How do they come up with 6 gorrilion?

Hey fellow goyim,

How the fuck do they come up with 6 gorrilion? Theres literally no evidence backing up this claim (BUT THEY BURNED BODIES GOY, physically impossible to even cremate 1 million bodies given it takes 47 minutes approx to burn 70kg of human body with a state of the art incinerator, gas fueled, not coke, and not a cremator).

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When I was in school they taught us that the Germans kept meticulous records of every death.

They stopped teaching that bit in school.

6 is a magic number in Judaism. Requesting the image containing all the references to 6 million Jews before the Holocaust (e.g. 6 million Jews perish in Russian Empire).

By 50's they said it was anywhere between 5 000 000 to 7 000 000. Eventually it solidified as 6 000 000 and now if you imply it may have been 5 999 999 instead you're a holohoax exposer.

Also this Six million is 6 and 6 zeros. Holy numbers.

We know the truth

it's a prophesy in the talmud
Why it's 6,000,000 in the Talmud I don't know however

“Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must ‘vanish’ before the state of Israel can be formed. ‘You shall return minus 6 million.’ That's why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the ‘sacred 6 million’ is an attempt to transform the holocaust story into state religion… Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in ‘burning ovens,’ which the judicial version of the holocaust now authenticates… ‘Without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.’”

The Star of David has six points
God created the Heavens and the Earth in six days
Noah was six hundred years old at the time of the deluge
Moses led six hundred thousand Jews out of Egypt
The World is six thousand years old
Israel fought a six day war against her enemies

Because of this recurrent theme of the number six, there's a prophesy in the Talmud somewhere that says that six million kikes need to die, or something, before they can get their own homeland.

And do you know how many kikes they claim Hitler killed? Six million, of course. And do you know how many "death camps" there were? Why, there were six.

It's almost as if the Zionists carefully chose the six million number in order to convince Orthodox kikes to migrate to Israel…

Irony being, there's currently 6 million of the cunts living in israel. Makes le ol' almonds activate..

wasn't it the 7 day war
Also all those death camps were in Poland, a 6 letter name

Jews believe there are only 600,000 Jewish souls and multiples of this number is meant to show how much of a shoa it was

There you go user. And a few other references to their magic number.

Maybe it's time for their 6 gorillion meme to actually become a reality.


it's a sacred number to them in their prophecies

The Holocaust wasn't just Jews, and it wasn't just gas chambers. A significant portion were simply killed and another were cramped into the back of concealed trucks asphyxiated by the truck's exhaust. 200,000 were killed this way. It's 3 million jews and the other 3 million were niggers gypsies and homosexuals. Even if there was no evidence for the holocaust, there's more than enough evidence to suggest that it did happen. Many Jews left Europe to find safety from the Nazis because Hitler was open about his discrimination to the Jews and desire for them dead, and just about every Jewish entrepreneur was ruined. Jews were taken from their homes. The Nuremburg Trials were a thing, and the UN acknowledged the creation of Israel because of the Holocaust. It's difficult to believe that nothing happened when the consensus from multiple counties shows that significant portions of their Jewish population simply disappeared. Those consensus is where that 6 million number came from but I think it was more 3-4 million which is still a lot.(>implying the holocaust happened)

The balls on (((them))). Seriously.



They originally claimed that Auschwitz killed 4 million chosen, but they themselves revised that number down to 1.3 million. I think they are going to make it go lower to around 400,000 and eventually 0 hopefully.

It is thanks to people on side who used documents to prove the numbers are inflated. The jews still use the original number to justify muh 6 gorillion even though it's widely accepted even among holohoax historians that the number is far lower than that (implying)

It's an old kike prophecy.

Do you think there's a single person here who doesn't wish that millions of kikes got what they deserved? Of course not, but there's just no evidence that they did.

Have fun OP


That number is wrong, go- guy.

Damn wrong video. Here's the PDF. It's free

Does anybody have the specific torah/talmud 6 million jews line?

In Kabbalah 6 is the number representing the evil spirit of the Sun, called Sorat and Sorath, who's total number is 666. Sorat represents the Jewish Messiah.


What caliber of shill are they hiring now

"Lorde, New Zealand targeted in pro-Israel Washington Post ad"

"A pro-Israel organisation has used a full-page newspaper ad in the Washington Post to call singer-songwriter Lorde a "bigot" and accuse her home country New Zealand of "growing prejudice" against the Jewish people."

doesn't belong in this thread but doesn't deserve its own. still funny though. they're slowly losing their grip and exposing themselves by making bolder and more far fetched claims and accusations.

I'm a New Zealander and I fucking hate kikes, so where there's smoke, there's fire I suppose.

Are you twelve cunt?


Just found this 1932 film by two kike producers about a jewish physician's life.
According to jimbopedia it was going to have another name but the (((producer))) changed it to "reflect NYC's population".

The "le 6 million maymay" was pulled out of a ton of zog owned newspapers from the early/mid 90's. I don't recollect seeing them from a source predating them.

They have been saying 6 gorrilion for years, even befor the 1st wold war, and befor then, and constantly after the second.

welcome to nuremberg trials!

What is confession under duress at a kangaroo court, Jim?

Likelly some big number happened (big enough number of dead jews to make up all those photos not being fake) but the people were so impressed the allies started accepting Soviet Propaganda about the German camps.

Original aim of Soviets with Holocaust might not have been to benefit the kikes, but to create something would make Stalin purges milder and more domesticated in comparison.

Then it went to NATO countries and the kikes took use of the opportunity destiny gave them, and hence 6 million cremated.

Even if 6 million jews died in WWII, there's not much sense how it was 6 million cremated jews.

yeah of course

Count the dead jews in photos.

It's a lot for naked eye, but if you actually count them with enough autism it's not even close to 6 million. Or 4 million.

Point was that USSR propaganda pushed for German camps being utterly horrible, so that people would see Stalin's Purges and Holodomor as the Moderate Position.

UK and US were allied with USSR, so they had to accept the "Industrial Death Camps" propaganda.
Jews saw the opportunity and pushed for USSR narrative to create the modern Holocaust Industry.

Oy Vey…

The finite number of "souls" theory seems legit tbqh. Our soul seems to be an emergent phenomenon rising from one's genetic behavior predispositions (limited by the same phenotype constraints you see within any race or genetically similar group) and the memeplex/culture inhabiting one's mind. This is what makes the NPC theory pretty much valid as well - those peoples' souls are nearly memetic carbon copies at a significant level of detail. The mass cultural infection machine of the modern world takes credit for that.

Viewed from this perspective, ideas such as reincarnation make sense. This is why it is important to revere a great man and emulate him. With commitment, effort, and circumstances, you will "become" that man.

This is why (((they))) fear the free exchange of ideas and try to shut it down or control it. Wotan and Amalek are ideas, thoughtforms that (((they))) fear. They become part of your soul, the warrior within.

"All normalfags behave the same" is an insult comparable to "all asians look the same" and not a statement of facts. They are brainwashed idiots by all means, but they are still different people. Have you seen two "NPCs" repeat each other's lines without knowing each other or some such? I sure haven't. Also, in the case the NPC "theory" is correct, what would even be the point of this boards' ideology? Why would anyone care about soulless husks of meat, or more precisely the majority of the white race, who would happen to be vegetables?

You niggers should stay in /r9k/ until you grow out of hating your fellow whites over fucking nothing.

Did not say anything about normalfags being soulless, you dirty kike, he said specifically that people become what they are saturated in. If you dress like a particular person and act like a particular person, on some level you are that person. And if you do this behaviour long enough, you become that person or so close there is no difference.

Why do you think method actors eventually go batshit insane?


There are six books in "Mishnah," which is translated as "the study of repetition."

They stopped teaching lots of things in school, like logic, or how things in history used to happen for actual reasons. Now, they just ephemerally and magically occur for (((no reason))).

While 6 million is very sad, we must first address the more dreadful terror, the worse, the most vile, indeed, it was he, Stalin, and his Communism, which killed 20 million Christians in exile, man-made famine, and Gulags. We must never again allow Communism to rise, for, wherever it may spring up, it slays those most precious to God, the light unto the world, Christians.

Rounding up from the established 5.9mil which is as high as the estimate goes without employing revisionism. There were probably more, but that can't be established given current literature and evidence.