Critics vs Netflix Users

I can't tell if this cancer is benign or malignant. This movie is a shit sandwich with extra cringe and a heaping side of police brutality and oppression narratives, as is expected out of a Netflix production. But it was a special shit sandwich because this brutality and oppression wasn't victimizing blacks, but rather orcs, which in the movie are not played by blacks, but nordic/anglo shrek types and are green and white. This blew the kippahs right off of the reviewers at Rottentomatoes and IMDB, but the masses subscribed to Netflix thought the movie was just fine if not pretty good.
The movie is beside the point and the real question I have for you guys is, could this conflict between mainstream reviewers and actual netflix users along with the complaints about Dear White People be a sign of hope for normalfags, and that millennials haven't out bred voters of Trump since October 2016 or did they just mistake the orcs for muslims?

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‘Bright’ Review: Netflix’s First Blockbuster Is the Worst Movie of 2017

‘Bright’ Review: Netflix’ New Movie is Offensively Dim.

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Max landis
Just saying

Netflix got rid of star ratings because their diversity programs fared so poorly. Now its thumbs up and down and they just ignore the results as they arent displayed anywhere meaningful.

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netflix is compromised..oh the government agent elf saved the day. darn glowinthedarkelfniggers at it again

Although Netflix content is not so different from MSM, the fact that the user isn't choosing what channel to watch but what content to watch is a big positive difference: it invites the watcher to make choices instead of just watching the same channel forever.

I know a lot of normies quitting regular tv or cable and going full Netflix and this is a good thing.

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Wait, so Netflix actually did the Orc's deserve rights LotR meme?

not really, their goofy suggestion system just pushes everything that has the highest correlation to the last thing you watched, you watch on random drug documentary and then all you fucking get is drug, prison, and hip hop documentaries and then you cant even find trailer park boys or anime without manually searching for it


I thought it was honest. Niggers being racist. Trigger Warning Entertainment indeed. It appears to have tweaked all sides. kek

Sort of. It was hard to tell if they were trying to turn orcs into Stinkbeards or beaners. Then there was the elves which were clearly magic jews pretending to be white. They kind of flubbed it a bit by making all the normal humans racist along with the elves.

Is the Orc being Swedish colors a conscious decision, Max?

Well it's just insulting to Orcs, they can forge iron which is more than injuns and niggers ever managed to do on their own. Hell they never even forged fucking bronze.

But… but can Orcs paint with all the colors of the wind, user?

Hack fraud, go back to Milwaukee!

Why is the elfcaust the only thing in history that you are not allowed to question?

Both groups are both left-leaning, it's just that critics want subtle or outright explicit. It was in the middle ground since it was about orcs as opposed to actual minorities.

Will Smith really has let himself go

you just questioned it

Pretty sure that pampered mulatto did everything in one take, his lines were delivered awfully.

I was actually surprised it wasn't quite as one sided with the racial stuff as you'd think. The Orc's are downtrodden, sure, but it's made clear it's their own fault in a lot of cases. And then there's the (((Elves))).
I believe Max Landis set out to make the usual kind of multicult propaganda, but accidentally hit a little too close to reality on a few topics, and now he's being punished for it.


Heavy-handed social commentary aside, the movie had a lot of good action, and the biggest problem was worldbuilding.
etc. Next time they should just licence and rebrand the world from Shadowrun lel.

Audiences outside of /tg/ have basically no exposure to urban fantasy whatsoever, so it was really novel to the normalfag. Beyond Will Smith having a white wife, and hence a mongrel daughter, I wasn't that offput by the setting. Since it showed reality. An uncle Tom police officer who wants out of his gangbanger neighborhood that is slowing turning into a ghetto who has to team up with a diversity hire orc on a shenanigans adventure where the kike-like elf elite are fucking shit up for everyone.

Although I've reached the point where I can illicit entertainment out of something if only the right people despise it. That may be coloring my perceptions a bit.

Urban Fantasy is literally the most popular type of fantasy. Countless young adult novels are urban fantasy, basically real world, but with vampires for the teenage girls to lust over. Capeshit are urban fantasy and people know those way more than they know lord of the rings, or forgetten realms, or moorcock.

This is kind of like how feminists disabled comments on YouTube videos. I did the same thing on mine because it works both ways, toots

I've done the same thing with music

tbh the non-public rating system might be a good thing. Netflix needs to make money to stay alive, they need to analyze that data to find out what makes money. No public ratings means no being called out for mis-representing things, it leaves them free to add or cancel shows based on what people like and we already know they don't like the diversity bullshit. All they really need for that is the up/down option because people tend to pick 1 or 5 stars anyway, or 2-4 stars with long self-indulgent rants nobody cares to sift through to analyze the data from. They might use the data to filter the shit, or they might use it for propaganda, we don't know yet for certain (the only thing we do know is that they've been desperate for original content and willing to work with the bottom-of-the-barrel entertainers, that doesn't mean they like it or see long-term benefit in doing so.)

When I first heard of this film, I heard "human, orcs and elves in the future, and it features magic and tech shit." I honestly thought they WERE doing Shadowrun, but then I saw it was a heavy-handed social commentary about how "waycism is ebil guyzzz". Sucks.

africans could forge metal weapons, they used forward curved swords and big throwing axes with many points, shaped like muhdik. Central and south americans indians forged metal also, at least to tie together their big stones. look it up.

Too bad that we will never get a decent Shadowrun series (or cyberpunk in general for that matter). MegaCorps are becoming a reality as we speak, and the goy can't be allowed to see the logical conclussion of it.

Just do our bidding you stupid round-ear… I mean that's a very sensitive topic! 12 Million of my people died in the ovens, so that round-ears like you could have cookies! We're reminded of this plight everyday.

Reminder that elves in pop culture are all based on idealized ancestor spirits of the Germanic peoples.

All of this anti-elf stuff in fantasy is just more anti-white propaganda.

Isn't that the same nigger tribe with the muhdik god and totems? Quite funny. Sage for off topic.

This movie is PURE GOLD. Anyone who can't look past the immediate miscegenation and miss the whole anti-elf graffiti is a turd. If woll smoth's character was huwhite this whole movie would have a different tone. Even one of the officers in charge is a POC woman who all the huwhite officers answer to.
Even better is the audience picked up on the (((elves))) quicker than I would have thought.
In short, if you want hilarity just watch the movie… please… I need friends to ELF and ORC post with

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I pay $8 a month for Netflix. I do this not because of their "Netflix Original" shit, but because they have a really good catalog of informational and educational content as well as a good selection of children's shows/films.

I did watch Bright and it was … well it was ok. It held my attention and had some good action and character development. I didn't hunt for deeper meanings. I just watched a movie.

Then suddenly there's all this "ohmergawd the deep shit" crap flying around about it. Some "message" or whatever that people ripped out of the subtext (or whatever). Can't I just enjoy a fucking movie anymore?

I think Bright is a 'good' old school blockbuster and the critics shitting on it just show how out of touch they are


Beware of the race of svartalfar.

I really liked how every other word was fuck, it made me feel really edgy and mature.

Is fucking Holla Forums excusing a kike? The actual fuck you faggots are doing? I fucked off for a while hoping for people to chill the fuck out and now I come back and people are giving any sort of a doubt about a kike's intentions? Fuck this faggot and his propaganda machine.

It was going on long before GG but GG brought some unique evidence to the table. Gamejournopros were amateurs who got themselves caught but the exact same shit happens in every other piece of media.

(((Critics))) get very (((upset))) when you don't do exactly as they tell you. The 5-star option was replaced by thumbs because they were pushing for that foul wench, Amy Schumer. The thumbs were removed because people said "No." to Bill Nye The Butt Stuff Guy

I suggest an experiment. Scan through whatever sites show Critic vs Audience scores and make note of ones with a disproportionately large ratio. I hyopthesise you find the best films are canned by critics, and the worst have fantastic critical support.

London Has Fallen was pretty awesome

GB a shit

Are you retarded or shilling? Netflix shows and movies are all liberal propaganda.



Bright was awful. Will Smith has a white blonde wife in the opening scenes with a mongrel mud baby. All of my friends watching assumed the orcs were meant to be black people, not white people like you say, further solidifying the black people as victims narrative.

The racist treatment of the orcs was so blatant and over-the-top as the LAPD, portrayed as having virtually no white men, was supposed to show how great diversity is. The whole damn thing made no sense.