Got this from Cuckchan, the OP asked for Operation: GetHerFired but it didn't seem to pick up steam...

Got this from Cuckchan, the OP asked for Operation: GetHerFired but it didn't seem to pick up steam. She also appears to have deleted the Tweet.

Thought you guys might want to know.

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Does she want to kill all jewish men?

Judging from the nose; probably just the goyim.

Hitler did nothing wrong.


Hey OP you're suppose to archive the tweet and copy/pasty the archive URL onto the picture.

The original OP from Cuckchan failed to do so.

You Rage, You Lose.

Some other guy did save the Tweet with dates and stuff.

Well you're the OP here, it's your job to fix it.

Lets go fag boy, modify the the image with the archive URL. This website does not have cuckchan's low standards.

Woops wrong snippet.

The 'he' the guy talks about is her son btw. Soon to be her 'daughter' i presume.

Also people are now following her and reposting her Tweet or otherwise bothering her with it at everything she Tweets.

Lmao we're in luck, there's actually a snapshot on archive that saved the Tweet:

How's this?

This is painful, someone browsing at home please do it properly.

Better than nothing fam.
Apparently she has a son, and she bought him Rey soywars figures for Christmas.

she should be bothered with it when she tries to go to work.

Inadmissible, as you can see here.

We should report her to social services.


Thanks for the archives but this is absolute shit tier modification, what's with the line breaks?




There's a thread that's been locked that covers this already, suitably locked down by the based mods

Looks at 4chan 2016

Compares to 2017

Then compares it to8chan Holla Forums

Wow, what a huge improvement over the previously kiked chanboard…

Gouge out your own eyes.

Can't respond with any level of reasonable argument to the self-evident fact that 8ch Holla Forums is managed by isreali kikes.

I joined twitter just cos fuck this bitch. She locked down her twitter cos everyone was rubbing her nose in the screenshot of her kill all men tweet and saying how disgusting she is as she is the mother of a little boy. She works for Huffington Post and Verizon is the main advertiser. Her twitter is locked down but she has some feminist echo chamber group that should be educated abouts the hate speech of its founder.




With what? Her fingernails? Her used tampons?


-The left aren't misguided. Literally nobody on the left is just an easily led idiot who fell for the propaganda. They are objectively all evil and want to hurt your families
-That said, the left shouldn't be, nor do they deserve to be viewed as human. They have no feelings, emotions, anything. Give others literally zero empathy if they are to the left of you ideologically
-With points one and two in mind, violence is technically illegal, unless in self defense. Here is the kicker: just by existing, they are an immediate threat to your life and your families' lives
-This is the time to take to the streets and teach these non-humans a lesson: kneel and submit to us, the morally good, or suffer the consequences.

4cuck is trying to get her fired. Leftists get good honest people fired over nothing, so this one is a good excercise to start with.


This is how i've viewed the Left for years now. I would be perfectly fine with completely destroying their lives, if only for all the people that they have destroyed.

has got a point, you know. It does not seem like you are from around here.

Yes, we've got a fair share of turd threads, too, especially now with lowered activity around the holidays. Yes, mods sometimes do dumb things like anchoring/deleting books and self-improvement threads. But most of the time they are adequate, and the discussion and intelligence level here is light-years ahead of cuckchan.