Exposing the Army of Satan, Destroyers of Civilization

Jews, SJW, Communists, Muslims, etc. are all united by the same invisible thread that lines them up with division, semantics, corruption. Our ancestors associated these concepts with demons, devils, daimones, archons, ahuras, maras and whatever other denomination you prefer. There is a truth at the core, beyond the trickery of semantics that all humans can feel and understand with their mind's eye. The numbing pressure within one's head, the burning grief within one's chest, the great ruining vice unique to each person which must be overcome, these people have chosen to chase these very symptoms instead of seeking liberation from them. They have associated themselves with [Destruction].
In some cases (Niggers) so strong is this association that the people are too busy destroying themselves first to affect those outside of them.

For those who associate themselves with [Destruction] become both the [Destroyer] and the [Destroyed], simply by nature of association.

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In this thread we speak the tricks of the Synagogue of Satan, of the Avatars of Destruction. Both those that affect civilization at large, but also those that affect the single person. Share with heart open your inner demons and how you've surpassed them.

Illusions upon illusions upon illusions upon illusions…

8 is the number from which all good things come.

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Kek is the Darkness before the Dawn. Thoth is the Guide.

Semantics and Division: to muddy the waters. To hide behind words. To render discussion of the Objective Truth impossible. Such is achieved by adding words upon words upon words for the same unique [Concept]. Division follows strictly. One does not aim for the Objective Truth anymore and as such, it becomes possible to hold contradictory statements as both "true", a false (i.e. corrupted) truth that is…

Corruption: there is a [Corrupted] and a [Non-Corrupted] version to anything. Corrupted truth, as seen above. Corrupted good, committing horrors in the name of utopia. Non-corrupted bad, what appears as evil (which often is not) but is necessary. Non-corrupted lies, so-called white lies to ease the burden of a person. A civilization based on corrupted values will inevitably die. A person who holds himself on corrupted ideals will inevitably sink to a lower consciousness…

On Lower Consciousness and Civilization

Even right now the most well-mannered, gallant, wisest, most admirable gentleman you can think of is nothing but a fucking nigger compared to what humanity is destined to be once more. You have no idea just how fucking savage you are compared to your potential. The greatest struggle of all is to reach a greater level of civilization. A Higher Consciousness.
What that means, how it is achieved, there is no clear path yet. Our ancestors speak of spiritual guides: call it a spirit animal, call it a holy spirit, call it a Higher Self. Often in the ancient languages the same concept is referred to by the same initials: "HSSR". Accordingly, it is that which connects us to GOD. Not "a" god, but that which is beyond everything and encompasses everything. That which is beyond all concepts, even beyond the very concept of [God]. The ALL as per Hermetic definition.

The struggle for civilization is in effect, a return to GOD.
So far have we sunk into the darkness that we cannot even see the twilight of His light on the horizon. We have forgot how to find Him and recognize Him within ourselves.

GOD, the very word pronounced as "GÖD" carries a similar sound in every language of the world. ODIN, WODAN, even reversed one obtains a similar sound to DIO, DEUS and so on.
Have you ever tried asking something of GOD? Why don't you try right now? Learn to recognize him by repeating the word, the sound, within your mind, repeating at increasing frequency.

You only need one for the beginning of civilization.

5 ; 61


It doesn't matter what they call themselves, if they use semantics to sow division, call them out for the servants of Satan that they are.

I bet you don't even read your holybooks, do you? 666 is the Mark of the Beast, but it is synonymous with the Mark of Cain. Furthermore, 666 is the number of the Sun, of Sunlight. Become a Hermeticist. It is the only "religion" (read spiritual guide) that is proven in physics. We reject the paranormal and realize that the supernatural is something that has not yet been explained (just like David Lane). Odin and other gods are but assended beings living in vibrations above us. They have reached what you mundanes would call "godhood" (a misnomer).

Please save yourself. There is no all-powerful King of Kings with a polar opposite. There is Yin and Yang but these concepts are not sentient beings. Yin is not all good, yang is not all bad. It is simply Yin is something and Yang is something. This is neither reward nor punishment Read The Kyballion and The Arcane Teachings. It is NOT Alister Crowley sex majick as many of you seem to readily assume. And btw, I'm not Smileyberg.

Nice meme

Sorry but I don't see how what you just said goes against what has been stated thus far. Satan is just a concept, there is no [concept] that is outside of GOD, since that thought would be yet another [concept]. It doesn't matter what name you prefer or who used it first to understand what has been said.

See how the devil puts us against each other? Division sown through semantics.

Thanks Thoth

You need to address all angles in order to fight a problem. Your Judeo-Christian mysticism oversimplifies reality to the point there is a duality where if you love Christ you enter the "good place" and if you do bad, you go to the "bad place" where Satan, a fallen angel, is your dungeon master.

Sure there is Christian Mysticism, which attempts to anylize the holybook's more cryptic elements (e.g. what occurs in the realm of the angels, WHY would god request this of us?) but considering the whole canon is Jewish-made my belief is that any "understanding" derived from this mysticism is Controlled Op (for lack of a better word)

Yin and Yang, the two polar extremes of vibration, are not sentient. They simply ARE. This is why you are wrong. And furthermore, Yin is the end, Yang is the end. There is planes of existance in-between. You can not attempt to simplify this as you result in false knowledge. It is as if you're still using the simple Dalton model of the Atom when everyone else has begun to use the Electron Cloud model. There is no God, creator of all things. There is The All, and within The All is Cosmic Will. Nuit and Hadit, Gaia and Uranus. The All is not sentient. Cosmic Will is not sentient.

You must study all aspects in order to understand the issues at hand. We are not dealing with sentient Gods. We are dealing with the physical and metaphysical nature of our own universe and once we can begin to grasp this scientific concept, we can begin to attack our spiritual enemies. We can't go run around and talk about an "Army of Satan"

What a total waste of Hitler dubs. Semantics is the study of language & the English language isn't Jewish, but conflating & lying is.
Try harder next time JIDL shill.

Nice digits.

I'll refer you to this post.

Bad phrasing might've been the mistake. In the post it is intended GOD = ALL as per the Hermetics. GOD is not sapient, he is beyond sapient. He is beyond all [concepts], otherwise he wouldn't be GOD. He is even beyond our understanding of him. He is beyond perfection.

As Thoth teaches us you must go beyond. Rise in Consciousness. It's a very "meta" thing.

Sorry for using the wrong word then, the meaning intended was that of adding words where there is no need. An example would be SJW adding new genders in place of sexes.

Neophytes go the route of Pantheism (which is justifiable) but higher-ranks realize that Pantheism is a ridiculous and pointless concept. The Arcane Teachings prove this with unanswerable philosophical questions.

Therefore, refering to "The All" as "God" results in mental tangents of thought that become too simple, yet again. It's similar to the concept discussed here about the butchering of language. Perverting terms and simplifying English results in incorrect trains of thought and confusion. The All != the concept of God. This is why I am so upset at this word choice. However, you do seem to know what I know so perhaps I jumped the gun after reading your introductory posts on "fighting" "Satan"

You bring up excellent points. Sorry for insisting upon using the word GOD but I find an interest in the sound you emit when you pronounce "GÖD", both mentally and physically with your mouth. As a sound it has a unique frequency to it. You should try it in your mind and repeat it at ever increasing frequency until it is so high it goes beyond your hearing range, at which point it becomes a pure "feeling". A feeling for the ALL…

You do not really "fight" Satan. If you fight him, it means you associate yourself with him, even as an opposing force. By nature of association, you become part of him. It can be understood as trying to reply to a troll instead of not replying. To not fall for the bait. To let go.
Even forgiving results in an association. The only way is complete disassociation, to not think of him.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Of course that doesn't mean you suddenly become a saint.
After all we are the fallen ones.
Rise in consciousness. Be aware of yourself.

Spirit is the information required for the creation and maintenance of something. DNA is the spirit of an organism, law books (the spirit of the law) are the spirit of a legal & governmental system. Anything that requires creation requires a logos (logic), just like DNA controls, through logic, the building of organic structures. A program is a logos for a computer system, and a culture is a program for a social group.

Simple organisms don't require culture, their genetic logos has all the information necessary for their behaviors ingrained. Culture, volatile information that must be passed on to offspring through teaching, evolved to be used in some organisms. Humans evolved to design our own artificial cultures. Evolution has made us dependant on these cultures for our survival such that we can't live without them and can't go back to simple, natural, animistic cultures. Fire use and agriculture were the first most important of those cultures.

I think the spirit is DNA, the mind is the hard coded brain structures defined in the genetics, and the soul is the software portion of our conciousness (personality, habits, beliefs, etc). DNA is the holy (universal) spirit, and culture/religion is the over soul.

I agree, but it is universally accepted amongst nearly the whole of Eastern Mysticism that "OM" is the universe vibration. When I meditate I often say "OM" at various inflections until I can feel the unity. Strangely, it is (I believe) second to High-C that makes the sound. "God" has no emotion for me. Perhaps I am just weird.

LEARN OR DIE Indo-Europeans.

Extract the poisons from your nations…

Anyone committing Usury (theft). Homosexuals. Pedophiles. Mass and individual murders. Those promoting 'Empire'. Those promoting Envy. Those promoting entropy (destruction). Transgender. Human Traffickers. Enslavers. Rapists. Criminals. Mafia's and Secret Societies. I have a list of parasitic behavior's occurring within society, but it isn't something that anyone in the world couldn't figure out just by thinking about it. People advocating torture or committing torture (so ALL the Semitic religions [male genital mutilation and torture of infant males] and parasitic semitic people have to go as they are a bastion of torture and murder; the 'inquisition', pedophilia etc).

If humanity doesn't learn to recognize parasitic behavior, humanity and human life on Earth is doomed. It is not a question of 'religion' or even 'morals' it is strictly a 'behavioral' question (there are no 'ethical conundrums' or 'religious qualifiers' involved; it is strictly a question of 'beneficial behavior' and 'destructive behavior').

Humanity wants to continue without parasitic predators or they want to die out in a mass extinction.

It can't be the first time an intelligence has chosen extinction over Life in this universe…it won't be the last. People either begin to understand what predatory parasitic behavior and deal with it or they go extinct.

It would be best if we could separate these types of immoral people out of our nation and they could go starve to death in their own nations for lack of a 'host' (Indo-European people which the entire world benefits and uses in a predatory manner).

Parasitism is a death sentence for every society, but when societies are linked in a global economy, it becomes a death sentence for the entire planet.

People will either come to understand that they support parasitism OR the continuance of Life on this planet…the two things can't coexist, they are mutually exclusive. Judgments MUST be made about society and behaviors, or extinction is near, at the door, humanity and all that we know of intelligent life will be extinguished.

It really isn't complicated nor does it need to be complicated…some values bring prosperity, health and well being to a community and some bring poverty, destruction, terror, murder and death. This is a perfect example of a way of being and thinking that is parasitic and deadly to people, community, prosperity and the future health and wellbeing of the 'host' society.

Explain to someother goy, hasbarafag.

You want to know what's not arcane knowledge, you filthy heeb? The dictionary.
Neck yourself d&c garbage.

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I'm whiter than you

666 is mistranslated; the oldest manuscript we have (Papyrus 115) clearly shows the name of the beast is XIC. But it is not very clever of people to not understand who 'the beast' is or why the jews want to murder them. The jews ripped off the semitic beliefs; everything they wrote were pathetic lies and forgeries of their betters (non-jews). The sumerians referred to human beings as ADAM which also means cattle…which is why the Insane Clown Posse (jews) refers to humanity as 'cattle' or goyim. When jews talk about slaughtering 'cattle' to cover their crimes, they are talking about slaughtering human beings to cover their crimes.

So Ritual Human Sacrifice like Vegas is an accepted and blessed part of their religious beliefs…they are encouraged by their god to kill, torture, rape and murder human beings.

So 'who' is the beast? Well you have their two 'Ritual Human Sacrifices' that they claim are 'feasts'…ritual human sacrifice spring where they murdered our patriarch, ADAM…and 'Ritual Human Sacrifice' fall where they murder Eve. It is complicated but 'the beast' or cattle is Eve and they want to murder her to end the line of humanity on Earth and seize the planet for their own 'the 10,000 year reign of terror over what is left of humanity, since there will be no one to protect humanity from their TLC.

According to the Talmudic Encyclopedia teaching jews that it is good before their god to murder and rape humanity and little children:

'He who has carnal knowledge of the wife of a Gentile is not liable to the death penalty, for it is written: "thy fellow's wife" rather than the alien's wife; and even the precept that a man "shall cleave unto his wife" which is addressed to the Gentiles does not apply to a Jew, just there is no matrimony for a heathen; and al-though a married Gentile woman is forbidden to the Gentiles, in any case a Jew is exempted.' This does not imply that sexual inter-course between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman is permitted - quite the contrary…

But the main punishment is inflicted on the Gentile woman; SHE MUST BE EXECUTED, even if SHE WAS RAPED by the Jew: 'If a Jew has coitus with a Gentile woman, whether SHE BE A CHILD OF THREE or an adult, whether married or unmarried, and even if he is a minor aged only nine years and one day - because he had willful coitus with her, she must be killed,

…as is the case with a beast (cattle/ADAM), because through her a Jew got into trouble. The Jew, however, must be flogged, and if he is a Kohen (member of the priestly tribe) he must receive double the number of lashes, because he has committed a double offense: a Kohen must not have inter-course with a prostitute, and all Gentile wo-men are presumed to be prostitutes.
Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, page 87

"The fact is that the Jews were known only as destroyers in ancient history, not creators. They have developed no science, have produced no art, have built no great cities, and alone have no talent for the finer things of civilized life. The Jews claim to be the torchbearers of civilization, but thorough their parasitic habits have deteriorated or destroyed every nation in which they have existed in large numbers." ~ Charles A. Weisman (Jew)

“Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.” ~ Samuel Roth (Jew), “Jews Must Live,” page 18.

Yes it sounds agreeable. If you were to believe in reincarnation it would make sense to believe that it is strictly tied to DNA.

During the process of rising in Consciousness several visions may come to you. One of them is a double-helix. It is possible that the Egyptians had that same vision and represented it in their hieroglyphic, pic related. Seeing how the double-helix separates into two strands and how each serves as the blueprint of a newly formed one, it is very likely to represent DNA.

Yes, parasitic behavior. You named exactly the kind of behavior typical of that which the OP is all about. We may use different names, but the concept is the same. We are already on the same frequency.

This is a meme that has yet to be named.

All I know is "Satan" means opposer in Hebrew

You're either a bot or a copypasting pajeet.

Is a white rabbit white, bot?

Classic 4chan

The burning grief. It begins from there. You cannot fight it. You must let go. Avoid. Complete disassociation.

Remember always.

I'm a Cascadian proud white boi. And the concept of the White Rabbit can not be reduced to simplistic color. It transcends reason and logic. Though White Rabbits and the lore of Alice is mostly adopted by Wiccian groups, not myself.

Tell me about the rabbits, George.

I made a mistake. Bots can't point that out.

Reported & filtered.

Checked & Keked.

Anyone found a copy of that weird final red pill book about Satan and end times yet?

Go be a nigger somewhere else.

Personally, if it was as simple as God vs Satan, I'd choose Satan. Satan gave us the gift of knowledge and free will. Satan allows us to follow our own will and reject the tyrant and rogue god. As I've already said, this is a false duality though.

"Even if God did exist, it'd be necessary to abolish him!"

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Not all socialism is marxist you pinoshit

why isn't this thread getting attention

Satan can only be deceit and corruption, otherwise you're speaking of another concept, using different words.
See how he hides behind walls and walls of words and illusions.

GOD is beyond the mere concept of existing, of eternity, of anything you can think of. You can refer as God someone you particularly admire, but GOD is simply the one that contains EVERYTHING, including everything that you can possibly imagine in your mind, and beyond.
He is also love, the most powerful lust without the sexual element in it, as he is beyond sex and sexes.

If he didn't love you you simply wouldn't exist, we couldn't even think of your imaginary existence.
He loves you so much that he gave you the freedom to reject him, to become lower than animals (niggers). That is his greatest gift, he gave you freedom as all sapient beings are His sons.

Satan is just one concept inside GOD, there is no struggle, only the corruption of our mind and ideals.

Rise in consciousness.

All of these are abrahamic religions and you mist one important one, a religion which is very powerful in the West and behind promoting multiculturalism and helping starving nignogs in Africa.

Can you guess which one?

You are describing Wotan though…

Embodies the quest for knowlege, created human beings with his two brothers.

God here (tho I like Allah better cuz sandbaggers are my niggers) you know I think today is the 10yr anniversary of my last time getting laid snd you know, no fault of my own cuz I have gorgeous chicks breaking into my house snd shit but they won't come hang out. It's weird. And here I thought 9/11 meant something shrug

Oh yeah race war now full 14/88 gas the kikes. Seriously those circle-Ks think it's funny to let me be the best DJ/rapper on earth but I can't get paid/laid/made? I'm surrounded by a lot of Muslims and let me say that I haven't asked them for a thing yet, and all my tormentors are strangely not Muslim. This prolly doesn't bode well for IS-REAL cuz I think Satan has Marla Singer fantasies snd she (lol) wants fireworks b4 she jumps on her throne (this lap)

So hey you know, go ahead. Do it already you pussies. Day of the rope. Night of the long knives… Whatecer you gotta do. 6% battery left on my phone like Freemasonry? The prisoner? Make it so captain Picard

Thank you for a bump ing thread & best wishes to all for 18

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Pick one o’ man-altered religion of god

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Zoroastrianism has a better theology than any of the Abrahamic faiths. Ahura Mazda is the lord of wisdom and it is his wish that people would come into wisdom and knowledge while his counterpart Ahriman is the father of lies and it is his wish that people are continuously deceived by lies and falsehoods. There are also no myths that implicitly condems wisdom like with Adam eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

When people are given the choice between YHWH and Satan the obvious answer should always be "C - None of the above". Why settle for Semitic myths that are clearly stolen from their ancestral neighbours?

Semites have never been able to meme on the same level as indo-europeans. They lack the essential character.

Legions of satan? Nope, we did get a pdf of that language crystal book.

Forgot to clear all fields fug.

Apocalypsis was written in greek, check out how 666 looks like in ancient greek


χξϛ is the numeral, ἑξακόσιοι ἑξήκοντα ἕξ are the words. I don't get your point.

Yes, i was talking about numeral record

Still I don't understand the point of checking it out. Is it supposed to look like something?

Looks like a jew with a kippah.

I'm pretty sure Legions of Satan was made up. All the information about it goes back to some newsletter from the 1970-80s.

Fuck off with this burger sectarian christcuckery.

It's some retarded Christian Zionist theory that the antichrist will be a muslim not a jew.

Wew. Considering that 666 is The Mark of Cain, and the Majick Square of Sunlight, I'd think that "the beast" would be the savior, but it's the false canon of the Jew. The Master Theron teaches the sacred nature of the beast, 666.

Better than jeebus!

Technically "accuser" or "prosecutor"

The one who is allowed to embody both testing of temptation and the judgemental wrath poured out to those falling under his sway. In the court of heaven, he stands athwart the Godson, who is our defense attorney.


That looks like one of the stupid "Proof Allah is Real" things the Religion of Cuck™s have become to meme, like how Allah says that God made man from a Capitpillar and then a fetus looks like one. And the weird one involving Arabic Numerals and the structure of the hand. This is all bullshit. Similarity does not mean connection

Religion of Cuck™ is a retarded religion anyway, can't be even counted as one really.


/x/ is dead, and this is /fringe/-discussion.

God damn Religion of Cuck™ is retarded even by Abrahamic standards. It's like some sick cosmic joke with a schizophrenic faggot seeing how far he can get away with bullshitting 60 IQ sandniggers.

Scitzophrenics are above us. They touch the spirits. You can not be both low-IQ and scitzophrenic. mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker was not a Scitzo, he was a false prophet.

No, 2 of those are the direct product of jews, the other is a useful idiot.

Shit thread from a retarded shit OP. Didn't even read the rest.

By not reading the rest you have missed primary points of philosophical and skeptic discussion. Debate on the metaphysical is as necessary as debate in the realm of theoretical physics.

Even the DUDE WEED guy thinks you're a fucking retard.

Then again, what else can one expect from a LARPagan thread. This shit isn't even Holla Forums.

No, LARPagan shit is not Holla Forums and kekistani shit is not philosophical. Go back to checking repeating digits you mongoloid.

Kekistani is cringe, and has nothing to do with the fundamental discussion at hand


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Those lines on your Statue of KEK are so third world you could've added flies from the Megapede image and they wouldn't have looked lost.

The following might amuse. I have a small frog collection, after seeing numerous frog photos posted here recently I broke out the camera and spent far too long trying to capture the best angles in case Holla Forums readers want to use the images themselves.

Later that evening, as I'm about to process those images, I check Holla Forums to see if the public hangings have started yet when I see a post that says something like "who are all these fucking niggers posting frog photos?"

I blushed like a schoolgirl then, oddly, lost consciousness. I regained my senses to discover myself face down on the driveway while a Finder struggled to get the front gate open.

We laughed like drains at his mistake. He was still laughing when I killed him.

Speaking of murder most foul, all satanists, pedos and white traitors currently operating in America (and the international mop up operation) should be tried and terminated on live television.

If a hangman is required I offer my services and promise to be as brutal as the American hangman was to the NatSoc heirarchy. There was a time I thought those men deserved that treatment, now I'm horrified because the wrong men were hung.

I read a couple of things last night that makes me wonder if the non-zionist jews actually realise their zionist leaders loathe them too and wanted many of them to further their evil machinations.


Ffs kek first and now Ibis have been following me around as of late and worse still meme magic has infiltrated my real life.
Toth was the arbiter of light and dark, good and evil and the leveller of chaos and order.
What the fuck am I to make of this shit.

I have also never been so relieved as to not have gotten dubs


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does anyone have the meme explaining why Dialectical Materialism is a fucked up way to view the world?

False understanding of the Enemy.

Humans always had both knowledge and free will. God created mankind which was without sin - that is to say, a humanity that possessed true wisdom. No jealously, no misplaced wrath, nothing - people without those impulses. A form of man who could walk about in the nude and not feel lust or be embarrassed.

The fruit of the tree, which the Serpent deceived mankind into tasting, did not grant knowledge and wisdom. Instead, it stole the wisdom of man. Mankind would no longer be born sinless - he would be born with sin. The knowledge that was granted was of good and evil. God, as a being with knowledge of all, understood both good and evil; humanity, as beings knowing only themselves, could not understand evil, for they were only good. The introduction of sin granted knowledge of evil, only in that it made mankind a creature capable of both.

The ways of the Devil twist this very simple understanding.

The true understanding of Satan is actually simple. He steals (which means he'll screw you), and he defiles. Steal, defile. Steal, defile. Commie, Mongol, barbarians of any kind. Injun raiders riding across the plains, kikes by any other name. Steal, defile. Steal, defile. Steal, defile.

Wow, someone who doesn't even know how dubs work running around calling people kike shill. Really makes you think.

Have a kike free bump. This is one of the better post here because it really reinforces the idea of a need for total discipline so that one does not get side tracked by the jew tube, the internet which is at this point really like a jewtube, and so that one can stay focused on their goal of truth whatever that may be for the person individually. It also helped me personally identify these liars who use semantics to sow division like what the op said. I really appreciate what Thoth said here "The only way is complete disassociation, to not think of him." because I myself found it easy to get wrapped up in the Dopamine addiction of these deceivers. When in reality its better to disassociate with them because if you don't the time you waste the energy you waste gets compounded and becomes a large amount of opportunity that is gone. I would appreciate any other wisdom you have to share OP!


Anyone have screencaps on the posts about Isaac Luria and Lurianic Kabala?


Which way is that again? bump for shits&giggles

bump do you have any more wisdom to share with us Thoth? Completely disassociating from these losers of life is a lot better then getting wrapped up in their nonsense and letting them make you a drifter instead of focusing on one's goals.

Liars, not of God the Father but rather children of the d*vil, liars and decievers, synagaue of s*tan.

A Satan here, would anyone explain my new found fetish for bells ringing? It's only become my autism in the last year or so.

invisible forces

spirits from the dead giants

"if they use semantics to sow division"
Calling you out…

Is that thoth, sitting on the hippocampus, holding a 2d representation of a 3d projection of a 5d tetrahedron? Very pre-jew merkabah.

"god" defines the empty hollow space within us, i feel. The part of us missing, the lost name. The part that we fill once we work out how to build faith and create our god once more.

'Mankind' needs an immune system. I think we are part of it. We've been trained now, in what we need to destroy. Which we will through memetic warfare and retrochronal magic.

I've met satan, i've met it in the form of lucifer. You may well chose Satan, but Satan will never chose you, it is focussed purely on its master, the light that it radiates draws you in like a moth, but it burns only for god. Might as well lover a poster of a film star, for all the good it does you.

make memes, of course.

Sure, that's your non-conscious mind telling you to check your mail. You've got a message. it says "You can come home now, the experiment is done, Humans failed, but several groups got merit. well done."

it got /x / tier in here really fast


The true link is monism. All of these are unitarian/monist/pantheist metaphysical positions. The internal logic of a system based on this is that, at base, everything is in some way "the same." Therefore you get relativism, egalitarianism, etc.

That's a pretty fundamental misunderstanding of doctrine.

God is good and truth. Satan is literally 'rebelling' against truth. Evil is corruption. Claiming free will was invented by satan is not necessarily scriptural as you can have free will and choices in reality without having to believe up is down or black is white. Our corruption is very similar to the exact issues we talk about here, twisting the truth, inverting reality, inventing context, etc. Just saying something is different than what it actually is doesn't change the nature of reality, it only distorts perception. Thus, the knowledge of good and evil itself was an empowered choice that could be made within the constraints we were given, it wasn't a moral choice because it was a choice to have morality or not need it. Now we can only choose to be good or evil, right or wrong, truthful or deceitful, does that make sense? Eve chose struggle where she didn't need to so now we all must embrace struggle, those that do not embrace struggle, the fundamental conflict between lying to ourselves and the world to pretend things are easy or taking life on holistically are satanic in a way because it's a misrepresentation of the truth and against God. Leftism is evil because of this and the synagogue of satan are worst perpetrators given their whole existence is based off these obfuscations. If one is good, they must reject falsehoods and embrace existence. Our internal evil is therefore the capacity to lead ourselves astray and allow lies/relativism to fool ourselves.

Bruh bill Cooper lays out all this shit in his out of the Time series. There is an order that is woven through y’all the groups he mentioned.

This man is allegedly not jewish

Is there some way to prove Jerry Brown's jewish ancestry? Just look at that fucking nose, those eyes, those ears

I thought Jews invented the idea that they worship lucifer to trick the goyim into believing that they are more powerful then they?

When you speak of God, do you speak of YHWH or Yahweh or Elohim?

sauce plox m8?

The (((jews))) we know are not the ones mentioned in the bible. Those we know are merely imposters. In the bible they are "those who belong to the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are liars instead"
Lets start with the bible text
The serpent, Satan, here is said to have produced offspring, namely with eve. Now Eve got Kain and Abel (and Seth, which we dont go into here). Kain, who is the offspring of Eve and the serpent then kills his brother Abel because he envied that his sacrifieces were greater than his own. For this Cain got cursed.
This Curse made the land not bare fruit to him, and "marked" him.

Now we skip a bit of time until after the flood. people mixed with each other, everyone has some Seed of the Serpent in him, but not all express that seed but because its mixed into everyone, everyone is a sinner in the christian ideology. We go to Noah when he was blackout drunk and his son Ham "seeing Noahs nakedness" (probably raped him). When Noah woke up:
Note that Canaan is also considdered to be of the Seed of the Serpent, which at this point got its second curse.
They are unable to agriculture, "servants of servants" aka slaves, and are "marked". Does sound a lot like niggas which in all these years still cant farm, are historically usually used as slaves and are marked by their skincolour.

Now lets skip back a bit. Back to Cain, and the Seed of the Serpent. This is what I believe are the (((Jews))) we see today. Furthermore they are likely what we call Neanderthal
Obviously Satans creation is nowhere near as good as Gods is, has different failures in form of (genetic) deseases. So what are they doing to get rid of those? They mix themselves with gods creation as much as possible, spreading the seed to corrupt his creation while simultaniously negating the effects of those errors of Satans creation.

Check out this bitch
So the founder of 23andMe has a sister at a high level job at fucking google and another one who studies epidemics and deseases.
Pretty much the perfect thing if you want to find out how you can get rid of the errors Satan embodied into your genes.

Note here that those that claim to be jews are not really jews, but the Synagogue of Satan, the 13th bloodline and the Seed of the Serpent.

So the Homo Sapiens is the creation of God, while the Neanderthal/canaanite is of the Serpent which mixed into todays Cro Magnon.
Pic related Amalek = Neanderthal = (((jews)))

Now going back to the genetic deseases.


These blisters look like pic related (there are worse pictures, but i cant tell if they are really from Porphyria or not, so I keep it real). Now how is it treated? Among other stuff

Remember those bloodlible accusations against jews all the time where they supposedly snatched children to drink their blood? The vampire stories about people drinking blood and not being able to step into the sun? But there is more:

This chick apparently tortured some virgin and when the blood of one reached her skin by accident she realized that it appeared to be rejuvenating so the only logical step was to kill even more virgins to bath in their blood to stay young. This too isnt too farfetched
or this here, episode 33 of the series, 33, the masons favorite number
injecting instead of drinking or bathing in it, but still the same theme.

So through that bloodlible back then, and probably even today, they tried to negate the genetic errors they recieved through the bloodline of the serpent even though through all that mixing they arent as likely as they were back then among (((them))). This is likely where the bloodlible and pedostuff of today comes from

You know those people arguing we dont come from this planet because of our backproblems, or that we were created artificially because we apparently arent really evolved properly for the upright walk? All caused from the errors of the seed of the serpent which corrupted Gods creation physically and spiritually.

you just dont know how to read your bible
To understand the Bible you first have to understand that besides being historical records and guidelines it also is an occult text describing metaphysical properties, and uses symbolism, metaphores and parables to explain those as certain concepts just didnt exist in the language back then.

The bibles genesis in example talks in some sense about what we call Big Bang. Both underlie a similar principle which is the easiest explainable in the realm of math. In the beginning there was nothing but God (consciousness) and everything was created out of nothing, 0. Out of this you can make something by creating opposites. +1 and -1. You now have something out of nothing, which when put together will be again nothing. In the world of physics you have the Big Bang, out of nothing pops up matter and anti matter, energy and dark energy, protons and electrons or +1s and -1s out of 0.
In the bible you have god creating heaven and earth, seperating the day from the night, taking the female from the male (adams rib creating eve), creating duality out of nothing, same principle.

as for the 666:
satan meant something like "obstacle". everyone had his own satan. someone who incites him to do bad things, a bad habbit, an addiction, anythinghe should overcome. only later satan became a figure of his own.

6 is the number of man, and his weakness. greed, egoism, egocentrism, all the materialistic desires, and i believe of this plane existence in general (the earth is tilted 23,4 degrees, or if you count from the other direction 66.6 degrees, life, on this planet at least, is made of carbon, the 6th element, with 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. 6 directions in the material realm, north, south, west, east, up and down, 6 sides of the cubes. saturn being the 6th planet). 666 is going over the top with the materialistic desires, pursuing and desiring only those and making you follow the path of satan.

The black cube of satan is a symbol for this material, 3 dimensional realm, and the time we fear is running out, which will let us die, and which causes us to do harm to others in order to lead a better life ourself. by this the black cube also symbolizes time and death without either we wouldnt have these earthly desires causing us to do evil. Our sole puprose, as i believe it, is to overcome (our) satan, proof we arent easily corrupted wether satan is just a symbol or a real entithy. So while this world isnt evil itself, this realm of existence kind of makes the corruption a lot easier. When people worship satan, they dont worship some deity or enthity. they worship this material world, the materialistic egoistic desires, and themselves.

there is another important number in there. the 4. the 4th day is where the physical universe is completed and only living creatures are missing.
if you go into the egyptian creation myth, the ogdoad, you also have the 4 primordial forces coming together (of which kek was one) creating this world. in alchemi there are 4 elements making up the material realm, with the spirit being above it.
now look what you get when you overlay the symbols for the 4 elements (hint, you all know the symbol)

also when you stand with your arms and legs stretched from one another, you basically form the pentagram too, with your head/spirit above the other four, making me wonder wether or not our arms and legs have each a connection to one of the elements.

A meme must be created to label this parasitic behavior. But I don't know if our ability to communicate with one another is advanced enough for the concept to carry that heavy of a weight. The language crystal we possess is insufficient to say the least.

not to counter-signal but pentagrams are a red herring. Even inverted ones. In fact the idea that inverted pentagrams are somehow satanic goes back to (((Eliphas Levi))), whos also the same nut that claimed was obsessed with Baphomet.

Inverted pentagrams in most pre-Christian European cultures had no meaning distinct from a right-side up one. In fact the only evidence I have been able to find of inverted pentagrams having a different meaning is the Drudefuss from Germanic folklore.


And it seems that the difference is more that regular pentagrams point up and give praise to the heavens, while inverted ones point down to suppress demons and chase them back to hell. If I was you I would be more concerned about 6 pointed stars than 5 pointed ones.

satan is also in shackles, he does not rule over hell nor does he have the keys to hell.
only jesus christ rules above all, he holds the keys to heaven and hell.

are shills even trying anymore?


praise kek guys! epic larp thread!

Can any man reach godhood?

since endchan is being ddos'd I will post my reply in this thread motherfuckers.

Fuck the media. They cant even acclimate to the templars moving the goalposts to the right. However the whole #metoo movement is sort of an homage to pizzagate. The whole media is slanted towards pleasing the daughters and wives of freemasons. We are profane the media mocks the common man. So I can spreadd awareness of the hookers and blow club they are in. They are not petting kids that are in crutches that should have been put down. They are using sick kids to hide the fact that they cheat on their wives and molest their daughters. They have a saying in masonry "Hide your kids hide your wife" The kids and the wives are the only people who can drag daddy out of the lucifer club. Naturally they are skeptical of the wood paneled rooms that have rotating walls that these women are molested in and hypnotized. So instead of trying to fight the fake anonymous bots we need to find a fucking way to simply tell people the truth. Whatever that is.

The point is to get as close as you can so the contingent parts of you melt away like snow under sun.

The modern masonic apperatus has molested the american dream to the point you do not even know what the first third party was. It was the anti masonic party.

The media is nothing but pleasing the masonic family members. It also is to make the mason congratulate himself. But the commercials are so blatant for a reason. So that little suzy who is hypnotized and taken to the pizza after parties looks at dancing celebs. Maybe suzy can be the next Lorde or a witch goddess royalty katy perry dark horse. Let daddy mount me in the room with the illuminati eye on the wall I am living the simple life. They see apple and they nosh on the forbidden fruits. They are gliding over their peers in a perpetual sunset in the global sanamonica boulevard.The wife thinks "meh I guess I am a fancy lady now let my husband fuck my daughter I am a gaudy whore. A lot of this is subliminal but most of the illuminati shit you see in cartoons and whatnot go right along with how they are ritually abused. Like imagine icarly and the fun blonde does the OK hand sign. Suzy wants to be a quirky blonde so she goes along as she is molested she is taught the ok hand sign is the sign of dedication to lucifer. Thats what it means.

if you do not follow Jesus or simply believe who he said he was you will die the second death, the death of the spirit and you will perish in hell forever


Who let you guys out of the jew house?
When that time comes, we need to replace christcuckery with Pagan beliefs or Zoroastrianism.

It’s been noted that the word Elohim is a plural, there are four gods of the kikes, each celebrated on one of their holidays.

Pssach Nurgle
Purim Slannesh
Yom Kippur Tzeentch
Kchaunaukchah Khorne

Male kikes have their genitals brutally mutilated, thus marking them as devotees of Slannesh.

Abraham, father of the kikes, devotee of Slannesh, married his sister, then pimped her to the king of Egypt, then blackmailed him into giving him stuff because he had fucked another man’s wife. He did this to another king later on. They are all the children of pimps and whores.

Jacob, a.k.a Israel, devotee of Tzeentch, stole his brother Esau’s birthright by tricking his father, setting the tone for their future, existing by fraud.

Pssach celebrates the time they summoned demons to plague Egypt, culminating in slaughtering the firstborn children. This was accomplished with plagues of Nurgle, so they celebrate by eating unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and during their foetid feast they throw vinegar at a plate while reciting the plagues to ritually participate in summoning the demons.

Purim celebrates the time Hadassah was pimped by her cousin Mordecai to the king of Persia, and the subsequent destruction of Persia by the kikes. Since the destruction of Persia was wrought through the tactics of Slannesh, kikes ritually eat the ears of Haman, a Persian patriot who heard too much and tried to stop them, in the form of a cookie called hamantashen.

Yom Kip Pur is when kikes ritually beat a chicken to death after passing their sins to the chicken, then consider themselves beyond reproach. This is taught to them by Tzeentch.

Kchaunaukchah celebrates one time in kike history when they actually fought. Kikes are generally incapable of fighting without overwhelming advantages, but delight in brutalizing any enemy they defeat through subterfuge.

How to pronounce Hebrew
Pssach (psst + gathering phlegm)
Kchaunaukchah (gatherign phlegm + sigh + gathering phlegm)
Hadassah (pronounced like the desolate echo of a dead civilization as wind drives shifting sands past desert scrub)
Yom Kip Pur (an onomatopoeia for the sounds of stones and sloshing water of fate in a cavern)

When you see that there is freemasons aka the luciferians killing kids then you say trying to stop that is larping?

Why dont people call this shit out?

Souls and personal immortality are for faggots. Everyone knows a child comes from his parents, not some alien.

Christianity is just Judaism for Gentiles. The original sin is knowledge and truth – the redpill. By taking the redpill, you "sin" against the Jew.

Only a Jew would come up with the concept of the Christian Hell – a fate of eternal suffering for a wrongdoing committed during a single incarnation.

And only the Jews would profit by unleashing this incredibly effective fear-mongering on the superstitious public at the time. "Be a beta cuck goyim and don't fight back or you'll go to Hell. Give away your shekels, abandon pride for your people, don't be greedy, just stay poor and forgive and forget! Or you'll go to Hell!"

We see how effective this STILL is. Moronic Evangelists that praise Israel all-day because they're live in constant fear of the Skydaddy in the clouds sending them to suffer forever for not praising the Jew enough.

It's AUM, not OM, user. Don't believe everything you read. Much of spirituality has been corrupted. The Buddhists weren't always the peace-loving religion they show in the Media. Back then when the Buddhists took over, they outlawed the other Eastern religions and slaughtered the practitioners. Over time the practices get corrupted.

Just try it. AUM for a week and OM for a week and compare the energies. You'll find the former stimulates the soul much more. Remember how deeply entrenched the Jew is in spirituality – they WANT to keep us powerless.

This thread had so much potential, and OP went and fucked it up.

To add to this trainwreck of a thread, I think the concept of god is necessary in order for us to formulate transcendental ideas, and attain a higher understanding and by extension a more evolved society. Without a steadfast belief in God all one has to turn to is the material plane, and the immediacy of ones surrounding. Its a lowered state of existence with no real recourse for anything other then superficial evolution (entertainment tech like VR) and it gives people a darkly nihilistic outlook on life (ex. societies fascination with blackholes).

TL;DR Belief in a higher level of existence is key to manifesting it here on this plane.

yeah, no, adults are talking about serious things

if there is any sense to the name Lucifer, it is as the personification of induhvidualism. As we know, the children of Luciferians worship Dildolech a.k.a. Slannesh, you see this in individual families, parent says you can be anything you want, child become a degenerate, my gf's grandma and her mom are like that.

What have Freemasons to do with anything, today?

will you shut the fuck up with your innane ramblings about fairy tales nobody knows nor gives a fuck about.

Eternal torture is Khorne worship. The jews worship Khorne for a week in the winter, Kchaunaukchah celebrates their senseless, self-destructive brutality. Christcucks say heaven and hell are states of mind or even souls don't contain personality, but ((Jesus)) said the rich man is in Hell where it's too hot and the poor man in Heaven and ((Jesus)) and ((Mary)) are physically present in Heaven.

you fucked up here
immediate turn off to people who aren't in control of their ego.

and here
can't run before you learn to walk. most, even if they can accept the holocaust never happened still think the oldest culture was ancient egypt.
other than that gj

I rewatched Evangelion for the first time in a long time. I appreciated it a lot more than I used to now that I can understand a lot of the occult aspects of it. For example SEELE trying to enact Tikkun Olam. Makes me wonder what kind of shit the Rothschilds/royal families of the world have locked away deep underground. I thoroughly believe pic related is possible and has happened multiple times before

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It’s mainly muslims and lefty jews buying their bullshit.

The one question i always come back to is, how come we exist? Because even the chance of me existing is infintely low because of the endless possibilities of me not existing, but still i exist. And then you can add that math to every single being and forefather and species and cells and planets, and climates and so on.

On a purely mathematical stance, we shouldn't exist. But still we do. How come?

Anthropic Principle

If there is a chance of something happening it will happen eventually, given enough time.
Also I would argue that the chance of life occurring is extremely high considering we are alive at this moment in time.

so are all on the side of the good / angels?

I have contacted many angels. And have guardian angels…. Not to sound too ridiculous.

This is a spiritual war right now. It's the most basic good vs evil. And those demotic presences are making themselves very well known obviously as of 2018…

I meant are all of us on the side of the good/ angels ? It would appear so…

Just as a random man on the street can fool you into believing he is someone he is not, so can an extra-dimensional entity fool you into believing whatever it wants you to believe. In the course of it all we are quite blind at this moment and can be very easily led by our noses into certain destruction.

Please, enlighten me user. I'm interested in hermetism since I want to read Ride the Tiger of Julius Evola, however and unfortunately, I know little about the matter

There are clearly good ET as well as bad..

There can't be bad without good. It's a basic law..

And no these were not shape-shifters trying to fool me. I have encountered good and bad ET and you know the moment you interface. You can feel their vibration and if they are benevolent or not !

Is Kundalini / Kundalini Awakening Satantic ?

I just thought it was New Age Philosophy but the more I research, the more I learn that New Age Philosophy is Satanism taught in a more societally acceptable form..

Much of the New Age stuff comes straight from Crowley and his work on Magick……!

Wolf in sheeps clothing. Hiding their agenda, both extremely Luciferian ideals…

You are going to fall for a trap with that line of thinking. They are smarter than you and I.
almost all of the new age is just whitewashed satanism, which in plain terms is just a service to self ideology. They aren't worshiping "Satan", they are worshiping themselves as their own god. This mental trap is what many people call satan. "You shall be as gods" is the oldest lie to date.


Is Kundalini Awakening and Kundalini Yoga one of these perverted OTO (Crowley teachings) that is being presented to the masses as New Age Spirituality?

Is the best and safest course of action to meditate, and practice the golden rule from the bible as much as possible as well as spreading as much love and peace as possible at all times?

That's a loaded post. I'll answer part one with, yes it is new age (((spirituality))).
Part two, there is no golden rule in the bible.
You can't spread love and peace to those who want to destroy you.
"Golden rule" is globalism atheist bs and will have you welcome invaders just because someone used the euphemism of refugees.

Have a kike free bump. This is one of the better post here because it really reinforces the idea of a need for total discipline so that one does not get side tracked by the jew tube, the internet which is at this point really like a jewtube, and so that one can stay focused on their goal of truth whatever that may be for the person individually. It also helped me personally identify these liars who use semantics to sow division like what the op said. I really appreciate what Thoth said here "The only way is complete disassociation, to not think of him." because I myself found it easy to get wrapped up in the Dopamine addiction of these deceivers. When in reality its better to disassociate with them because if you don't the time you waste the energy you waste gets compounded and becomes a large amount of opportunity that is gone. I would appreciate any other wisdom you have to share OP!>>11179892

Bump for Thoth to return and share more knowledge!