Red Cross sets up 'women's safety area' in Berlin for NYE

>Spokesman Ronald Riege said both tents were available to anyone – not just women – but that there would be a small sign saying "Women's Safety Area" at their entrance. The tents would be staffed by trained paramedics, he told CNN. Riege said the Red Cross had a total of six first aid tents around the fan mile but that the tents south of the Brandenburg gate was the only location designated as women's safety area. A total of 140 Red Cross personnel were being deployed for the event, including paramedics and ambulance staff, he said.

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What even the point of going out of your house in Berlin?

LOL, so which one is it: strong independent women, or weak women who need others to protect them? Can't really be both. Well I guess we can do all things through Feminism.

LMAO, exactly this.

Hopefully the feminists get raped, the sandniggers get shot and everyone learns a very valuable set of lessons.

well, they better be stronk enough to withstand Ahmed's sexual assaulting until someone actually shows up to help them

Something is really wrong if you need to set up safezones for women outside of their houses.

Right Wing Death Squads when?


First pic must be trolling. That's a bit much even by reddit standards.

Imagine being this fucking oblivious, jesus christ i weep for meurope

This can't be fucking real. What the hell.

These fuckers better be shills, if not we need much more rope than anticipated.


Hmm, nope.

1. Close borders.
2. Kick out non natives.
3. Outlaw foreign religions and practices

Result: no more multiculturalism and multiculturalism not coming back.

Having said that, I strongly doubt that it is possible to take these steps in a liberal-democratic system.

I love it.

Wow what could possibly cause this? It must be the straight white German males.

OH look habib, buffet!

I'm glad that these women can be protected by all of those violent white males.

I want all Redditors (excluding people there trolling them) to be permabanned from the internet.

P-poe's Law. Holy shit. This has to be ironic, right?

How does anyone deny that Holla Forums is right? Same as the whole no go zones thing, they said it didn't exist and then when it came out they did they just plain stopped talking about it pretending with their heads in the sand. Why has it come to this?

It's not even poe's law. he would be banned if he said what everyone knew to be true.

Well now that is some cultural enrichment, safe spaces for women on the streets because of grapefruit Gs.
Someone should protest the red cross for implied xenophobia and bias.

Well, at least they're right about the NatSoc uprising. And if they're not right, then we make it right.

Why has what come to what goy?

This is fucking pathetic. I'd be ashamed if I were German.

the red cross? pretty sure they're setting up camps for insemination,

Y-you mean like a real life interracial breeding grounds?!!

The second one is definitely real. I know a guy like that.

I guess the red cross will provide bandages and antiseptic ointment for the girls after they've been raped a few dozen times?



That second pic
Although I have already seen a Polish equivilant of such, well, what do you actually expect? Visit a site for retards, see retards

Dont give them such ideas, otherwise the tent would be full of overweight dyed hair problem glasses or malnurished leftist girls with a rape fetish.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was for babysitting drunken THOTs.

I would say this is great britain but the girl on the right seems to be too pretty for that.

I stopped needing proof that Hitler was right about 10 years ago. I don't keep needing to see reminders.

Was just thinking the same thing. She must be a Swedish or Polish import, probably working for a club.

We are hitting tolerance levels that shouldn't be possibile.


If i would have been hitler i would have invaded poland then france and england, reverse the versailles treaty and make the brits and the french pay tribute. A decade later i would have invaded russia and pay the industrials and banks (otherwise they get the rope) with territory in russia.

Poe's Law is eventually going to be the Law that ends the universe. Entropy ain't got shit on it.

They would rather do this idiot shit than get rid of the fucking shitskins looking for ficki ficki from blond European girls. And what happens when they inevitably Zerg rush the "Women's safety area?" They'll overwhelm whatever security and barriers are up, those women will get gangraped by Muslims anyway, feminists will protest white men, the kike media will blame Germans for being racist, the police will do nothing, and nobody will be prosecuted because punishing non-whites for committing crimes is called racism in modern Europe. What an absolute fucking horror of a place.

If i would be in charge of the grapefruit Gs zergling rush i would do it in a rather slightly off the grid area to access the goods.
I also wouldnt do it that centralized, so if anything happens it is rather in multiple areas looking like a circle (if you correct for local maximas/minimas of city goyim hoarding points) where they circle the titanimals.

If the first pic isn't bait I'm going to have an aneurysm.

To protect the metal hull of a ship from rust one can attach another, more attractive, metal, so that the sacrifice metal rusts but the hull stays safe. The Red Crescent can use the same strategy: create an euro-zone, where sharia is temporarily suspended, but provide drunk underage girls outside it, in the sharia-zone. Enrichment will mostly be limited to the sharia zone due to the ease of access, where it's perfectly legal as the girls are uncovered and heretics to boot.


have a giggle:

police force of Cologne, where taharrush happened two years in succession, tweeting in goat runes

Oh, and deny ALL rape claims as false when the NYE celebration takes place

Wow, what a coincidence! Hitler also set up a 'Women's safety Area' in 1933.
It was called the Third Reich.

Shouldn’t we be taking advantage of this in UNCONVENTIONAL ways? For example, going to feminist groups and saying:
The Red Cross says that only 300,000 jews died in World War II. How can we possibly trust them to protect women?!


Feminist is code for lesbian.

So how did it turn out? Any Germanons know if it was rapey?

Anyone care to share with me who and what are the reason for these precautions?

Its rapey every other day of the year when there isn't the whole countries police and volunteers watching at every open place not to protect the German citizens but the reputation of the rapefugees and the plan to keep and import more of them.

something is really wrong when an annual holiday is reason for an international disaster-relief agency to set-up pre-emptive operations in you capital city.

>calling everything that follows the trends of the (((CY+3))) as bad

Fuck you MGTOWs are annoying. Yes, the girls dress slutty and provocatively. Women's minds are easily manipulated and it's not entirely their fault.

Rofl, so wait, didn't mudslimes just get a ban from their big important clerics on saying happy new year because its not a holiday they can celebrate is Religion of Cuck™? So why do these fuckers even go out to watch the fireworks? Why are they even there if its not a holiday to them? Just to stir shit? Fuck these scum.


Has the vibrancy begun?

GODDAMN THOSE DIGITS THOUGH. Germany better be on high alert tonight, holy shit.


Anyone got enriched so far?

do you have bad ideas a lot?
do you intend to confuse the insane?
we would be better off trying to turn pleb anger sentiments in iran towards more anti-semitism

If orcs were real. Women would’ve voted to let them in. Let them get raped. They deserved it. This is what they asked for.

What a surprise.

So, what's the score, gang? How many "asian" men raped their way through Europe tonight?

>(((red cross)))
what are they going to be doing? selling $10 bottles of water and $300 rapekits?

fuck, missed this in Catalog and made a thread on it after I saw it in paper this morning.

Well here is Wash Post article and link anyway:

Well, Germany is now de facto an Religion of Cuck™ic Repulic with gender segregation for public events and sexual assault trauma units from Red Cross on standby.
Article mentions that Germany never had such a thing before…funny, what could have changed in past few years???
'''BERLIN — As thousands celebrate New Year's Eve at Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate on Sunday night, a team of medical professionals in a white tent only yards away will be standing by, waiting for possible victims of sexual assault and harassment to seek their help.
After mass sexual assaults occurred on New Year's Eve in several German cities two years ago, Berlin officials now work on the assumption that prevention efforts alone may no longer be sufficient at such large-scale events. Women will be able to speak to psychologists immediately after being assaulted or harassed in a “safe zone” at the Berlin New Year's Eve event.
While the presence of medical professionals and police officers at crowded event sites is nothing new, it is the first time such a dedicated area with experienced staffers will be set up in Berlin, and the first time that such an effort is being undertaken on New Year's Eve in Germany.
"[Assaulted women] can stay here and calm down or speak to someone trained to offer psychological support,” said Anja Marx, the spokeswoman of Berlin's main New Year's Eve celebrations. Up to five members of a German Red Cross team will be available to offer immediate support to victims.'''

It's been pretty quiet on the rape news front today. Too quiet, as I can't find any articles describing NYE in Germany, France, Sweden, etc at all, apart from the generic garbage about fireworks and temperatures. Are the authorities and news agencies on lockdown as far as reporting on NYE crime this year?

I have never once heard or seen a nigger say thot. It seems to be a white expression, actually, and a damn good one for thot-shaming, you white knight faggot.

I'm still surprised Religion of Cuck™ic State never managed to pull off a christmas attack

Correct. It's race-traitor speak. Equivalent to calling a fellow white "my nigga", or "homie". What you should be saying is "twot", "twat" or just whore. Not "ho".


So did it work?

2017-12-30 | Unusual comms slowdown continuing
2017-12-31 | Unusual comms silence
2018-01-01 | Unusual comms silence

It was very quiet, and still is unusually quiet. Appears limited to anglosphere new years, which is normally quite a celebration. Very few things to celebrate. Feels like an economic lurch-halt. Machines are still running, few piloting them.

Do not watch.

Buying drugs from niggers.
Berlin is basically Cape Town except with more mud niggers and wiggers.

Give it a month.

I was thinking the same thing. But that French shit didn't make the (((msn))) did it? It made twitter so you'd think other countries would be tweeting if shit was happening


Slippery Slope is not a fallacy

How many German women were enriched during that festival? Just because the fake news didn't report on it doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Last time they attempted to cover up the mass enrichment and went as far as threaten the women who got enriched that night. We didn't even hear about it until days after it happened.
The only reason anybody heard about it was through social media. I bet they didn't make the same mistake this time and set up a system that either locked their accounts or shadow banned them if they tried to tell others about it.

Now that Hooktube is an option, I'd love to see Germanons start posting QR codes in public linking to videos like that.
I know this will eventually get them blocked, but, be honest, it was always only a matter of time, anyway.

have we not been memeing hard enough?





I guess the Hollywood narrative of 1 women being able to beat down a dozen men twice her size doesn't really hold up to reality.

Idiot. They've been occupied for 70+ years.

Thanks for confirming that my idea was good, yid.

Trust me, we are.

this is going to be a problem as they clamp down on internet freedoms

well instead of changing immigration patterns the plan is to reeducate germans to tell them that you can be german and nonwhite
and thus to endure without fighting back

Seething with unprecedented hatred and disgust also descibes it quite well.
Nevertheless I am hopefull in my vision for the future.

updates on this invasion of germany?

In absolute terms, it was more rapey than usual, but the rapey percentage remained stable, so they are calling this a resounding success.

Of course they are….