Don't pay attention to other nehlen threads

You fucks are shills. Shit shills. There's no controlled opposition, just cuck lords tryina earn a shekel from soros. Paul Nehlen is /ourguy/. Idgaf what these shit lords try to fuck around what with their fuck flinging hoopla. Kys. This thread will btfo instantly but people will see it and know that there are still those willing to fight for freedom. Piss off jew cunts

Was a good ride while it lasted, but PN revealed his powerlevel way too early, there's no way he'll be allowed to win anymore.

Realise that any exposure to this sort of candidate is going to normalise he idea of said sort of candidate.
Norm-me: " Even the politicians are saying this now? Maybe (((it))) is a thing"

No blackpills… only redpills now

We need a general like Washington, not more peons in Congress.

Yeah but one time he said he supported israel! I'm clearly a Cruz missile for the 2020 election.

If you don't get how that doesn't matter: if you want to be a successful businessman in the US - you must do that. He's a former so he did the latter.

You want me to post these again? Okay, sure. Should I also make a meme pointing out that Nehlen's wife is non-white? Because I could do that too.

Oh (((you))).


You aren't even OP, but you know what? I'm feeling generous. Just for you.



You might as well be defending Kike Enoch at this point tbh

I see your point, but even if he doesn't win he's calling attention to some politically incorrect ideas. >I would rather see Nehlen win than a Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer.

I'm pretty sure he isn't running against them, user.


You absolute retards. What do you want, nothing less than 100 Hitlers for Senate, 435 Hitlers for House? Not going to happen. We get there gradually.



Fuck off Nehlanfags.
Theres room for only one /trueconservative/ in Wisconsin District 1.

do you not understand that if we allow cucked quotes and actions to go unchecked nobody else will check them. we are supposed to be the most radical. leave the cringy cuckchan /ourguy/ stuff for the breitbart comment section not here unless hes literally hitler tier. allowing 4d chess players to be above criticism will be the absolute death of this place.


It's not that he's above criticism, but the anti-Nehlen shills here are worse than fags.

Okay, so if what the shills are saying is true, and Nehlen is 100% kiked,


the point of this is to highlight that the people here screaming "nehlen is a jew!" are purely here to shill, and have no alternative. Their end goal is to trick you into not voting for Nehlen, not to elect someone who would be beneficial for the white race.

This is thread number 7, either use the catalog or stop blatantly shilling the guy. At this point His politics matter less than the blatant spam and outside push


Filters exist for a reason. Easiest and simplest way to cuck the shills is to not respond. And I don't know what episode of the Twilight Zone this is, but saying he married a spic (hardly a spic) is the most laughable shilling attempt ever.

They're desperate. It's Astroturfing and the shill narratives are tailored to Holla Forums.

Praise Kek!

Hey, if you guys want to stop this, make similar pictures to these face+israel flag pic with Trump pointing out all his jewish ties and call him controlled opposition. If they accept it, they have to face the disproportionate hate from the site. If they deny it, you push it until they deny making it, which defines it as being not a standard but selective shaming, targeted shaming.

And if it turns the whole site against Trump, well, then we know the whole board is beyond the pale on this perfection nonsense and we can finally leave this place to be renegadechan forever.

< Maximum shilling.

Trust me, fellow White people, you shouldn´t support Nehlen.

Nehlen knows he doesn't have a chance at winning, and most of this board isn't able to him even if they want to. The whole thing is a shekel grab.

Nehlen is worth hundred of millions of dollars tho.

wtf I'm a guac merchant now

Soon enough, there will be a new platform. 2018 will be the first year of Internet free speech.

Voting doesn't work, retard.


One can never have enough shekels. Take how Gavin McCuck continues to whore himself out for example.