Venezuela reaches final stage of Socialism

Oil rich Venezuela runs out of gasoline for cars, trucks etc

After lining up for an entire day to get a plane ticket to visit her relatives in the western city of Mérida, Josefina García did not know if she and her octogenarian mother were going to reach their final destination on time for Christmas.

The airport is located 76 kilometers away from the city and when they tried to book a cab in advance to take them to the place where they were going to stay, the taxi company said they could not make bookings because there is a shortage of gas and management did not know if they were going to have enough fuel on the day of Josefina’s arrival.

Once they landed, the 61-year-old and her mother found a cab that had enough gas to take them to a certain part of the city where a cousin would pick them up. In the meantime, another cousin was lining up for gas. He was able to fill his sedan’s tank after waiting for more than six hours.

According to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the highest proven oil reserves in the world, including non-conventional oil deposits, are in Venezuela.

“Gentlemen: There is no more gasoline in Venezuela. In Venezuela, we are out of gas. In Venezuela, there is no gas oil. In Venezuela, there are no lube oils,” said Iván Freites in a televised press conference. Freites is the secretary of the professional and technician division of the United Federation of Venezuelan Petroleum Workers.

In his address, Freites said that poor management led to the stoppage of 80 per cent of the country’s refineries. “Only Amuay and Cardón refineries are operative and that is nothing. They produce 40,000 barrels per day and the national demand is over 200,000 barrels of gas per day,” he said.

Venezuela’s oil production has fallen to levels not seeing since the late-1980s. According to the latest OPEC report, which is based on information provided by the Nicolás Maduro government, the country is producing about 2.3 million barrels of oil per day. In October, it experienced the steepest fall in production of 2017, as only 1.9 million barrels were extracted, 130,000 barrels less than the previous month. The oil industry, however, is still the major source of income as it generates about 96 per cent of the foreign exchange.

“Can you imagine how much it would be to bring our refineries back to operation? To recover production in the Eastern Coast of the Lake (of Maracaibo)?” Iván Freites asked during the media brief. He blamed corrupt government officials for the fuel crisis and dismissed the theory that it is all due to the sanctions that Donald Trump imposed on some key figures in the Venezuelan cabinet.

He also expressed concern about the fact that Maduro’s administration pulled out of a partnership with Cuba in its Cienfuegos oil refinery, taking into account that all of Venezuela’s oil products have been unloaded on the island for the past 15 years before making their way to other markets.

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b-b-b-b-b-ut its not real socialism!
m-m-m-muh capitalism


True Socialism has never been tried :^)


Prepare for leftyshills to cry

Your image made me laugh OP, thanks.

should have upgraded their oil tycoon infrastructure and diversified the economy before buying luxury items for everyone.

This is what commies actually believe.

After all, Venezuelans are still allowed to own property and are starving to death in their homes instead of in labor camps.

Well, maybe next time.

No, thats not the REAL final form of socialism. The REAL final form of socialism hasnt been tried yet, where everyone dies. They havent even beaten Mugabe yet, keep trying Maduro!

That wouldnt be very socialist of them,sounds like something an ebil capitalist looking to give handouts to his "fascist" industrialist buddies would do. That would clearly signify the point where the oppressed Venezuelan people would need to rise up against this corporate fascist dictatorship passing itself off as the socialist revolution!
I could see the Mossad OP now. Anyways, all ironic here to make the point about their garbage rhetoric, no ban plz.

Stop saging, faggot.

They have insane requirements to own and operate businesses, like 40-50 permits necessary to run a simple mom 'n pop shops, imagine then the scale of legal papers necessary to have bigger businesses running unless you pay a considerable amount to the designated bureaucrat.
What pisses me of is that people in other countries praise them for this, stupid bastards willingly swallow propaganda about shit they know nothing about.

So we all know that Socialists will pull the "not real Socialism" card for this. My question is this: at what point do we stop thinking that the run of the mill Socialist you run into around universities and other lefty shitholes are stupid and instead start considering them evil?

From what I see, Socialists get brushed off as being idiots because they keep supporting Socialism despite it always failing. When they cry "not real Socialism", the typical response is to laugh them off. But their numbers seem to be growing anyway, and with the sheer number of failures of Socialism, it's impossible to still take an honest look at that ideology and think that it could work.

So I don't think they're stupid at all. I think they know damn well that Socialism doesn't work and that it always ends this way. They WANT it to end this way. They WANT the collapse and misery it brings because they think they'll be the ones who get to decide who gets lined up in front of the wall and shot, ie, they're evil, not stupid.

Lurk 2 years.

Socialism is a thought experiment that will only work if all the work has already been done.
Socialism requires either a worker class that doesn't know their a worker drone or massive import / export from non-socialist areas meaning the socialists are the worker drones
It keeps failing because no one will do the work because no one receives an extra share barring corruption, etc
This makes it a flawed system in which the only escape is to capitalize resources for market price on an individual scale.

When it comes to socialism, you need a homogenous White population to make it work effectively. When you rule over a country filled with mestizos and nig nogs, neither capitalism or socialism will work well.

I'm surprised that this sort of dissent is allowed to be broadcast publicly by a government official. If this sort of discontent is politically acceptable, where is the agitation for regime (or at the very least, policy) change? I'm confused. At the very least, this shows that they are in fact NOT in the final stage of socialism. Nevermind the fact that the people in Venezuela are still making holiday flights to visit relatives.

Are they starving or not? Is it a totalitarian socialist regime or not?

Everything south of Mexico is exactly like this. Inferior populations turn to socialism in order to justify their own inability to succeed and aversion to initiative. They avoid responsibility like the plague. This is why Atlas Shrugged should be required Holla Forums freshman reading.

t. Costa Rica

It's more that the government is too weak to enforce conformity of thought and is reliant on mobs and militias.

That's not even that, it just classic 3rd world socialism. Nationalize industry/resources extraction to stop evil whitey/capitalist pig from "stealing" (= buying at market price) national wealth. All the new managers are party/clan/family members. All of them steal in massive corruption/embezzlement schemes (because only their own greed and jealousy brought them here). Companies stop making profits (since it's embezzled), suppliers stop delivering goods to the structure (because left unpaid, they themselves go bankrupt in the worse case scenario), workers are fired because new workers pay bribes to get a job not working (with half their wage going back to the one giving the job), production of course came crashing down, etc…

Even the USSR had that initially, they managed to stem it because they had enough true believers and the only way to crush it is with force, with NKVD/KGB officers that were fanatics and will send everyone they suspect to work camps in Siberia at the first sign of corruption. True totalitarianism (stalinism).
And the minute they relaxed the totalitarianism (after Stalin death) it immediately came back (and they they relaxed it even more and the USSR collapsed).

Which is why socialism is such shitty ideology, especially in 3rd world countries.

Sorry I am quite clueless when it comes to Venezuela. Is it that the oil industry had been nationalized?
Recently I had the pleasure of reading Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged', and to the anons who have also read, can the two scenarios be compared? I know Venezuela is not outright commie

This is very indicative of Atlas Shrugged. Every user must read!

Oh yes Jew Rand's most famous and dull work.

even in homogeneous white populations socialism leads to a massive death toll, widespread corruption, economic inefficiency, etc. look at the USSR for instance. commonly low-iq commies and bernie shills like to cite sweden and other scandinavian countries as an example of successful socialism, ignoring the fact that their governments are capitalist, just with a strong social safety net. the workers/state don't own the means of production there, which is the definition of socialism.

Not an argument.

his dubs speak truth, faggot. You fell for a fucking meme that tries to discredit a philosophy of individual responsibility and achievement, the opposite of what jews are trying to push in Socialist countries like Venezuela. If you don't have the attention span to read a long book, maybe you should get a DNA test to see how much of a nigger you are. Give me some rational critiques instead of an ad-hom

protip: you're a fucking nigger

This isn't reddit. This is a National Socialist board.

Like says, socialism is the ultimate form of government when the population is completely white and free from jewish corruption. It worked pretty well in Gaddafi's Libya as well, which again was free from the jews.

Venezuela is obviously a shithole, but this thread is as nu-Holla Forums as it gets.

Rand operated a literal cult.
She was a jew whose family got chased out of Russia for owning a pharmacy.
Oh and she was obsessed with Hollywood.

Rand is a cancer. Her book is essentially the worst kind of Jewish garbage as it preaches total self absorption to the exclusion of all else. Only the self matters in her worldview (hence her operating a cult for fun and profit).

Holla Forums is predominantly fascist/natsoc.
You're not going to find a lot of favour for Jewish philosophy here.

stop trying to promote that leftist bullshit faggot, it is clearly a failed system, hell, even their most relevant proponents realised this long ago.

Were you not a Jew you'd understand that all political movements emerge as an answer to a question.
Last century the question was how human society should function in the era of modern industry.
Three answers were proposed: one was suppressed in the largest war in human history, the second imploded due to inherent flaws and the last never gained any traction due to a lack of crisis.

The question was thus never answered in any conclusive way and human society continued to use the old and now obsolete models of social organisation and worldviews.
Established rulers fearing for their wealth and power kicked the problem down the road as they often do. This is why the confederacy remains relevant in the USA today. Because the question that gave rise to it has yet to be answered one way or another.

Just ignore the bits about "the best way to help those around me is to help myself first"

State enforced cannibalism?

You know shes a jew

Why not both Chaim?

Well we are doing our best to help you, but you seem like kikes anyway. Are you sure you didn't mean to go to r/the_donald instead?

if dubs Venezuela invents toilet paper made from petrol

You people are fucking retarded. Do you really believe that Economics functions independently of Foreign Policy? Because that would require both Ignorance and Faith, which would be nothing out of the ordinary for my fellow americans.


Well, it's trips, so it's toilet paper made out of paper money which value is equal of Zimbabwe's?

Capitalists get the bullet too. This is a National Socialist board. Mixed economy best economy.

dunno bruv, I think their issues are due to (((them)))

(((they))) don't control the powers that be in Venezuela so they shut it down economically

another scenario is just the total economic destruction so (((they))) can buy up anything of worth for peanuts

same ole tricks…

It isn't real Socialism
All Marxist and Marxist derived Socialism is a fraud only a true Volkich Socialism is real

Fuck off, don't act like their system isn't flawed, 1930s Germany had more sanctions against them than anyone and yet became an economic super power

Fuck off Jew, real socialism was tried in the 1930s and worked

The eternal nose does it again

Pointless sage, go fuck yourself, faggot

In a capitalist system like Afrimerica's, the oil monopoly could be bailed out by better run companies.

That's not Socialism that's Jewish Marxism
Real Socialism works, see NatSoc Germany

Oh so some Jews can run the oil
No it's NatSoc or go home

Nice trips. Red beans wipe collective asses with cash money, annon.

There's that infamous Jewish sophistry at work.

Get fucked, commies

Rand completely ignores the role of the financial system and the financial oligarchs with the one exception being Midas Mulligan. He is hardly a character and more of a deus ex machina, described as being practically omniscient in his business sense and a paragon of virtue in all his ventures.

Don't read Atlas Shrugged and expect a coherent ideology. What it is good for is a really well conceived portrayal of how communist/socialist sentiments are able to take hold through the very members of society that should be expected to reject them. It's a very accurate portrayal of a familiar society's descent into ideological madness and despair but nothing more.

Should I break the news to him?

Yet, somehow, they were spending tens of millions a year to sponsor an F1 team and driver (the hilariously bad Pastor Maldonado) as recently as 2016. Why do socialists love wasteful spending on pure vanity projects? (The Pyongyang Hotel is another example)

Germany did well under National Socialism.

12 yo should have no internet access, you stink up the place with your emotions and immaturity. ZOG wants to steal their oil, but muh ebil solsialiszm!

Yet somehow people do that, and most economy is private sector.

Yeah, individuality goyim, you wouldnt orgranize and go against our tribe together, right? Come 1 vs us all, that works for us, hehehe.

Three in a row! It's a sucks-dick hat trick!

well I thought I had a couple more vz memeballs but it turns out i dont so have this instead.

Its funny actually. And shows how youre a moron and your opinion doesnt matter, so job well done, 50c well earned.

A lot of socialists are dumb young folk, so yes, I significant number are still just stupid. However, stupid or evil, no one who claims to support socialism should be given any positive attention, or perhaps even attention at all. Shame and exile commies. I recently made sure a friend of 10 years knew I thought she was an immoral scumbag when she revealed just how much of a commie degenerate she had turned into, and I cut contact. Do not reward evil or stupidity with your time and energy.

and the government keeps at it, they have been giving bonuses to card of the fatherland holders, last month with the bay jesus tickets (and they forced private business to take them and as far as I know they have been unable to cash out and in hyperinflation it means they are already worth only half what they were when issued) and forcing stores to reduce the price of their products, like alcohol and food stores.

Last year they forced EPK (a venezuelan clothes stores that branched out to other coutnries even) and seized 4 million toys from kreisel (toys distributor) guess what happened? both closed down, there's so much you can be fucked with before saying this shit isn't worth it.

Meanwhile the government closed the border with a couple of islands blaming smugglers for lack of food here, when the borders and the inside of the country are controlled by the military, gas, food, ore, drug , weapon trafficking? more often than not you'll have military hands in that.

Yeah, but germany was fascist wich is not socialism. National Socialist party is just a name, they hated socialists and killed then, they also had a mixed economy sistem, what is diferent than plaified economy, like socialist economies. Today leftists call themselves socialists and have in mind a socialist regime, but since socialism never works, they stick with some neofascism sistem, but they govern with socialist ideology in mind, diferent from fascists, thats the reason they make poor choices and the sistem ends up colapsing.

So yeah, it is socialists fault, they try a neofascist regime with socialist ideals and fail hard.


also, as it seems no one else covered. Let me tell you about the pernil (pork leg) shit show. Pernil is a staple food for christmass and new year, however, after our currency going down the toilet most people became unable to afford it. And of course, the government preferred to import them rather than use part of their over 3 million hectares of land they own to raise pork.

The perniles never arrived, near the end of december they blamed portugal's government, claiming they had sabotaged the pernil shipment. Portugal replied by saying they don't mess with businesses deals. Soon after that the company in question replied saying they didn't ship theperniles because the government didn't pay. Not only they did not pay, but they owed them 40 million euros from previous deals. There was no official response to this, instead, they just switched to blaming colombians instead…

You just described corporations as well btw. And why they fail hard after burning thru their saved up inertia from prior points in which component parts actually worked well enough. Corporations are just socialism preying upon the society around them.

So long as cuckservatives keep sucking up to corporations, socialism retains its appeal to the non monied classes. Jews are pretty slick playing the rich socialists and the poor socialists off against each other like that. All of em deserve the gas.

invest in venezuelan bonds to continue funding the communistic hellhole just so you fund maduros military to kill shitskins, continue the "socialistic heaven" to show to leftists and make some motherfucking money

it is going to fail anyways, just wait for 1 year and you will get your investment back
wait 2 and you get 200% more

first, the government can't issue new debt because congress won't allow it (and their shitty move to name a constitutional congress didn't help them one bit work around this).

second, money or not the government will always seek to kill as many it deems necessary (talking about directly here, they don't care about the ones killed indirectly one bit)

third, the government already entered selective default as subsequent bonds were issued to kite old debt and fill their own pockets, even if they were still able to issue new debt it's obvious you can't just kite your debt for all eternity

fourth, how long it takes to recoup a bound depends on the bond itself, so it shows you don't know shit, and you normally wouldn't be earning over 100% over your initial investment.

Was there ever a time where you took your job seriously, Mr. Goldberg?

Feels bad man. Communists really are inhuman.

Just goes to show what raiding your nearby countries can do for your economy


National Socialism is just Socialism done right, aka in a way that does not try to defy the natural order.

Lurk forever.

Good on you user. Remove communist.
If there are any Venezuelanons on here I hope you fuckers get the chance to kill these communist fucks in the streets for what they've done.

Everything Germany did was right, besides not killing the Jews




>(((Finance capital))) hard at work destroying oil rich countries to lower price
>See (((media))) trying to push US and Russia into war.

Rot in hell centralized faggots

Venezuela needs more soy!

ok, let me list some of the shit i recall the government starting and expropriating (of course, this isn't a complete list)

First the only three I recall the government starting:
I think it's been years since the last one closed
never saw them, at this point a lot of women went back to thread diapers, which are reusable, because they can't afford normal ones
now this was put here just because it wasn't expropriated, even though these originated from cuba, they bought the machinery from iran and 2 weeks after something had already fucked and iran had no spare parts, apparently some people got to see them when it was originally announced, but only in caracas (and never after the machinery fuck up)

now shit I recall them expropriating
it used to be about half state half private business, result:
protest for gas (only like 10% of our houses receive gas from pipes, the rest have to use gas bottles)
blackouts everywhere whenever it pleases
Telephony company, cellphone, house and internet provider, I think they were partially owned by verizon. Provide shit service now, if you don't pay a corrupt official now the possibilities of getting a new internet connection is virtually 0 as you'll be told there are "no material" for new connections. This at least isn't a monopoly unless the previous mentioned ones as there are other internet and telephony providers (inter, movistar, digitel) but they can only increases prices when government allows them too, so their service is also fucked too. I also think we can do calls to other countries as venezuela hasn't paid their debt to telephony companies outside.
They expropriated several cement makers, like cemex, Holcim and Lafarge. Production fell and to ge to buy cement you have to buy it under the table, because at the official prices you won't find any.
sidor, sidetur and turbio come to mind. I don't know about the other two, but sidor worked in 2016 at 6% of its capacity.
Company that made juice and milk drinks. got expropriated a decade ago for "hoarding milk", and since a few days ago the production began to fall considerably, recently the workers went to protest saying they already had 3 months without raw materials to work with
places where cane sugar was processed to sell sugar, at least two refineries were expropriated. Nowadays it's just another one of the products that is imported to thecountry

Thanks for the update user.

I wouldn't call it updating, this shit is old. I'm just informing

Now this is from yesterday, this is not the first time I've shared videos (of course, not in this thread) of the military and police looting, but here is another one looting a truck with paper

This is just fucking rich, clearly the free market and right wing at work, according to leftypol :^) supermarkets overseen by sundde stop bringing new products, they say they just can't keep ordering at a price just to be forced to sell under that, so the only thing those who stopped ordering have is unsold merchandise

what does this mean

Seriously, we have literal evidence right in our eyes about the cancer that is leftism, and yet I see leftist Colombians shilling their shit online.

Leftism is a mental illness

the government also has (from these I don't know how many are actually still open)
and I might be missing something else a vessel with venezuelan oil was retained in curacao after being claimed by international entities owed by the venezuelan government. This also happens after venezuela burned curacao and bonaire as this week's culprit of the lack of food and closing the borders with them.

I want to say that under different circumstances they might have backed venezuela but the government sought this

As expected

Back to Holla Forums with you, faggot.

WEW I'm just reading this

the government expropriated banesco now

Leftists will never learn from their failures the only solution is to kill them.

the fuck is this shortened version bullshit

Interesting. The way its been made out in the media is the oil price crash caused everything to fail. Not the lack of investment by the govt. I hope this goes down in the history books as another failure of socialism.

If socialist run the Sahara, there would be shortages of sand there.

Consider for a moment the psychosociopathic trends in leftist behavior and language that most of Holla Forums has noticed and routinely makes threads about.

It goes a little further than that Exxon, Occidental, ect are all owned by cavaliers. Much like manufacturing and farming kikes cannot into resource extraction hence why they try to destroy coal and oil industries in white nations where they hold political power. And who is flooding the market even as it devours their reserves and costs them money while merely delaying the predominance of competitors in Russia and America(which have the largest estimated reserves on the planet) its the Saudis. Well color me not at all shocked.


If only they had tried real communism none of this would have happened.

To be honest its just Prussianism under a new name, make deals with large corporations and instill in them a patriotic zeal and make that zeal a prerequisite for cooperation. If they oppose the state they are destroyed but if they don't they can conduct their business in any way they see fit, simultaneously destroy any real impetus for marxism with welfarism which can be afforded because the privately owned companies are still efficient and profitable enough to be taxed to provide for such services. It's really no different from the way kings handled nobles for centuries.

Americanism is a little different in that it instead works to instill in the people a hatred of welfarism both through rhetoric and their selection of who is allowed to join the nation. Then rather than cooperate with corporations it merely gives them leave to do as they please most of time but if they opposed the states interest they are crushed, while ruthlessly suppressing imports through tariffs and using that money to fund the government rather than significant taxes.

Which is preferable is entirely dependent upon the natural inclinations of the population and indeed both arose naturally from the white populations which dominated their regions at a similar time. Prussianism is based on love. Americanism is based on hate. Both function fairly well. Its the difference between a kingdom and a confederation of princes. Both are authoritarian but one is centralized and the other distributed but since both are nationalistic they generally increase national prestige and power.

considering our oil was around 10 bucks, or less than 1/6 the current price. That's a load of shit because we weren't in that mess then, so why should we here now? I mean, this is essentially free money, chile, for example, has copper, which is worth a lot less than oil and yet they are in much better shape despite having less "free money".

But no, venezuela isn't fucked due to going from producer to importer due to forex arbitrariness , expropriating, retarded laws of "fair prices", price setting etc. It's all because we now get less money from oil than we did a few years ago.

still lootings throughout the country, this video went viral yesterday, dozens of people swarming and looting a plantain stand

Their energy would be better spent overthrowing the government, but a poor businessmen is an easier target I guess.

with oil at 10 bucks I meant when this government arrived. There's no fucking excuse for this shit, socialism is worse than a natural disaster.

Shut the fuck up faggot

Are women wearing these diapers, or putting them on babies?

What a fucking retarded word to use. Only a passive aggressive ursine little bitch would use a word like that.

"If the Sahara desert ever became a communist country, there would be a shortage of sand" -Yuri Bezmenov

You have no excuses Paco, if Iran can do it with the CIA and Mossad constantly breathing down their necks anyone can, but your ideology is fucking stupid and will never ever work. Shouldn't you be playing Runescape since their money is worth more than yours?

Some sort of maize flour flatbread, for those wondering.
You mean fabric diapers.

you are right

I don't think diaperfags are a thing here, so babies

On Hispachan a few months back, it appeared that there was basically no toilet paper left. Not sure if that is still the case.

What about a cocaine tax?

Question for anyone still following this. Why did Venezuela fail(or faithfully carryout) at socialism where as the National Socialist Party of Germany didn't seem to instantly explode?

What you are seeing is the difference between national socialism and communism coupled with the difference between whites and niggers.

You keep pushing this afrimerica meme.
Theres a special place for you in the kitchen. And its not the sink.

If anyone remembers Oscar Perez, the helicopter kidnaper from a few months back… he was murdered in a government operation yesterday. During this operation heiker,the leader of the colectivo (read: government endorsed criminal groups) tres raices (and with at least 5 murders on his back), was shot dead as well. Freddy Bernal, nigger high in chavismo's ranks admitted that heiker, and called him a patriot.

A military court convicted photographer Héctor Pedroza, arrested for taking pictures of anti-government protests in Maracay. He was accused of instigating rebellion and terrorism and will be held in Ramo Verde.

who the fuck honestly cares?
I hope the shitskins starve to death

I'm sure the countries getting 4 millions of venezuelan escaping the country care. And those fighting against drug trafficking probably care as well.

It's being reported that Oscar Perez' body will be cremated against the family's wishes. The government's intention is clear, destruction of evidence.