Why Canada is turning to shit - Ant people

Why Canada is turning to shit - Ant people

No ethics, no morals, only interested in status symbols and jewing up real estate prices with dirty money from China.

Soon ant people will have jewed up housing prices so much that white Canadians will become serfs to them.

The food supply will increasingly come from ant people owned farms that'll poison you for three fiddy in extra profits.

If you think mudpeople are the biggest cause for concern - think again.

Vid related, cliché Chinkouver antperson.

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I'd rather have Chinks visiting Michigan instead of dye-brained libcucks and somalian shitskins, tbh :^)

enjoy your poisonous restaurant food, toxic tap water from makeshift factory runoff and all real estate around you being turned into objects of speculation with the aim of jewing the last penny out of every white around

A relative of mine who spent a few months in New Zealand and just came back told me they're colonizing NZ as well. Them and the Pajeets, and from what he told me they're playing games on the real estate market like in Canada.

Luckily for you you voted trumpstein so he's going to already do all of that and more, to serve his isreali masters

Not sure if the video in the OP is supposed to be a parody or not but I gave me a hearty chuckle, as always when micropenis manlet chinamen try to act alpha.

Blame the fucking governments.

This is what you get for electing leftist cuckolds in who wish to promote diversity.

NZ just passed a law outlawing them from owni g property (sort of). It's a start.



same thing is happening in Australia. I think they're lying about the numbers. At least where I live, 1 out of 3 people you encounter are Chinese. And when they're that concentrated, they start treating non-Chinese like shit. They have almost a 'what the fuck are you doing here?'-attitude

Government is jew controlled.

Lmao is that what he's doing? My girlfriend is more alpha when she scolds her cat.

House prices in leaf land are rising rapidly, currency is being devalued, and food prices are rising.

No user, having been to China that's how they treat each other. If you aren't family they couldn't give two fucks about you.

It's a hostile zero fucks given society. You need to spend luxury level money to get any semi friendly treatment anywhere even when it comes to dining or buying stuff.

Interesting, thanks.

ant people are pros at working around government regulations

next thing you know they're all owned by local companies which are held by offshore companies

real estate jewery 101

No, this is what we get for having a commie, another commie, and a zionist as the choice. The commie we got is extremely close to the chinks. So its kikes, commies, and chinks. All 3 of those are to blame.

It's even better on video mate. The voice, the ching chong pronounciation, the gestures…Just hilarious.

Question for the leafs ITT: is this guy a parody?

he positioned himself as the alpha biz chink in chinkouver and is doing well for himself

Just need to put some ponds around with no fences and we'll be rid of most of them.

And this is why Quebec sovereignty is the only hope for cuckistan. The rest of Canada will fall in line and get their shit together.

Canada is Sweden tier and doesn't even have a cucked zio-nationalist controlled opposition party.

Canada is doomed.

Fuck off, succubus

Those francophile faggots are anything but the last hope. They value anything "French" or "French language" more than anything, so a French-speaking Haiti nigger is better to them than an "English" non-Quebecois Canadian who speaks only English.


The next step is that they will take your women, either through media brainwashing or worse, and Holla Forums will still ignore it until it is too late.

Having lived in china for years I can attest to this being the case. They have an inner circle of close friends and family and everyone outside of that can starve to death for all they care. They have no 'ethics' as we have in the west and feel no remorse for committing 'crimes'. To them if you can get away with it you are just more cleaver than others and you win.

Sure it does.


chink trump

sounds extremely jewish tbh

Through voting exclusively for neocon zionist jews, will the chattel class goys win outright!

In all seriousness, what the fuck is his net worth? I heard prices are crazy there. The chinks are fucking up real estate prices like it's revenge for what the British Empire did. Fuck these insects.


They're basically oriental Jews.

LMFAO! This chink is a fraud just like Roosh and Kike Cernobitch.

At 0:04 his shelves are pre-made not custom.

At 0:06 those are nobodies they're not even sexy

At 0:07 he's looking at an empty field. He's literally in the middle of nowhere which doesn't cost much

At 0:09 his apartment in NYC is not even at the top it's mid-tier. On that note he says he's going to teach the gaijin how to be rich but his material wealth doesn't show it.

This! I was in the Bay Area working for a few months and I've never seen so many coloreds in my life. Chinks, beaners, Pajeets, mudslimes and niggers. Very few White people to be found and if you did, they were degenerate. California is lost.

What I forgot to mention was I did feel like you did as well. There were signs in Spanish and Chinese and Vietnamese and even fucking Farsi. I wasn't home. My country has been colonized by invaders. Just going out to Chik-Fil-A I was being glared at by Asian families even their children! They resented a tall, muscular blue-eyed, red head in their territory.

dunno, don't care, probably not as high as he wants to portray but should be a millionaire a couple times over (that hardly counts as rich these days though), just a good example of their turbojew mindset.

it's government officials, criminals, shady businessmen etc. stocking all their ill gotten shekels in safe havens like Vancouver, preferably in form of property

it doesn't take much to get permanent residency and even if they can't get it, they could just do a "biz trip" and stay forever if the heat ever gets too strong back home and never return

the house is in the name of some corporation so it's not like immigration will ever track them down either way

This is evidence chinks aren't smart. They can memorize very well but ingenuity is not a trait. If I were that chink and didn't know how to swim I'd paddle to the fence and hold on until help came. You can even hold on with one hand to rest the other because you weigh less in water. I'm not sad he died. The more the merrier.

the people that make it to the west generally aren't the low IQ majority

His phone number probably doesn't have 888 in it somewhere.
How can chinks learn to jew from this inferior lad if his phone number doesn't have the magic numbers in it?

Are you not reading this thread? They have no morals and they will try to fuck you over. They may be good at memorization like the slumdogs in India are good at it but that doesn't mean intelligence. They're just a dishonest people who cheat to get ahead.

the chinks are one of the lost tribes of yids i swear to fucking god they're just uncannily similar in character even their heads are sloped as each other.

Money will also buy you respect in their society. In fact it's about the only thing that will get you it. Don't have it and you're just plain dirt. They bring that attitude with them when they move abroad too.

Yeah this. They can figure out loopholes like no other. Even if they're "foreigners" supposedly locked out of the system, there are enough of them already naturalized who will use that to earn a buck to sell things off to their countrymen. They'll figure it out somehow, no worries about that.

Your CBC memes are showing.
You are referring to the fabricated bourgeoisie created to appease the French from a referendum. The true core of Franco Quebec understands this while western Canadians never will. Quebecois are far more nationalistic than you realize and yet the meme is of pea soups not wanting pasta written on menus. It has nothing to do with language but of culture. Americanism continually bleeding in, anglicismes used in Quebec dialect, Montreal being the cuckhole it is, rise of refugees in QC. All of this will be the lever that drives the wedge between QC and federalists further apart. Creole speaking niggers are taken in by federal mandate and if there is no way to avoid it than it is better for populace to be Franco than fucking English.

The Acadiens and Canadiens will rise to form an independent nation at last.

Yeah, nah. You're going the way of France. Thanks to all your african colonies there are more french speaking negroes out there than franks, even in France's capital. They infect basically all your big cities way worse than any english zone, and the only resistance I've seen from any frenchman is that one guy who shot himself in a church.

Exactly. I wish more people would wake up to this.

The Chinks have their strengths, but they're nowhere near as smart as they credit for.

*get credit for

You will need to do something about the extreme degeneracy of your society while you're at it. Quebec women have a reputation for having the thousand cock stare by age 20 and the men are totally pussified cucklords terrified of those same women. Never mind the drugs, theft and interbreeding with subhumans.

Correct. They started importing haitians by the hundreds after their little earthquake becuz MUH FRENCH LANGUAGE, not to mention moroccans and algerians and other muds

Their use and mastery of the french language is fucking insultingly bad, absolutely trash-tier and aimed at grade school dropouts and like many things this pulls the lowest common denominator further down.

Pipe dream. The fact of the matter is that quebec has no basis for nationalism other than language. Quebec culture is low-tier trash culture and that's a fucking fact, the funniest thing ever is when a quebenigger goes to france for a week and comes back with a pseudo-french accent, it's almost that they realize how shit their province is after they get exposed to what real culture (or what's left of it looks like)

You also need to do something about your mestizo admixture. You see traces of chinkface everywhere you go.



Acadia: 52nd state
Quebec: 53rd state

I'm from nz and this will do nothing. They already have shell companies here that are "nz owned" by chinks they gave citizenship which are allowed d to purchase. They knew this making the law. It's a trick to fool idiots. Also we let "permanent residents", which are people who are allowed to live her permanently without becoming citizens, to vote in our elections.

Saw this nice piece of anti-Jap propaganda in a WWII museum. Sorry for the shit picture, it was impossible to not get glare Maybe was can find the original and shoop it to reflect Chinamen.

I prefer chinks, too. White people need to learn how to be White again and stop allowing so many degenerates. Fastest way to bring on DOTR would be to redpill the Chinese.

Sorry, is that meant to support or refute what the other user said?

This is choking to death on your own saliva tier.

>Why Canada is turning to shit - Ant people Jew/Muslim Appeasing Closeted Cuban Homosexuals


I have a gun, I can handle rape and crime. What I can't handle is requiring a 7-figure job to afford a house/land. I'll take the niggers instead. At least EVERYONE tacitly understands they're a fucking disaster and keeping them contained and marginalized is a helluva lot easier than containing Chinamen with money.

Not sure how you would do that, when their allegiance isn't to you or your movement in the first place.

no worries goy, we got you covered with our micro apartments from back home in Chink Kong

Perfect to raise human cattle while trying to come up with 1001 ways to jew your fellow man in order to live better…


Oh boy an excuse to post this

There's a subtle difference. They don't jew for the sake of jewing or because they believe themselves to be superior like a kike would. They do it because they simply don't care what happens to others as a result of their actions.

Skip to 5:55. Is that how Ant people talk?


Data point.

it's like I'm gazing 50 years into the present

We just passed a law that only raised taxes and doesn't let them buy for 3 months on "Foreign investors". but it will do nothing, as they'll either just throw money at it or do what described.

1755nigger please go

It was written in the book of Kek
"Wages of multikulti is slow and painful death"
Leafs did this to themselves.

The china man is a filthy; mongrel; dog eating subhuman. Both groups need a bullet.





I live at the very mouth of the anthill in my area. The "what the fuck are you doing here?" look is very real, and I hate it since this is my country and many of them don't even speak english.

No actually it's the opposite, white guys keep taking their women. Not even the handsome, high-status white guys either. It's hilarious, and chinks are super butthurt about it. Perhaps they should stay in their own country so they don't get cucked.


This graphic only recognizes 3 parties. What about greens/libertarians/french?

This is like painting every person in the US as a BLM activist


No. All immigration is cancer. Fuck the chinks, niggers, and commies. Keep them all out. We haven't even flushed out the ones we have.


Never trust a race that poisons its own water to make a quick shekel


Man you niggers need to read Ways that are dark
Here's an excerpt from the beginning:

Zhang Wei pls go

An average movie, but interesting to watch is "Long arm of the law (1984)"
It's basically GTA: Kowloon edition, you follow a bunch of dudes going into hong kong to commit crimes. In the end they all die as it should, and you can see a lot of this part of the city.