Animals Ruined by Inbreeding

There's been a recent trend of normies coming out against dog gifs or videos, claiming that some of the features breeders have bred to become competitve has created an inferior crossbreeded version of the breed. These breeds are fucked up after a century of competitive breeding. The bulldog, the pug, even the once majestic German Shepherd has rotted into an inbred mutt.

How can we co-opt this trend? I think it is in the early stage before getting more MSM momentum. The screeching liberals only have the blue pilled outlook on animal abuse. This is easy to latch on to.

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There's really nothing to co-opt. What breeders do to these animals is fucked. Buy wolfhounds if you are into dogs, not these genetic abominations that are in constant pain.

shit, this looks terrible. These pictures could do for a wake-up call in racial awareness

I am just pleased that normalfags are finally becoming aware that breeding specific aesthetic qualities (rather than practical) into dogs is wrong. The British Bulldog is officially a ruined breed, no British Bulldog bitch is able to naturally birth pups, and every puppy is delivered by cesarean. This is criminal and the breeders should be gassed.

You two retards need to take a closer look. The optics of this are that genetic fidelity is bad. Now obviously that's not true, the reality is that sustained cousin-fucking over a period of hundreds of generations is bad, but it's the only thing this could be used to argue.

Unless you're leftists trotting out the "racial purity = inbreeding" shibboleth, this is useless.

Pretty shure that's what they were going for… it's very low brow as any one with half a brain can see right through it

Cousin marriage is actively promoted as a valid choice of “lifestyle” by the likes of the BBC (in response to the inbred Pakistanis living in Britain who marry their relatives generation on generation and produce mutant offspring). I suppose comparisons could be made.

Co-opt it from all angles. Make this a definitive tagline: Inferior Crossbreeding is inhumane. Maybe something else might wok but basically have liberals agree on that.

Then from another angle point out the doublethink aka cognitive dissonance of accepting what inferior crossbreeding does to animals but not accepting what it does to humans. Point out the existence of mixed race people and only those who have a higher majority percentage of white genes are barely functional. Whip out medical journals about how mixed race people are nearly unsupportable by medical technology because of the high prevalence of dysgenic diseases. Probably the most famous example is how mixed race people are unable to find organ and marrow transplant donors.

Finally, destroy the meaning of the word, "race," by explaining how only in the animal kingdom do we use species but in humans we (((arbitrarily))) use race. Pseudo-intellectual liberals insist that that is somehow accurate and proper and that interspecies breeding cannot occur. Show them how it does all of the time in nature and always to a detriment.

Yeah, stay away from this entirely. There's already a jewish-cultivated idea that whites are inbred, and that racial purity means inbreeding. Don't give them any room.

The "racial purity means inbreeding" line is doublethink that you can exploit to attack liberals with. The reason why is that liberals will believe two clashing beliefs that they think they know how inbreeding occurs where inbreeding is obviously dangerous but then can't explain why whites are the most excelled species.

This right here.

when did idiots like you infested 8/pol/?

Different species CANNOT breed (produce fertile offspring). There are some "exceptions" (though none I know of), but the literature on this is on newer species.

If you get rid of the concept of race, we have NOTHING.

We can use this. Most Muslim countries are horribly inbred. One poignant example is Pakistan, where over 70% of marriages are consanguineous. In the UK, where Pakistanis make up 3% of the population, they make up 33% of Brittle Bone Disease cases.

The polar bear and brown bear are able to produce fertile offspring.

And would you look at this wonderful, fertile offspring! He has both the intelligence of the polar bear and the constitution of the brown bear

Religion of Cuck™ Thread?

If these two things are humans, then I'm something else.

Use it how though? Memes need to be quick and snappy, and unfortunately this requires some delving to reach the facts.

The obvious answer to inbreeding is to breed with someone as far from your family as possible. The first thought to most people will be race-mixing. Now that's idiotic for a host of reasons, but that is what people will think. Bring up pakis in the UK and you're basically telling pakis to start having sex with Brits and vice-versa. It's a terrible idea.

Now if someone wants to do one of those 'factual falcon' type things and completely rip apart that argument with facts and sources, I'm for it 100%. Spam it on twatter, jewtube and kikebook so as to dispell the popular pro-race-mixing angle; preferably with a host of facts about the negatives of race-mixing too.

It's not good for memes though. It needs real explanation.

i think it's a workable conversation when the terms are inbreeding, outbreeding and genetic modification.
physiological differences are not without behavioral differences, see russian fox experiment


That isn't inbreeding, it's just an artificial selection. We do the same with plants. What is fucked is some of those traits, not the process itself. I don't know of dogs, but white tigers for instance are really fucked, they look different and all but along with the colorless fur they have all genetic defects you can think of.
It'd be inbreeding if they made a dog breed with its "sister", then repeat that shit for generations. I doubt dog breeders are that stupid, they simply reproduce with other dogs of the same breed. You don't need to look for a dog from the other side of the world for that, otherwise all species would be completely inbred, the amount of genetic variety necessary is much lower than most people think.

This has to be OP's angle.

We don't care kikes and other arabs are inbred. Not our problem.

this (proof) is much more convincing than this circlejerk faggotry (you have to prove the last part)


Cousin fucking is not a problem for white people. Thus it is not a problem to Holla Forums. It's sad that it happens to dogs but its far better to do an actual explanation as I said in my last post, than saying that - which people will take to mean that race-mixing is good too.

>everyone is latino
guess you learn something new everyday

I want to eat that wholphin


I can't tell if wholphin is being smug or wants you to kill it.

perhaps a goldilocks meme?
"this is too inbred"
"this is too outbred"
"this is just right"

The taxaomical definitions have not been updated. Technically yes, different species should not be able to produce fertile offspring. Aryans are a subspecies of humanity along with niggers, despite being amazingly divergence in phenotype and genotype… But RH- humans are even more distant from niggers and it could be said that those with RH- blood form a new species under the Homo genus.

Still, just because one CAN breed with niggers doesn't mean one should. Especially if white, because white genes are submissive/feminine/recessive and are dominated by the dirty nigger genes.


If you could breed with gorillas would you?
I hope the answer is no.

Don't think this is gonna work, in fact, this is a terrible idea for propaganda, jews have already pushed the "whites are all inbred", pushing this inbred dog analogy most likely come of a pro interracial than anything else, it would be better to take examples from abominations created by different species breeding.

Why would you even ask me that?

Rhetorical question user.

You're talking shit and makes your post fucking annoying. Post proof that the polar-brown bear cross breed presents any problems. I bet there are some but fucking post them instead of talking out of your ass.

I mean, yeah they are definitely human. It would be more just to argue that they are inferior human, subhuman.

Aryans, having recessive genes, necessitates a certain amount of familial preference and xenophobia to a greater extent than other human subspecies… in order to continue existing as a definable grouping.

I prefer the separatist argument to the supremacist one. But both are better than being cucked by niggers and asians.

It's nice that you're trying, but this doesn't help our people in any way. So why waste time doing it? Find something useful and push that.

Saging because thread is a bad idea.

The argument regarding Haldane’s rule is also meaningless because different species in the animal kingdom can breed and still produce fertile offspring. The wolf (Canis lupus) and the dog (Canis lupus familiaris), the coyote (Canis latrans), and the common jackal (Canis aureus) are separate species yet can all interbreed and produce fertile offspring.
www jstor org/discover/10.2307/3671304?uid=3739600&uid=2&uid=4&uid=3739256&sid=47699085472247

Two species of orangutan (Pongo abellii from Sumatra and Pongo pygmaeus from Borneo) can interbreed despite having different chromosomal numbers.
www nytimes com/1995/02/28/science/orangutan-hybrid-bred-to-save-species-now-seen-as-pollutant.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm

The common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus) and many species of birds, such as the pintail (Anas acuta) and the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), can interbreed as well.
http:// www sciencedaily com/releases/2007/04/070420104723.htm
http:// birdaz com/blog/2011/02/24/mallards-the-weird-and-the-wonderful/

The gibbon and the siamang can also interbreed to produce a hybrid
www ncbi.nlm.nih gov/pubmed/451603
www ncbi.nlm.nih gov/pubmed/1060807

Some species that aren’t even in the same genus can interbreed.
aob oxfordjournals org/content/74/2/111.full.pdf

Joe Rogan would

This post on ruined dog breeds has before and after images for about the 10 worst modern dog breeds. Interesting, and rather sad. Useful for memes though.

I'll answer it, anyway. To be honest, while I'd never breed with a gorilla, I'd rather have one as a buddy than the alternative. Koko has more empathy than your average hood-rat.

Her genes must be passed on to a newer generation, if anything i will try to mate her with a negroid in order to improve the hopeless future of the black.

They are when we let them into our countries and give them gibs. Use this as an anti-immigration argument.

Irish Wolfhounds have health issues too, mostly from the sheer size of the breed.

third cousins actually have the healthiest children

Mixed breeds are the superior breeds at this rate tbh.
Pics related. The catahoula hog dog and the blue lacy.



Shut the fuck up, I am so tired of hearing this. It doesn't even work in the context of your sentence, stop parroting the mainstream media buzz words.

Most(all?) so called "pure breed" dogs are loveable unnatural monstrosities created through eugenics and dangerous degrees of inbreeding. Their genetic fidelity is fucked, not pure. That's why mutts tend to be healthier by comparison not because mixing is inherently good. They're nothing like whites. If you want to draw a comparison between canines and Aryans, wolves are the way to go.

The problem isn't only about much inbreeding over generations, but the quality and control over breeders having gone drastically downhill.

Add to it bullshit stuff like making the german shephards hips further down, the pugs nose, etc. Then there are several genetical defects that are passing down to a point the breeders can't even get rid of it anymore. For example I think it was about every 3rd Labrador has no sense of being stuffed anymore.

Also it is a mainstream problem. The mainstream breeds are worse off. If you want to get a dog nowadays, you have to watch for a breed that is still being taken care of. Some russian breeds are, some pure-huntung dogs (the ones who STILL go on the hunt with you and rip a rabbit apart if you command them to), a few police dogs such as Giant Schnauzers are still doing well. Stay away from the rest though.

This would be advantageous for us to latch onto or at minimum to keep an eye on. We've had threads on this topic before where several anons turned up evidence that jews were yet behind this as well. Unfortunately at the time I was pressed for hard drive space and was unable to archive anything.

I always love wolfy looking dogs like huskies and shibad. But when I see pugs and other weird looking breeds, I only feel bad for them and realize how cruel people are for breeding their deformities for their own amusement.


Dog breeding was taken over by women in the 70s who didn’t want to be housewives, but wanted to find a nice job in a changing world. The results have been catastrophic, with some breeds losing their character (dobermans are much tamer "family dogs"), others developing serious health problems (German shepherds), and other breeds are bred for novelty (the cruelest consequence, where dogs are born to suffer their entire lives, such as teacup chihuahuas, or pic related). This sort of abuse is iced with "cuteness". You can tell a woman all day long how breeding teacup chihuahuas is cruel, but she won't hear it, because it appears "cute". This sort of shallow thinking has led to widespread abuse and a general change of culture.

We have celebrities like paris hilton toting around a small dog like it's fashion. Then a year later, small dog sales soared and never ceased. They are a fashion accessory to complete a woman's "look". Cruelty be damned.

Women are increasingly living lonely lives and moving into small city apartments. Then they buy dogs to help with the pain of loneliness, while leaving the dog alone for 10+ hours a day, while the woman is at work surrounded by people.

Dogs are meant to be like wolves. Mankind has taken them into our hands, to cherish and love them, for our mutual benefit. We've been given the grace and incredible privilege to breed them and control their genetic line. While we've accomplished some amazing things (greyhound=speed, German Shepard=intellect, etc), we have fumbled our power by letting it fall into the incapable hands of women. Not to our suffering, but to the Dog's. Dogkind is paying the price for mankind's failure.

The underlying reason behind this all is women's fashion. It was fashionable and lazy to breed dogs in the 70's (cushy income for egoist ladies), dogs became a literal fashion accessory in the last decade, and it's fashionable to neglect a dog to bring comfort to a pathetic woman's life. I assert that we made a huge mistake by allowing women into this market; and that we should reconsider what women are allowed to do with dogs.

The argument for miscegenation, by contrasting health problems among dog breeds, against human breeds was used against me yesterday. What a coincidence.

You should fight this by laying out the facts. The assertion is invalid because it doesn't stand on truth.

Some terms to use:
"faithful to our race"
"marriage" instead of "breeding" and vice-versa
"European" instead of "white"

inbreeding mongrels and selecting for useless traits in purebreds is how you get dysgenics.

funny, i don't see purebred horses with this issue

Source on the women becoming breeders?

ancient dogo thread?

I'm ok with this

There is a lot of cousin fucking in dog breeding but it doesn't even stop there. A lot of purebred dog breeders will straight up let the brothers fuck the sisters, the dads fuck the daughters, etc. A lot of them are idiots who don't know what they're doing, and also are cheap fucks who don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to get a purebred mate. If you're a dog owner who fell for the purebred meme you likely paid an extra few hundred dollars for a dog whose family tree more closely resembles a web.

t. guy whose mom watched animal planet and thought she was qualified enough to larp as a dog breeder for a few years.

That sounds fucking fun. Now I want to go hunting with a doggo.

Good grief, I often rag on them for it but if it's come to this then just get a damn cat. I guarantee the cat won't care.

you mean apart from the destruction of both polar and browbear sub species if it isnt stopped?
You mean worse than that?
And the creation of a mongrel with little relation to its parent species due to the unique pattern of recessive and dominant traits from both parents not properly being transmitted because the parents are distinct subspecies that evolved to live differently, with different adaptions that require in group mating to transmit properly?

I don't know what breed that dog is in your pic, but it's crossed the cutegasm threshold. I wish to hug it. You will make this happen for me, or I will destroy you with my mind.

user you're being gross, this isn't reddit stop talking like that.

Go here >>10763635 for solid information on race and breeding.


no direct links to archived posts?


How about you explain why it won't work instead of saying it wouldn't? I thought after just the last meme campaign (IOTBW) succeeded in spite of "people" saying it wouldn't we wouldn't have this. And before you say, this isn't IOTBW, the point is that peoplr were still randomly saging and saying, "It wouldn't work & wouldn't help us without saying why.

If you truly want to helpful, say why something won't work but then also say how you can make it work. If you don't know, then you won't know for sure if it truly won't have an impact. Finally, and I say this in almost every meme campaign, never underestimate the intelligence of a normalfag. Normalfags want to be treated like they're smart and the ones that are will respond intelligently. Don't base your entire expectations off of the people featured in cringe threads. You want your meme to be poignant and simple but not stupid and vapid.

If you meme stupid and vapid, you get stupid and vapid people. If you meme intelligently, you get intelligent people. In fact, don't limit meme campaigns to just memes. Infographics are universally accepted by people from average to high intelligence. If they weren't, why would we encapsulate redpills for ourselves on here. Normalfags would eat infographics up, and again, because they want to feel smart.

The Caucasian shepard is a beast. Really stout creature.


Underrated post -

Some mixes are superior at first, but lack the ability to produce successfully later in their gene pool however depending on how great the genetic mixture was.

I second that. Sounds like bro-science.

The domesticated cat, along with not being native to European nature, is one of the most inbred and dysgenic creatures to ever live on White lands. In addition to that, it also kills hundreds of fauna actually native to their environments. The only people that I'd tolerate having cats is people who live in rural areas so they can hunt mice and rats to keep pipes and cables safe, but then again they should be limited to 2-3, not 12-13 like many folks do. Otherwise you get whole generations of very sick/inbred monkey-rat looking little faggots that don't know not to shit where they eat, in a short period of time. Or get a dog to keep them in check.

t. many years of personal experience with cats


These degenerates ought to be put in jail, holy fuck. Are there any dog breeds that haven't been tainted by these WASP/suburban housewives?

Sure thing, Ben.

If it's bad enough, why not put them all down and domesticate wolves again?

because unlike some on this board, the majority of people have a sense of morality. Did Hitler gas six gazillion kikes for the good of the world? No.

Do we want a bunch of mutts?
Are purebreds a thing of the past?
I can't help but hear echos

Morality is fine until it becomes dysgenic.




Not really what I said.

I'll back down and respect those digits just this once.

On an anecdotal level, I can attest that every dog breeder I've ever interacted with was roughly as user describes. The kikewood film Best In Show seems fairly accurate in regards to the transition breeders took from work animals to toys and substitute-children.

No one should ever use the term 'cutegasm'

You just did, you psychopath.

American whites are already race-mixed. It's very rare to find a pure german, anglo, irish, or italian man in I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white assia nowadays. I see more health problems amongst inbred fucktards in appalachia than I do mullatos. But this generation is too negrified so they still act like full blown niggers with only 30% black blood because niggers are cooler than whites to them.




OP here, who by the way sucks too many cocks, seems to believe pic related is an example of great genetic health.
Qualzucht is a crime against nature, and all who support it should be sent to a concentration camp.

This is your friendly reminder that Bordie Collies are the White Man's dog.
How can other dogs even compete?

Fun fact: cats are very social animals, too. They don't need that much less attention than a dog, and they can bond just as strongly if you raise them from kittens and treat them with love.

Mine go for walks with me.

Another good doge is the Corgi
Despite its appearance it's a highly intelligent working dog bred for herding sheep and cattle.
Extremely friendly and great with people.
Easy as fuck to train and eager to please.
Also look at how fucking adorable it is.

Genetic degeneration of canine breeds is pretty fucking low on the to-do list of fixing this shitfest of a planet

They look like background characters the more I look at them.

Are you white? Because you seem to lack basic logic.

The main purpose of a Holla Forums meme is to bolster the position of whites. This can be done through a variety of methods, but it largely centres around exposing the degeneracy inherent in other cultures (sheeeit) or else glorifying our own (I love being white / comparison of Persian, British, Roman and African architecture).. Memes are simple, and they have to be simple. If the image requires text it has failed. Any text given is just to further emphasise the point - it should not be required.

Regarding inbreeding in dogs, the closest human example is inbreeding in 'race'. To create a 'better dog' most people think you should breed two different species - rather than a labradour and a labradour, you breed one with a wolf. So when you extrapolate this to humans - the first thing you think of is - "whites/browns/blacks are too inbred, so we must breed them with the others" - it encourages race mixing. Pointing out that Pakistanis have lots of problems due to their level of inbreeding whilst showing an inbred dog, pretty much tells your normalfag that the solution is for the Pakistani to fuck a white person. The simple answer here, which is wrong, is against Holla Forums's desires.

I am okay with you doing a somewhat long or detailed explanation in the form of a factual falcon or infograph, where you tell people that inbreeding is not an issue of 'whites getting with whites' in the vein of 's post. But doing little memes like will do more harm than good.

If your meme clearly puts whites in a good light, encourages whites to breed or prosper - then its good. If it does none of these things - then do something else. Allocate your time wisely.

Don't buy from a breeder at all and especially avoid pet stores. Get a dog from your local shelter or rescue. If you are so attached to a specific breed that you think you need to go to a breeder then you should really rethink your reasons/motivations for getting dog in a first place.

Unlike humans, mixed breed dogs are healthier, fitter, happier and generally saner. They have better temperaments. They live longer. This is because dog breeds were created artificially by humans for dumb ass reasons not related to suitability. While human breeds came about naturally for real evolutionary reasons.

Depends entirely on the breed.

I couldn't help but wonder why you're criticizing my logic when you sidestepped the issue I raised with my post about "people" saying something won't work without saying why. Even the examples you used contradict your claim that any Holla Forums meme that has text has failed. Logic shouldn't contradict itself, which yours did. It sounded like you badly wanted to say something but ultimately said nothing.

There's always room for brainstorming and trying out new memes. But the last thing Holla Forums needs is a committee/PR basis that became a chokehold for GG. You don't have to get it right the first time, and furthermore ideafags should know their place as lurkers if they can't offer any OC to show their ideas in practice.

Brainstorm all you like. The obvious implication of memes that revolve around 'inbreeding is bad' is that the solution is to 'outbreed'. There is no epidemic of inbreeding in whites or most of humanity, but most will think that you can extrapolate the data that says 'labradours mating with labradours is bad' to mean that 'whites mating with whites' is bad or 'blacks mating with blacks' is bad. No one wants to encourage race-mixing (except the jews, but they already had Hollywood churning out movies pushing it) so why would you want to do that?

If you want to do some infographs exposing why the obvious 'first thought' is wrong, then great. I've said this. A simple meme showing inbreeding in dogs to be bad WILL lead to normalfags thinking that whites need to stop having sex with whites, and just in general encourage race-mixing. And we are against race-mixing. That's why it's bad.

I bring your 'basic logic' into question because you apparently cannot see this. Several other Anons have made this point throughout the thread. There is no obvious gain for 'whites' here like there was with other campaigns. What exactly are you hoping to achieve here?

This is the kind of reasoning why meme campaigns die in their infancy because you're afraid to give people the wrong idea when people who get the wrong idea when the presentation is apt will never get the right idea in the first place because they live in their own world - OR they're there to intentionally get the wrong idea because they're shills and jewish. As long as the message is cut and clear then people who don't have impaired reasoning will get the right idea. Never base the reaction off of vocal commenters that are there to get likes, they're a mix of shills and cucks. Also, you are jumping ahead and assuming you know what the meme is before someone makes the OC. This is a lack of vision.

Again, case in point. You think you know what normalfags will think before you create a meme and then no one does anything because you're afraid to do anything - fear of failure. This all goes back to defeatism. You're so consumed by the remote chance of error that you can't just brainstorm a bit more, find a better vector of attack for the core issue to reach a solution. If the current vector of attack is poor and requires too much hoops, find a new one.

Actually I'm pretty surprised that there's less falling for this poor line of reasoning. The ones that did are your typical defeatists that assume they know the eventual OC before anyone made it and then jump to assuming that it will give the wrong message when anyone with proper logic would know that the message still has to be crafted in the presentation.
I should be asking you that. What do you mean, "with other campaigns?" Holla Forums has done especially well when someone takes the initiative and delivers, making the rest of Holla Forums joiners. Obviously this is yet another sign that design by committee fails when you don't have control of who's in the committee. People with initiative are the ones who are winning for us.
At this point I'm going to convince everyone to stop falling for this defeatist mentality that is stifling and limiting what we do around here. I will outline it again so that it's cut and clear and we put a stop to this.
Defeatist Mentality When Memeing
Ex: You don't have to focus on the disinfo about inbreeding when you can focus on the issue of racemixing. The tangential relation is perfectly applicable and becomes a vector of attack. This is out of the box thinking 101.
If you exhibit that last behavior you might as well be a shill because that is prime defeatism.

You're either a shill or you're way over thinking things. I summed it up at the end of my last post.

Protip: It needs to help whites in some way.


Pomeranian/Husky mixes. The wolfy aesthetics always look best on dogs.

And I already deconstructed that, making your response a moot point because you didn't address anything.

I put a lot of thought into these things because I've seen this pattern too much and why it needs to end. Ask yourself this, what would a shill benefit more from? OC being spread whether it be bad or good, or instilling a pattern of self-defeating behavior in Holla Forums so that nothing comes from out of here. If the OC is bad, Holla Forums can and will learn from its mistakes and try again. If Holla Forums is stuck in a cycle of self-defeatism it will remain a neutralized threat.

Therefore, how in any such way would I be a shill if I'm advocating for people to take the initiative, stop falling for defeatism, and recommending the technique of finding other attack vectors. You should feel ashamed for not recognizing that. This is really basic.

How exactly doesn't a meme campaign that ultimately redpills people on the dangers of interspecies breeding (racemixing) not help whites, "in some way?" I know you're getting desperate to have some kind of point remain valid but you should have more self respect so you can offer something more substantial. Your next response might be, "But it's not about racemixing it's about inbreeding, etc." And as I already said, okay then use a different attack vector. The core issue is breeding and by default that includes tangential topics. If breeding as a concept is already circulating online then people are primed for related topics and that absolutely includes memes that redpill people so they're against interspecies breeding aka racemixing. If this is too compicated for you then you need to start thinking of every meme campaign as a psyop so the mechanisms of action are clearer and more evident because in essence that's what all meme campaigns are. Do yourself a favor and read up on that.

A lot of FUD in this thread.

Inbreeding depression and outbreeding depression are both bad. The benefit of inbreeding is it allows you to retain beneficial traits, however you can also end up with double copies of any bad traits, which can be crippling (see fumerase deficiency in some fundamentalist Mormons…it's worth noting however that this is a relatively small risk and your average fundamentalist Mormon has more European genetic integrity than your modern American mongrel)

As far as outbreeding depression, the problem with outbreeding (ie. miscegenation) is that you're creating a kind of chaotic genetic stew - you might possibly get something good out of it (as Whites apparently did when we mixed with neanderthals), but you'll also likely lose any special traits of the purebred strain. There's also the chance you'll get some really wonky combination, as often happens with mixed-race kids who get really weird genetic disorders. It's more common than you might think.

HBD chick has said marrying 4th cousins is the ideal distance for maximum preservation of good traits (assuming you have them). She's probably right.

To correct an user above, I don't think ashkenazi jews are more prone to genetic disorders because they are mongrels, from what I've heard it's due to passing through a genetic bottleneck where they were only about 500 in number. This led to extreme inbreeding (a population of around 5000 unique individuals is necessary to avoid deleterious inbreeding). But mongrelization may also play a role, and of course they'd be the last to admit it. Keep in mind though that the benefit of this inbreeding was higher-than-average-intelligence….inbreeding concentrates both best and worst traits. Inbreeding should be managed to avoid the pitfalls and retain the best aspects. Keep in mind also that most island nations started with some degree of inbreeding. Icelanders are also a bit inbred, they even have a dating app now that allows you to check the genetic proximity of someone you meet in a bar, just to make sure you're not about to fuck your cousin (though as I said above, this might actually be a good thing as long as she's not your first cousin).

Several people itt need to get their story straight. The way to explain the pol perspective is: 1) Whites are the best genetic strain of human available, so any mixing only downgrades us, and 2) (((modern society))) deliberately downplays actual beneficial traits (ingroup altruism, ingroup empathy, intelligence) and plays up inconsequential traits (butt size, breast size, dick size) which is how you get the Kardashians. This is obviously deliberate, by you-know-who. In other words, they are prioritizing a warped sexual selection over natural selection. It is unquestionably natural selection which made Whites what we are today - harsh conditions meant only the tough, smart, and ingenious people survived. When we defeated nature and civilization emerged, our emphasis on tradition (manners, courtesy, discipline, not-fucking-niggers) allowed our gene-pool to remain intact even though we were no longer directly threatened by bears and the bitter cold. But the jews have destroyed these protective measures.

The usual suspects use dog breeding as propaganda for race mixing. They claim that inbreeding caused by an extremely small population size, such as mere hundreds of one type of dog means that 800 MILLION whites are inbred if they don't race mix.

When in reality a population size of 10,000 has enough genetic variation to not have any risk of inbreeding.

And what happens next time somebody says "that is a bad idea" and niggers like you drop into the thread yelling "defeatist shill!" at everyone with criticisms?

The reason it's a bad idea are the reasons already stated. The obvious conclusion (breeding within similar populations is bad) has to be debunked or it's off message, which means your meme is either explaining itself (weak) or runs directly counter to our objectives.

To connect it to interspecies breeding you'd have to note the dysgenics of modern dogs, explain the mechanisms of their dysgenics, connect that to interspecies outbreeding depression by noting that it's the same mechanism in reverse and then connect THAT to race. At that point you've written an essay and the only connection to dog breeds is that they are the exact opposite of what you wanted to talk about, and you're trying to tell people in the thread not to call you a retard.

Nobody else needed three paragraphs of explanation for this, not because they didn't understand it but because it's such fucking basic memesmithing it's below the point of being explained, which means that for all your WORDSWORDSWORDS shit, you're the dumbest fucker ITT.

This is shill bullshit and you should be ashamed if you're not one.

Then show us what you've got my friend. I made it fairly clear I'm not against good pieces of information, and I even referenced factual falcons and infrographics as examples of what would be well suited for this more 'meaty' material. If you've got some good shit to show I'm 100% for it. My issue is that on the surface, the fact that 'hybrid vigour' exists in animals seems to indicate that mongrels are superior, which indicates that race-mixing is beneficial, which ultimately is saying that immigration is good because there are more non-whites for whites to mix with - and thus more 'hybrid vigour' super babies can be created.

Now I know the science doesn't actually say this. However, this is what is the 'obvious' conclusion a normalfag would probably come to. I know this because if I am to write a meme I feel like I have to write several paragraphs as a pre-face, lest our audience get the wrong impression.

… You want to do something explicitly pro-white or anti-jew? Go with shilling that the opium wars were 100% jewish under Sassoon. Go with how Egypt/China forbid research of certain areas because they fear that it will be proven that their historic heroes were 'white'.

I love dogs, have the cutest one sleeping on my sofa behind me. I do want to stop inbreeding so as to better them as a whole. I just do not see it is a priority for Holla Forums, and I do not see your method being at all effective for any Holla Forums-esque purpose. Animals are important and all, but we have bigger fish to fry right now. And how else do this help whites? As I've said several times, the initial thought is going to be that this is pro-race-mixing.

If you're already anticipating failure that readily, you must fail a lot at life. I'm sorry the defeatism has consumed you that you have to drag everyone else down.

I already explained that you can bypass the dog breeding part and skip straight to the core issue.

There's no excuse. I type a lot of words because I want to get a lot of words back as a response so everyone is forced to do a lot of thinking. Read a book, nigger.

Then I'm shilling to help Holla Forums out. There's nothing in my posts that is damning.

That in itself is troublesome because the genetic lottery is used as proof that mongrelization somehow helps when it's better suited as a real life example of, "exceptions that prove the rule." The rule being that whites are superior and the less african genes expressed, the more likely the mongrel will be an expression of white genetics but still have obvious mixture. Ergo, the mongrel being an exception as a nigger (as in not chimping and a valuable jew puppet) proves the rule that white genes are superior.

That's the reason why jews keep shoving mongrels in people's faces because those mongrels are used as representatives of the mud race. A liberal can't see that the height and muscle strength of a mongrel is derived from white mixture. Jews conditioned bluepilled people to see mongrels as blacks and fool them into thinking all blacks are like that.

A simple meme that would easily trigger liberals and give normalfags primed for the race redpill would help. Just make an image of three people. A white person standing in plain view on one side, a 100% nigger with the most pronounced african features on the opposite side, and an "american black" in the middle but with an (estimated) percentage indicating his white mixture. Light-brown, tall, and "fairer" featured faces are somewhere in the ballpark of 80% or more white hybrids. To properly meme this someone has to select a mongrel that doesn't look like a hollywood nigger. Almost any mongrel from the recurring by White Victims of Black Crime threads would do just fine because of the odds in play due to the genetic lottery, i.e. no matter how white-mixed a nigger is they can and probably will still chimp. The goal is to not find a face that a liberal would have an easy time defending.

Start a thread about them sometime. Good thread topics draw in good posters.

That's why I'm advocating for using the momentum for animal inbreeding topics and co-opting it for race realism discussion. You can bypass all hoops of information related to the animal inbreeding issue and how that actually works and make it focus on the core issue about "race," entirely. The animal topic should be seen as a jumping off point that forces people to solely focus on the problems with race-mixing. The point is to insert that topic when the term "breeding" pops up and craft an association of those topics in their heads of, "race-mixing is bad."


It is time for humanity to begin thinking in terms of a world without slaves. This means NO DOMESTICATED ANIMALS EVER. There is no reason other than to keep a slave that human beings need to 'keep an animal' and it sets a bad president that it is ok to keep humans as slaves. There should be no more slavery in the next age of any kind. Anyone found keeping slaves should be put to death as a parasite. If you want to be around animals go improve their habitat in the wild. You have nothing to give an animal that would compare to their unfettered and wildlife. You are not a justified compensation for taking their freedom and you cannot fill the role of a wild and free family to provide them compensation for what you have stolen.

Got 2 myself best dog without a doubt.

Inbreeding only causes fucked up offspring if there are defective, recessive genes. By the same token it manifests good recessive genes.
I believe proper animal breeders used it on purpose, to weed out bad genes and preserve good ones.

You think a working dog is a slave you dumb fuck?

What this means in terms of breeding is if a dog has a negative dominant trait it will show and you simply don’t breed that dog to eliminate that trait, this is why most of the negative traits left in dogs are recessive. Negative recessive traits are more complicated because if a dog has a negative recessive gene and the normal dominant version of that gene then they will be normal but will carry the negative trait which may manifest itself in future generations. *Negative recessive traits can stay hidden for dozens of generations. The fastest way for negative recessive traits to manifest themselves is to inbreed.*

Negative recessive traits can stay hidden for dozens of generations. The fastest way for negative recessive traits to manifest themselves is to inbreed.

Forgot about the special snowflake markup.

yes…just the way I think a 'working human' is a slave in this system…the cattle or sheep are slaves…you have gotten so used to slavery that you can't tell the difference between something that is free and something that is a slave…but you are {growling} at me because I threaten your right to own slaves, even though YOU are a slave and to take a stance opposing slavery in all its forms would mean your freedom too.

Well fuck off…it is hardly my problem that you can't tell the difference between an animal that is free or one that is a slave because you, yourself, are nothing more than a trash slave within this system. You can't fulfill a dogs needs, none of them, and you are piss poor at justifying your need for a slave at this point.

What will you say? That you need a working dog (slave) to keep your other slaves in line…well that is what the parasites say about you too. They need wars and death and mayhem and torture to keep 'their farm' in working order too.

Why do mods edit my post.



Yes goy we must continue to push inter racial breeding.

come home white doggo

Goddamn, Oblivion faces are bad.

My cousin has a border collie lab mix and I'll tell you what, not only is that dog smart but it's the goodest boy I've ever seen.

I see you've watched the latest adam ruins everything

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This is the absolute worst narrative I have ever seen.

It will only fuel 'lol inbred wypipo need to get mixin'!"