The Golden Age of America

When was America ever good? It seems like people keep telling me that America was once a great nation but I think that America in its current form is a pile of trash that can not be ever taken seriously or any current year nation for that matter. I've heard it was good in the 1950's but I do not believe that is true. I've also heard that it was better in the 90's and even then America was not free from sin.

So Holla Forums when do you think America was at its best?

Post Korean War pre vietnam war. Also sage

Circa 1500s.
Also 4cuck thread.

Between 1800 - 1850 except for getting our capitol raped by Britain. After that our media was thoroughly kiked to be followed by our banking system in 1913. Then it was totally game over in 1965 immigration act. But things were ok on the surface between 1950 and 1970. If you ignore all the directionless hedonism, nihilism, and total collapse of the arts and education.

So basically by the time we should have been in a golden age the kikes had rotted our heart out.

still better than everywhere else

we mostly have our guns, we voted trump in, and I can't think of any other country I'd rather be in

You could hang yourself and that'd make it one step closer to being great again OP.

This, it's relative. Where would you rather be in place and time? Has opportunity to achieve great heights ever been so available?



any other countries having tannerite explosions just now? No.

But the boomers and kikes are still after your money.

>>>Holla Forums

If you keep putting up with this black pill bullshit (not to mention the current no fun allowed culture), this Holla Forums is going to die. It's losing User IDs like an open wound losing blood at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up collapsing like the faggot commie board did.

Trump isn't doing enough to fix America.

I want to see tranny genocide.

sure he is, you're just impatient and/or not paying attention

Besides the jews it's always been good. Any misfortune can be traced to jews. Other than that, it's been pretty damn good. That can be said of most places though. Be proud of your heritage, don't let the yids divide you.

Well, the kikes got a decent amount of control of finances during the civil war time period, so that was the beginning of our probelems. The 50s was the end of an era though, the 60s and forward kiked the shit out of us. By then they had the media and began the brainwashing. So imo from the 1810s to the 1950s. We might have fought on the wring side of the war. But those men were still admirable. Its just a pity they were unknowingly fighting to allow the destruction of their own race, and for their great grandsons to get breast implants and cut their dicks of and be accepted by society.

The fate of America was sealed when large amounts of kikes immigrated to the country starting in the mid 1850s. This immigration really took off in the late 1800s, and the parasite wreaked havoc remarkably quickly with the establishment of the federal reserve, the push for entry into wars with Germany, the fall of the Anglo ruling class, etc. in the first half of the 20th century. It's hard to crown a "Golden Age of America"; one could argue that it was before everything went bad when the last of the founding fathers passed and the idea that voting was for everyone developed, or that the golden age was the pre-Civil War era. There were a lot of times when it was good to be American and we had a distinct, non-kiked culture - as late as the 1945-early 1960s times - but a closer look shows our institutions of culture and learning were already being irrevocably rotted out by jewish influence.

1942. A Packard, a wife 2 kids. Nice house, successful business with a payroll of 100 souls. It doesn't get any better.

1950. A Hotrod, 3 babes. A clubhouse with cool music and get to work on cars all day. It doesn't get any better.

This is such a typical fucking retard american response. no nigger, tits pizza and guns doesn't make us better than anyone else. Yes we have more freedoms and in some ways are less cucked than other places but the institutionalized kikery make that worth nothing.

America has never been entirely good, our society was alright up until i'd say when industrialization and full on urbanization kicked in in the latter half of the 1800s after the civil war. Thats when we wen't from puritan northwest european to euromutt wageslaves. Even considering that, our values as a country have been corrupted ever since the declaration of independence when we began working against the natural order world wide.

Literally fantasy in today's day and age

Wow look more blatant fucking consumerism and material shit and nigger music that doesn't have any real meaning or weight to it.

So when are you making your move to Amishville?

Well once i get enough shecks i do plan on moving to a large plot of land in montana and moving away from a lot of this shit. Thats what america used to be about, having a car and nigger music doesn't make your society and culture any less fucked. We're still slaves to the kikes just as we were in the 30s 50s or 80s

well I would say the period when Andrew Jackson ended the (((fed))) charter crippling the rat parasites from feeding the US seen unprecedented prosperity up until the rat weaseled its way back into enslaving the US with usury.Or in short any time in history jews have no power things go good.

I'm happy to be here , drunk , and in the Rockies
Sieg Heil
14 MAGA 88

shelter, transportation, love and work is blatant consumerism?

True. But we could turn this fucker around in 5 years if we wanted.

giving a shit about hot rods, multiple babes, shitty nigger music, and shit doesn't mean anything. none of that stuff has any value when the country is a kike controlled mass. sure the 50s were better than today but the point is wanting that shit back or idolizing it is like a methhead who wants his teethback and to keep the meth. Most of the negative aspects of today were still apparent back then, just to less of an extent.

I do swell with pride a little when on july 4th and new years I go outside and hear gunshots and explosions.

This is true. It's a relative question. Some countries like Poland have been coming out ahead in ways that make me wish I lived there, but until BHO I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

its not called the golden age, its called the gilded age

This post is an example of the one problem I have with this whole idea. Yeah we all agree that the Jews should be gassed and their allies introduced to a wood chipper, but I don't understand what distant past is being pined for. No one seems to.

Let me forward this radical hypothesis: there is no jew-free past. This is actually a progressive ideology, not a conservative one.

I understand there is no jew free past, but idolizing shit just because it was better than it is now doesnt matter if the same underlying problems persist.

50s to the 80s were the peak. It started to fall apart during the 90s, and the 2000s and 9/11 marked the end and subsequent downfall of American prosperity.

2010s and 2020s are our Weimar years. No clue what the 2030s or 2040s will bring, maybe nuclear annihilation, Balkanization, or Hitler 2.0. I have no clue.

All I know is that if we're not able to reverse this demographic shift of whites becoming a national minority by 2050 we're fucked. 2050 and beyond will just be stagnation followed by death if we fail.