New Year's resolutions

Post your New Year's resolutions. I know self-improvement threads have fallen out of fashion, but today is the prefect time to gather any motivation you still have to fix your problems.

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Not to be OP

Ok MAGApedes I'll start:
-lift weights
-vote Trump
heh don't worry pedes that autism you have just means you're 'alpha, lift weights and all your problems instantly fixed, you'll get that cute 21 yo skinny white wife and you'll have white children Don't worry bro your life isn't a pointless existence

No, that's because the fucking mods of this board ban it because they themselves are total degenerates and don't like to be reminded of the fact they will never improve. Any good thread of quality gets removed faster than a shitpost gets upboated on plebbit.

For me, I have a few things in mind.

That's it… New year's resolutions are only symbolic, everyone who is serious about bettering the world should also be serious about bettering themselves.

Well that's a given, I'd hope everyone here knows the board well enough to know that. But seeing as it's New Years they might let it pass.
Those are some really nice goals user. I'd suggest others but mine are probably too basic you already have a grip on them, like being more self-forgiving for certain things I can't improve short term. Also going to try to read books.
Pic not really related but fun no-fap adventure kino.

It's gonna be a busy year

Not go on Nofap and fail like Nofap 2017 and Nofap 2016.

Not die in poverty and to stop using this dead honeypot website

To love more. Enjoy life more. Self improvement to better myself everyday. To still hate the things that destroy the things I love. Shit posting.

To apply everything I've learned here into the meatspace.To stop smoking the greenjew habitually, stop eating (((carbs))), get /fit/, read more muhbooks, be good to my Aryan future waifu and most of all secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

I'll miss you Holla Forums. Heck, i already do. This place hasn't been the same for a while.

Save some money and buy a set of 17jx7 wheels + fitting tires for the winter. My car eats tires for breakfast since it's been remapped.

What did you expect, faggot? LARPing as alpha?

You. I like your cynicism.

of course full semen retention continuation is a go to for me. i'll also be increasing my health, wealth, and wisdom.
i think we should all read over these ten principles as well

that being said, nyr's are gay and i'm pretty sure most of us have our goals set anyways, but that doesnt mean there's no reason to take advantage of the memetic energy of this day anyways

>Live by the mantra: discipline, not indulgence.

Caffeine is pretty useful when working out though. A lot of pre-workout formulas contain caffeine, and it promotes cns activity and shit. Speaking from personal experience it can definitely have positive effects; just in moderation. I think it has a bed rep because wageslave normalfags easily get addicted to their schlomobucks coffee, not to mention all the sugar and shit they tend to put into it.

>>>Holla Forums

Continue getting /fit/, continue my nofap (today is day 54), and try to get richer. I would like to get married and have a bunch of kids, but it would be irresponsible of me because I cannot afford that. I must become a proper provider first.

I work with a guy who is 32. At the start of 2017 he ditched his bad girlfriend, lost weight, and now literally has a 21 year old girlfriend. Anything is possible.

2018 Plan to Return to Physical Normalcy and to Advance Development of the Self

General Rules
Increase Red Meat Intake
Beef Liver, Beef Heart
Reduce Intake of Fish and Chicken
Increase Intake of Beans
Replace Juice and Soda with Sparkling Water/Filtered Water/Coffee.
Introduce Kale to Diet
Remove Fruit from the Diet
Remove All Alcohol Intake Except Red Wine
Remove All Sweet Intake Except Chocolate- “Cacao nibs”/Unsweetened cocoa powder
Utilize Fresh Cheese, Eggs, and Butter Into More Dishes
Remove All Foods Contaminated with Soy from Diet
Intermittent Fasting 5 Days Every Month
Incorporate Broccoli, Garlic, Beetroot, Ginger into more and more foods.
Pineapple will be acceptable if necessary
Specific Goals
2400 Calories a day (Will be Tweaked as Days progress)
160g Protein
90g Fat
300g Carbs
Weighing 175 with a deadlift of 500, Squat of 405, and bench of 315.
Meal 1- 3 Eggs (230 Calories, 18g Protein, 15g Fat), 3 Servings of Sausage (400 calories, 9g protein, 12g fat), Oats+Cinnamon, 125 calories, 3g fat, 21g carb, 4.4g protein), Coffee, Water
Total- 755 calories, 31.4g Protein, 30g fat, 21g carb
Meal 2- 1 Greek Yogurt(130 cal, 18g carb, 13g protein), ¼ cup nuts(219 cal, 20g fat, 8g carb, 6g pro), 1 protein shake(130 cal, 1.5g fat, 25g pro)
Total- 479 cal, 44 pro, 21.5 fat, 26 carb
Meal 3- 1 Cup Brown Rice(120 cal, 3g pro, 1g fat, 26g carb), Red Meat x2 servings (260 cal, 40g pro, 7g fat, 7 carb), Vegetable Serving/Additional Cup of Rice/Beans
Total- 380 carb, 43g pro, 8g fat, 32g carb -Pending
Meal 4- Protein Shake(130 cal, 1.5g fat, 25g pro), Snack- Kale Based/Chocolate
Meal 5- Red Meatx2 (260 cal, 40g pro, 7g fat, 7g carb), Vegetable- Spring Mix/Kale/Cucumber/Other
Projected Total- 2005 cal, 184g pro, 68g fat, 94 carbs
Snacks: Pineapple/Chocolate/Wine incorporated outside of this 2000 calorie base.

Supplements- All Dosages Must Be Researched for Age and Sex of User

Life Extension Supplementals
EGCG- Life Extension
Lithium- Life Extension
Aspirin- Life Extension
IP6- Life Extension, Anti-Alzheimers
Anti-Cancer Supplementals
Reserveratrol- Aromatase inhibitor, kills estrogen conversion and cancer
Diindolylmethane- Anti-cancer cell, anti-ammonia
L-citrulline- Cardiovascular health
Berberine- Cardiovascular and Insulin health
Nicotinamide- Skin health
Diet and Fasting Supplementals
Hydroxycitrate Supplement- Fasting and Diet
MCT Oil- Ketones, Fasting and Diet
L. reuteri Probiotic – Gut and Digestive Health
Generalized Supplementals
Cod Liver Oil- Omega fat balance AVOID ALL SEED OILS
Carlson/Buried Treasure/Life Extension K2 Supplement
Magnesium Citrate- Now/Carlson
Whey/Preworkout with Creatine and NO SOY
Garden of Life Raw Zinc
Carlson Labs- Vitamin D Supp

Sleep 6.5 hours
Intermittent Fasting, time every 16 hours if possible
Avoid Calcium, Copper, and Iron supplements and dietary imbalances.


Maximize flexibility, strength, and balance
Simplify Sessions
3 Days a Week of Lifting
Reduce Time Spent in Gym
Off Days Spent on Technique and Martial Art Form

Static Stretches in Sauna- Do Not Exceed 10 minutes
Glutes & IT Band
Quadricep Grab
Groin Stretch
Low Back
Sun Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Chest Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Calf Stretch
Bicep Stretch
Dynamic Full Body Stretching On Mats After Warmup- 10 Minutes
Lunge Twists
Knee to Chest
High Kicks
Hip Stretch Twist
T-Push Ups
Side Lunge
Full body roll out from wrists
Leg Swings
Vinyasa Flow
Fire Hydrants
Leg Crossovers
Ankle Mobilizer
Kneeling Quad
Hero Pose
Heel to Butt Kick
Jumping Jacks
5-10 Minute Treadmill Warmup
5x5 Madcow Intermediate Power Lifting Program (Until Rehabilitation is Successful)
Working Weight for Rehabilitation: Squat- 300, Bench- 225, OHP- 125, Dead- 350 12/30/2017

Core Work
Bicycle Crunches
Duck Under/Step Overs
Hollow Body Holds (Progressions)
Human Flag (Progressions)
Leg Lifts
Front Lever (Progressions)
Medicine Ball Work
Dragon Flags (Progressions)
Hollow Pullup
L-Sit (Progressions)
Forward Roll
One Legged Balance
Split (Progressions)
Handstand (Progressions)
Lever Drill
V-Sit (Progressions)
Cardio on Treadmill/Punching Bag/Martial Arts Techniques
The Jump Rope is About to Become the Ruler of Your Nightmares
Bodyweight Squat Jumps
OFF DAYS- Cardio Days, Martial Arts Technique Work

I'm sure there are flaws in this but this is how specific you need to be in order to achieve your goals.

I believe in you all. I believe in us. 2018 is ours for the taking.

lose about 5kg, and finally get laid/kiss again after 7 years of nothing

I feel it too, 2018 will be big

Pick up lifting again (lmao)
Stop being a little fag, reveal dat powerlevel
Blood sacrifice to my gods

Happy new year anons

Is this a goal from above or below 6.5?
I always thought that one should aim for 8 hours, but I did roughly 6 for a few weeks and felt good throughout.

Happy Current Year +3

A number of recent studies show that people sleeping 6.5 instead of 8 hours live longer. P.D. Mangan and a number of others have linked to it. I don't have it on me right now.

Some studies also show that sleeping less lowers your testosterone level, if that kind of thing is important to you.

How the fuck am I supposed to get that specific


You wouldn't catch me dead in a starbucks, but I am clearly addicted to caffeine. I've been dependent on coffee for 20 years, to the point where the only reliable mental energy and concentration I have comes from drinking coffee. If I don't have any, I feel as though I've been hit by a bus. It's completely unsustainable. The only way out is to kick the habit for good. Shoo shoo, caffeinated jew.

>>>/nofap/ 2018

1: get out of debt
2: find a suitable waifu
3: increase lean muscle mass 20%
4: possibly get my CPA



If 60 minutes are divided into 1/10th It's in 6 minute intervals.

6x5= 30

30 minutes

Do you know the optimal timeframe?


The tism is strong with you. He means how could you fall asleep at the exact 30 min mark every night.

I don't do new years resolutions but since about November I started seriously working out. I was quite ill in the past few years and lost serious amounts of Muscle. I'm not talking like biceps here but like all muscle, seriously like my cheekbones were concave, my ass looked like Hank Hill's and I lost a lot of connective and support muscle (That ass has now gone from inverse to flat and back to a normal looking one in that short time.)
To help fix those problems I had to fix my diet and start controlling it and do basic bodyweight exercises. So since I've gone to all that effort in another month or so I'll be able to move off bodyweight training and onto proper free weights to get some real results. Not that the bodyweight stuff hasn't been a big help, I honestly haven't felt so good since I was a teenager. My back has zero pain in it now, my core and posture have improved dramatically and I've gone from struggling to walk to being able to run again (although my cardio still needs work to run distance well again). Not to mention the gains I've made in mobility in pretty much all my muscles and joints.
Seriously, if some guys here are put off by joining a gym or investing in free weights (which can be pretty expensive) and just want to improve you're general whole body fitness and well being you should look into bodyweight stuff, as long as you spend the time at the start just getting your form right in just a short time you can feel like a new man again. This will give you the confidence to go onto harder training if you chose to and it's absolutely perfect for people who've been sedentary sitting in chairs at home, school the office etc. The only equipment you need to buy is a cheap pull up bar which for you yanks should cost about 15 dollars from wall mart and some plastic gymnastics rings that won't cost much more (as nearly every person alive who doesn't train needs to start with rows to do a "real" pull up.) In fact you don't even need those to begin with, you can start with rows with a towel if you look it up and a door, that's all.
You'll be able to do some life improving exercises in the absolute privacy of you're own home/room and to begin with you'll focus more on planks/holds and flexibility even more than the basic exercises (I think half of the time I spend is on these over the actual exercises and that's mostly remembering what to do and checking form) but I cannot overstate the difference to your physical and mental health that just some basic stuff will do for you if you do it 2 to 3 times a week. I went from being half dead and in constant noticeable pain to feeling great and losing fat while gaining strength. All I need to do now is move on from this point to freeweights and I will see real gains as my diet is well controlled and monitored now. I urge everyone here thinking about getting in shape to start small like I did and you will find the motivation and morale to move onto bigger things.

Try this website, it works out you're sleep cycles and tells you how many (5-6) is best for sleep. Waking up just after a cycle is the best time possible to feel good in the morning. Just make sure to factor in more time if it takes you longer to fall asleep.

I can't promise as I do this every year. Maybe break out of NEETdom and end porn and fapping. Got an e-reader for Christmas so will use that to read a lot more.

You missed first post, faggot. No bonus shekels for you :^)

1. Get a fucking raise - possibly switch to another department. More stable income to help…
2. Raise my 2nd child. We won't go for third, my wife is thirty already, it's risky as fuck. Still very happy with this turn of events.
3. Save a fuckton of money for mortgage.

Lots of shit to do folks.



Find better job
Start training martial arts
Keep lifting
Get own place
Stop fucking thots and find quality girlfriend

Any advice for good martial arts to start training? I'm thinking Muay Thai would be best for brawling/self defence.

Say goodbye to your shit thread you massive faggot.


The fucker creates a cuckchan-tier thread and then forgets to hop IPs when goonposting.

I resolve to not give any attention to seven-year-old boys with dyed punk hair styles, dresses, and tops that say “Are you a boy or a girl? NO!”

Some of you guys are okay. Don’t go into 2018 tomorrow.


I need to curtail coffee intake, often I drink 3 pints in the morning. Shooting for a pint oughta be OK.

Got my drinking under more control; haven't drank in a month but whenever I do I tend to relinquish control and let myself get shitfaced. If I can force myself to be satisfied with a 6-pack of light beer instead of between 6 and 12 9% alcohol brews that would be excellent.

I've already seriously cut down on smoking the carcinogenic jew but have merely replaced the source of nicotine with chewing tobacco. I need to be more disciplined and wean myself off the crap; falling asleep with a wad in and drooling tobacco juice all over my pillow is pretty degenerate.

I've accomplished a good deal this year; brought my first baby into the world (sapphire blue eyed blonde Aryan princess) and rebuilt my e-commerce shekelgrubbing enterprise, but need to be lean and mean and more disciplined this year to continue expanding and crushing the competition. My woman isn't getting younger and we want more white babies, so I must work hard this year to improve myself and my circumstances.

My list looks like a lot of yours you fucking degenerate copycats.

But my main resolution is be satisfied. Not happy. Satisfied. I need to look back at 2018 and feel that I did everything I could to advance myself, my nation, and my race. I don't need to check off every box on the list. I need to know that I didn't waste what little time I have.

Hey faggots I put in the effort of making a proper thread.


I want you to improve yourself but be realistic. + I'm nihilistic with a wicked sense of humor. What can I say? :)


Checkin' those trips. Blood must be spilled, user.

New Years Resolutions:
I really need to start scheduling my hobbies as well, I'm losing far too much time with my autistic focus. Programming, discus throw, scientific pursuits, pursuits of the flesh, religious studies, music, blacksmithing and metal casting, carpentry, inventing, etc. Honestly anons it's a gift and a curse. I've mastered many things but time management is not my forte.

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter user :) May God bless you and your family with many more children

My news years resolution is to watch millions and billions of people die

off by one

My resolutions
Maybe also get on an SSRI, since despite achieving a lot of what I wanted last year, I still feel sad and anxious. From what I've heard, thats actually a logical reason to use SSRIs.

no touch peepee

Thanks user, there is nothing like the pure and simple love of one's own baby. Her big gummy smile and sparkling eyes brighten up even the shittiest of days.

Very interesting, I've got an incomplete smithing setup and recently got an electric furnace for casting bronze, but my skills are still pleb-tier. The main interest is in creating functional weapons/tools based upon the bronze age through medieval artifacts I purchase and collect from detectorists in Europe. In the mail currently are some molds made by a pro reenactor in Romania for casting lead sling bullets (glandes); while slinging isn't directly related to the Discoboli of ancient Greece the concepts are somewhat similar. It's refreshing to see anons with uncommon skillsets.

I'd suggest focusing on starting that business. My archaeology degree was a waste of time so yours would hopefully be more useful, but building a business is very rewarding and if it's all yours the only jews you have to deal with are the ones paying you shekels for your own profit (I sell to Israel a whole lot, which greatly amuses me). Never look at failures or roadblocks as anything but the experience necessary to do it even better and succeed in the next improved iterations, and keep the eyes open and gears turning in order to perceive and take advantage of new opportunities that haven't yet but inevitably will cross your path in the future. With success comes the money necessary to streamline your life and the necessities of business automatically dictate the structure of your days and the time available for recreational endeavors, though if your fun recreational activities are also business-relevant and profitable then it is a win-win. So for example I've plugged into the proper niches and can sell the authentic style sling bullets for 10 times the cost to create, and playing with lead is already lots of fun so while not a core product by any means it will more than pay for every aspect of the hobby. Good luck, I hope you strike it rich!

Actually get off my ass, win public office, and stop posting on this jewed image board.

Squat 315 lbs for 5 reps at 160 lbs bodyweight.

Have sex with 5 8/10 girls

fuck off kike

Thank you for the first picture. May the spirit of the Fuhrer be with you.

I think having babies before 35 is safe? Autism is increasing and I don't think it's because older mothers. Vaccines? Water? Who knows?


Boxing. Muay Thai is a meme simply because the style is based on kicks and working from the clinch. Thai fighters don't work on their boxing because judges don't score punches in a fight.

Boxing will train footwork for speed and mobility. It will train your punching power, your head movement, your distance, even psychology in fighting.

Think of self-defense like this. If you were outnumbered 3 to 1 by AntiFags, would you rather throw punches or kicks? Punches because you can throw 5 punches in the time it takes to throw 1 Thai kick. You'll also be moving around like in boxing versus standing in one spot like Thai fighters.

t. Muay Thai fighter who leveled up when he focused on boxing. It's the sweet science for a reason.


Losing weight is extremely easy. You need to lose weight slowly since you're obese. If you lose fat too fast your body won't have time to adjust and you'll be left with loose skin. I've read somewhere online you should lose 1 lb. a week. You can lose that with walking briskly and eating healthy.


more guns,ammo and supplies for the shtf and harden myself to live in misery if needed for advancement and security of (my race)the white race.

Seig Heil !! Aryan Brothers !! it was a good year and may the upcoming one be even better.

Jews and shitskins can't keep us down.

Happy New Year!!.NATSOC 4life.


Had 516 faps in 2016 and was down to 499 this year (just busted my last nut of the year about fiv minutes ago). I think aiming for 450 in 2018 is achievable. The endgame for this is to get down to one per day.

Got really lazy on the cardio this year especially. Also need to stop eating like a retard. I was doing really well for awhile but that all went to shit around October. I'm not a fatass but I would like to lose some weight and get better looking.

I'm naturally pretty asocial but I'm not a sperg. I like being alone but I realize that I should probably try to make some friends again. I haven't had one in years and I haven't even been with the vaginal Jew since early 2012.

Needless to say, it hasn't helped with depression. "Oh great, ten more ways that Sweden has gone batshit insane." "How progressive, Justin Trudeau says that real Canadians need to find the closest brown person and offer their ass to them…"


Boxing is good but dude, kicks have way more power and way more reach than a punch. There's quite few streetfight videos where kicks lead to devastating finishes and not just soccer kicks to downed opponents. Lots of people get slept by headkicks they never even saw coming because nobody ever threw one at them before.

pretty sure this user meant five girls each of them rated between 8 and 10 on a 1 to 10 scale.

So if you were outnumbered in a street fight, you'd stay in one spot, throw a kick which does give you reach and power but leaves you in a compromising position on one leg. Citing those same street fighting videos, people have slipped throwing kicks and are on the ground giving their enemy the opportunity to end them.

Muay Thai is impractical in a street fight especially outnumbered. Boxing is better.

Yes that's what I meant

I'm just saying if you only ever train boxing and get into a fight with somebody trained in kicking, you might get surprised.

Also, a base level training in at least defensive wrestling is necessary if you want to fight on the street and cover your ass, especially in the US were lots of guys wrestled in high school. Train boxing all you want, if somebody shoots a double leg and slams you on concrete to rain down elbows on you, you're toast regardless of how good your boxing is.

i would be content with one so long as i can make white babies with her

Any martial arts for crowd control, or numerous foes?

This year I need to finish my project truck, it’s been dragging on for months now. I need to save around 20k for trade school because I don’t want debt and I am to the point where I dread every day at my current job. My girlfriend of 4 years broke up with me today, except it’s my fault, so I really can’t blame her, it just hit me really hard when I realized how much I took her for granted. I truly think she’s the one, but only time will tell. I would also like to get myself out of the rut I’ve been in the past year. Sorry for the blogpost.

My thinking is that casual sex, whatever you think about it morally, is a part of our culture and engaging in it isn't counterproductive to the long term goal of getting married and having kids.

If the faps aren’t cardio, then you’re not doing them right.

Explain why.

I will not watch porn this year moving forward

yeah thats not what Jesus said, but to each their own.

i hope there's some big 爆裂 at the jew york city ball drop

Also I'm going to stop browsing the internet so much. It's all bullshit, fake news and manipulated. Every problem I've had is basically due to the internet. Spent hours playing games in high school, grades went to shit. Started fapping to porn, felt like shit all the time. Games/TV shows/movies replaced my social life. Continually hop from facebook to youtube to some pseudo-business entrepreneur shit that I'm definitely going to start to make me my big dollars $$.

Meanwhile dumb chads got a trade at 16, bought a house, got a ute/truck, spent their weekends with mates, have real friends and memories, are fully qualified and make decent money. Started lifting because they played football and for chicks. They only use the internet for bragposting on FB and IG, and for occasional other shit.

Now that I think of it, the times NoFap has worked have also been times where I've been doing non-internet things and stopped wasting time on this piece of shit. Fuck the internet, I wish someone would bring the whole thing down.

Kill jews. I'm not even joking.

Boy you got meme'd hard.

Are you a spic? Nobody should be eating fucking legumes.

Stopping one bad habit to start another.

This is retarded. Unless you do strict keto, you're gonna want something sweet and fruit is the best way to scratch that itch.

Red wine is not healthy, you got meme'd hard. If you want to drink in moderation, do it with spirits.

Have you actually ever tried that shit? It's not going to be sweet. There's a reason cocoa powder usually comes sweetened, it's bitter as fuck otherwise.

That's not going to do shit. You should be IFing every fucking day. It's easy if you know how to do it correctly and have gotten used to it. Try IF every day and water fasting 5 days a month. That would actually have a noticable effect. Doing IF only 5 days a month will have no impact other than you feeling like shit every time because your body won't have time to adapt, especially if you don't even plan to do the 5 days consecutively which I sense isn't what you set out to do.

Broccoli will give you gas and indigestion, beetroot is a meme.

But that's a fruit.

Have you done any research into this shit? Citrate is the worst kind of magnesium you can buy. It has abysmal bioavailability and will give you the shits if you take enough to actually meet your daily needs.

Get all the kikes posting CP on 8ch and JIM behind bars in a flipland prison. It's a work in progress.

I'll also keep getting in shape and working on my cardio to make sure even that last nigger in town won't be able to escape.

Good luck.

1. Nofap/no porn
2. Workout a minimum of 250 days this year
3. Lose 20 lb.
4. Take my daughter shooting

Fight me.

I like it, have many.

May I suggest a LaRue Tatical Hat? The one with the velcro patch.

My resolutions:
1. Pass engineering classes
2. Finish New Testament
3. Date a nice Church qt3.14
4. Begin reading Old Testament

How the fuck does this happen? Bad genetics, or lack exercise? It must hurt when you squat on the toilet

The new year began at The solstice.

When you resolve to make a change in your lifestyle it is important to begin immediately and habitualize it. Also self conception plays an important role. If you see yourself as a person who manifests your desired trait you will find it comes naturally to stick with it. E.g. view yourself as someone who eats healthily if your goal is to eat healthy, rather than viewing yourself as someone who eats healthily and is attempting to eat healthily. It makes a big diff.

My resolution is to spend more time/communicate with family.

Rope yourself shill. Reported

holy fuck dude

stop counting your faps, you're stressing yourself out and making it worse.. just quit porn forever, examine the behavior that triggers you to want to use it (having nothing to do, being alone on the computer, lonely and depressed with no girlfriend for sexual release), and avoid that scenario… minimize masturbation to no more than once a week as a reward for everything you've achieved over the last seven days, and do it only to the sensation and your imagination, try to last awhile.. get a girlfriend, even a fat one if you have to, just to relieve yourself so you don't wreck yourself fapping
kek, fuck that, just lift and hit the range, maybe do sprints if you want

Shame to hear that user. You should consider meeting other girls ASAP, it's impossible to get over oneitis if she's the only girl on your mind. Being alone and thinking about her all the time will only hurt you more. Either decide very, very quickly that you're going to go get her back (unlikely, especially considering she chose New Years' Eve) or decide to move on and look for the real one.

it ruins women, non-virgins are trash, but yeah it doesn't harm the male as long as he doesn't catch any diseases

Broccoli is excellent, it's good for test (despite small amount of phytoestrogen), very nutritionally wealthy. Chew your food thoroughly and you'll minimize gas.

depends on what you are looking at say for example porn leaves you low energy and decreases your drive to mate,yet you can look online and become a jack of all trades without formal education/trade school so if the internet is your problem/ bad for you then you where already a degenerate pos to begin with. Mind over matter.

1. Read Mein Kampf
2. Read OT (KJV!)
3. Read NT (KJV!)
4. Send shekels to Pastor Anderson

yeah if anybody needs any more motivation to quit that filth, remember that now that it's 2018 (((they're))) going to start conscripting girls born after year 2000 into pornography to defile them completely and permanently

He married a white woman to a nigger, don't shill that race traitor faggot here. Don't send shekels either, either buy funs/ammo/nonperishable foods/btc idk it might still be dropping but it will eventually go up again so it's never a bad idea/silver/lighters/other survival supplies or just save your money. >>>/christian/

Sounds good, user. What about doing trade school at a community college? You might save a few bucks.

b-b-but paster anderson is so b-b-based.

Broccoli is okay nutritionally but it will give you gas no matter how much you chew it. I'll stick to other high fiber veggies that don't produce gas.

And reported.

Also, just in case you come with

Yes, that's great and all but broccoli isn't the only food that does this and if your other lifestyle choices are geared towards increasing test, broccoli alone won't be the deciding factor. Broccoli consumption isn't fucking mandatory and it's no miracle food, it is however very difficult to digest. If you can tolerate broccoli fine, good for you, but it causes digestive problems for a lot of people and forcing yourself to eat it just because it's shilled so much as a wonder veggie would be retarded.


Read everyday
lift 5 times a week
Eat enough to leave humanity behind
Find a new job
Meditate daily
Carry consistently
Limit fapping to once a week or less
Reduce or completely gas the pornographic jew already haven't been watching anything besides solo stuff for a while
Make new friends get gf too

I have no idea what you're talking about. There's a picture of Anderson marrying a white woman to a nigger, this is something that actually happened. He is not Holla Forums, he is a race-blind cuck.

I've never had a problem from eating broccoli. If it bothers your sensitive wittle tummy, you don't have to eat it.

You can also get an apprenticeship and get paid to learn. Electricians around my area only hire if you go to school but the HVAC and plumbers will train on the job. Any other trade with exception to mechanic you can learn on the job. Contact the company owners around the area with an email and tell them why they should hire you. If you can pass a drug test, background test and no major DMV issues then a lot of employers will hire you.


Rural town in Western US. People hooting and hollering outside when the clock hit 12, went out and shouted Heil Hitler! Heard at least 3 voices repeatedly it.

I'm kind of autistic about tracking shit. All sorts of shit. You have no idea how weird I am in that regard.

Nah, I'm not. It helped me cut down. My goal for 2017 was to fap less than in 2016 and I achieved it - over one fewer fap per month!

Oh I know. I plan to do these things.

Don't want one and I'd be a shit boyfriend (I wouldn't cheat or be abusive or anything terrible, but I can promise that I'd straight up stop caring about her very quickly). I'm not MGTOW even where I'm swearing off relationships with women. I legitimately am not interested (at least right now). I'd love to get my dick wet but I don't want to do hookups, and as said before, I don't want a relationship. I even question my previous stated goal of making a friend(s) since I barely even care about that.

Hope you do well with your goals, user.

1. Cut back the onanism to only 10 times a day.
2. Get swole in preparation for my inevitable hate-crime jail sentence (I accidentally cut a muz off in traffic the other day)
3. Spend another year alternating between happenings and wishing I was dead

They won't get shit unless they can prove it. By doing so they gain a confession.


Took care of all the important life shit last year (career mainly) but I guess this year I'll take another crack at learning C++ so I can make vidya.

I don’t really want to get back with her, I had a really good time while we together but at the same time there was things about her I really really didn’t like. She was getting a degree in psychology and her dad was absent from her life.

There’s a state technical college in Waco, TSTC, which is touted as the best. I can have the money for the 2 year degree in about a year if I am responsible with my income.

I actually started out in HVAC soon after high school and started welding pipe for the same contractor soon after. Probably the most enjoyable job I’ve had, but where I’m employed now I make more money, and it’s closer to the house. I sometimes will stop by my former boss’s house or call just to see what he’s up to and shoot the shit, I am happy a friendship came from it.

happy new year lads

Forgot to add, I’m want to go to school to be a diesel mechanic, I have experience and a wealth of knowledge on the Ford 6.0. I know a good amount about all the PowerStrokes, with exception to the 6.7. Generally shops around here won’t hire without schooling, even 6.0 specific shops.

To not let fear control my life>>11103382

I dunno, maybe just aesthetically convert to Religion of Cuck™ just to get wives and kids but still praise the Furher?

There is but one god and his name is Allah and Adolph is his messenger.

Nioce list bud, but Pastor Anderson may be a heretic. He talks about how it's ok to hate your brothers and sisters on top of what they do which is unscriptural.

You HAVE to start there. Not just for credibility in the eyes of others, but for yourself. Prove your worth to you, and you need not worry about others.

Seed oil is as toxic as fish oil.
The fat oxidizes and becomes rancid as it passes through the body, causing inflammation of the gut, cardiovascular system, and brain.

I want someone to "comfort" me so I don't feel empty and broken on the inside. I don't get anything in return and I keep turning to fapping as a means of coping with Post-Modern life. I've got a rainbow of drawfriends which I can't relate to, etc.

Also, lisa the joyful was rather… curt.

and above all
accelerate the pace of life

Eggs rot, and I don't want to risk anything. Enough brain damaged mongoloids in my area due to late pregnancies, better to have 2 children than to have 2 children and 1 subhuman potato.
Also, i'm kind of sick of my wife's pregnant shit already. I can only bear with it for this long.
Thought someone will tell me not to feed a mortgage kike tbh - however I am renting, and taking a 10yo mortgage while paying the same amount might allow me to finally own something

Consider canceling your internet. Turn your home into a sanctuary where you can think, and create. Develop a routine without the things that derail you. I did this last summer because the last time I took a vacation for a month I read 12 books. I've since turned my internet back on and been able to maintain my healthy routine without destroying my progress.

1) Gas the kikes
2) Race war now

I think that's everything.

Go fuck your mother, you baby talk using faggot.

Thank you very much!

Yes that I understood…



Yeah, I could lose the weight easily if I just put a little effort into it. It's the daily struggle against apathy that I need to win.

You're not alone here, brother.

How many of you faggots are doing no-fap? You should pledge at least a month, you'll be amazed at how much energy you will build up.

Better things are coming, this year. I can feel it. Better alternatives, private systems.

3-4 days is okay if I manage to avoid too many lewd visual stimuli, but any longer I'd go literally mad. I wouldn'be able to focus on anything else, I have too much energy as it is.

You're supposed to use that energy to go out and find something to fuck.

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stick that in your datamining thread faggot

If you catch ebola you'll be surprised at how quickly you shed the weight.

Honestly I’m scared to make one, because I’ll break it, feel like shit for failing and end up worse than when I started. I can’t even process minor failure unles I physically harm myself, pinching or slapping myself is the only thing that makes it stop,I need pain to let go of my guilts, and I can’t go to therapists because they’re all niggers who would never understand this stuff, or some cucky soyboy who would piss me off. I hate being fat, I hate my job, I hate having no friends and living the life of a loser but I hate failing to improve even more. I’m stuck in my own fucking complexes and I can’t figure out a way out.

And all of you are just going to call me a faggot anyway so I can’t even say it all here. That’s not all of it, that’s not even a shade of all my problems that I can never share with anyone.

Go to community college then nigger.

You are scared of failure, but don't realize you should be more scared of not trying.
If you tried and failed. You tried. You did something to change. Change isn't guaranteed. Fail more this year, because it means you tried more. Expect only have 1% success, have as many failures as necessary to get the change you need.
Any 'successful' person fails harder than others.

I was serous about the weight loss

I've dropped a kilo a day for nearly a week from flu.

I'm not gonna drink anymore for at least 6 years

I know what my list should be, and would probably continue to be until things improve.

I need it more than anything really. Lots of walking at work is good but my legs are the only thing getting work out and I feel like my arms are noodles in comparison.
It allows me to ignore shit that I don't want to deal with like degenerate family, and shitskins and niggers surrounding me on all sides, but spending days off from work doing nothing but vidya games isn't healthy for my brain and isn't doing my life any favors either. Getting a new hobby should probably work.
Contract work is good for just getting out of high school, and occupies most of my time nowadays, but it's not good if I work hard for a year then have a six month break of sitting around, doing nothing but getting fat and lazy to go back to working. Finding a job that pays well enough should be good.
This one goes with the permanent job. When I stop working ridiculous amounts of hours in contract work and get a permanent job where I work ~40 hour weeks, I'll have a lot of time on my hands. Spending that time locked up in my room won't work, so I'll need to get my own place for basic living and to take up new hobbies to hopefully come along with all of the free time.
Got it from my father because he gave up on trying to fix his mother's old truck and gave it to me as a "Christmas" gift so that he has the excuse to get a new one, so I'll need to spend money fixing her up and getting her in good running condition again.

Why is trying and failing better? I tried to lose weight, get in shape, failed and got fatter than when I started, and after doing that six times I fear trying again. I was a virgin until I was 22, and I felt nothing, and she was just using me to cheat I later found out. So I felt no pleasure in an experience that required hurting another’s relationship, and can only think of all the years I tried for it, and all the time wasted on it. What’s the point of trying to fail? To say you tried? Trying isn’t worth it if all it is is losing. The win is abstract, it’s directionless and indeterminate, it requires variables unknown and pressures unseen. And then victory doesn’t even put that in the past. You don’t get to claim victory forever, no achievement banner to never have to do it again. No you have to keep going to avoid falling down and starting over. And for what? To live longer in the race to death?To find fleeting love that could wilt? To see your Ozymandian dreams swallowed up your works in sand?

The only winning move seems to be to get out of the game, but if you fail THAT, it’s even more of a fall. Failure is not a journey, it’s a scar you can’t get rid of, ever.

Why is the thread bumplocked? Fucking mods.
It will be a long and fruitful year, anons. Happy New Year!

I use pic related as a wallpaper on my phone. I can't shoop but anons could easily change Tyler Durdan's face to the Fuhrer, 2d waifus or whoever motivates you.

Skip breakfast. Just have water and unsweetened tea or black coffee.

t.Dad helped make up "muh breakfast most important meal of the day" to sell cereal.

Fuck no user. That shit ruins a lot of healthy people for years and quitting is a real bitch. A lot of mood/anxiety problems come from poor diet and an unbalanced gut biome. Research the GAPS diet or similar ones. It's like paleo but a little stricter.

Create space draw a knife and slay fucking bodies. 2v1 is deadly force lad.

Triplets nao

Unless you change that outlook, you should hastily kill yourself.
If you want to change, do it.
You can, you just use feelings as a copout because that takes no effort.
As miserable as you are, right now you're more comfortable wallowing in the pit of despair than climbing out of it, because you slip every time.
Everybody slips.
But it can be done.
You have to look at it this way- when you take action to improve, you don't fail unless you choose to. You will get one of two results: you win, or you learn.
Failure is inherently more valuable in development than winning is because it leaves you with experiences to learn what to do differently as you go for it again.
Winning feels great. But you'll notice by the time you're winning, you've come so far from where you were when you didn't want to try.
Winning is a way of life when you refuse to give in to discouragement & demoralization. Winning is the only possible outcome for someone who refuses to classify every slip & shortcoming it as "failure".
Winning is the only outcome when you decide failure is not an option.
The more you try, the less time you have for giving up.
Abandon your self-defeatism. Abandon whatever influences you've had growing up that led to this state of living.
Your true will must be more powerful than your circumstances.
When you actualize this, there will be nothing you will think yourself incapable of.
Embrace the struggle, user. Somewhere deep down, it's in your blood.