Is it still OK to be White? Or whacha doin'?

Help (((NYPD))) catch this dangerous suspect!

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Why is that in webm format? what even is this thread?

OP here. Fucked up the webm of the embedded video. Trying again.

hes a senile old racist kike, not much to see here.

Wouldn't surprise me, the funny thing for me is that he's basically Public Enemy #1 in NYC. It's not like every criminal gets his video plastered all over NYPD twitter feed.

Kikes don't give a shit about the 1st Amendment. They'll throw someone in jail and let them take the case all the way to the SCOTUS. Sure they might win their freedom, but it'll be after months/years of a grueling and expensive legal battle.

Public videos of niggers murdering people are almost never released for public identification, but heaven forbid some white guy post politically incorrect flyers.

So (((we're))) just gonna make crimes up now too?


1984 and Turner Diaries were suppose to be works of fiction. At least 20th century communist political police had the dignity to operate in secrecy.

The absolute state of Jew York City

This. Dr. Pierce was way ahead of his time. A true prophet. He predicted things thirty years ago that are happening now.


Holy shit.

They didn't even show what the fuck the posters was. Maybe wait and see what the kike was actually posting before trying to claim credit.
IOTBW isn't anti-gay per se, and it is only anti-semitic when kikes are willing to admit they will NEVER be white.

Is he handwringing or holding papers?

It's actually great to be white

Highly recommend anons download and reupload this video. The kikes will flag it.


kikes running NYPD didn't put much thought into this.

thought the same

what kind of middle aged our guy would live there anyway?

kindly retweet this guy to nypd and all the media outlets. clearly a possible thought criminal! Certainly fits the profile. Mighty suspicious!

Maybe he's non ironically posting Jewish flyers discouraging homosexuality and race-mixing for Jews and they just legitimately didn't know that he's someone you can't criticize.

The profile of the ears seems to be off, the CCTV footage seems to have them veer out at the top.

Just look at this dangerous skinhead with his right-wing haircut!

Doesn't mean that he can't be dragged out of his home and questioned for wrongthink, Comrade!