Can anyone help me how to post here without getting tracked by government (i'm living in 3rdworld) ,i need to dump information but i'm scared

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A Tor or a VPN.
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*tor, not a Tor.

I'm not kebab , please help if you know

user, are you seriously trying to imply that using the name "Anonymous" is enough to keep you anonymous?

I only have cellphone data , can i use tor with it ?or should i use wifi ? By the way i have to use vpn to access tor .

I swear i'm not larping , i'm just scared

Use Facebook. Don't believe the anti-semitists here.

Send it to Assange.

Please someone answer

Any VPN w/ proxy.

I wouldn't right now. I have the utmost respect for Assange, but I think he's deliberately being shady to discourage leakers from leaking without outright admitting and breaking whatever deal was made.
Upload somewhere… setup a Dead Man's Switch to shoot to the blockchain if you don't signal not to within a few days.
It's New Years Eve here and I'm getting drunk. But if you're not LARP'ing, would be happy to help you out with this.

Use Tor browser bundle. If you can’t do that because all you have is a phone you could buy a Tor hardware router like an anonabox. All the other hardware solutions are pozz. This really does not deserve its own thread. Polite sage.

What country are you from?

Yeah, I'd email it to Assange. He has a pretty good way of forcing the media to cover things.

Just go to a public cafe with wifi and use a proxy from there. I wouldn't use the mobile data from your phone. How much data and how close to it are you? If you're not a VIP I doubt they're going to use a lot of technical sophistication in trying to track you down. Just post it fast and move on.

I live in athird world (iran) cant access that
Sorry to slide

What kind of data you have? Some hint at least? and what part of 3rd country? europe, africa, america?

Its about recent happenings in iran , dont know how much does it matter here but schilling anout here and 4ch pol is very hard

Wardrive and find a place that has unsecured wi-fi. Leave your phone at home since you can be tracked by it.

Find a news reporter who has an account on a free email service that is accessed over https. Get an account on the same service to contact the reporter. The email should not leave the server.

If the technology is beyond you, copy the info to a flash drive and hand it to some kid who you know is capable of dropping the info without getting caught. Stay away from celebrity hackers and activists, half of them are feds or crooks.


pic related.

if you do I wish you the best of luck

you should really try to find a way to use a computer, there is no easily feasible way to stay stealthy with a cellphone
once on a computer, download (on an usb key if you must leave no trace) the Tor browser bundle, then use Tor to drop all the data as a single compressed file on several file storage services, then once you've verified it was there, make a thread here explaining the situation and give most of these addresses
it would be a good idea to pre-search which file storages you will use, and pre-write your first post telling everything as clearly as possible
best of luck
polite sage because thread will soon be deleted

Yes, it's obvious it's a kike.

You can use tor with an android phone. (I don't know anything about iPhone)
Just search for tor in the applications.

It is best to use a VPN before tor. To disguise that you are using tor

VPN Globus Pro does this.

yeah, and make sure it's a cafe where nobody knows you. And leave your phone at home and make sure to spoof your MAC address. Also don't buy anything using a credit card while you're there. Sit facing away from any cameras. and wear a disguise, and don't talk to anyone or call attention to yourself in any way. When you're done burn the clothes you were wearing and leave the country as fast as possible.

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does this have to do with mike pence and his alleged involvement in an indiana pedo network?

Fire.Onion works on Android as well. Here is the archive link. Pic related too.

Because kikes can live in Iran peacefully. THIS FUCKING DENSE.

Buy a burner phone with cash in a place that you are sure doesn't have cameras. If you want, pay the cashier to make sure they don't talk. Use that