ANALYSIS | Bitcoin's gender divide could be a bad sign, experts say

>But survey after survey backs up what the anecdotal evidence suggests — women are underrepresented.

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This article in the OP is ridiculous.

Apparetly 90% of all crypto users are male. With 95% of Coinbase's userbase being male. I'm willing to bet that out of the small pool of women who do hold crypto, a large portion of them are girlfriend's or mother's of holders.

Men will always have a financial edge over women. It's not just about the risk tolerance. It's about being able to look ahead and see potential. It's about walking through an uncharted landscape. It's about actually being interested in tech and taking the time to understand it.

Here is the article from Coinbase that talks about who actually owns crypto.
It's mostly young poorfags. The same kind of guys who would have headed west for the goldrush. Or first-adopters to a new technology.

Another big factor is that formal education still leaves you totally clueless on the financial markets. You either have to get trained by banks, hedge funds or take courses that copy what banks and hedge funds teach. It's a lot of work that will take massive amounts of your time. Even just working for those companies to get experience involves showing up at 6 AM and going home at 9 PM. Good luck finding women who look forward to that (actually most men don't even look forward to that).

They're only upset because men are making money.
They won't be demanding more female involvement if the bubble bursts.

Gotta get that feminism bucks.

VaginaBux. Get free VaginaBux from airdrops just for being women.


Imagine being as pants-on-head turbo fuckshit stupid as the average liberal.

I bet it's relaxing.

No, it's very frustrating. Imagine being utterly confident that you can fly but every time you try you just fall down. Then you look up and see a bird flying, and you say to yourself "He stole that from me",

Women have no interest in Bitcoin, but they are very interested in men who have Bitcoin.

They want to get women in to subvert it.

I wish I had known about the vile nature of women half my life ago.

Once women start using bitcoin it will be a good indicator it's gone mainstream and is here to stay. Women only join once something is "common knowledge." They don't just follow the heard. They are the heard.

It's not evil. It's what is required to provide for babies. Everything women do is to either create or provide for babies. The only problem is often those babies don't exist or are non human or worse non living attachments. A woman with properly attached maternal instincts is wisdom incarnate. Babies require men with resources to not only provide but TEACH.

This is why we must hang white knights.


Fuck off with your kikecoin bullshit yid.

Meaning it will be regulated and you can say goodbye to the crazy ATH's, because those are just tape painting, wash trading and spoofing. BTC will die.

Also pic related. You should look up this power-tripping fucknugget.

It's not even kikecoin, more likely to be ricecoin.

I actually agree that crypto needs more women. I'm sure they'll be great at buying my bags.

maybe use a picture of a bitcoin touching a wall next time schlomo

btc allows me freedom from jewish banks

implying he would still want a now old worn out whore

well they can try
that was the idea from the start, for me at least
btc surviving will depends on its ability to survive being regulated against, until it is just adopted
fucking normies
y do normies need btc?
basically btc is a way for nerds to get rich of normie instincts in valueing things with high pricetags
and its nice for ez pz profit of trading

This is a bigger issue than "risk" tbh. Short of being pressured to go into it most all women aren't interested in STEM fields. I knew a woman or two in my advanced placement classes and Engineering school who could thoroughly understand it and ace all the tests but at the end of the day they became stay at home moms and by all accounts are happier than the stronk career wymyn who spend 60 hours a week staring at excel spreadsheets. But I digress. Look at any "tech"/STEM related hobby. Ham radio, radio controlled aircraft, drones, solar/off grid, computer programming etc. etc. etc. These are all completely dominated by men and most don't carry a whole lot of "risk".

You're really betting on artificial wombs coming about just twenty years before you transpire. Are you not? You better not be white.

Feminism is the ultimate risk. That hardly ever turns a profit. It's like the ultra hard difficulty in economics.

I don't get treated to a smile like this every day.

Newsflash dingus, nature has some pretty cruel conditions set in place. I hear it also gets kind of hard to scavenge for food during the winter too.

Holy shit.

WTF, I love Bitcoin now. No really though, this is actually bad when were being flooded with almost exclusively non-white men.

Damn he's gotta be feeling fucking vindicated right about now.

Well, being unregulated, they are certainly allowed to start a girls-only crypto of their own.
And just as they can own it all for themselves, so, too, can they own its inevitable failure (I'm sure they'll still find a way to blame men).

Now that I've thought on it, the infiltration-in-order-to-subvert-and-regulate angle makes much more sense.
If women saturate the market, their risk-averse nature will lead them to call for 'safeguards' and 'government oversights', all in the name of being fair and equal.

Glorious analogy, user!


Please nuke my fucking country already. Jesus Christ.

But, of course.
However, cryptocurrency has been a darling of Holla Forums since its inception, and has been tracked closely this entire time.
Any governmental intervention can and will be tied to any corollary changes in the market and will be memed to death and put on display for all the normiesphere to see.
It's a ready-made trap.

But, if we nuke you, you win… ;_;

I want the restaurant industry to do a feminist gender equality drive.

It's actually agonizing.

You guys are close, but you're missing the evolutionary basis of it.
From an evolutionary standpoint men are expendable. One man can impregnate 20 women but one woman can only have one child at a time (twins and such aside.)
This means men naturally become the warriors of the species, and tend to take more risks in general. Risk taking, when it pays off, can yield impregnating 20 women. When it fails it can mean zero. When you are risk adverse you might get one, but women tend to select mates who appear to take risk AND succeed at it, because they want their limited output of progeny to be as good as they can get it (kind of like a K selection group of individuals within our already K selected race.)
For a woman the intellectual apex is being able to select and please the best mate, it has nothing to do with STEM because that would be dumb from an evolutionary perspective (e.g. they can't afford to take massive risks because the only qualifier of fitness for ANYONE is how many children they have and how well those children in turn spread the individuals genes.)
Men embrace STEM and generally cutting edge things (be they political, economical, scientific, technological, industrial, etc) because the winners win big and the losers don't really lose that much compared to not taking risks (they already start out set to be unmarried and produce no useful progeny if they can't afford to give their progeny great opportunity and never had that opportunity themselves - 1-2 children is break-even, not-break-even is pretty fucking common, so really break-even is just staving off genetic death, and good luck supporting a half dozen without having taken risk.)

Oh no, it's almost like men take more risks

Women are retarded children in the bodies of adults that need to be exterminated after they are replaced with artificial wombs.

You're a moron.

Pure pottery.

Theres a difference between a woman who wants a stable life and a full out materialistic whore.

While you make a good point, I very much doubt the women and their soyboi orbiters shrieking about this issue are the kind doing any reproducing.
While that's fine for them and the integrity of the gene pool, it would be nice if they'd stop trying to screw it up for the rest of us.

Really, there is opportunity for everyone here; even women who hate risk.
Simply pool their money with an investment manager willing to work with crypto, if that's what it takes to set their minds (and mouths (my poor ears)) at ease.

It's called BIT Coin not BITCH Coin

Feminists are are vile as MRAs. They're both rejects, there's plenty of hate to go around.

>(((staying poor and financially cucked)))

So what does this involve? Getting women to buy in or giving them gibs? Either way, pretty dumb; the former just seems like standard shilling of investments and mild financial exploitation.

I think some kind of investment company looked at the demographics stats and are trying to employ blue ocean business strategies i.e sell things to new markets with little competition. The same goes for the usual "we need wimminz in video gaming" shit. I've always thought the marketing approach was misguided i.e "women like feminism so we'll shill it by making it look like a socio-political issue" when it is losing its appeal to women outside of loud tumblr feminists.

Men tend to dominate a lot of areas. Even with equaity of opportunity, this will be true.

When you have a mixutre of races and cultures, this ads another layer of general complexity.

It takes too much energy, and wastes too much efficiency to make things perfectly even. The persuite taken to its extreme would polute every facet of society, sucking up all available resourses and will to live until it was overtaken.


Totally checked. I suspect its just a coinicidence though.

1. Where do they get this data from?
2. Why is gender relevant at all to a means exchange?
3. Why do they care only now AFTER they miss an opportunity?

I bet some women rolled their eyes at that. Feminists are getting retarded.

When everything innovative is male dominated you would think that it would become obvious that the cause is biological, not societal.

Yeah well cults (or in this case, feminism) are dumb like that.

Women aren't risky taker by nature so please leave the women alone. It's not their fault for being disinterested in cryptocurrencies. They will change when the cryptocurrencies become acceptable and global to spend on the shop stuff.

I say, one of the biggest accomplishments we made this generation besides electing Trump, is proving how retarded feminism really is. Seriously, a decade ago if you criticized feminism everyone would've lost their minds. Nowadays if you mention feminism people to people who are somewhat liberally inclined, they would get uncomfortable. As if you mentioned the name of their embarrassing constantly drunk uncle no one likes.

What gender divide? Plenty of women I know have crypto and are pro-Trump to boot.

Yeah if you're an idiot and don't know how to use google.

There's a bunch of women traders on twitter, I think you're just not looking, crypto is pretty cliquey, guys talk with guys, gals with gals.

They're not the ones complaining. The ones complaining are mere crows.

I knew that when I was 12

Please don't remind me

Only the sick women are so, the strong women are motherly and loving.

You know why I now think in Fahrenheit user? Not watching cucked leaf media for going on four years now.

Not saying not to post, but if enough people ignore it, it will crumble up and blow away. FWIW CTV, Global and Shitty-TV (see embed) are just as bad.

Sloppy seconds? Gross!


Remember when they said the same about the refugees?

and let's not forget motivation. A woman's financial success has little impact on her ability to find a quality mate.

Name one female music composer. There's nothing stopping women from composing music. All you need is a pen and paper, maybe a piano. Women have received musical education for as long as there has been music. Women write books.

Name one female music composer.

Hello Schlomo MGTOWbergstein

Hey, don't conflate MGTOWs with MRAs. There's valid reasons to abolish alimony.


Why the shock? It's just women wanting their slice after the novelty/risk phase and all of the heavy lifting (coding, development, risking your own money on hardware for mining rigs etc) is done.
You can apply this to any area of life.