Iranian Revolutionary Guards pledge "Iron first" against "fifth column", shoots protestors

Iran's Revolutionary Guards have warned anti-government protesters they will face the nation's "iron fist" if political unrest continues.

Three days of demonstrations over falling living standards have become the biggest show of dissent since huge pro-reform rallies in 2009.

A Revolutionary Guards commander said the protests had degenerated into people chanting political slogans and burning public property.

"Those who damage public property, disrupt order and break the law must be responsible for their behaviour and pay the price," Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli said.

"The spreading of violence, fear and terror will definitely be confronted. We are being attacked from outside and cannot allow a fifth column to undermine our nation."

Two protesters have been killed at a rally in Iran amid a wave of anti-government protests, an official has said.

The two were reported killed overnight at a demonstration in Dorud, in the country's western Lorestan province.

They are the first deaths to be reported since the current wave of protests erupted on Thursday and spread across Iran.

The province's governor, Habibollah Khojastehpour, told state television: "On Saturday evening, there was an illegal protest in Dorud and a number of people took to the streets responding to calls from hostile groups, leading to clashes.

"Unfortunately in these clashes two citizens from Dorud were killed."

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Please tell me protestets didn't get shot from a rooftop by unidentified assailants.

it's always how the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 start these "civil" wars

Due to how paranoid Iran and its people are.
The only ones who would believe it are urban malcontents.

The theme of this revolution: Dorud Sandstorm.

I'm trying to figure out this conflict, but I'm having difficulty understanding what's being leveraged here. President Rouhani is a full blown reformist, so why is the left cannibalizing its own? He won another term in the election this year, so why are the NCRI trying to overthrow him and Khamenei?

It's probably Israel, US State Dep and CIAniggers burning through their assets in Iran because Saudi Barbaria is shitting itself hard due to purges and getting their asses kicked in Yemen by a bunch of Shia goatherders wearing flip-flops while the Shia Crescent is now established.
Meanwhile the Israel-Sunni alliance is strained due to the capital/embassy situation among others, the elites of most Sunni countries may be chummy with Israeli but the average folk on the street hate the yids, creating tensions in the countries.


This isn't homegrown civil unrest.
It's the USA again.

Oh, nice.

What genius do we have to thank for that?
tip top kek

what a coincidence that iran flames up after syria is supposed to be settling down again
some pawns must have been moved around

It's amazing how blatant they are about these things.


Just as a reminder, pic related.
maybe they're both talking about the same column

t. pol for the last 3 years

Fuck off schlomo


Go away torpedo


I bet you have never even met an Iranian. I was classmates with an Iranian who was thrown into jail for a weekend when he was 12 years old for being critical of the government on his blog. His family managed to move to the United States. Pretty cool dude, smart too.

i hate muslims and wish for the iranian regime to be toppled.

but i hate jews hundreds of times more. so it's a no-brainer but if we could get both birds in one stone, that'd great.

If this is indeed another fake revolution funded by Israel, the end goal could be to create a scenario that would enable the invasion and destruction of Iran.
Obviously it's impossible to predict what they will do at this point as the fireworks have only just begun.

In any case, I see a lot of anons congratulating themselves on guessing the motivations of the enemy. Others are already sowing defeatism >>/TheBlackPill/
Whether or not these naysayers are honest or not, getting sad over this is utterly wasteful. Whatever we do, we cannot stop the Zionists doing what jews always do in Iran. However we can use this event and the energy it creates to advance our agenda.

Never waste your time crying over something you cannot change. Use the energy to accomplish saving our race.

this is literally just jew bullshit, arab spring part II: electric buggalo, if you don't see through nonsense like this by now I don't know what to tell you

This tbh. I prefer the Shah though even though he was a Kike puppet. I despise Muslims and Jews. I'm so torn up between both sides now.

It's the only way sad to say. The only way to stop these colour revolutions is with an iron first or tank like what happened in China at Tian Square. In the long run it will save for lives by preventing a massive war from igniting killing and displacing millions.

Shia muslims are okay because they don't want to convert the world, not to mention that Iran exists for the purpose of destroying Israel.

Even if you hate all the muslims, at least recognize the ones that share our interest.

We just want them to mutually destroy each other so the both of them would be out of our hair for good. Is that so much to ask for?

That's a nice little anecdote. I really can't say how unimpressed I am with you JIDF. Now the next part of your playbook says you have to to justify a (((western-backed))) military invasion of Iran by claiming countless Iranians would approve it no matter the cost.

I never said I support an invasion of Iran. In fact I would love for them to destroy Israel. All I am saying is that their Ayatollah or whatever is a corrupt, money embezzling goat fucking piece of shit. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (who is friends with Dr. David Duke) didn't even get a 3rd term presidency because he called out the Ayatollah's son for stealing millions of state funds. It would be better if Iran was a sort of Nazi germany state where the leading officials are atheists.

Iran was becoming increasingly secular in the first half of the 20th century.
You know until the USA overthrew its elected pro-US nationalist government and installed a tyrannical dictator who went on a killing spree.
A killing spree that left only the Religion of Cuck™ic clerics able to organise any kind of resistance.

So thank Uncle Sam for the Religion of Cuck™ic Republic.
As usual the USA destroyed everything it touched.

hi leftypol


They sound like the kind of people we should model the future white guards on to protect the ethno-state from Jewish infiltration.


You going to post that video or what?

If true its bad.
Course it could also be CIA fleeing cos they've been found out

Fuck off with your based dune coon threads.

Bad if true.

Israel delenda est, kike.

I can only hail the ones fighting against the kikes.

Big, if for you

Ohhhh fuck here we go.
Libya part 2: Electric boogaloo

If this means more shitskins and hooknoses die then sign me the fuck up