Forced leftist meme just recently stated getting pushed on reddit and the like...

Forced leftist meme just recently stated getting pushed on reddit and the like. Some anons have already provided some originals, pic related.
I'll be honest, I'm no use in the OC department but I'm sure there are anons that could exploit earthchan in much the same way Sarah Anderson comics were by showing how whites actually work to preserve nature while shitskins worldwide fuck up the environment wordwide.

Leftists can't meme anyway so we'd be doing them a favor tbh.

Other urls found in this thread:

Apologies for the redundancy.

soros quit paying them for the 56% meme finally?

I never understood the 56% meme and I still don't, I assume it's how much of Soros' funds he's pissed away on hiring goons to meme for him


Mind posting the originals?
These edits can't be any better. Spend more than two seconds, avoid the buzz words.

You can google earthchan to find some of the OC that's already been created. It's mostly weak to begin with tho.
I'll upload what I see potential in I guess.

post the originals, you goddamn nigger, it's the OP's job to put everything together to prepare something for the more intelligent anons to work with

She's not even flat. Absolutely disgusting.



Earthchan is quite new tbh and while there isn't quite a bit of OC, a lot of it is very selective to this purpose. Hence why I made the thread. You could help since youre so damn smart, ya know.

there is quite a bit*

I'm not my best today.

Should be

kek nevermind, I see what you did there.

The funny thing about that fucking comic you posted, is the hypocrisy of that faggot. Implying the two coyld be equated while also similtaneously ignoring the true menace at those times were communists, and that the KKK was a leftist social justice style movement that happened to coopt spanish catholic imagery. Yes they were racist, and more right leaning than the current faggotry we have but first and foremost they were left of center.

What is the faggy one that the ledditors posted?


Well, I tried.


Historical preservation is always important.
Marxists were allowed to gain power and now parade shit like that and the OP around in an attempt to divide. To the NSDAP and KKK the threat was apparent and urgent. Many people don't even comment on that graphic - it's lost on them. both were left groups that took a hard right once they got a wiff of what was cooking
When shit changes, history will not be overwritten. It is a lesson. Just look at Italy/Spain's rise to fascism after fighting off hordes of marxists muslims and domestic for generations

It could be any of these, honestly. It's so weak, I don't know why we're supposed to waste our time on this

Cuckchan is co-opting too. This is going to be great.


So where the fuck is it? Does it exist or are we meant to create it so that rebbit can post about it? Sage goes in all fields.

Not OC

I like it, user.

These ones aren't mine.

I've had normalfags send me Earthchan memes.
She needs to fulfill her destiny, sooner the better.

Checked. This one is the best so far.

2nd picture

Fucking leftists, this is why I drink.

Experimenting with fonts is a necessity. Some will look good, others will look bad, but plaintext doesn't sell as well.

These could be chopped with earthchan reactions from 3rd pic especially.
Also second pic but replace pollution with some shitskin country that fits the pic.

From god damn what is wrong with me? I've been on vacation too long. Getting sloppy.

So where are they?


I feel ill looking at those pictures.


The meme is utter garbage. OP is a retard for giving it attention.

Isn't she also called "Mother Earth'? Even if you're going to make her a teenager, give her some prime female traits at least.

the joke is that the earth is flat, user

So you go on reddit.

Already posted. It was meant to signify that she's gaining traction even though she's really young.

Fuck off, then. I happen to really like the idea, even though the image you quoted was kind of garbage. We should be memeing something like these >>11101015 (checked) with her.

She is a cute tbh. Worth defending from niggers, poos and chinks.



too abstract?

- Yeah, you are fucking stupid. Let me spell it out for you:
- She has blue and green hair!
- She has down syndrome
- She's an environmentlist
- She wears a zogbot alphabetsoup t-shirt

In order to rescue this shit-tier meme you have to abandon everything if you don't want the meme-magic to backfire. You'd be better off starting a new meme, because this is nothing but trash.

Need ahegao for the BAGGER 288

You noticed the wrong user senpai.

Blue and green are the colors of the Earth
I don't know where you get the idea that she has downs
Hitler was an environmentalist
NASA put white men on the moon and has been devoid of funding throughout the King Nigger years. It's in dire need of being taken back as well.
I'm convinced of your Semitic blood now.

Yea. Do this >>11101003

delet this

You watched too many Disney cartoons. Untwist your mind before it is too late.

Blue is the color of the sky. Brown is the color of the earth.
Blue and green hair is the hair color of the mentally ill leftists who drew this cartoon

Goon spotted

heart-stoppingly moe

They really make it too easy nowadays.
I wonder where all the creative shills went. Did they all get promoted and is the the second generation or what?

This man understands.

I don't see any argument, only down syndrome characters.


You should have just said you wanted more.
Don't be so tsun, Goon-kun

Needs a cool armband.

Precisely. Earth = Brown & Earth-Chan = brunette.
It's very simple once you take off your SJW-colored glasses.

Very potato

The only real stumbling block is that fucking NASA logo, getting rid of that shit and replacing it with something better should be priority #1.

i really really dislike seeing all those black guys knowing whats fucking next. She deserves the oven for even thinking about this

Don't get derailed frens.

It's just boring at this point. Only so long I can put up with low-effort one liner posts equaling to "le drumpf is a kike XDDD" or "just like bomb a federal building kid, it's uh, for the cause". This last 18 billion was it, batch is honestly worse than Bethesda's shills before they shit out a new game. Oh well, spending less time on Holla Forums gives me more time to go through the vidya backlog and do shit for work. Anyways, one good chimpout or fun happening will set us right as rain, and the amount of funposting will drown out the shills for a decent chunk of time.

Did you just draw that? Well done user.

Ship her with Moon Man.


Fucking hivemind. Only you have drawing talent. The names rhyme, it was destined to be.

We're gonna have to gas the chinese to protect her smile.


it writes itself

Get these sand niggers out of my gook toons


Yet more proof he was a bit of a weeb


Can some leftynigger please explain what the hell the intent of this meme is? I mean I get it's a shitty earth-tan but what the fuck does NASA have to do with environmentalism? Is it just meant to make her nerdy?

I feel like a goon looking a gondola.

I thought you shills liked subverting existing memes?

This. Actually now is the perfect time to explain to everyone that the NSDAP was highly environmentalist and believed very strongly in not doing chink-tier pollution bullshit.

user, please.

I was under the impression it was /monster/ shitposting again.

And while you are all at it, keep Nasa-kun as Aryan as possible.

I found this subreddit dedicated to this meme

Pics related are from leddit. These memes aren't funny and most don't even make any sense. This should be really easy to co-opt.

That first pic could have been an easy to distribute meme for normalfags if it didn't have that kike on it. It's such an easy message to swallow. The Anne Frank / Stephen Spielberg programming is too strong.

NASA is already blacked, tho


See pic 3 in , I assume it's mostly about pushing back against muh evil drumpf who they're assuming is trying to destroy the environment and cause climate change. Our correct approach to subverting this one is . Climate change is bullshit, but it's not like we don't agree with the core principle of looking after the environment.

I have no problem with promoters of "climate change". We've always had climate fluctuations, like the medieval warm period.

Not with the constant pushing of (((climate change))) that goes with it. /monster/'s just shilled heavily these days; the kikes can't allow the idea of proper romance to exist anywhere if their demoralization program is going to work, after all. Hence the loli threads, harem threads, and that spic Aux banning anyone who complains about them.

I don't know. I feel like there's some room to bring up Von Braun's team. It'd be hilarious if the left were to find out the one time NASA actually did something cool it was actually just the nazis.

Problem is you, user. And I don't see any place where kikes have gotten to /monster/ like they have at /a/.

My man, they're unironically shilling /r9k/ at this point, they're beyond desperate.




I'm over loli tbh, it's really testing my patience.

How's this then?

Something like this?

Kikes are driven out of /a/ pretty quick, user. I don't know where people get the idea that /a/ has been compromised. The radio threads have NatSoc blocks and /a/nons are always comparing things to kikes in animu.

That style works better with the merchant. She should be wincing for the first 5 frames saying "I-I still love you." and "Thank you for loving me" on the last frame with her smiling.
Something to that effect.

nice job user, this one's nice
really makes you want to protect earth-chan and slay the subhumes

Getting posts deleted when complaining about niggers in a 'niggers in anime' thread would colour my judgements a bit.


Oh fuck off, that was already debunked as a bad translation, Galko has nothing to do with niggers and you deserved your ban.

You are pointing fingers at the wrong guy for that one.

Newfags just don't understand the culture.
Don't blogpost about your personal experiences with niggers. That's not what the board is for. Nigger threads are for posting about niggers in animu, not about you. /a/nons try and stay as far away from the 3D world as possible. At least have the courtesy to spoiler and sage when blogposting and sometimes you can get away with it.
also, understand the automaid's ban words such as kek. You're expected to write proper English there.


The commentary I had made is that anime was an oasis which lacks the kind of forced pozz you get from watching a US show that has to have the census represented and you just can't have an all white show like you could 40 years ago. Then we got Netflix looking to fuck all that up. Not to mention big players like Warner and Amazon looking to dump money into anime, because unlike other media it is currently growing and will hence give returns on investment. Where that money goes, the kikes and their golems will want to follow and foul things up. Got pruned and I suspected some nigger sympathizer janitor was fucking around.


The idea is that you want to help and protect her. Nothing gets those instincts going as good as a sickly little girl. Honestly never thought of this as a leftist meme since kikes and niggers hate nature and thus have no reason to make memes to make you want to protect it. But seeing some of these is an eye opener.

Found a good one too.

Are you feeling alright there buddy?
sage for off topic

That is garbage and goes directly against everything this thread is about. Reported.

/a/ doesn't want to talk about (((Netflix))) and other Jewish poz. Why is this so hard to understand? You'll also be banned for admitting to using it or streaming in general.

I don't know what you're implying, but is you think funposting is not allowed, you are wrong. See Sakurafish.
You're simply a newfag who doesn't understand the culture, user. Lurk for two years.

I've seen posts like that all around /a/, so it couldn't be the subject matter. I assume you slipped some word in there that the automaid bans without context. For example, these words are automatic bans outside of any mod's control: tbh, smh, kek, lel, boipussi, fuccboi, thicc, ofc, tho, famalam, fampai, tbqh.
If that's not the case, you brought it up out of nowhere, and it might have been seen as a subversion of subject matter so kikes or Holla Forums could stir shit in our hobby board, which they often try to do. Though, I doubt this because you seem to be an okay user.

>/a/ doesn't want to talk about (((Netflix))) and other Jewish poz.
Not true. There have been talks about Netflix, but only when there's an anime that is relevant. The Death Note movie thread had a bunch about it. So did LWA threads. And now there's talk about Crunchyroll having an effect on our animu such as in the Net-juu threads.
You don't just make a thread about Netflix, though.
Mods have been lax on this as of late. Lots of newfags admitting to streaming until they are shamed into torrenting by us. It's nice.

You're a real idiot.

user, are you fucking retarded or just illiterate?

Are you just a (2) or did you come here to talk about Earth-chan?


Why not stream? Are the streaming sites such garbage that they need to be deprived of every shekel or is it video quality snobbery?


New edit in this spirit.

Dang didn't take sage off, apparently its real . And its low energy, incoherent memes as always.

Now you're memeing user.

This is the average Holla Forums user in 2017.

Both. They also usually use shit subs, add watermarks, and decrease quality to save their servers. Downloading is always the better option.
Let's stop talking about this now, okay, user?

much better!

See these points:

This is the essence of moe. You want to protect her smile. You want to lift her spirits and make her healthy and happy. It fires up our instincts.
By making Earth-chan moe, we are instilling a sense of wanting to protect the environment like we would our own daughter. This is important in taking environmentalism back from the leftists and tying it to Hitler, as should be natural.


Trying my best


I'd stick my phallus into earth-user tbh


Good ones.

Why the fuck does she have a NASA shirt?

Hot damn I love this show!

Because she's "flat" and the NASA "covers it up".


Where's a list that includes shit that matters?

Already done.

That's retarded.

Can someone explain to me how 3rd world countries aren't producing the most trash?

It's a lefty/normalfag meme, what did you expect.

CO2 isn't pollution, let's just get that out of the way. Dumping toxic waste or plastics into the water counts though. So would clear cutting forests and killing off plankton which would otherwise be natural carbon sinks. Guess who is fucking up those two?

One, niggers in industrialized country.
Two, chinks are not all in cities, they still have pre-industrial countryside. Map is per capita

Leftists only understand per capita rates when it suits them, not when it's actually relevant. In terms of actual waste output, second and third world countries produce far more, it's just that fewer of the literal billions of their populations are sufficiently industrialised, so you can imagine the per capita waste output of these people if the whole country had the same consumerist opportunities… They can't manage their populations, nor their waste, and if we keep supporting them they'll keep polluting and the jews will keep blaming it on whites

yeah fucking right. Shitskin countries produce 100x more trash than white countries. They are factoring in shitskins have 200x more people or something or only trash that is RESPONSIBLY disposed of/officially declared?
There is no way that graph is an accurate portrayal of reality.

No way in hell I'm gonna be able to persuade liberals otherwise. I'll have to stick with pointing out to the undecided that niggers cutting forests and dumping shit in the ocean makes them worse than white countries with 'muh C02'.
fyi I'm asking because I'm trying to refine my arguments.

I grabbed it from:
I knew it was bullshit and just had to ask.

It's pretty much reliant on its target audience being slacktivists and boomers who've never left their country nor gone off the beaten path in anyone else's, as simple first hand experience could easily prove the falsehood

It's not that hard, user:
Then work back up the list. It's a very lazy meme by association and absolute bottom-tier OS-tan design.

Needs more cannon to be honest.

send them here

Moon Man saved her from being raped by a horde of niggers. That's all the cannon right there.

It is supposed to be a reference to how America's population is 56% white, but it also says that American whites aren't even white. It really makes no sense and it doesn't have to because its only purpose is to demoralize. Filter and ignore whoever posts it.

Moon Man saved her from Sun Man's harmful nigger rays

What's all this about Sun Man being a harmful nigger? *squints*

>source: (((world bank)))

He's a nigger, what else do you need.

it's a popular meme because americans get triggered so easily, stop being a fragile woman and we'll stop making fun of you

Sun Man is not a goddamned nigger, boy!

Immediately after I posted a shill rushes out to defend his d&c meme. You're fooling no one schlomo.

I wonder where you learned this style of logic?

literally can not handle the bants

There needs to be OC of this.



Reminder the moon is full of craters because it kept taking the hits for the Earth. He regrets nothing.

Those absolute fools; what a stunning development they've accidentally made. This might just mark the revival of one of the core aspects of the ancient religions, Earth goddess cults.

He gets his hands dirty and does what needs to be done to protect her smile.

Why aren't you watching the stream?

really slides my glaciers

Jews do seem to hate anthropomorphism. Probably because Jews see others (humans) as ugly.

Needs an earth-chan edit and watermark removal.


disregard that

Calm down nerd.

Maybe I should learn how to use something other than MS Paint.

This is the future






It took them that many years to come up with an American version of "Swedecuck" or "Germancuck". Except it's being rejected even faster because everyone's seen this game before.

This needed to be done.

Please stop turning the frogs gay.


Lewd Gaia.
Gaia loves Aryans.
Aryans tend to her with love.
Hitler was the first political environmentalist.

Gaia is actually an Ara Ara MILF.



This is fucking retarded


About on par with Winter-chan and Ebola-chan.
If it helps take environmentalism from the leftists than I’m all for it. I hate being compared to hippies and commies just because I dislike (((corporations))) raping nature for a profit.

One more with the classic red hat.

Hippies are a German creation too. Wandervoegel.

He was always there for her.

hippies were created by your people kike, nice try though. i bet next youll say the holocaust was created by the germans too right?

That you again, /zundel/? Why don't you go finish dying?

>>>Holla Forums


Thanks doc

Also here's this as an exploitable.


Pretty sure the faggots in charge of /a/ would ban this on sight.

oy vey!

Ebin thread, saved all OCs.

Made one for the Soros goons who parade as pro-environment (the likes of Al Gore).

The idea of Earth-Chan was created by a shitskin weeaboo that was shitposting about flat-Earthers in one of his breaks from shitposting about Leage of Legends.

These posts deserved trips.

Does it matter if we can use it?
Don't you want to protect that smile? Protect it from niggers?

Thanks doc.

You have to be 18 and speak English to post here.

The weeb shitskin might be retarded and faggy in a million different ways nevertheless he got off a lucky shot and tapped into something greater.

Her origins might be questionable but the Idea behind Earth-chan is simple and pure.
It makes total sense for us to co-opt her as much as possible and its not even hard.
All Earth-chan needs is a strong, competent and white protector and I think Holla Forums knows just the guy.

user, I'm pretty sure Ebola-chan is above Winter-chan's level.

She deserves worse than the oven user. Look up what happened to the french women that dated nazis after WW2 ended. That's how race traitors should be treated.

Start saving screencaps for a thread, imo.

Their reliance on co-opting counterculture sees them getting into bed with anyone not accepting the narrative (to corral free thinkers from stray redpills). There is already much hilarity to be had by discussing native species with oneworld permaculture 'activists'.

Delete this.

Here's some Vore.

Spoilered for lewd content.

need help finding q and others #infowars(You have to go back)


You'll find them all here:

Step up senpai.

The right can't meme and this is beyond pathetic i feel pity on you all jej.

How do you manage to not spontaneously sublimate into a cloud of zyklon b?

Nice touch.


Fucking spread it, good reference.

Classic leftycuck projection.

And we don't feel pity for you, kike.

Top Kek, you glorious bastards never fail to amuse.


This is the state of shilling going on at the moment. These are the people behind the astroturfing.

You should hurry back before your board owner runs out of dick.

Stop replying to bait you brainlets. This isn't cuckchan here if you noticed.

What are you trying to save exactly? This is a animu/LOL thread at this point with a few good ideas about how to co-opting it .

Only good one in the thread, the rest are forced, cheap garbage memes.

Originally it was a flat-earth joke, how if the earth was an anime girl she would have the typical flat chest complex, before econuts perverted it into environmentalism.


Let's get back on topic then.

Wew Lad

best in thread

This is the best one. The art is good and the message is redpilled yet subtle enough to get past most people's defenses.

When trash lies around in the street or in the river indefinitely, it doesn't get accounted for.
We only know how much garbage we're creating because we move it to the landfill!

I'm all about fun, my half friend. But the fun stops when the subject gets to giving attentionwhores/shills/baiters/sliders any attention at all. This is the reason I left cuck/pol/ a few years ago and permanently moved here.

Polluting the street, etc. isn't a white thing to do. If you do it, stop. See those images of china one user posted, do you want your homeland to turn into that? Of course, our race comes first, but it's just something to keep in mind. Earth chan as an idea isn't bad and I don't get why caring for the enviroment is called leftist.

Chamberpots you mong

Then you are fucking stupid, mate.

Everything about this is hilarious


I like where this is going.

I-I m-made a OC

Brevity is the soul of wit. Don’t fall into the trap the shills made for leftybots.

Remember, their memes are chock full of words because they have to reprogram you to deny reality and therefore don’t work. The fewer words you use, the better.

Stop posting (((interracial porn))) you sick fucking kike

how is that relevant to anything I wrote?

Can we get the climate kikes fighting to end games of niggerball?

No. CO2 is fucking plant food. The more plant food there is, the more plants there will be, the more oxygen they will produce, the healthier we will breathe more or less. This "CO2 IS BAD!!!" myth is just a boogeyman to rake in shekels for kikes, hippies, and their buttbuddies. Just like the KKK was a boogeyman to scare niggers into the arms of the democucks.

Look it's captain obvious!

Kikes only do kike things. They play dumb when challenged.
Save your energy for redpilling whites about the damage done by overpopulation of niggers, chinks, poos, mudshits and the rest.

Run with it.

okay but
like…. y-you ever brought an EA game? wh-why would you buy from them if they're so bad? huh?


to trigger leftists more, you should replace the swedish flag by something less kiked and more representing of white people

Obligatory "Humanity, Fuck Yeah!" copy pasta portraying Terra as pleased when we rape her.

I'm surprised that people fall for recycling meme.
Half of the shit meant to go into recycling facilities end up in landfills. Because that shit is too expensive to some states.

Something's wrong with the face, namely the mouth.


Earth-chan wants us strong to conquer the stars

Get this hothead out of here.



Caring for the environment is okay as long as it doesn't harm us in the long run like: having less children, decreasing manufacturing, living in mud huts, etc.

You fucking retard. Its kikes playing both sides. Don't give these baitposts any more (you)'s.

Recycling increases pollution at every level. Instead of one Diesel garbage truck rumbling down the alley, there is now a Diesel garbage truck and a Diesel recycling truck. The air pollution associated with picking up garbage has just been doubled.

You can't "clean up" the environment, you can only feel good about yourself while generating even more pollution to move the shit to another location.

I know people who drive electric cars "for the environment" without thinking about where the electricity comes from.

First Law of Thermodynamics (simplified): you can't get ahead.

Second Law of Thermodynamics (simplified): you can't even break even.

Charlie Manson was right. We need to return to the horse. We need to reject the manmade machines. We're going to turn into Mad Magazine's "The Blobs"

Everything is designed to break or be replaced. The best thing we can do for the environment (and our wallets) is make shit that lasts and for disposable stuff like packaging, use materials that decompose easily.

Horses don't have sealed HVAC systems, and you can't repair them with a wrench most of the time.

Forced meme by leftykikes and funded by some force considering how many shit is produced from it. Forced memes are easy to spot, the 56% is a good study case.

Enforce recycling of all waste both private and corporate, problem solved. And I mean real waste not bullshit like CO2 gas.
Other countries still polluting? Be nice and give them an ultimatum demanding recycling of waste or just save time and wipe them off the map preferably with minimal damage to nature.

You do realize waste collection happens regardless? Recycling that waste instead of dumping it all into a massive landfill reduces the depletion rate of Earths natural resources.
As always it's a matter of managing a population so it behaves in a manner that's in harmony with nature. National Socialism can do that, everything that can't deserves to be gassed and reduced to fertilizer.

Holla Forums is a master deflector, congrats
now eveybody wants to fuck Earth

Should be zyklon b. Also there should be one of Africa being nuked called radiation therapy

Kind feel bad for the remaining wildlife in Africa, rather prefer virotherapy, a lethal virus that kills niggers.


Get rid of the black cube in his grasp and chagne his color to #148800 for green skin and #881400 for lips and you're all set.

this is just you projecting your fetish

This smells like tentacle rape, good one.

I would assume the majority of them don't report it and china fudges their numbers to make themselves look better like usual.

I hope this happens. Imagine it, fucking imagine it, you would have the media saying its a hate symbol.
It would literally be forcing (((them))) to admit the right wing has more going for it than they let on. The left loves Religion of Cuck™ and Judaism, meaning they defend the kosher/halal methods of killing animals. Then they act as if the left cares about animal welfare. All the left does is steal the things the right supported, run smear campaigns and act as if they were the original vanguard of environmentalism, and other such things.
If played right, this could be very good PR. Not that it matters, but it challenges the idea by showing there is more to the right wing than the media let's on. Granted this is awkward when working with "climate change" which is seen as gospel even though CO2 is literally used to help grow plants, and wouldn't be an issue if we weren't cutting more forests down for apartments, malls and other trash our society spews forth.
The chemicals are a different story. But hey let's not mention that shit because its profitable for the farming industry and its not just "co2 bad, co2 melt ice". It would cover ruining the land, fucking up hormones, killing off bees and other important factors in the ecosystem, antibiotics, and it wouldn't be something you can tax the average joe for.

earth-chan is a whore tbh, they say she doesn't want it but she squirts when we drill her

Postan some actually good OC from cuckchan




Exploitable. Shills are going overdrive on cuckchan so it must be effective.

These three are from here, user.

I would have thought you'd realize they steal everything from us by now.
Oh wait,
You are from cuckchan. Well, now that you see the error of your ways, you have two choices: Never go back and lurk two years before posting, or leave this place forever.
Your choice, newfag.



That was sophomoric. I take it that you're on school holidays now?

Since that poster hasn't returned, I went ahead and did this.

Fucking ebin :–DDDdd


You do know that multiple states are too poorfag to recycle shit and dump it all in the nearest landfill anyway, right?


The Earth-chan is yours, anons.

That brought a tear to my eye.



Subtle nigger meme. I like it.

I can't into drawing because suck at art.
Lots of talented artists here, I wish I were up to the task!

maybe like this with frogtopus above the umbrella and a pepe and smug anime down in the corners?

Maybe some idealized city streets where everything is clean and beautiful and Red user and Pepe and Frogtopus and Earthchan & Moonman are all happy in a kind of Norman Rockwell setting?

We can win with the content being pure and innocent and cute and
We have all the positive emotions and let them own the (((filthy rape gangs))) and (((starvation))) that comes from their ruinous lefty policies





Nice get.

Fair warning that picture of the village is probably after a hurricane not just from them being black and polluting

Africa should be smoking too

Y-you too…

This is leftist 101 tactics. Not that I'm OK with the environment being polluted of course and I know feelies > Realies when it comes to protecting it but I still hate this meme.

One of the biggest lies is the one pushed by corporations ready to rape the world by pitting nation against nation, that you need to consume.
I ain't a commie, but I'm not a dumb consumerist that wants economic efficiency over say; a clean country, clean people, clean air.

If we're going all AI dictatorship and sending off seed pods to colonise (rightly rape and produce) other planets then fine, rape the world of everything, but till that singularity please no.

2nd pic isn't mine. It showed up in another thread so I'm reposting it here. The camo hat really works here, I think, because it's plant themed right?



How do white gays impact the environment?

not relevant. the environmental angle is secondary to the memetic potential of the anime qt showing disdain. this shitty leftist forced meme should be co-opted across the entire ideological spectrum

also an irrelevant distinction. they get the >>>/bog/ as well.

It's not natural

This. She represents the eternal Laws of Nature that National Socialism is about.

Laws of nature
NASA shirt shows she dreams of travelling to the stars
Big ambitions
Technology and progress
Earthchan is a very optimistic QT and we're thrilled she's joined us Holla Forumsacks to fight for a better world!

Supposedly right-wing people are in general much better looking than left-wingers
Maybe we can even develop her backstory about how she always loved nature but went to some Campus Meet Up and found out it was filled with


Nicely done



Remember, remember every single day you live that there's nothing the jew hates more than a white man with a white family. White children, a pregnant white female with her mate, a smiling white family, a depressed one. The jew is furious with this, they HATE with a burning passion. Kill the jews.

I'm glad the mind virus is slowing down because domestic terrorist color revolution clowns were ripped of their funding because it didn't accomplish anything fundamental for the regime like podesta getting security clearance.


We really dodged a bullet.


We give of our memes freely, user. If they're getting spread then that's good.

Contributing. Fun for my first exploitable.

This is going to backfire on them epically.

A personified Earth is the ultimate yandere fascist.

I don't get out much

this is a leftist meme?
ive only ever seen it posted on Holla Forums

Making earth into moe is such a Holla Forums thing to do. You guys are obsessed with flat anime girls.


Fucking leave, you nigger loving cuckold

It started as a joke about flat earth theory, and if the Earth were an insecure girl reacting to it. Shortly after leftycucks tried forcing in the meme that she is a sickly girl, hence the surgical mask. Don't let them get away with it.

Our meme now. The left got cucked again.

Oh, I thought she was made as a flat-earther joke. Id est, "I'm not flat!", because she has budding breasts.

It's Genral World Concern Loli Girl, who pushes naive simplistic leftist solutions while you look at cartoonz. Manbearpig and Super Earth Dorkman weren't enough. We'll save the world by not nuking it over someone's sloppy unsecured private email server. Women. Saged


Hale Hortler.

Divide and conquer shill posts. It's meant to be a huge insult to white Americans, saying they are all inbred mongrels and not white, pretty much an attempt at thread derailment, like Flat Earth.

I'm pretty sure the moon would rather be visited by Africa.

My method of using CO2 pollution as an indicator is to find out how much GDP is generated per ton of pollution. For a country like the United States, they produce 19 trillion dollars of stuff every year. The Chinese only produce 12 trillion dollars and they have more than twice the pollution. Just divide GDP by pollution and you get how clean a country is.

that graph is bullshit. "0" should really read "no data" because I know thats the case for why most of africa is white. Any of these kinds of graphs, they never show data for Africa because no one surveys savage niggers for information. That graph is deceptive and alot more of it is probably falsified to make it look like Western nations are the problem, not shitskins

someone help me out, here… so, the first one is real Holla Forums "oc"? i don't get it. what are they trying to accomplish?

Your not a hippy or a commie if you care about your homeland. Isn't one of the core principles of National Socialism love for ones homeland and race? Love for one's homeland includes caring about it's environment.

Take extreme care with those decomposing packages. They have to decompose into stuff the environment can actually deal with. Lots of those "environmentally friendly" plastic bags decompose into toxic oils.

If the trash actually gets recycled, it's still a net benefit. Let's say we recycle 3 plastic bottles. These can be turned into 2 plastic containers. If we didn't recycle the plastic bottles, somebody somewhere would have to make 2 plastic containers. The resources would have to be extracted, transported, turned into plastics, then turned into containers. This is more harmful to the Earth then just releasing pollution to recycle. On top of this, landfills release harmful chemicals as they decay.

Bioweapons. We could sneak a special immunisation into the normal immunisation schedule (actual immunisations not kike mercury shit) then release a plague only we would be immune to.

Pic related. Africans live in fucking Eden. I honestly think DR Congo, Republic of Congo and the Central Republic of Africa should be culled and the resulting states ruled as white apartheid colonies. For no other reason than to protect one of the most biodiverse locations on Earth.

The original photo had Earth-chan saying "I am doing my part"' implying she sent the cyclone and destroyed the village. Some user was too stupid to get the joke.

True that.

why did you use an 8-bit thumbnail of a british chap, m8?


Keep this thread going.

Toppest of the keks

Well for one thing, third worlders have more people and less urban development, so that lowers their waste/person ratio. And for another, it's what counts as waste. You throw away a paper plate? How about a milk carton? Or maybe the packaging from your new earbuds? Congratulations, you just contributed to your countries waste per person. That's all it is. It doesn't matter what you threw away or took to the dump, it could be a bottle of chemicals or an old teddy bear for all we know. It just gets registered as 'waste'.

I see leftards way more salty than anyone here about the 56%

Why? because the whole meme says the US is shit because its no longer white, the meme itself is a mongrel with BO and shit in his pants who says dumb shit to the superior white europeans, its basically saying "the US is shit now because whites aren't the majority"

The meme itself has all the bad traits of minorities including total lack of introspection

What I'm trying to say is that no shareblue shill would even dare posting this shit

I only seen the cringest weebs out there falling for this meme

Well he's hardly going to get more than a few posts before the easily triggered mods delete them.

wow amazing bants my fellow pede.

They influence the collective consciousness in a negative way. The collective consciousness and the health of the planet are directly related.

The meme doesn't focus on the percentage of non-whites in America. Every American I have ever met on this board agrees that America is steadily becoming shit because of non-whites. The meme attacks white Americans themselves by saying that they are inferior to whites from Europe because they are mongrels. The lefties don't get triggered because they only use it as a tool to pit Americans and Europeans against each other by false flagging as Europeans. They just know they can get a rise out of stupid Americans. A classic lefty tactic to attack white nationalists is to call them mongrels, the very thing they are attacking (see "Der Untermensch" meme), where the 56% face comes in handy once again. The meme is basically a huge insult to white Americans by claiming that they are not really white and are no better than shit skins.

Can't you just educate them about what Der Untermensch is actually about? It makes them look stupid that they use things they do not understand.

Do krautcucks on the left really think this? that what little remains of their youth which has been cucked to hell and back to the point a boy will watch his gf being raped in front of him and do nothing (no joke, shit actually happened) will somehow sprout a pair of black boot and a nazi uniform because of frog memes?

The biggest irony here is that the migrants they support are big fanboys of hitler and his plan to kill the jews and they often go out with signs that say "god bless hitler" and even read mein kampf translated to arabic

Its only a matter of time for arabs in europe to "rehabilitate" hitler and build statues of them, gonna be fun to see the left having a mental breakdown at seeing this

The lefties are so fucking triggered they will ban you ass for using this meme because again it says brown and mixed people are shit who shit countries up, if anything it might even turn a few people just like the time that guy called out a SJW saying that she didn't want to live in brown poor countries like turkey but countries that were even whiter than the US like norway.

You know why the left is losing the new culture was user? because they are too fucking afraid to draw outside the line by for example using memes that could be even remotely offensive.

Keep in mind that there is still a remote possibility that in fact the left did this since they have a number of closeted racists who virtue signal there for protection, but my point is that it backfired on them since what the meme actually does is mock the concept of multiculturalism which they support

good meme

Lefties don't care. All they care about is triggering stupid neo-nazis. They cherry picked a Nazi propaganda piece and an image of a random guy who looked like the propaganda piece, to essentially call neo-nazis subhuman. It's actually a pretty clever concept, akin to us calling them the bourgeois because of their privileged lifestyle. The lefties themselves don't get triggered because to them the meme is just an obvious tool to provoke those ebil natzis.

When then they are just stupid. A bunch of shills used the meme as a divide and conquer strategy to pit white Americans against white Europeans. The point of the 56% meme was to say white Americans are not genetically pure, thus apparently making them being pro-white an oxymoron as they themselves are not white. It is still offensive to non-whites, but the primary impact of the meme is to insult white Americans in a way that can actually offend them (being compared to shit skins).

Anybody using the 56% meme is a kike, a shitskin, or a shitskin kike. Pic related and end of story.

Totally agree, le 56% is a nigger kike D&C meme to shill division between europoors and I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss. A White man is a White man no matter where he goes in the world or what part of Europe his ancestors came from.

for once a word filter that works a me ri mutt

Actually, most of this OC came from cuckchan

the earth-chan awoo

I can prove it if you want me to.

ugh meant for

When the door hits your ass on the way out, please clean off the smudge that your filthy nigger ass leaves on the door.

I hop around a lot.


Were posted on mobile so the (you)s are there.
Don't be upset fren.


Fug. Wrong thread.

I saw a lot of it in the archived thread, yes. Cuckchan Holla Forums is shockingly productive for being overwhelmed by a neverending crapflood. I don't know how they do it.

A lot of OC creators stayed on 4chan due to the larger audience and not being dedicated to the ideals of boards like Holla Forums. One of the clearest examples is the OC output displayed by the /a/ boards on the two sites.

I got disqualified to try for BUD/S because I am colorblind and this picture just hits home the fact that I won’t get that life.

I should probably post my OC over there as well. But I figure if it's worthwhile, it'll find its way over by itself.

Trust me, it does. ;^)


Literally murder yourself.

it's not even that far removed from actual mickey mouse cartoons now
they had a christmas cartoon last year where donald wouldn't fly south for the winter and in mickey's flashback to his childhood there were plucked geese hanging in a shop, and it's not even the first account of such a thing, an older donald duck cartoon showed him and his nephews as cannibals

4/pol/ has probably 20 times the traffic of this board so even if it's filled with /r/thedonalders, shills and newfags they can make a big impact online. They are a very useful tool for reaching normalfags and everyone on this board likely posted on 4/pol/ pre GG

Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

To be fair.
Ducks ARE cannibals.

As opposed to shilling for Jim's honeypot? There is no moral high ground when it comes for Holla Forums vs 4chan. This place has been defiled.

This is perfect.

Would someone be able to do one with Earchchan wearing a mask and standing next to Ebolachan whith Earthchan saying

It'd be better if Earthchan was pointing to the Africa part of her hair and asking Ebolachan "Can you do something about this?" while pollution, blood, and trash radiate from the continent.


Cleaned this one up. Spent way too fucking long on it, but I think it's nearly free of stray pixels.

What's the significance of cannibalistic ducks for it to get jackpot trips?
(((God Emperor Donald))) consuming his own (((kind))) to replace them/steal their power?

Underrated drama shitpost.

Changed sky color to 001488 and cleaned up the few remaining stray pixels.

Also gave the same treatment to the original Nothing Beyond Reach, which suffered from a lot of artifacts.

Change it to Nothing is beyond our Reich

Trying it with the Earth-Chan hair colors on the globe.

Maybe later. Working with curved text is a serious headache and I'll have to do some planning.

Kek, see? I didn't even notice I was making those edits to the original version of the graphic. I'm in no state to do curved text properly. Here it is with the cleaned up version. Sage for autism.

Yandere Earth-chan

Bullshit: Recycling
Hooktube has fucked audio to avoid flagging

Final autism edit. Few artifacts on the edges still. Also changed the brown-gray strips between the tentacles to 888888. Think this is about as refined as it needs to be.

Final autism edit of the night, did the 888888 tentacle strip on the Earth-Chan version too. Sorry about shitting up the thread.

Thank you editanon. Love your cleaning up lazy shoops work, breddy sure run into you a few times doing keks' work.

They care the most.

You tell them that this is a cherry picked example, but none of them is allowed to improve themselves because the moment they do so, if they are actually white, then they will leave all the "we're all equal as misshapen blows" and their kike handlers behind.


Here's some more. Super KEKB is one I started on tonight.

And finished, in case anyone wants it. I remember there was another Super KEK logo, but I haven't found it yet because my pictures directory is a fucking wreck.

Universities for women is the irreparably damaging poison for their malleable minds.

the left couldn't have made earthchan because the left can't meme

This one is perfect in so many ways, better than the original

Here's another Kek project logo I found. Not Holla Forums related, but I made this larger version anyway.

It adds a third Holla Forums appropriated meme to the original patch with Pepe on it, too. Works a little too well, I think.


I fixed it for you op

Nope. It was a flat earther weeb, who I believe is sandnigger of some variety. Conspiracy theorists made some good memes. The left just steals them.



Because we consume more because we can. More buying power etc. Just rember that China only produces for us because kiked companies and govs will it so. I'd much rather each nation be held accountable for the polution it creates while producing for itself, and the trash they then output. It'd also make managing this easier as we could make really change to industry to alleviate the concerns, rather than just letting the chinks fuck up Earth-chan continuously.


Moonman's chest is covered in scars, Earth-chan's chest is flat.

A strange meme. It only looks good from a distance.

Second this.

What? /monster/ makes fun of those faggots