Why the fools always suffer more than a normal person?

Because even God ignores their pain.

Let them suffer.

Looks like Munich

Fuck you ami. ZOG is sitting on 10k nukes still have 30k soldiers stationed here and admit that theyre OCCUPATIONAL TROOPS, yet somehow its our fault when you hold not just a gun but also nukes to our heads. Remember to report all 56% memers, theyre confirmed shills. Who would hate such a nice people?

Not our fault you wish to live on your knees.

They reject the truth when we give it to them. They still believe in multiculturalism, peace and love duuuuude. You can't blame it on brainwashing like the Swedes. They see how their country and way of life has gone to shit. They most likely know someone who has gotten raped or robbed by these subhumans. After all their pain, they still ignore the problem. Like said
If they want to reclaim Germany, they need to vote AfD and start prepping for war.


Did you conduct a poll to get that information, or are you just a D&C kike shill attempting to demonize true Germans who really hate what's going on?

Which they did and which is why AfD now has a major position in parliament.

Like the rest of the west, Germans are living under a jewish tyranny, maybe even worse than the USA. I don't know if Germans are even allowed to come on this site anymore.

Only ethnicity to ever do anything in modern times, yet you merimutts try to mimick jews and spin facts 180°.

We hate the niggers that you I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss force on us since 1945 and the turks you push since the 60s. We even sterilized all the Rheinlandbastards that the allies spawned in the post ww1 occupation. You try to find someone who has it worse than you, but you have nothing beyond the money you made by fucking over what used to be your brothers. So whats there to do? Right, activelyparticipate in your own and your brothers' genocide then make fun of your brothers for becoming your victim.
You are more disgusting than jews because while they are evil by nature, you are corrupted good. Disgusting.

That's the funny thing about all this. Germans are the biggest sticklers for everything to kept in order and done properly and remain "how it's supposed to be." You have to wonder how they process all this internally to kept justifying it to themselves as being ok.

Seeing as how AfD is still a minority party in Germany and how the majority voted for Merkel or that other kike, Schultz? I'd say it's pretty safe to say the majority of Krauts deserve their pain. The ones who are pro-White do not.

I have no clue what you're trying to say but I'll stick by my words above. Germany will be avenged one day brother. The fire rises.

That's a whole lot of words and not a lot of doing anything. You're preaching to the choir, if you want to take back your nation, it's not going to happen here.

Happy new year germany.

I had that same experience tonight with American tourists. Not as intense, but equally annoying. They soon went after a group of drunk teenage girls.

And despite all of this… more white women were raped by niggers on new year's eve in the US than in Germany, Sweden and the UK combined. And nobody cares, it's accepted because it's the "norm" for the US and people don't want to change it. Personally, I'm embarrassed to even live in a country like that. We can't even get the book "Journalists for Hire" by Udo Ulfkotte translated, which describes how our tax money is used to brainwash Germans. It should've been published in November, but whatever.

D&C garbage. This thread reeks of JIDF kikery.

Nukes are stopping you from beating stinkbeards? Really? Kill yourself kike.

Citation needed yid.

That objectively what is to blame, you retarded nigger. What the fuck do you think the allies did after WWII? They sure as hell didn’t just leave Germany to rebuild it’s self, they destroyed all German insitutions amd rebuilt them to follow shlomo’s plans. Ever since the end of the war 70 years ago German schools and media have been nothing but allied reprogramming. The fact that many Germans are getting fed up with this shit and the rise of right wing groups (and AfD) shows that Germans are a very strong people still. In 2016 there was more than one migrant centre, or rapefugee attacked a day. America has been hit with Jewish brainwashing as hard for as long yet the amount of Americans that are more right than just civnat is small.

You ZOGbots delivered them unto the jews and now you take extra care that they live on their knees.

t. Sumpfgermaan.

Nigger ami, Germany got 'de-nazified' by you and your Greatest Ally. It was the first massive-scale PSYOPS ever. The kikes in Sweden took your fucking model for social engineering Sweden into cuckshit.

No, their kike oppressors supported by you and your stationed troops do. If Greatest Ally were cut off from Bestest Goy all of Europe would be better for it. Nay, the entire world would be better for it.

Really moshe, it's the troops in the streets stopping you? It's the kikes hiding behind the scenes stopping you? Keep making excuses.

I'm waiting for you to sockpuppet a 56% post in this demoralisation thread now.


Yes, this thread reeks of D&C kikery. But because you've only responded after your precious zog empire got assblasted, you're a shabbos goy.

Sorry, I won't cite yid studies financed by your tax money. If you don't have enough brain power to understand what happens if millions of niggers are living around your women, then take a basic course in probability theory. Somebody's doing the raping, genius.

ami wont nuke germany

and 30k troops is nothing

nothing but your own will to be a slave is keeping you a slave
it just hurts because you are aware of your own cowardice
suffer going extinct or fight and struggle to thrive
that is the iron law of nature

They will get their country back at some point, but Amerikkka needs to focus on not being Israels attack dog or someday America will be the one with boots on it's throat, our "allies" will see to it.

You need to be put in a gas chamber shlomo, you will not divide and conquer our European brothers

This entire thread needs to be nuked. 4cuck tier D&C

You make the claim, you provide the proof.

Proof that the US is ZOG empire?

Aha, ahaha, AHAHAHAHA


You have no European brothers, chaim. Everybody except Poland hates your guts. The only one who is dividing Europe is your moronic home-grown cabal, who are imbeciles and only strong because millions of white traitors are supporting them.

What proof, are you retarded? Do you really believe you have all your niggers under control? Are your niggers behaving differently than ordinary niggers, did you create überNiggers? Then go and establish your civcuck empire.

Stating we had more rapes last night. CITATION FUCKING NEEDED KIKE.
I wish they would at least send a few ashkenazi at us instead of these infernal inbred yids from tel aviv

Sorry, it's in the peer-review stage, fucking dumbass.


Did you have a stroke yid? Lose your way to another shilling? The fuck does any of that have to do with raping shitskins?

Oy vey, I thought referred to .


Hey Tyrone Sanches Mac56%, you seem really smart, teach me some more. Pretty please.

Okay, so you won't try to stage an armed revolt against ZOG. What have you done to redpill your kinsmen?

Turned family 1488, friends 1488, personally working towards a career in politics. Not monetary career, won't accept any money. So probably more than you.

Back from the dead.

So you did nothing, got it.

For absolutely no reason, you cocksucking faggot. Reported.


Kikes always bring up kikes first. It's a rule of their binary thinking.