The US and Israel reportedly signed a secret pact to take on Iran

Trump and Jews, wheres the news?

Israel and the United States have secretly signed a far-reaching joint memorandum of understanding providing for full cooperation to deal with Iran’s nuclear drive, its missile programs and its other threatening activities, an Israeli TV report said.
The document was signed on December 12 at the White House, culminating intensive talks between representatives of the major Israeli and American intelligence and defense hierarchies, headed by the US and Israeli national security advisers, H. R. McMaster and Meir Ben-Shabbat, respectively, the Channel 10 report said Thursday.
Citing both American and Israeli officials, the report said the document was designed to translate into “steps on the ground” the positions set out by US President Donald Trump in his October 13 speech on Iran, in which he decertified the Iran nuclear deal.
At what the TV report described as a “secret” meeting at the White House, the US and Israel set out a joint agreement on strategy and policy regarding Iran. Specifically, they agreed to set up joint teams to handle various aspects of the Iranian threat.

(((I N V A D E)))

So how many fronts are we going to fight next year?


You can tell how poorly a presidency is going by whether they make a move to get a new conflict going. Anyone got those pictures of the ZOG-scum Trump retards with the kike star on the vegas stripe-tier legionnaire helmet and the nigger with the kike star superman shirt?

Is that the ‘deal’ he got for us? Kikes don’t pull any false flags, we support their bullshit anyway?


Me too. More wars is the uncrossable line for me too.

Gee it'd be a shame if Rouhani felt like he was backed into a corner, had nothing to lose, and lashed out by attacking Pissrael with the full force of Iran's military now wouldn't it? :^)

I don't think US openly declares its wars anymore; there will mostly be covert operations, along with tech, and propaganda warfare in the country that's to be invaded. You might be waiting for a ground invasion of Iran as your final straw, but it either won't happen or if it does we won't find out for quite some time.

To comment on the second image, it seems somewhat unrealistic if it's supposed to indicate what goes on behind the scenes. I think there are people similar to E Bernays who write a script that is followed every election cycle played out by the candidate characters. This somewhat explains why Bernie wasn't nominated even though he looked to be in a much better position than Hillary at the time (bad health, low ratings, under FBI investigations). The end goal is to keep the public's emotions high, critical faculty low, and pit them against each other under the guise of this kayfabe.


They tried in 2012-2013 in Syria and got completely rejected by American public opinion. The vote didn't go pass congress. That's when the (((deep state))) went balls to the wall with (((ISIS))) proxy army.

Let's not fool ourselves though, the (((sharks))) are circling and waiting for the perfect (((event))) to make Americans whole-hog support a war. As much as this ass-hurts leftists, Americans have never been eager to go fight wars in other lands…It's why the Jews LIHOPED Pearl Harbor and Flase flagged 911…Oh and Israel was caught trying to to false flag in the 50's and 1967(USS Liberty) to try to get Americans to fight Egypt for them.

'But Sir, It’s an American Ship.' 'Never Mind, Hit Her!'
When Israel Attacked USS Liberty

Source: Harretz
Ofer Aderet


let it happen on purpose ??


LIHOP'ed might have been a better way to write it?

Iran seems pretty secure with its proxy army winning in yemen? Against saudi tards and has a nice relationship with Russia, i highly doubt actual war/usual burger air strikes will happen
>(((ISIS))) or more (((protests))) is all will happen

Pretty sure Bibi is going to betray him with intel stolen during Hillary's reign that helps China win in exchange for China taking in a massive amount of jewish refugees.

Hillary's main puppetmaster, Haim Saban recently gave Jared Kushner an ward, and Bibi slept in his bed when he stayed with the Kushners. I don't see anyone turning on Trump at this point,

America has nothing the jews want any more. It's schools are nigger-infested day care centers. It has no future. I can't think of a single reason why they wouldn't trade Trump for a big fat juicy host like China.



note: not even canada has attacked our (USA's) own purposely, and they don't leech as much money from us either

This the same McMaster that Cernokike, Alex Jones, bannon-Kikebart was crying about a few months ago because he was anti-Israel?? I know he's probably not a principled man and is willing to be deceptive…He's an Army guy. I know he dislikes Israel and what it means to America's overall interests in the region. I just want to be buddies with him like when we got drunk at the airport. God save us. I'm posting some hevvvy duty kike Navy propaganda because it's more effective and I'm on the marine's and navy's team…The Army has to take care of that kid that I'm kinda attached to. They don't have to. tbh, he's already comfy. He's been taken care of

Yeah, greatest ally evah!!

Trump was already kvetching about Iran during the elections. Fucking told you he was a ZOGbot. Murrica 1st right?

Gas all Trump marketers, gass all chesscucks.


Amazing the level of shills we have here. I guess that 18 billion dollars (((Soros))) just sent to his "NGOs" is being spent well here.

Trump never implicitly stated that is Israel was attacked by Iran or Syria that he would send boots on the ground to send our goys to die for Israel. My take is that he's baiting and emboldening Israel with all of these gestures, to have Israel start shit and false-flag a war with Syria and Iran.

The problem I'm seeing with such a situation is that the U.S cannot handle both East Asia and Middle East theaters boiling over into full-on regional wars at the same time. The whole thing would cascade out of control as they get stretched thin and turns into WW3. Ironically the best way to avert such a flashpoint while still instigating "conflict" is to keep all of it in a state of brinkmanship. This forces all parties to realize that one can't move further directly without destabilizing the whole geopolitical board. Then everything is kept down to intelligence operations like attempting regime instability as you're seeing with Iran right now. A neutralized Iran by internal crisis is probably considered a consolation prized to (((them))).

Finally God Emperor Trump is taking on those filthy Muslim savages my fellow white centipedes. Israel truly is our greatest ally.

I can't wait. Ready to strike the internal blow as so many other are.

I am intrigued how any single user here can claim to be legit while sucking jew dick here the last 2 years, it will be interesting to see how the new Holla Forums board that gets formed; if free from kikes, will respond to every single agent who has been pushing and promoting Trumpstein and the rest of the jewish clownhouse of CIA-kikes in the aut-right

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The trumplet chesscucks in this thread are fucking retarded. trump could literally suck jewish dick on live tv and you defend it as good in the long term.

I hope you’re right. I also hope we wouldn’t interfere.

I want to think you’re right about this.



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