Energy. Frequency. Vibration

Racism is a virus. Culture is your operating system. Free your mind from that which does not serve you.

If I was a mod I would ban you permanently.

Racism is the natural state of mind and OP is a faggot.

Nigger you're not even our species (Homo Erectus vs. Cro-Magnon vs. Neaderthals).
Did you see Tucker Carlson's 100 racist things?


Good, then I will rape many people and give them the racism virus.

Racism is a virus.
Competition is not.
We are simply more competitive than other breeds of humans. Just because you have a nihilist understanding of being a human doesn't mean the rest of us have succumbed to your mimetic influenza.

Right. What doesn't serve my personal aspirations is pointless.
Fuck everyone who comes after.
Fuck going to Mars.
Fuck my sired generations eventual transcending the mortal coil

Oh wait, racism keeps me out of the high crime areas, and away from the loan shark jews. It does serve me as an individual.

Race Creationists believe that the only divergence from hundreds of thousands of years of isolated evolution is skin color, and everything else is a social construct.


It is a social construct. Some races make shit constructions while others make good constructions. By some I mean most make shit constructions.

Holy shit you do not belong here


Racism is the antivirus.

I know this is a slide thread and this is horrible bait, but I'll bite.

And there goes your argument.

-88/10, global report.

Racism is anti virus for your operation system.


Anons, look at this gem.

leftypol is that you?


Anti-racism is anti-science. Obey your god.

Reported enjoy your ban faggot.

What have you hippies ever accomplished? You're a mold growing on the pie-crust of civilization while proclaiming your illusory independence and your oh-so-precious holier-than-thou attitude. Do something productive with your life. Emotions don't last after your bones turn to dust. Cathedrals and families do.

A race that ceases to believe in itself goes extinct, much like your bloodline. Individualism as a memetic-organism seems superficially good is bad (as seen by its deleterious effects). Racism has the reverse effect. A degree of racism is a necessary but by no means sufficient part of any successful civilization.

Such sagely wisdom.