Rohan starts to enforce (((hate speech laws)))

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can we get some more middle-earth/EU memes?

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Who are the Jews of Middle-Earth? That scribe appears to be Elvish… or is this a case of (((Hello fellow elves)))?





I got a cynical chuckle out of this one

There isn't really a good analogous group for jews. Maybe maiar aligned with Melkor who seed anti-human and anti-elvish ideology, then self-hating elves campaign for their own destruction.


Look at this blue checkmark soydwarf

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Melkor, or later known as Morgoth, is Tolkien's version of Yahweh or Melachim. There are different types of jews, but a majority of them are the powerful Noldor whom were corrupted in earlier ages of history. He was active in Valinor throughout the early periods of existence and struck deep at the heart of Arda. In Numenor (Atalante or Atlantis) Sauron (Morgoth's later identity, originally known in earlier periods as Thu or in our history Baal/Aton) corrupted the most powerful men (under Elros) and lead them to commit human sacrifice and idolatry, and to eventually wage war on Valinor (Asgard) leading to the downfall or Akallabeth. Read Unfinished Tales and Shaping of Middle-Earth for deeper insights by Christopher Tolkien (my personal collection >>>/zundel/388).

Mordor, Utumno and Angband are the main sites of Melkor's enthrallment and darkening of many elves/beorians (the ancient men/aryans, house of beor). The professor knew about the secret history of the jews and their worship sites. Amon Amarth or Mt. Doom in mordor is Yahweh, the volcano-like site in which Sauron "forged the great rings" ie. established planetary domination through esoteric works (Saturn). The Black Speech, which actually projects Melkor's influence when spoken, is the hebrew language.

Study Tolkien for ancient knowledge regarding Moloch in pre-human history.

This one is great.

Sauron was Maiar.

under Aule

Through powerful beings he assumes great roles of power or in a sense many identities, bound in darkness by the one ring and before that period Melkor was called literally Lord of the World. Consider also the aspect of reincarnation throughout the Silmarillion.

Anyway yeah, google NetzDG for more details on Rohan's recent attack on free speech rights.

Dumbass, Sauron isn't Melkor.

Read History of Middle-Earth you nigger.

Consider also the aspect of destiny in correspondence to reincarnation/multiple identities/actual resurrection of certain characters or archetypes throughout the story.

"But in after years he [Sauron] rose like a shadow of Morgoth and ghost of his malice, and walked behind him on the same ruinous path down into the Void." - Valaquenta, Silmarillion

Also, Manwe has a herald (Eonwe) that battles Morgoth at the end of time and defeats him. Tulkas and Turin Turambar are also there. Manwe is basically the god of Men, and Thorondor's (who scars Morgoth's face) eagles (german imperial fleet tbh) are most likely the source of UFO sightings (they fight Melkor's horrific dragons, and sauron's fellbeasts). A lot to digest in tolkien's works, but get good.

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I have read the three books concerning the Silmarillion, and you are wrong. Sauron is Morgoth's subordinate.


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It only applies for germany. And it is meant to censor and increase censorship if sexual emergencies happen.




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Melkor was Tolkien's version of lucifer and Iluvatar was his version of God. Faggot

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