Iranian / Persian OC Thread

Fuck the "muh sandnigger Iranians" shills, the Persians were Caucasians. They were forced to accept Religion of Cuck™ during the Religion of Cuck™ic takeover in the 7th century. The Sunni / Shia divide is racial not religious. Iraq may be majority Shia, but Saddam and the Ba'ath Party was Sunni and seized power in the 1968 coup. Which is why Saddam killed Shia Muslims and invaded secular Kuwait to install a theocracy. Sunni ISIS tried to take over the government of Iraq in 2014.

The Jewish goal is to eliminate all Whites. That means Europeans, Americans, Germans, and Russian and Persian Caucasians

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All roads lead to spurdo.

I've always thought Persians were white.

You will never be white.

Could have fooled me Shill-kun.

"iran" is another spelling of "aryan." Persians are not arabs.


Man I can't wait to start butchering jews.

Slowly cutting them apart while they are still alive, firmly strapped to my table.

Wonder if we will ever meet?


Nice thread, we need some OC on Iran to fight back at the kikes since they are obviously about to shift the focus from Assad/Syria to there.

Reminder there is a twitter account affiliated with 8ch sperging out about muh ebil Iran while pushing neocon talking points.

Sometimes you frighten me Holla Forums.

Another thing I've noticed: most of the women currently protesting for equal rights in Iran appear to be majority Caucasian.

They want to eliminate any remnants of Neanderthal blood besides that of which they've stolen and preserved in their mischling kin. That is the source of our autism, our power, and they know it. That's also why there are occasionally shills pushing the whole Jews are Neanderthals meme.

‘Eirenn’ - the original name for Ireland - means the same.

don't do that

persia stay Sunni until the Safavid era
the most respected sunni imams happen to be of pesian origin like bukhari. muslim. and Al-Tirmidhi


i doubt that. source?

The works of Robert Charles Zaehner, specifically The Dawn and Twilight of Zoroastrianism are relevant to this thread's interest.

The dictionary.

As the last stages of this chapter of history close, we need to perform eugenics on the Iranian population, force out non-Aryan blood via deportation and capitalisation and undo the damage of miscegenation and Religion of Cuck™ic inbreeding.

you sure about that? Webster's says you're a liar.


Does Israel even want a Peaceful Iran?

of course not. they want to ignite the ceremony of the phoenix where they can get comfy while their enemies take each other out meanwhile bringing forth their messiah - the antichrist

It's a bit more complex than that.

The American Dollar is being threatened by the Petro-Yuan, via China. Venezuela, Russia, Iran, North Korea, among others; have agreed to accept the Petro-Yuan for oil.
The United States of America no longer creates products.
America's product is the Petrodollar.
If the Dollar is threatened as a world reserve currency (as China intends) the purchasing power of the dollar will turn into ten cents overnight.
America has a vested interest in the collapse of Iran too.
Yes, the Kikes want it to collapse as well; but unless you have a fucking farm in America, a fucking farm user, that can provide a year's worth of food for your family then you're all going to die when that happens.
This is one of those rare occasions where Israel's endgame also saves American lives.
Plus as other anons have noted Iran is no longer Persian (Aryan).
Its fucking shitskins.

They aren't completely stupid, if America goes down so do they.

And then they got blacked. So now what?

They didn't even give you guys New Year's Eve off? That sucks, alphabetbrah.

Got any evidence Ba'ath was Sunni, if not YOU CAN GTFO

Please stop shilling this shit, you showed up a while ago doing the same thing, you're not white, you'll never be white, real Persians MIGHT have been a long time ago but modern "Persians" aren't even close.

Sunni's are the Arabs that the Jews are spreading to destroy any white countries so they can take over everything. What they recently started doing to European countries, they have been doing to middle eastern countries for centuries. They are farther along in the process, and they are a glimpse into the future that is in store for Europe. The reason they are able to succeded is because they can convince people, once their demographics shift to about 50/50, that "hey, these people aren't white anymore, so fuck 'em." Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah are the only ones fighting against Muslim/Jewish expansion. Nobody's white, huh?


America should take the hit frankly.

That's quite a steep claim.

Animism is not knowing how anything works, so you have to model it as having agency like an animal/person. In other words, all natural phenomena are entities (gnomes, fairies, naiads, etc). As early science began to explain natural phenomena, animistic explanations fell out of use and there was a shift to pantheism (all events are driven by a single intelligence).



Why are Iranian/Shia shill threads openly allowed on a supposed NatSoc board? Fair enough their interests cross with ours in so much as they also want to get rid of ZOG and I have no problem with them so long as they stay in their own country. But why the fuck do we need to suck their dicks and have shill threads spreading lies in order to make them BASED?

Are you Iranian/Shia shill banking on anons on this board being retards that don't know stuff about the ME and Religion of Cuck™? Because this is some spastic level shilling. We tolerate you, just be happy with that. This shilling is going to wear that tolerance thin.

Sandniggers are nonwhite. Support any jews or arabs and you're a race traitor.


Persians are "good" in the sense that they're the only decent group in the shit show that is the middle east. A polished turd however will always be a turd. I'll glady to be allies with them but they should not be in our countries.

Sounds like an inefficient method unfortunately. They may be a tiny population but we'll be throwing the degenerates and all their pawns into the grinder too. Even bullets may prove too expensive.
We'll need to set up some kind of system. Like a factory for disposing of them.



Iran means Aryan, and they renamed themselves Iran as a gesture of friendship with Hitler's Germany.


According to reports circulating widely in Israeli media today, The president of the United States has quietly given Israel the green light to assassinate Iran's top military officer, Iranian Revolutionary Guards al-Quds Force commander Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani. The leader of Iran's most elite force also coordinates military activity between the Religion of Cuck™ic Republic and Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah, and Hamas - a position he's filled since 1998 - and as Quds Force commander reports directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, and oversees Iran's covert operations in foreign countries.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards have vowed to crack harshly down on protests currently gripping multiple major cities across the country, now in their fifth day, and after a particularly bloody night which saw 12 demonstrators killed - some of them reportedly shot by security forces.

Keyword: were. Actual Persians didn't survive the Arab invasions unmixed. Calling modern Iranians white is like trying to find white people in South America. They're all mixed now.

If anything, Iran — like Mexico and the rest of the non-Anglo Americas, as well as essentially the entirety of North Africa and the Near East — stands as a dire warning against racemixing.


"Caucasoid" is a skull type, as compared to "Mongoloid" or "Negroid." Ethiopians, Somalis, Berbers, Arabs, ashkenazi jews, etc., are all Caucasian based on skull shape. It's not enough to be "Caucasian" in order to be WHITE. WHITE is a SUBSET of the Caucasoid division of mankind.
Race itself is further subdivision of the 3-way skull shape division, the injuns are Mongoloid just as the Han Chinese are, but no one pretends they're the same Race because of it.
Even before izlam, the Persians were enemies of the Europeans and were constantly at war with them, from the wars with Greece to the wars with the Byzantines, they had separate literature, separate religions, and separate cultures, they were NEVER White and NEVER will be.
Sage for ignorant jorjani-style shit.

Persianfag here and I agree with you. DGAF if we're ‘white’. Different factions seem unable to agree on what ‘white’ even is, whether exclusive to nords, or inclusive of all european natives, or inclusive of slavs, the caucasus, or inclusive of all japhitic peoples or whatever. When it comes to identifying myself, I'd rather use terms that are much more rooted in who we are. I'm Iranian, I'm Japhitic (descendent of Japheth), Christian, etc. I would 100% get away with calling myself ‘white’ and I needn't call myself that, as others have refered to me as such my entire life. But I shan't call myself white, because my ethnicity is not a color, it's a grand story of God's creation, with all the joy and suffering that creation brings. My race shall not be trivialized by such vapid terms as ‘white’, because it is already named after our common ancestor, Japheth the son of Noah.

Some of them but they are far smaller in numbers like those you can still find in India. They've both become heavily degenerated though and without a massive racial policy they too are facing the India situation.

Then again all of the fucking world is facing the same shit right now so…

As incomprehensibly stupid as jorjani is, you've beaten him at that game. There is a lot of shared history and culture between the greeks and the persians. The mithraic religion in Rome was based on Iranian mithraism. The philosophical naissance in Greece took place largely under a Persian-conquered Greece. Pythagoras spent a decade in Persia and started his philosophy school and number cult with a basis in Persian and Indian ideals. There is as much bad blood between greeks and persians as between greeks and other europeans, or any europeans and any other europeans. But I, a persian, fit in perfectly with greeks despite all that. I attend a greek parish, greeks on all sides. Their culture is almost indistinct from ours.

Since ancient times, we called our nation Aryána Kháshatra (aryan/iranian imperium). Later shortened to Iranshahr (aryan/iranian kingdom). Later again shortened to Iran. Make of that what you will. Doesn't necessarily mean we're ‘white’, but we did not invent that identity in the 30s

4th pic was shown to be false.

boring abstract source:

Ayo hol up.. What was found to be false? Are you saying there were no Europid mummies found in the Tarim Basin?

That pic is fucking garbage. "out of africa" shit's so forced it's even in religion too?

I'm science illiterate so you are going to have to spoonfeed/translate for me a little. Did they compare the mummies to European/Iranian ethnic groups or only Modern Chinese ones?

Persians were not arabs. They Iranians living in that land now are. The Persians were displaced to Europe with the Egyptians and Phoenicians who were also white. Your religions image is gay bullshit. Egyptians and Phoenicians were not arabs. Their closest living decendants are the Welsh, who still use the same language:

So why exactly were the majority of posts deleted? This is a nonwhite shill thread one way or another.

Iranian women are cute, lots of them have fair skin, dark hair and green eyes. But the men are as obnoxious as their indian cousins in both physical appearance and behaviour.

What is white anyway? Can you explain it SCIENTIFICALLY???

Haplogroup, language family, physiology… Plenty of angles here.


for most american posters thats the case.

because theyre better than AIPAC and reddit shill threads?

and youll do what?

It's not so much their color that's an issue. It's that Iran is a major civ and their loyalties will always be to Iran. Same applies to Russians.

That is unlike most Europeans, who upon leaving their homeland, no longer give a fuck after a generation. Sure, we'll keep a few customs but politically, we pledge allegiance to the local lord.

Yes: if you apply for a position, and you're not a faggot, and a less-qualified nigger is accepted instead of you, then you're white.

not only that, every node has only one parent. Tree? Maybe. Family tree? Not so much.

You've never been to Uruguay.

6/10 - Should have used Argentina. :^)

Did you even read the whole post or are you just a tendies shia that's going to REEEEE and cry kike every time someone refuses to suck your mudslime cock?
I'm in favor of /sg/ threads, mods shutting those down was retarded. I clearly said I'm supportive of shia/iran (and anyone else for that matter) that wants to combat ZOG. But I'm not in favor of dick riding threads spreading lies in order to push an agenda separate for combating ZOG and instead trying to shill for shia/iranian support outside of that. Go stroke each others pedo cocks on some other board if you want to do that. This board is dying as it is, it'll be terminal if on top of neocon, civnat reddit larpers we also have subhumans calling themselves BASED muh OG white ARyans!!!!!

To be honest I never got that meme. I travelled quite a bit in LatAm during my 20s, and the Southern Cone is of course and without the slightest doubt whiter than e.g. the Southern US. The only US regions consistently whiter than Chile, Uruguay and Argentina are the Midwest and parts of Northeast and Northwest. Heck, even in Bolivia - perhaps the most cholo country of them all - you have regions that seem to come straight from the Black Forest.

Sassanids never owned that much territory as in the first pic.
Armenia was the main contested kingdom that went from one to another.

And the Arab peninsula was never a satrapy, only vassals.

I can believe that. It's also pertinant that most Christians and other non-Muslims that are being killed are also non-Arabs. I still think it's ironic that mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker himself called Arabs sub-humans.

Pepe The Frog is actually some Egyptian God of chaos. What is Spurdo?