ears sort themselves out soon sounds maddening, a moments inattention with wet paving has left me a patchwork of bruises but I'll be fine in a day or so.

The meditation is going alright being able to focus on the calmness and use the time to focus on an idea suits me, the issue with the self hypnosis is clearing my mind and entering the trance. My studies indicate doing it yourself is very hard. Ironically it turns out that hypnosis started out as an attempt to debunk mesmerism.

Posting a very Druidic supplement tbh


Speaking of Lions Mane check out mycologist Paul Stamets sometime. Vid related is him on Rogan a few months back yes Rogan I know but it was really good talking about all kinds of awesome mushroom stuff. Lions mane supposedly has the same positive effects on your brain as psilocybin but without the trip. And you can take them in supplement form. Also you should watch because he is literally wearing a mushroom as a hat.

How are we today lads? Off on my holidays to the New Forest tomorrow.

Coming down with another cold so not happy tbh, hope you have fun lad

Thanks lad. Iv had two colds in the last two months too. I think they are spraying us with the contrails or some shit.

Yeah it's weird, I'm blaming it on the intensive workout followed by a night out the other day. Posting a useful screencap from some lad on /brit/

You're Cornish, aren't you?

Cheers man, same cunt.

Get the extract and take sublingually for maximum absorption. Wifeanon and I take it and are going to start growing them to make our own. Take Stamets' extracts consistently if for no other reason than their immune system building properties tbh, we haven't had a cold or flu in years. Blueberries, ginkgo, and gotu kola are also neurogenic.

Wew, I'm terrified.

Have fun and keep your eyes peeled lad. Spring is coming early and this weekend was full of wild portents. We drove across the high desert to visit some family; on the trip in saw a herd of Bighorn Sheep and on the way back a herd of Pronghorn. Both are difficult quarry for hunters but were just grazing on the side of the highway as we happen to be talking about our forthcoming children. On the way home we stopped at this WWI memorial the town had made from concrete. Not as impressive as the original I remember from my youth but there weren't hundreds of tourists which was nice.

Wew, good to see you here lad. Are you a regular or have you just popped in?

Off at midday lads. Excited for me holiday tbh. If iv got an internet connection at the campsite ill check in later on & post some photos of the New Forest and all its glorious portents.

Thanks lad. Ill keep my eye out for the movements of tameless familiars. Deer are the ones to look out for in the New Forest.

positively druidical tbh

Good taste lad

You alright lads? Bit of rooty tooty going on.


Doing OK just nothing to report.

Thoughts on the popularity of the 56% meme?

Lads, it is the eve of the Lunar New Year; the setting of the Fire Cock and rise of the Earth Dog. In honor of that and the three portentous Wolf Moons which initiated the solar year; I have adopted a wolf on behalf of the lodge. Behold Merlin, most tameless of familiars, too based to die, poachers are a fuck.

The misses and I are going to to pay him and her wolf a visit at the sanctuary(highway exit 88) either this weekend or next. Feels good tbh.

OMG! So Brave!
So these natural predators where not only removed from their natural environment, deprived of any opportunity to fulfill their biological directive, but now have even been robbed the simple mercy of death and instead must continue to live as pets for the amusement of the enlightened.
Fucking awesome.

Many of them get rehabilitated and rereleased. The ones that don't can't because they were born in captivity and or were rescued too old. This one falls in both categories but can aid in the rehab of the young and educating the public. The enclosures are about an acre each and only a third of the wolves are on the tour. The organization also does a lot of work to protect the ones still in the wild lad.


I suspect they spade & neuter.

When I was much younger and still naive, riding my motorcycle across the wastes, I stopped at some kind of nature preserve.
It was all injured animals put on display for the traveling public.
It was sick and unnatural but I didn't really understand why it was affecting me until I came to the cage that had the bobcats in it.
One, sitting up on a dead tree limb just watched me the whole time I was there. I was ashamed. I knew exactly what was going through its mind.
This was worse than death. Better to die injured and free than to live broken and on display.
What ashamed me was not breaking open all of those cages. Fear of the machine and the cage it's kept me in.

Interesting ID.

Afternoon lads how are we all? Just got back from my holidays. Would have posted while I was there but the site I was ats wifi had fullchan and cuckchan on their block list so I was essentially cut off. Was a pleasant break but its good to be home tbh.
Hows you lads? Anything happen while I was away?
missed you lads. Felt isolated without my /druidpol/ threads

I'm sorry to hear that lad, it saddens/angers me reading it tbh, I've been to a place like that in North Carolina smh. I've been to Wolf Haven many times as a young lad and I assure you it's nothing like that; that's a feel that I would've registered even as a boy. The enclosures are so big vistors don't see anything half the time and it's an hour off the main freeway not a tourist trap. The purpose of this place is mostly to get gibs for conservation and lobbying for animal rights. Wild wolf populations have been recovering extremely well in both North America and Europe ranging into places they haven't since the 19th century. Surprisingly they'll only feed on livestock if desperate and hunting is limited so fuck the crybaby ranchers.

Hope you had a good time lad.

At the moment still nothing to report.

Yeah good thanks lad. Had a portentous day on a shingle beach. Was skimming stones with the kids and ended up finding a new hagstone, a mystery bone (fuck knows what its from - its fairly big and the sea has worn it almost smooth) and a neolithic flint arrowhead. The arrowhead in particular is a nice find as it quite easily spins on a flat surface and thus can be used for a sort of spin the bottle form of divination.

Morning lads how are we? You all still alive?

Good lad and you? Not much going on, we had a pretty good blizzard here so lots of comfy reading and Gondola walks inawoods tbh.

Still here lad, but as says there's not much to report


Same this end too tbh lads. Quiet for now. Impressed by those consecutive portenous numerals though. That is a good sign for sure.

Based Saturn

Also how was your holiday? Did you get up to any druidic stuff?

Was pleasant enough although I think the other half enjoyed it more than I. I'd have preferred to spend the money on something tangible like a new laptop but she had her heart set on a holiday so there you go. Got to make the odd sacrifice to keep other happy I suppose Id hoped the site was more isolated than it actually was - turned out there was a lot of people there. There was a pool/sauna/hottub which was nice though - all inclusive. The resturaunt/bar was absolute shit. Staff were worked off their feet, food was subpar for the prices and it took them 45min to deliver an order or ice cream and fruit fucking salad! Had to chase it up & complain. £65 quid spunked on a meal that was well below even weatherspoons standard. That stung. Dont like needlessly wasting money. Self catered after that. Found a local butcher in a nearby town and got some nice sausages.
Was going to do a ritual that involved making a fire in the woods but rain saw that endeavour met with failure (such is the perils of holidaying in England)
The good luck came on the last day though when, whilst skimming with the kids on a shingle beach I found a neolithic arrowhead. Proper good one too - bit worn by the sea but very nicely defined - you can see where the flint has been hewed. My mother has some hospital tests coming up so iv given it her for good luck, otherwise i'd have posted a picture. My kids also found a decent hagstone and some kind of mystery bone on the same beach. The bone is very worn by the sea, almost smooth with lots of small holes worn through by salt. No idea what its from.

Need to think about a new thread chaps


eyy, I'm back lads
ridiculous having to sit out a whole month for some butthurt yanks smh

been keeping up with the thread, might have an interesting project to share soon, I'm writing an article for a /brit/ blog for a pagans V christians religious-choice showdown

Good to see you back lad

100 replies left but Ill get one up when the time comes, no worries.
Any suggestions as to themes?

Welcome back lad. Some 90s house gold to celebrate your return to the grove.

Looking forward to hearing about this project.

Been thinking about possible themes apart from the usual tarot arcana we could go for the classic "beware the ides of March" or maybe something to do with the changing of the seasons from winter into spring and the approach of the equinox.

I think we need to keep up more with current events here lest we become detached from the flow of the wider board.

Apart from that I hope you're all well started seeing results from my meditation, feeling calmer and more in control I think I need to exercise more in border to strengthen the connection between mind and body.

Fresh Celtic 56%

Agreed. I think we had an ides of march themed thread this time last year too (might have been one of the few that didnt get archived) so it would be pertinent to have a repeat of said theme. Ill certainly incorporate that into the thread. The tarot arcana and planetary positions have become pretty integral so we will keep them too. I had a thought to incorporate more numerological aspects too but decided against it as the obsessive, cryptic and labyrinthan nature of numerology has a tendency to over complicate. For now I think we should stick to portentous digits and the significance of the thread number rather than bogging ourselves down with obsessively calculating the numerological value of everything. Iv seen folk become autistic as fuck over numerology to the point of alienating others. Theres a certain comment regular on morgoths blog whom has a habit of trailing off onto obscure and tenuous numerological connections and it only seems serve to piss everyone.

Yeah I agree fully with this. It is important we retain our fireside position with Holla Forums us being the loyalist faction after all and not become too isolated from our wider board bretheren with an over emphasis on estorica, although I remain convinced that our study of arcane praxis remains integral to our wider purpose. Needless, we should find a healthy balance between the two. This process itself encompasses the integral concept of duality but we must approach it like that of the calibration of weighing scales, finding our perfect equilibrium between opposites.

Good stuff m8. Keep it up

What could have been…

No thanks

Fresh esoteric Jahansautist
lad should stick to denigrating NEETs

How's your weekend lads?

Thanks though it's an odd kind of calm a lack of "give a fuck" which doesn't let everyday bullshit bother me.

Alright lad, just feeling a bit raw from the night before. How about you?

Fresh shit spy memes
Looks like the film portrays Mosley about as nicely as they would Hitler but what can you expect smh.

Researching a few things for some approved holidays and found this. Modern revisionism or CIVIC history? Feels bad that the "british values" of today were apparently even in part emulated over a century ago, we really were never hard enough.

There's that fucking word again. If its not been added by revisionist hand (which is likely considering its wiki) then I think it was more in the spirit of "we tolerate these savages to live in the event they, in turn tolerate british rule, law and submit to our supremecy." A sense of civic nationalist was good for the colonies because it lessened the threat of mutinies and rebellions. At home though it was pretty much ethnonationalism all the way though. Doubt lord Meath saw commonwealth wogs as his racial equal tbh.
As empires went the british was probably the most benevolent that has ever existed. The tolerance they spoke of then did not mean what it means today where it has been twisted into a neomarxist buzzword that perverts the original meaning and is now code for "shut up and put up"

fucked up my linkage there

Fresh bagpipenigger

Fuckin hell, haggiswop content. I thought he'd retreated to his NEETcave, ever to emerge!

Something extra to get the muscles twitching lads.
Every day the national debt increases by £137,808,000.


Morning lads how are we today?


Not too bad lad, j bit tired from a shit night's sleep smh

Same shit different day tbqh.

Been doing a lot of reading lately mostly on situation awareness and nonverbal communication.

Had an idea though maybe our own newsfeed type thing.

enjoying the cold snap
amazing how far the nu-cold war propaganda is being pushed

Tell me about it lad. I myself am cursed with such relentless insomnia that chemically induced sleep sometimes my only recourse.

Do elaborate lad

Fucking snowed here! Was surreal. I was in town, half the sky was blue and suddenly there manifested a blizzard of flakes. Didnt last long or stick though. Dont think its snowed on the isle since '06. Must have been Putin's doing eh lad…

Are you Christian lad?

Jesus existed. Lots of historical sources for that. Im of the opinion Yahweh existed as a kind of desert entity that entered into convenant with the jews. I dont think the 'God' of the old testament is the same God as the new testament God.
I dont really know tbh lad. If I am, im a very lapsed and apostate one. I do find it hard to shake some of the christian morals & fundamentals instilled in me growing up. It remains a part of me and I accept and embrace it in the spirit of duality.

Reminder that Christianity is judaism for goys
stop worshipping magical sandniggers and kikes
start worshipping our ancestor´s cults based on wisdom and honor

Elohim the devourer swallows souls, those who had all of it eaten cannot return.
There is no easy "I accept jesus into my heart as my savior" entry when it comes to reconnecting with the true old gods.
They literally cannot believe in them because actual belief, actual connection to gods requires a soul.
With Elohim it simply is a one way street.

A reason why Christians will never ever ever ever say "Yes" if you asked them if they would be Christians if they wouldn't get to go to heaven no matter how hard they try and their only reward for Christianity would be "superior morals, teachings, philosophy and civilization".

They don't actually give a shit about that, only about heaven.
Because it's the false promise of getting their soul back.

But it's gone.
Granted, a full devouring of the soul is relatively rare, at least in Europe, because you can look all around you and you won't see a single Christian nation that has:
No graven images.
No riches.
No strict private prayer.
And other things that Jesus wanted.

Instead you get opulent beauty and whatnot. Simply because the old gods still channeled through the people of Europe because Christianity is just a larp faith people tried out because someone convinced them that the true gods are actually all aspects Elohim and so forth.
That's why it was crumbling since 0AD and has six gorillion denominations with pagan weekday names and countless customs and "superstitions" even after 2000 years of no "real evangelism, scripture or anything of that kind".

But there are fully golemized ones, America is full of them, sadly, but they are also heavily jewed.
Anglos are weak against it too, but at least they don't mutilate their penises as much.
Still, they're generally in better shape than Americans.

It's fine though, 2000 years is a short time and in a few more thousand years we'll all be back on track and even Americans will have souls again since Christianity will have died out completely by that point.

It thrives nowhere, not in Japan, not in Mexico (yeah, Santa Muerte isn't exactly a biblical figure) etc.
It's just a larp faith that goes on top of people and gets driven and influenced by the true gods of the people.

Even some niggers have souls, it's just that their gods are garbage so it's no differnt to Christianity.

I have brought this up in several threads now and it remains unchallenged because it simply is reality.
It's sad that some have lost their souls completely, especially since they also often slap away the hand of nature.
The shrine our gods left for us to enjoy.

And since the golems lack a soul it's the last beauty they get to see before entering an eternal sleep without any dreams.
A state like before their birth.

Elohim only devours, not bestows or rewards.

elohim is just one of the many names of the tribal God of the Jews, Moloch. Also goes by Yahweh, (((God))) and Jesus.

your jewish ass really can´t fathom the concept of politheism right?
Europeans don´t worship a single god but rather many deities and unlike the judeo-christian magical kike these deities inspire reverence and respect
European gods be it greek romans barbarians or whatever they actually worshipped the same thing but with different names were rolemodels, Sources of inspiration all the moral values that (((Christianity))) has were taken by the jews and put into christianity to decieve the goys
and all the (((information))) you may find about paganism is leftist propaganda (Claims of greeks being raging homosexuals) or written by Christians/Kikes to dupe people into becoming christians because "our ancestors worshipped retarded magical entities!!! look how dumb are they believing in ghosts and minotaurs and other sorts of insane shit!!!" Even tho these tales were actually metaphors and contained hidden lore that you were meant to decipher and if you couldn´t then you are too dumb and don´t deserve to know it in the first place or too young and are not meant to know that yet because unlike christianity wich wants to destroy the european race by saving the weak and the sick and lowering the genetic quality of Thulean men paganism was also about eugenics

now get your Kike ass inside the gas chamber europe does not need Sandnigger/Kike cults


Just a idea I had to dose the sheep with covert redpills some innocuously named channel reposting the truth of what's actually going on. Just the facts no comment or spin of its own just identifying it's sources own biases. Keep dripfeeding people the truth and they wake up.

what the fuck are even on about, I was agreeing with your retarded ass. you put sage in the wrong field too. youre just making yourself look like a fool.

I suspect you of being a christian troll just given how blatantly retarded you are, explaining what "politheism" is to me like I dont know elementary words. Apparently you dont.

You've chosen the wrong thread to sperg at >>>/christian/ is that way

How is everyone doing on this night of the full moon

shivering and breathing fog
I'm in a 300 year old stone cottage partition and the heating doesn't work

Good thanks lad. Wrapped up warm in a dressing gown and a poncho. Central heating on full blast too.

Nippy as fuck son. Wrap up im loads of blankets and hot water bottles and shit. And rum.

Keep as warm as you can, be safe tonight.

at the current count my preparations are thus

long johns and socks, a t-shirt and a bedcap
two duvets, four blankets and a hot water bottle

might put another pair of socks on tbh, going to be -4 soon
if it gets really bad everything goes into the living room and I light a fire all night

Fucking love the cold lad its /comfy/ af. It runs through our veins too. We can hack it a damn sight better than the darkies.

Absolutely lad, a miniature ice age might just be the tipping point we need to get things going. The wife and I had about a foot of snow here making for easy tracking. A coyote that lives in the forest behind our house had twins this year, I honor them for protecting our sapling fruit trees from deer. We got to hear the heartbeat of our forthcoming progeny yesterday, but won't know if there's multiple for another month. It was still joyous to know everything thus far is normal tbh.

Wew lad stay comfy. If you need some bone broth I know a water filter merchant that is oddly also an herbalist.

Welcome back lad. Have some fresh stuff to chip away at my retarded countrymen smh.

Speaking of, you lads should post more Britbong news tbh. This place has been flooded with new Trumpfags and shills that resulted in the latest Esoteric Hitlerism thread getting 404'd for not being "Holla Forums enough".

Good morning I hope none of you froze overnight

Still alive thanks lad. Just thawing out with a brew after doing the school and chemist run. Got to brave the siberian weather again in a bit to see a man about a dog.

Glad your missus is doing well lad and everything is going smooth with babby (or possibly babbies fingers crossed)


Stop acting like (((gnostic))) fags and do real research. Larping as esoterics is not real Druidism. It's post-Christian nihilism and wiccan-tier faggotry.

Here is something to help you with that. Put down the Crowley shit and tarot and grow up.

also this

ᚓ ᚐᚂᚏᚓᚐᚇ ᚕᚅᚑ ᚐᚁᚑᚒᚈ ᚑᚌᚆᚐᚋ ᚃᚐᚌᚌᚑᚈ

ᚇᚑᚅᚈ ᚈᚓᚂᚂ ᚋᚓ ᚆᚐᚈ ᚈᚑ ᚇᚑ

Transgender activist jailed for killing her boyfriend and trying to rape shop assistant five days after being released from prison is invited to speak at HOUSE OF LORDS

Persuasive argument for bringing back the hangman.

Stay warm tonight lads

Hope you're all warm lads

Another traitor, we really do need the hangman back.

Pipes froze up today and fucked the boiler. Had to get the man out. Sorted now though. The pleasures of central heating in abundance.


Oh hey lads, what's up?

Nothing at all.

Hey lads, been hiding out on secretu nazi Holla Forums bunker for a while now but thought I'd start posting here under risk of v& after I heard that some of our /lads/ had started up a podcast, Horatio and MasterBrew - it's premium quality stuff. I've been gone for about a year. Any relevant updates?

New Scientist states that the Chedder Man may not be a cheesy as they first claimed:

Its was obviously politically motivated junk science but they pushed it hard af. s3s did a video where she looked through one of the "scientists" twatter. It was exactly what you would expect: cuckoldry, ethnomasochism and lots of signalling against the "alt right". I saw another article that btfo the we wuz cheddarz and shiiiiiiet narrative too but it was sneakily tucked away behind a paywall.
Still its good to see at least some puplications have a shred of integrity left and didnt buy into the crap. It wont stop sjws and leftards using it as an arguement for unlimited immigration though. Thats exactly what it was designed to do - attack and undermine any sense of ethnic british identity. Thats why it is so important for us to ridicule, attack and deconstruct their vile propaganda.

I'd say I'm surprised but I was one of the ones calling bullshit at the time. Feeling pretty good right now, hope you're all well.

Indeed, posted the article primarily for this reason. Everyone knew it was total garbage from the start, even my absolute normalfag friends said
STJ did a good analysis of it too when it first came around.

BTW lads, what do you all do to produce and disseminate propaganda to enlighten everyone on British ethnic identity?

Oh and welcome back btw lad. Did you see the charter we made?

Cheers lad. I did not, I've been out of the loop for a while.
Image related.

Lets get you updated then lad. The B.O.N.D charter.

Looks like (((HNH))) have continued to jew intensely for their MI5 overlords:
Image related, BBC's yiddish take.

Cheers lad, saved to peruse later.

It is false flagging as pagan troll, a “Goldberg” type who tries to rile people up. It likes to attack Christians and European culture of the last 2000 years. So it is clear to me, it being a jew, probably California based.

It is false flagging as pagan troll, a “Goldberg” type who tries to rile people up. It likes to attack Christians and European culture of the last 2000 years. So it is clear to me, it being a jew, probably California based.

What is wrong with /brit/ why are they so anti-anime and blackpilled?

Aryans are a Global Minority
The British are an Aryan Minority
Stop the Genocide of the British People

terminal goon infiltration. it's why they had to leave Holla Forums in the first place.

Because they're anti-anime and blackpilled.

Yeah pretty much, IIRC yu even f the team saying dark-skinned cheddar man is complete bollocks

/brit/ is kinda gay tbh lad, e-celeb worship, aut kike worship… Makes me ashamed of what imageboards have became.

Not to mention all the Christian LARPing smh

Plus the namefagging and the fact that they seem to think NA and SD did something wrong. These people are almost irredeemable tbh.

Yup, some of them are still nice lads though

*You even had members of the team

My browser keeps glitching out and I hate it

That's awful. This is why paganism fails.

That's cool!

Yeah I told him about that smh, It was the main criticism

Its a tool to be utilised same as anything else. Just because it was not around during the time of the druids does not mean they would have frowned upon its use. They probably would have adopted certain aspects of enlightenment era western esotericism into their practises had they been around for its inception. There is no reason for a neo druidic lodge not to adopt certain occult principles (such as hermetica) and practises (such as tarot & scrying) should they wish to explore the full autism spectrum of magick. The argument is akin to implying neo druids cant use guns because guns were not around during the time of the original druids. If you want to point me to some preserved source of the complete unadulterated original druidic practises I might reconsider but for now we have to work with what we have got.

Its not just that though. We have shamanistic stuff, some folk magick (notably some Chumbley), Tarot, some esoteric hitlerism, AO Spare sigils, scrying (with attendant pharmakia experimentation), abramelin squares (HOGD/mathers stuff) and lots of other bits and bobs including an obscure method of crystal scrying known as the "Pauline Arte". It all tools to be used and disciplines to be mastered. All one really requires is a deep desire/curiosity to cross liminal bridges. Also a grast of the principle of duality is important as it is fundamental to existence.

Aryans are a Global Minority
The British are an Aryan Minority
Nippon is Honorary Aryan
Hating Anime makes you a Good Goy
Stop the Genocide of the British People

Off for a job interview lads. Wish me luck.

May good fortune walk by your side lad

delightfully deranged parody as always

Good luck lad, hope it goes well.


The ol' thought police got back in contact again so I might have some interesting things to share tomorrow.


Just informing everyone that you can reach a larger audience that isn't your choir. Text posted on Steemit cannot be censored if you direct link.


How'd it go lad? I quit my job on monday. Interesting timing.

Dont think I got it tbh lad. Probably for the best though, it didnt look as cushy as i'd had first hoped it would be.

Had breakfast with a couple new thought police, amazing they're still hiring fresh golems tbh. Not bad lads but what they do is bad.

Also got a gimp leg and might get a cane or walking stick for a while and be a fancy lad.

Was hoping for an interview today at a fine leather jackets shop but the cunts of managers are never in the store and the plebes like I would be aren't allowed to do anything more than take a CV smh. I make the effort to go in person on the off chance they are there but 90% of the time the underlings don't even know the manager's shift pattern…

Absentee management is an absolute pain in the bollocks hopefully, they have at least one competent employee who can help you out.

Mind giving us a bit more info on the thought police?


Bowden reads Beowulf

Exceedingly auspicious numerals friend.

Indeed this is true. Their nature is qliphothic hence the inversion we see manifest.


Thanks friend.

Morning lads how are we? Ill make a new thread later on. Iv got to nip out for a bit but ill get on the new thread around teatime. An ides of march theme was decided upon but if you want to see anything else represented in the coming thread, let me know now and ill include it. If we run out of posts before i'v got the new thread up, just bunker up and await the creation of a portentous new druid/pol/ which will be manifest by tonight. Cheers lads.

Good job lad

Should just hand your CV in anyway on the off chance tbh
What do they want with you now?

Thanks lad, I'd say Imbloc but we've long since passed it, Easter (Ostara) perhaps?

Just checking in, getting my latest address so I can be v& more efficiently and that.
Always a laugh to speak with them, if depressing in what they represent.
Got a free breakfast out of it which was nice.

Yeah I always bring in a CV, doubt there'll be a reply smh.

Descaled the kettle overnight and all, haven't had a hot drink since… Maybe half a year.
Ides of March and a bit of Ostara sounds good.

Damn lad, thought they'd gotten off your back

It's their job to keep tabs on anticitizens smh
not like they should be dedicating all their time to finding budding ISIS peacers or anything, that's too hard