NBC Error: Clinton gives State of the Union Address

NBC seems to have revealed just how far in advance the media and the deep state have projected their timeline, and also potentially revealed that President Trump was, indeed, a wrench in the cogs of the global elite (Anti-Trump shills BTFO). Apparently, NBC never got around to changing the descriptions on their political programs and they had these descriptions written over a year in advance. The description of the State of the Union address on January 9th reads:

>(Tue 1/9 6:00 pm - 7:30pm) President Clinton is expected to address a joint session of Congress in the chamber of the House of Representatives. A Republican response and … (Stereo, R) No Rating, Politics

At least, the above is my gut's assessment of the situation, especially when you take into account all of the new TV dramas and new seasons of TV shows that introduced Democratic Party women as the POTUS after Trump won. What do you think? Accidentally showing their folded poker hand, a joke, or a statement by some overworked and zealous liberal at the studio? Picked this up off my Twitter Feed, posted by /r/The_Donald. Reverse image search yields nothing and I cannot find anything on the News or on any Search Engines about it. Posted 13 hours ago and apparently taken from a Tivo TV guide.

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Have you seen that libtard web site where they're living in Imagination Land and literally writing fictional articles about Hillary's Presidency? These people are deranged.

small but telling



Nice. Is there video that corroborates the image? Whats the source of the image? I don't have tv so I cant go look for myself.

I think it's likely inside baseball intended to reinforce the view held by Trump's ultra-zionist supporters that the entire ultra-zionist establishment media is against them.

You missed the first post.
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Don't worry, one of your fellow tribals secured it for you.



The source of the image was some guy on Reddit's /r/The_Donald. Popped up on my Twitter feed. I have been unable to corroborate.

The Tweet:

The Source:

Ignore obvious shills.

Wow it really comes to show they tried rigging the election for her, but underestimated the amount of rigging needed to defeat Trump.

This must be from when slick willy was pres?DJT is scheduled for the 30th to give an address. None of the locals in my area list an address on the 9th just the 30th.

It doesn't show that at all.
They already secured two candidates who weren't going to waffle and hesitate to do israel's bidding unlike the previous guy. That's all the rigging they cared about.

Is it common to air reruns of SotU addresses? I don't recall ever once seeing a rerun. I went onto NBC 5's website and their TV guide only projects out to January 6th.

Oh, no. I don't think anyone expects anything from Trump's diehards at this point. If you didn't get your fill of the Axis of Evil the first time around, it's best to just assume you've got a bottomless stomach.



We could go with chesscuck if you prefer, but I think most of you are just bullshitting when you push that.

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33% of this thread is shill-posting. Bump.

The shill posting has been insane since the official release of the Weiner laptop e-mails.

And it's been in every single thread and in reference to literally everything except for the Weiner e-mails. They are trying to draw attention from everything, to everything except the most important thread on the board.

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They also had a story go up preemptively to dispell the thought of a rigged election. But then trump won so…

Where is the invading army, astroturf fag?

Ignore shill posters. Sage and Tor are biggest indicators.


Posting on Tor is one of the biggest indicators someone is not an actual shill. If they were a real shill, they'd have a VPN bought and paid for and cycle through IPs at their leisure instead of fucking around with laggy ass Tor and getting their posts confused with whoever else in the thread was banned for "unspecified reasons" or "chronic shitposting" suspiciously after making anti-zionist comments.


lol okay TORpedo, is that why all ID:000000 posts are inane dribble or posting suspicious links?

That's not accurate at all. All the automated bot posts featuring gooks or anime posting shilling for Trump come with an standard ID number. Like yours, for instance.

I wish their fictional articles about Trump's presidency were more accurate, tbh.

Isn't it a pain that any given thread immediately derails into "Drumbo is a kike" shills versus "Trump is a 33 dimensional chess master" shills

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The strategy of the Jew is to rule by consensus. Publishing the truth isn't necessary when you control academics, entertainment and news.

That's why they promote the virtues of democracy. Democracy is the best system of government to literally rule by consensus and undermine truth.

It could be just another fuckup in the workplace by niggers. Nigger probably got fired before he could fix it. Niggers or Deep State jews? Hard to tell the difference sometimes.


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Liberals confirmed for having never spoken to real soldiers.

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Probably need to wait for spring to see riots, nigs don't nog well in the cold. ISIS folded too fast for us to even go after their families, I doubt that will ever happen now. There was some talk about trade wars next year, but that could just be fear mongering from the usual merchants.


Jeb! can still win this.

Fucking Geneva convention allows nukes to destroy everything, but have death camps set up for the Pashtus faggots who have no reason to not support the Taliban openly until we leave, no that's immoral, might as well fight a twenty year war against the grain of demographics and a neighbor who serves as not only a refuge for the enemy, but literally the primary country for Pashtus.

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Agreed. Full blown chauvinistic imperialism is the only end to those wars other than a complete withdrawl

Hate to be that guy, but you are drawing unjustified conclusions. Look you are offering a plausible account, but in order to consider the conclusion justified we need to establish it being probable.

If we have another plausible account for the data, then that cannot be used as evidence for any particular account as being probable.

It could very well be that some staffer or intern, sperged out and did this. It frankly has fewer assumptions tied to it and the assumptions it does entail in turn themselves rely on fewer assumptions.

Not unlike twitter deleting Trump's account, when it turned out not to be a major deepstate tell, just a pissed off kid acting out.

There's no proof it was a kid acting out, we didn't see any logs or forensic computer data of any kind.

You're a perfect example of a shallow person, you just simply choke down whatever shit the news media serves and calls news.

Learn to look at things with a critical eye and you'll be fine, kid.

How to find out if someone is from reddit. Note, the spacing,

lol, they're so FUBAR that they don't even have the manpower to spare to look at their own stale plans and stop missions that don't make sense anymore, because revealing their past plans to each other would expose them to leaks and blackmails from their own disgruntled drones who will never have the power and money they were promised, and who would make a merry-go-round of stabbing each other in the back just to be able to get off the ride
they're orbiting the event horizon of a black hole of clusterfucks of catch-22s

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