Pewtube finally work without javascript and flash!

/leftycuck/ try to ruin everything again!

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have a kike free sage for not knowing how to make a thread.
lurk moar.

I don't use jewtube but have a bump because of the goolag on the main page.


Looks gay as shit.

Idk fam, google is blocked but the videos play just fine.

You would know.

For now I'll remain suspicious
If it doesn't need it to work, why have the web make requests to it.

that's adsense and/or google analytics you retard, literally every site will talk with google because those two tools are free and that fucking good

I don't give a fuck if that's adsense or whatever scapegoat you try and find next.

Since when? Who did?

But the underlying infrastructure is, specially since it's making requests to google servers.
Data is still being sent to Google, this is a placebo.

maybe you can't understand statements?
It is not run by google, that's the single only promise made.
And it seems to not be. What you see is either adsense (ads) or analytics (lets the developer know how and where users click, so they can rearrange or add or remove parts of the website to make it better).
Yes, the site most probably will track how you interact with it and send to google.

However, I am pretty sure that the biggest issue with Youtube is censorship, not that they are using your mouse movement data, which can easily be blocked with noscript or similars

So, who runs it? I can't seem to find a name.

How will OP maintain a site with no shekels coming in? Maybe OP could try promoting Amazon and Aliexpress. Perhaps OP can pay the bills with alternative advertising.

Any suggestions Holla Forums on how OP can delouse pewtube?

Anthony Mayfield, he's a 20-something leaf Holla Forumsack.

I've been hearing about this a while but can someone tl;dr? Is it a decentralised service like we dreamed?




pewtube needs to operate like hooktube when converting youtube videos.



Is this another gab type project thing where you're lured into another trap to grab your shekels or data?


Take cash to show a text ad for a day, anything else is kike-tier botnet.

The point of youtube alternatives isn't to save your precious ass from being tracked, if you want that use VPN or an addon. The point is to get normies off a platform that bans for (((hate speech))).

The most kekworthy example of Holla Forums content on CNN

I don't see these alt sites picking up steam when they have less features than their competitors (and I'm not talking about normie appeal, of all the alt-social media sites, I've never returned to any one of them - they have nothing that makes them worth visiting)

I agree Chaim, I keep telling this to all those pesky goyim but they still convert to TOR!! This is outrageous.
I'm telling you, this is a holocaust… we must do something about it.
TOR was made by and for JIDF, goyim must only use VPN. Stay away from it goy.

I don't know anything about this site and it is my first time hearing about it, but it seems promising to me. Will continue to watch it to make sure it's not a Google copy but if it doesn't censor like Jewtube does then that's a winner in my book.

That's a lie and you know it.

yeah nah,can't play videos with no-script on

Google doesn't have to make profits. The Fed will print as much money as Goldman Sachs feels like giving to Google.

Just use hooktube