Happening in Denver


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Fucking Colorado


I hope it's a decent happening at least


Hedge your bets:

Maps show this area is white as fuck

probably huwite tbh

nevermind, i can't fucking read

Either bowl cut or mudslime. Not really any black neighborhoods close enough to matter.

Aren't the big cities in states in those h'white states like Colorado and Montana infested with niggers? Please just be niggers.

Please excuse my ignorance I'm in the east coast.

Not this neighborhood, just find the demographic map.

This particular area is actually a pretty wealthy area. I'm rather surprised to this on this part of town.


Depends on where you go. We have a huge spic problem around here (Colorado) since Denver is a sanctuary city.



What the hell is going on, lads?

I'll take beaner scum for $20


did Colorado just troll Holla Forums tho?


It's been some time.

I'm sorry for derailing a possible happening thread.

Did the Jews delete the Breaking911 news page on kikebook?

Domestic disturbance, apt. complex, 5 cops shot and one cop dead. Even though anons are saying it's a White area I'll go out on a limb and predict it's a nigger.

Ok what the hell is going on that a fucking happening thread isn't getting any god damn attention?
Who the fuck are you people and what do you do with all the nazi frogs?

Either the majority are on vacation or we were full of feds and shills.

Yeah what the fuck guys

Looks like the excitement is over. Think our next task is manning the mines on twitter to see who first takes the bait and declares it not only acceptable but justified to shoot cops.

Depends on if it's a nigger or not.
If nigger, they will say it's justified.
If it's a huwite guy, they will say he's another crazy white extremist.
Ann Coulter's law in full effect, btw.

my first thought

Interesting tweet issued immediately about "Media Staging" followed by a very bizarre parade of hundreds of officers down the interstate within a few hours.
They really made a spectacle out of it.

Safe bet, considering everything we know so far. Denver is filled to the brim with niggers now, and the suburbs are demonstrably feeling the effects. Went back to visit over the summer, and I doubt I'll be back.

Oh Jesus fucking Christ.


Current timeline best timeline!

Just saw the news chopper footage. There's a shitload of response to this (((domestic dispute)))

We're talking a fucking armored APC parked in the middle of an apartment complex and 30+ police SUVs complete with police in full military gear.

clearly the best timeline.

This isn't a "happening", it's an apartment shooting that is only getting traction because a cop died from injuries.

I'm a Denverfag, highlands ranch is both a white area and a nigger zoo, one street separates it. Headed into work in the city soon will drop in on this thread later if I hear anything Holla Forums doesn't.

Last month we had that Walmart shooting (lolclabbistan) in Thornton that got national airtime and literally hundreds of police in the area, responses in this area have been fucky for a while. Castle rock/ft Collins isn't too far away, norad is out here too, military country.

Trump just commented on this? What the fuck is wrong with everyone. This is fucking nothing


If Trump commented on it, it's probably the work of illegal beanpeople. My guess would be that he will use it for political leverage.


What if they're shutting down the legitimate resistance lel

And nothing of value was lost.

This is getting a suspicious amount of attention for what it is

What's suspicious about it? Pretty much every time more than one LEO gets killed in a shootout it makes the national circuit and local news sources will milk the story for as long as they can because violence sells.

I guess everything is accelerating anyway, but the speed at which the massive coverage happened was insane.

Also what this guy said

i fail to see how this is an inappropriate response on their part

stop spreading disinformation please
if they had nods one cop could have stopped the entire thing in 5 seconds

What else do they have to report on at the moment? Apart from this there's butt-fucking nothing going on; the other biggest domestic stories on Fox News are the cold snap in the northeast, some guy touching a teenage boy in an airport and the browns going 0-16.

Probably beaners.

What are you KEK? Who are you?

How has this not been posted yet, niggers?


Black male wearing a black t-shirt
source: Scanner



It's a Sunday on a holiday weekend, there's not too much else going on relevant to Burgerland other than that plane crash in Costa Rica that killed 10 Americans.

So its nothing?


Where do all you clueless faggots keep coming from?
Polite sage for offtopic