Niggers looting

I need some help anons. I'm finally on the verge of redpilling family but I need a source I cant find.

Where are all the news reports from the last hurricane when some US island had all the black police and politicians looting and killing white people? The white people were scared to death stuck in the airport waiting on military help. The island I think started at 85 percent black and ended up 90 to 95 percent. I can't even remember what island it was.

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Dont know about that mate, look at this silverback gorilla that broke in post harvey.

Oh I remember that. You're thinking of the Virgin Islands after hurricane Hugo.

i thought it was the french half of that half french half dutch island
same story really
the dutch side deplyed her marines as soon as the huricane was over
the french have a fetish for getting murdered by niggers especially on caribean islands

Thanks, I'll look further back in the news there.

These news articles are the best redpills I have ever had, because everyone wants to use that uncle Tom nigger cop or politician as an example of (((based))) blacks. Well what happens when all hell breaks loose? Those Niggers will not save you.

That's a new story to me. What island is half French, half Dutch?

Here's a thing I found on the aftermath of hurricane Hugo.!msg/alt.conspiracy/ytCt8feDw_4/OW1L_RBgqTkJ

Here's a WaPo

San Marteen?
Puerto Rico?
both were absolute devastated and in the case of San Marteen the island was completely uninhabited for quite a while after disaster (harvey, maria, jose + nature spirits the hatians unleashed) struck.
PR was given immense aid but like Haiti was not at all prepared to move things and or actually repair. The goveneror or mayor or whatever that bitch in designer clothes has as a title used the entire thing to grandstand on Trump for inaction. in reality the teamsters office was on strike and refused to move the goods leading to mass looting and much sheckel begging

Fuck yes, thank you so much.

There was one article I remember with pictures of white families cowering in an airport while saying the US was sending in military to save them. If I can find the other article I'll let this thread die.

Glad to be of service.

Carribean islands are mostly niggers right?

White people also loot

Too early in the morning. It was virgin islands with Irma. Population is 75 percent black and jumped to 85 when whites were evacuated. Found enough sources though. Thank you all.

OP out

They look more like Mexicans lol

looting or surviving?
looting is taking shit like jordans, tvs, skis, weaves, etc - all documented incidents this year, too.
surviving is taking shit like bread, milk, eggs, canned food, etc
this distinction, between looting and surviving was made during Kartina and was divided by race

Yes, unfortunately. Whites are only 15% most in most areas. Also the largest employer in St Croix closed down a few years ago, since then the murder rate has skyrocketed from it's already africa-tier level.

HHAHAHAHA that meme from Always Sunny in Philadelphia is true. In a time of need "whites" steal food and necessities, niggers steal TV's and DVD players.

I think it was the Virgin Islands, OP. That or Haiti and not just the historical Haiti White genocide.

Oh fuck, I was right but you already got it. Ignore my post then

Happy New Year, OP.

>anything given by (((charities))) is thrown away by the very people they want to help
Shitskin reject anything that comes from the white. For them, we have already disappeared.
Jean Raspail was right.
sage for offtopic

Looting is for basic needs such as food, small organized parties begin to form, rescue attempts made.
Rescue attempts are almost self sacrificial at times.
Generally a mix of the two
Looting is for frivolous shit like TV's and non survival commodities. People are killed so looters may take more from the rubble. Small riots form from the rising gangs. Organization is strongest for groups that promote raids to higher income areas hit by disaster.

Anyone else notice this pattern?

Absolutely. I'm beginning to understand why scientists say behaviour is at least 50% genetic now and intelligence 80% genetic. Other races should convene simply to decide the fate of and put an end to the negroid question.

Those who look forward to a zombie apocalypse don't realize the zombies are already here waiting for their chance to chimp.

even muh ted cruz cuckservative-tier boomers are fully aware that the "zombie apocalypse"/SHTF scenario is literally killing niggers to defend your property and family.

it is quite unfortunate that the "Truther" community now has their own containment board where they can be isolated from Jew/Nigger RP's. "Truthers" don't much care for blatant honesty. They seem to enjoy living in their PC world, away from the kind of truth that has to be veiled behind multiple layers, to protect their fee-fees. And these are the folks who are preparing themselves for worst case scenarios when all hell breaks loose and people begin going to prison; where all of their sins are laid bare for all to see. Tsk. Tsk.

They're Latinos only when it's comfortable to say so, right?

is that your house? was he caught?

Jesus they're desperate to paint us as monsters, and exonerate themselves through that somehow.


there is a difference however in "what" they loot. Food v. stuff/materialistic BS. When we see 'Foot Locker' being raided by "Youths/Teens/Juveniles" to save several pairs of high-end Basketball shoes from drowning; it's a tad bit suspect

Either that, or when you hear about fucking cops and the mayor looting peoples homes. It's gotten to the point I never even have to check the race anymore to know.

Chileans seem pretty nice and are the best LatAm country but they aren't white. But even in that picture they're looting necessities, not fucking shoes and TVs.


I love that though - that's what makes the Lefties more mad than anything. We're always proven right.



kys non ironically

Well, if you insist.

Correct, we need them rotting on the side of the road, for later burning.



Don't you know Mexicans are counted as white? Most Mexicans aren't happy with that designation, but they are the reason we are counted as a (small) majority here in the USA.


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The difference? Whites take food , blacks take tvs and stereos!

Just jewtube SASTF Full, part 1, 2 and 3. The film was made in 96, all the operators became proper operators and our now in the M.E. The TF's standards were lowered for reasons of diversity. The stats mentioned in the doccie have risen exponentially since this and the originals have left. Do not trust the statistics which you will find in today's time because sine the mid 2000's statsSA has been gypoiing the numbers. So take the stats from 96 and multiply. Also, your family is probably already red-pilled, they're just too pussified to admit it. Give them a bitchslap of reality and show them some ramifications of what happens when you don't wake up.

I live in Baltimore, and I do…. daily.