Certified Meme Magician

Happy new year fellow Holla Forumsacks
Actually I'll wish you a happy new year in the mids of january. The Fire Cock is still running wild at the moment.

Well, I thought about sleeping, here its 6 AM, then about browsing pol and how I've missed being here. SO now I've decided to Kek some shit up.

I'm going to draw tarot cards according to your questions which are being selected through dubs from crowleys tarot set, I got a physical one here with me.

So Ask questions and the OP shall deliver if I won't nap out.

What is 2018 up to?


Come on boys, ask them questions or y'all sleeping?

Was Crowley homosex?

KEK is with us in this thread.
So go ask them questions.

What kind of questions should be asked?

Probably, but whatevs.
His Books are quite fucked up homosex.

Okay, so there seem to be some unclarities.

I have to aks the deck some kind of questions, so it has a direction.
Like what'll happen to pol in 2k18 or so.

Then I'll post the cards being drawn.

Will the nukes drop next year?

When/will I get married?

Will Hillary Clinton et. al. get locked up in 2018?

Hundreds of tarot decks and you choose the most thoroughly kiked.
Anyways you hit upon something I have major interest in. Mind taking a swing at Eye of the Night? Interesting creation, interesting image.

I wish

When will the jews die?

user, use a real deck like the Tarot of Marsailes.


For you, I shall draw cars.

But first, I drew them with the question what the new year will bring or what the situation is like now.



Is the search for excellence the best mode of life for humans?

Oh my. For the first time in my life, I prayed to Kek for dubs.

Fire; high, strong energy; transformation

This is the second highest card in the deck beside THE SUN.
It shows the released energy after a mental/physical blockade is being pushed away.
The securitys you were holding on to are now being shaken and shattered.
Are the obstacles pushed away, the renewal of your life can begin.
Now it's important to be creative with your released energy.
If you still have a blockade you shoud get rid of it now.
You're full of energy! Do everything to find out where and how you can use your creative energy.
Where is it pushing you the strongest? What is the most fun for you? In what condition or boarders/bound could you realize your ideals?
Draw cards for the questions above
I openly display my energy and force!

Crowley was a faggot.

Will my waifu and I walk hand and hand into success?

Please, everyone knows the best way to get answers is through GETS.
For example, will the kikes be completely dead this year? Singles means no, dubs means yes, trips means mega yes.

Alright dubsman. Will US forestry service get BTFO this year?

Related and one of the best\most informative things I've watched.

Also that feel when you're nominally a grown adult and Mark Passio can't adopt you and raise you to master the arcane arts.

For you too I shall draw cards.

But first,

Venus in Aries; Completion, union, completion; possibilities for renewal

The circle closes itself. The opposites come together and unite themselfs to one spot in the middle.The harmony between the male and female, active and passive (Pigeon and Arieshead), is restored. The Fire of creativity is being lit through the reunion.
The heart searches for a way to express and evolve. The new one presupposes the old one. The conflict between the oppositions needs to be put away in a way to reach higher goals of both partys.
In a relationship something truly beautiful will come. Maybe now you'll recognize to openly talk about things will bring in a good harvest and strongens the respect inbetween oppositions.
Are you ready to accept your partner with his diversity? What factors need to be discussed or completed?
If there are tensions between a person and you - now is the time to clear this up and finish unfinished business.
The completion of the old makes me free for the new

25 Replies and 6 times dubs.

What did we say, fellow Holla Forumsacks, what should be the average percentage of dubs in a thread? 11.4% or so?


You need to ask the question in another way.
Ask until dub, if dubs won't appear, ask another question.

I'll continue and come back to end this all.
I'll translate the rest like I already did and the Holla Forumsacks who rolled dubs, they shall receive their drawn cards from me.

If this thread doesn't survive until then,
I'll open one up again.


Use Dali, Literally the Meme Magician

So the pursuit of excellence will net you
Emotional (from wife?)
Mental (from overcoming difficulty?)
Spiritual (from nobility of purpose?)

How about playing an actual game of tarot with your friends, instead of picking random cards and showing them to people so you can pick their pockets like some fucking gypsy kike?

Will Trump actually lock up the pedos and satanists in 2018?

Will the latent superpowers of humanity return in 2018?

Firecock was a year of chaos, I'm glad its coming to an end.

What path should I take forward in the next year?

Fuck me, off by one.

We larping friend.

To be fair I use the Thoth deck too.
Kek willed it with trips.

I'm still curious to see what path I should take.

Happy new year. Hitler did nothing wrong.

Happy new year.

We live in the Kali Yuga. The Chaos is far from over.

Do you even know how you're actually supposed to use the Trump cards?

It looks like some fuckwit found a deck and decided to shitpost with it, to be honest.
Sad. Lot of potential in tarot imagery, and here it is squandered.

When will the ride end?

gr8 share, among many thing he can help us to identify propaganda much easily and actually be more understanding of the propagandists and cons line' of thought, and most importantly, their predisposed weaknesses, in any circunstance. he trully clears my mind when i feel confused about world events.

also relating to the subject of tarot, check out Michael Tsarion

For what? Looking at pretty pictures? Play the actual game, you jackass. Don't just stare at the cards, and "interpret" them.

No you aggressive asshat, potential in the same way Eastern Orthodox uses icons. Images sometimes over a thousand years worked upon until they hit upon subconscious archetypes. Archetypes one may use to order the modern world.
Besides, obviously the modern French decks were funner else Tarot would be the more played.

Should I move to Australia?

Except its the association with masonic cultist fucks and judenry that scares people away from playing an actual game of tarot. It's very much still a game, in most of Europe.

OP here
Sadly I haven't my deck with me, but yes, you should.
Especially if you live in a infested area.


I sadly don't have a Dali deck, but a great knowledge about him. Can you provide me with a link with all his cards digitally?


How about you stick yourself 25cm of wood up your arse?

It is already being done in the shadows.

Hell yeah it was. Remember the thread at the end of the firemonkey. Was awesome.

A noble one.

If Kek wills it, Kek wills it.

But the Kali Yuga is coming to an end, I'll search the pictures to it

As you would know just abit about the occult, you'd understand, my friend.


Symbolism you fuckwit. Do you even know? Or are you just a hooknosed ghoul?

Thank you for clearing up stupid wrong shit.

Almost nobody plays it in Evropea.



If you anons like, I can simply also answer questions, if you like.

Dubs get prioritized. So go for it Anons, ask them questions!

ayy lmao, ask!

It has its own federation (centred in france). Perhaps you should consider gambling over swindling about twenty bucks from strangers to "read" them, you asshat.

Lol jk, didn't knew that, thanks for correcting me user!
But you should have seen I was joking lol.

Will a new Hitler be born to save white Australia?

can anyone save White Australia?

Superpowers began opening last year.

No questions, I already know that the world is fundamentally changing soon. Just hoping light gets shined into all the shadowy (((places))).

Then report your thread as a "shipost", you fucking fartknocker. Checking your own gets is verboten, by the way. Remember that, next time you pretend to be a "member" of this site.

i wish to lead. deliberation about who the next leader is or who will save us is worthless if you dont wish to be the driving force of such a situation, so to that end, if i were to lead, what would the result be? would i fail and doom my country, or would i succeed? would i even achieve anything, or would i get used by the (((enemy))).

Will feminism be hijacked by meme magicians releasing a series of children's books that at face value contain feminist values, but really convey traditionalist roles?

Ah, okay. How would launching feminist children's books that are secretly conveying traditionalist values turn out in 2018?

I know it's supposed to have the fashwave glitch aesthetic, but that image looks like a clusterfuck. too many contrasting colors?

Will she be as loyal, as she is fair?

Well that doesn't seem to be working. Is it the case that the feminist angle is what's wrong, or the angle of making it children's books? To clarify a bit more clearly, is it wrong to create well meaning propoganda for children?

I have been offered money for my startup by a jew. If I take his money will I be cursed or otherwise destroy my chances of achieving the ultimate goal?

yeah its not a great image, but i like pose and structure of it. if i could, i would definitely edit it down to reduce the clashing of it all. i should have used pic related in hindsight.


Praise be to KEK!
(Hope you're still here, OP)

I have a question regarding the moon, namely the Wolf Moon we bore witness to on the start of this year.

Does it have any significance? Is there memetic power relating to the Wolf Moon? (Personally I've seen huge progress to the 14 words by acquiring a waifu and all in all I have a gut feeling that this year will be a significant one for all of us)

2018 seems to be ringing with a lot of memetic energy already. I am aware these things are not revealed to us clearly, but I ask this.
Will we see a significant shift in the memes? Is Kek growing stronger?

A lot of this stuff could be answered for you in the sticky thread, you know.

(don't consider this a question)
I also would like to mention that we are truly dabbling in something none of us are entirely certain of. We're on this ride and there's no getting off, so best strap in! Here's to another brilliant year with victories aplenty

Will I be the next Hitler?

Memes into reality.

Tarot = Crowley = Bad research degeneracy and larping. Mods allow this but kill Stoic threads

Yes. He butt-fucked his prodigy in a desert ritual.