Just another day in San Francisco

So I moved from my eastern euro shithole city to SF for a coveted tech job where hobos look at me like I'm from da moon and aggressively pursue me for my shekels.

Muh feels when I thought the US was the greatest country ever…

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You fell for a meme you retarded vodka swilling potato-person. Have fun paying 50% of your fat paycheck to rent and the rest to city and fed taxes. Soon you'll wish you were back with your kin among peaceful and tranquil hamlets.


you should have done your research b4 moving to SF.

murderers, druggies, and ur in commiefornia.

all the money is in silicon valley

Just pocket as many paychecks as you can and take your shekles back to Eastern European paradise and start a family, user. I myself did a decade long stint as a SF tech millionaire and escaped to tell the tale.

I also went to NYC for job training and half of the city looked kinda 3rd worldish falling apart. The yids are good at marketing, I'll give them that.

This is an apt description of an overwhelming number of large, (((international))) Western cities now. The indigenous population are either flooded or forced ever outwards.

switzerland, sweden?

i laughed when I found out someone who just got their masters reunited with a high school dropout and moved to NYC.

its like they train their robots to love slavery, and to want a fictitious career that they see in the movies…

what I see every day going to work

NYC is just a giant flee market where the products are a copy of a brand except it's 5 times the price because it's a New York made product.

Why did type that? It's not made New York but in China

If there's one thing to still be proud of, as a fucking leaf, it's that Winterchan keeps shit like this to a minimum. It's still there, but anyone ripped on meth has to find shelter before they indulge, or they're found the next day with their blackened skin frozen to the pavement. From my visits to Commifornia and Hawaii, I've seen that the sunnier the climate, the more likely this kind of shit happens. I once watched as a homeless guy walked from table to table taking half-eaten Egg McMuffins in a San Diego McDonald's. That shit doesn't happen in my neck of the woods. They either hit the soup kitchens or they fucking die.
Let me have SOMETHING to feel good about, you miserable fucks! I'm holding on to dignity by one stunted cunt hair, at this point.


When I was stationed in Europe in the mid-2000's I had to keep telling every fucking European (German predominately) that the U.S. is an absolute shithole compared to where they live. It's ass backwards in so many ways, and better in a few others. It just goes to show you how Hollywood has glamorized not just California for the past 100 years, but the entire continental U.S.

If you've ever been to Europe the contrast can't be more clear for any American that you look back at this place and really contemplate what the fuck we actually have done in 250 years. Even Baghdad has an aesthetic beauty about it that 99% of American cities are utterly lacking. Maybe it's just because I'm an architectural nerd, but America is severely lacking. The only places that are remotely interesting is the colonial areas and the South which maintains its separation culturally still. Everything west of the Mississippi has been a complete was of opportunity.

Hobo Internet Defense Force Activated

Hobos are an entirely White American enigma often confused to be bums and or oogles. In order to qualify as a hobo, one must ride freight trains and one ==MUST== work if given the opportunity. Although a hobo may take to other forms of income such as playing shitty banjo on the street and hopping that you will willingly depart from your shekels so that they may buy some beer but at the end of the day don't care either way.

What you see here are shit skin do nothing homebums or most likely 3rd muslims that are nothing more than cart pushing milk crate sitting, not even creative enough to douse them selves in silver paint niggers and are prime fodder for the ovens.

The homeless tends hibernate in the subway and churches during winter

Nigger, I cannot tell you how many spics and niggers play spanish guitar or the harmonica, do you know what they spend the money on from tourist who are empathic?

Commiefornia is ground zero for poz minds, it's the main opponent of everything American.
Some day it will be reclaimed and cleared out of subhumans, but right now while simultaneously opposing the system they are protected by it.
It's a problem that can't be fully addressed or ignored.
It has to be contained.

homeless inhaling spraycans in the middle of the city

homeless sleeping in shopping carts, can't make that shit up…

Are you joking? Vancouver has entire streets packed with homeless people.

Never ever take public transport…

The ground is very cold, that is why see many homeless on top off recycling/ garbage bins and anything above the ground.

This is your typical 60's burnout. You'll see a lot of these screaming from street corners about random shit. His brain is toast.

Again, I am just saying they are not hobos but bums, hobos are apart of american history.

hobos used to ass rape each other in the boxcars so they weren't any better than bums

All I can do is laugh, as even a few minutes of looking into California's negatives would have told you to never come here. The biggest problem is that most people who caused it are moving to over states and ruining those as well.
t. Californian

That's normal for SF. If you're gonna stay in the city, get used to it. Learn to ignore it. The city/county of SF as some of the best gibs of any government, so naturally all the trash of this world flocks to the city for the gibs.

This is happening across the country with liberal kike states. New York, Illinois, and California are the main ones where the residents voted for more gibs for nigs and other assorted Keynesian economic policies, got their state into a shit heap of debt, and now they're running off to the neighboring red states. Wash, rinse, repeat. These retarded fucks don't even want to know why their state sucks so much, now. Nevermind that, virtue signalling is way more important.

Bay Area fag here.
It gets better in the east bay. More bikers, gun enthusiasts and what not.
But it's still hell.
Welcome to hell

Good music scene though, my band plays SF even blue moon ;^)

I feel so sorry for them

It's the same in the rest of California now. We've had a huge influx of these types as they keep getting bussed in from Vegas, Phoenix, and LA. I wanna say that 99% of our "homeless" are just people looking for gibs and drugs, who have the capacity to work, but just want a nice easy life where they can be taken care of. Meth is fucking everywhere. None of them have any respect for their fellow man, and they steal from everyone, and each other. It's bad.

In this part of Cali, almost no one follows the gun laws that Sacramento has given us. And everyone has a properly gimped AR in case the CHP pulls them over. All of their other guns would probably give the entire Legislature a heart attack.

Just don't
Isn't that extremely pozzed like its neighbours france, germany and italy, but won't survive in the long term. Also many foreigners and pricy as fuck.

I shoot out in Richmond and…fuck, I can't remember the other city.
But I had to move around since this concord range shut down.
Richmond is semi picky about the rules, Concord and the other place don't give a fuck about mag size or cal legal regulations.
Bit you still need to shoot slowly. Meh

As someone who has gone to every single major city in the US, THEY ARE ALL SHIT! The only city that isnt fully pozzed is SLC, but Im sure if I hung around long enough Id realize SLC is pozzed as fuck too.

Unfortunately this.

you are not alone. some of us grew up in this shithole rubbing elbow with libtard kike elitists. welcome to the jungle. if you see any IOTBW stickers around town, chances are good I put em there.

Bum fights guys did nothing wrong
No wonder why liberals tried to shutdown them down

I'd take a life sentence in NYC over a year with time off for good behavior in SF.



Don't bother coming back, you ungrateful cunt.

People are allowed to move around. Nothing wrong with going to a foreign city for a job offer imho.

Upper-class SF is still White AF and red-pilled but they're all locked away in their fancy clubs.

If they were even kind of red-pilled they wouldn't be living in San Francisco.

He wants to move away from his homeland to faggot central? He can do as he pleases. He just should not bother coming back to whichever "shithole" he left.

You'd be surprised. But they all go skiing in Lake Tahoe and have hunting lodges and spend half the year in Sun Valley. It's a whole hidden world that looks nothing like the Tenderloin. OP needs to hang out more in the Marina and go to NASCAR or other White People stuff. The problem is it's tens of millions of dollars to go buy houses in the nice parts of town.

What country did you even originate from?

Im stuck here too user. i know your feels. if you need a drinking partner hit me up.

>It will be 100% white people and you can make some rich and powerful friends who basically talk like pol/acks when there's none of (((them))) around.

yea you should probably go back and take some two-legged souvenirs with you.

Jesus guys, he's just having a rest. Leave him be.

San Diego is the homeless capital of the States.
Something I noticed is that the homeless are ALWAYS Blacks or Whites (natural-born U. S. citizens) and NEVER Kikes, Spics, or Sand Niggers. There are ZERO homeless 'illegal immigrants'.
That's how I got red-pilled.
It's also how I was successful red-pilling others.
We would wonder why THE FUCK we're giving so much to people who aren't even citizens and don't even pay taxes.
Fuck, I get angry about it just typing this out.
t. -former Leftist

What's funny is that I never actually noticed that trend, but thinking back to all of the homeless I've seen in my area, you're right. Fuck me, at least there's proof that illegals really are a cancer on the country.

Why is there no statue erected for this hero?

Just to bring some discussion here, is it possible that the communal nature of asians and spics means that they tend to keep it in the family and rely on their group instead of beg?

I work in New York in the tech industry and I'm torn. On the one hand I think NYC is nicer than SF. Crime is about the same, but the streets are cleaner. Apart from on the streets, most of the people you encounter will be white. On the other hand, the only reason police are allowed to provide a semblance of law and order, is for the benefit of Jews. If there were no Jews there would be no political capital for cleaning up the city.

What US tech city is not like this? Is Austin also this bad? Asking as another expat.

Salt lake is not too bad with this stuff, but it barely qualifies as a tech city.

How could you possibly be that stupid? You moved from your homeland, among the last bastions of nationalist whiteness, to one of the most pozzed locations on the planet. Shekels don't buy happiness. How will you find a girlfriend? Friends? Anything, other than money?

The urban areas in the USA are all terrible, yes. We are less than 56% white, and these non-whites are inhabiting our once-great cities instead of us.

I'd say so. If you're a spic and you're in America, you can rely on "LA RAZA" to help you out. Get you a job smuggling drugs or something. Worst comes to worst they could probably ship your ass back to Mexico where its cheaper to eat. It's one of the few things I envy about non-whites - racial consciousness

I live in Seattle. Homeless everywhere. My bluer color friends have since high school become very angry at what is happening to our home town. If you go to bars outside of capital hill its not hard to find people who would agree with that kind of thinking. White men of course though.

Vancouver is California North, user. It's usually a lot warmer there (and on the rare occasions where they get REAL winter, they're usually royally fucked). I'm talking about the rest of the country.

You know it. Don't forget when they turfed all those poor white folks out of their homes in Germany to give them to chimps who don't even know how to work a fucking toilet.

Absolutely, and it's admirable. I wish we took care of our own as well as they do. As for the african and arab rape-machines, though, they're being taken care of by the commies in charge of OUR fucking money.

in op's defense, i lived in SF for almost seven years and yes it is fucking turbopozzed, but there are yet glimmers of light - there are tons of homos in SF but there are also tons of lonely ass straight women… educated, independently wealthy, indescribably beautiful… i was dating WAY out of my pay grade in SF… and i hope op gets in on that action as well…
san francisco is an amazing place that we should not just give up… the queers, commies, and bums are ruining an otherwise based town…

Dont you find it interesting that California, a state whose local politics is dominated by democrats to the point the republican is basically extinct has a massive poverty problem.

Thats the future of america, its what the neoliberals want. Its what the democrats want.

>Bumfights is a film series produced by Indecline Films.
>The Emperor Has No Balls is a series of sculptures depicting Donald Trump by the activist art collective Indecline. The five statues were installed in Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle in 2016.
>The statues, made using clay and silicone, depicted Trump with a pot belly, an "old man saggy butt", varicose veins, a "constipated" expression, a very small penis, and no testicles, and were titled The Emperor Has No Balls on engraved plates at the base; they were commissioned from Joshua "Ginger" Monroe, a Las Vegas artist who designs monsters for haunted houses and horror films.
>The following month, two more naked Trump statues, commissioned by a New Jersey arts collective, were installed on the roof of a warehouse overlooking the New Jersey entrance to the Holland Tunnel, where Indecline also placed an inverted US flag

Part of it is spics and part of it is homeless from all over the country being given bus tickets here so they won't freeze to death sleeping outside.

As a man who was homeless for a few years didn't handle depression that well. in LA, yeah it pissed me off to see a sudden influx of beaners into skid row on the holidays for the charity giveaways.

Justs needs cleaned up

That explain why I saw so many homeless people on the street when I visited from Australia.

Dox him and I'll gladly pay to have his ass kicked here in the 702, wouldn't even cost me that much

Arizona has become Helgan?

Buy guns and ammo my friend; one day soon you are going to live in the wild west with no laws, and those hobos are going to be shooting targets. Let the hatred brew.

That remind me of the purge movie.

sure thing bro

if they don't have tats, hair in weird colors, been with 100 guys before or turbo SJWs they're as bland as it gets

HR harpies and whoever else plays supporting roles in tech. They might be decent looking but are total airheads…

Their degrees or income don't mean shit to me, I do fine by myself.

Well, shit. I guess my new dream is to see him and Dr. Fill locked in a cage with starving rats.

Enjoy the pinnacle of Soyvilization.

At least there is entertainment value here.

New York is often described as a 3rd World City, so that is incredibly apt.

They are all lonely for a reason. You don't want to find out what that reason is. It is never good.

None of them are wife material.

J U S T ed yourself my dude

You know how to use an imageboard but you can't spend 5 minuets doing some cursory research on the city you move to? I was under the impression that San Francisco's reputation for maximum niggerfaggottry was known world wide.
The US is fucking huge and each state can practically be viewed as it's own country culturally speaking. Move to a state with white people in it before you talk shit. Enjoy your AIDS I guess.

why were you homeless if you don't mind me asking?

I find that the amount of muslim woman beggars explodes the day before christmas because you can make £400 a day

Satan checked!! Unfortunately, the message is shit. You get used to it and you get outvoted into oblivion.

It's a cali trash fire of a city, but not alone, 7of the top 10 cities for car theft are in california. So many that the police will and can do nothing, its lawlessness on a grand scale, and you can bet the people with the nicest car alarms are not the ones being hit. This is california "progressive" politics in action, with the ultimate in regressive consequences.

"For better or worse, here’s the NICB’s top 10 hot spots in the U.S. for auto thefts relative to their population size, with the number of vehicles stolen during 2014 noted in parenthesis.

1. San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, Calif. (29,093)
2. Bakersfield, Calif. (5,211)
3. Stockton-Lodi, Calif. (4,245)
4. Odessa, Texas (886)
5. Modesto, Calif. (3,047)
6. Spokane-Spokane Valley, Wash. (3,032)
7. Vallejo-Fairfield, Calif. (2,414)
8. Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Wash. (20,268)
9. Fresno, Calif. (5,260)
10.San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif. (10,531)

7/10 of the top10 are in Commiefornia. Sink it. Just fucking sink it and everyone there too.


No they are not red-pilled, they're hardcore dems. I don't know where you got that idea user. There are pockets of red in the Richmond/Sunset but they're mostly old-timers. You might know a few red yuppies in the Marina but they don't run the city, the Dems/Chinese do. See Willie "got the call on 911 to leave NY town" Brown who is seemingly involved in all dirty deals and his buddy Rose Pak.

Why would you live in SF when rent is absurdly high and literally the entire surrounding cities have suburbs? Live in San Mateo or something and commute. Not to mention if you actually worked for a tech company they would let you telework.

Newsflash: people outside America "know" it basically only from Hollyjewd and CNN. SF, LA and NY are widely considered the greatest places on earth. Interior states basically don't exist.
Welcome to the kiketrix.

Because that's what people normally do in civilized countries. They move as close to work - or find work as close to home - to cut down on commute costs and time waste.
How the fuck would a foreigner know he's entering a third-world racewarzone and needs to abide by war rules to protect himself if he wasn't raised in one? It's not like the (((media))) are showing what America really is like, especially in foreign countries where people have no way to check their bullshit first-hand.

not at all unexpected