Macron Sets Up Tax Department to Investigate Jews

what the hell?
"Globes" can reveal for the first time the details of the secret department that is targeting Jews in France and new immigrants from France in Israel.

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Whose Jews are jewing whose Jews?

As far as I can figure out Macron works for the (((globalists))) but he's also a hotheaded loose cannon so he ends up doing things like this.

inb4 Trump pardons them.

"Hebrew-speaking" doesn't necessarily mean Jews, though extremely likely.

Could Macron be the actual non-Kosher person for France? Was Le Pen a red herring?

Yeah, that will definitely work. Next he'll be hiring mudslimes to investigate mudslime terrorism and pajeets to investigate food safety violations by pajeet takeaways.

‎ ?

is arabic script banned? That fucked up my format
I wanted to writte that word in arabic: "‎ "

This kid is too stupid to understand the consequences of his actions so they can't fully control him

Oh fuck no. But he's crazy so he doesn't always do what the kikes want.

God damn pol, I love you autists

I don't know if this is intentional dogwhistling or a slip of the pen.

Fuck you mods, how am I suposed to write "Vive la révolution" without the arabic script?

Thank Christ for the young and gullible.


Did the Jews accidentally install Caligula to stop Le Pen?


I just remembered that yeah it was by hotwheels a year or two ago. People were abusing it so that it did some zalgo shit to the threads.

Naturally one has to be skeptical because of his background and the fact he was obviously planted into his current position by powerful interests. That said, I hope he has gone rogue. Le Pen certainly wouldn’t have done something like this.

Kek works in disorderly ways. I thought Macron winning was (((their))) triumph over us, but Le Pen would have never had the guts to do something like this.

True… and Rothschild puppets have turned on their masters in the past. Le Pen also has had sex with non-whites, just like Iron Anne, and the Aryan-looking Jewess bbc lover and defiler of Catherine cosplay, Laura Southern of the kosher rebel media. Kosher food and a day of rest are actually the best things about the Jews, if I can name any. But anything good about the Jews is lost due to their great evils, of usury, genital mutilation, and general attack on the Aryan subspecies.

Heil Kek
Heil Chaos

Think this one through. In the Holocaust there were by their own estimates 6 million Jews killed, out of 24 million total. It was called the "holocaust" because it translates to "burnt offering." E.g. sacrificing their own to cull the goys.
Skip forward to present day: 23andme, Ancestry, probably all the other DNA testing labs - are all adding Jewish ancestry to DNA profiles, while keeping the real results to themselves.
Meanwhile (((their))) biggest concern is the middle class businessmen with enough acumen and resources to come out of left field and compete for resources, because there's a shitload and they're much harder to track or predict, yet if you tell them they're part Jewish they will, as idiotic boomers, brag to all their friends, neighbors, employees, and everyone holding a grudge that they have more about their "ancestry." That means when DotR starts your local Joe retard working for minimum wage is going to have a list in their head of all the "corrupt Jews" which amounts to nothing more than local businessmen who are too busy working and growing in their industry to be bothered with politics or history or to even realize they're white people.
So the (((leaders))) rally against the Jews, make sure all (((their guys))) know when to get out, and let the plebs have their pound or two of flesh eating their own, and not just their own, but the more competent of their own (albeit not Holla Forums-tier competency.)
It's a purge of potential competitors, Hell, they might even retreat to (((the Holy land))) while it burns itself out. After centuries of being purged from every host nation do you really think they haven't coopted the purging process?

That’s a pretty Hot Take but possible.

Hearty keks

Wew. No wrong doing will be found while a few jews get to add government work to their resumes and thus hire more along the way.

Bosses don't like it when capos hold out on them.

Not unusual. Phrases like that turn up often in the heeb media, making explicitly clear that the jew is a separate entity from any foreign host. It would never do for them to be considered one of the goyim. In our media it's a different story, however; when writing for us, suddenly they're "fellow white people". Despicable.

he's a crazy bastard that fucks old ladies

The author and editors are just so used to talking like that within their cabal.

Great astroturf.

France is broke, jews have money, this cuck loves brown dick. Also, tune up for the natives. The same shit will happen elsewhere.

Here's how it works.
Goyim start noticing a problem.
Announce you have set up a department to investigate the problem.
Goyim think the problem is dealt with so stop noticing.
This allows the problem to continue with the added assurance that they are now even more invisible.
The goyim pay for it all.

This is exactly what they do, I have lost count of the number of (((ombudsmen))) making sure everything goes smoothly for jewish interests in my country whilst pretending they keep the capitalism playing field level.

This sounds like the most plausible explanation.

Never take things at face value, always try to think like a kike (I know it hurts) to work out what their angle could be. Playing both sides on lawbreaking and enforcement is just another variation of playing all sides in politics.

T Rothschild

Probably working with Muslims, but Jews wanted them to immigrate to Europe in the first place. They're going to miss white altruism as non-whites have a lower tolerance for that shit.

She probably would be a philosemite to repair her reputation.

I'd like to hear more about this. Does the US have similar agreements with other nations? Or is this strictly a ZOG-Zion one-off?
(((LA Times)))

Basically, France elected a National-liberal.

Acquitted :^)

Fucking reddit murdered this place

The absolute state of Holla Forums

what he said

Is that cuck secretly /ourguy?

if you're a jewish banker yeah hes your guy

Could this guy be the left's trump?
>says weird contradictory stuff antizionism is the new antisemitism, proceeds to criticise israel
Perhaps i'm just too focused on patterns though

They're doing this to provide a narrative later on. The investigation will turn up nothing, which Jews will point to as evidence that there is no wrong doing.

Makes me wonder if he's trying to encourage the Jews to use their "Right of Return" before the next world war begins in Europe.

Does Macron use twitter? I feel this is the perfect time for some Francophones to dump a whole load of facts about the Jews on him.

Worst case scenario: Media flips its shit, accuses him of being a neo-nazi sympathiser and we get to enjoy leftist salt for the new year.

Best case scenario: We create the next Hitler.

Dubs don't lie. Do it, faggots.

In kikeyism the number 13 is considered lucky. Not even joking. Surprise, surprise the (((Ministry of Finance))) is on that floor.

where did we exodus to without me knowing? im here everyday….

>This is exactly what they do, I have lost count of the number of (((ombudsmen))) making sure everything goes smoothly for jewish interests

See gamergate.

They were both kosher but judging from trump and his love of jews its a good thing he beat le pen. Le pen also has jewish descendants just like trump and there's a picture of her jewish child being willingly pawed by a nigger. The fact of the matter is that no vote is going to save you when the system itself is rigged.

wtf i love francos now?

wtf I love Macron now!

This so much. You can't be any more of a cucked jew-puppet than Macaroni guy.

He literally got married to his teacher/handler who is like twice his age and prolly jewish. He has no guts, backbone, courage nor masculinity (just like Trudeau). As if he would ever suddenly make a turn-around. That's as likely as snow in the desert.

What OP? I see no problem.


This was what I was thinking too. I suppose it's possible Macron went off the deep end but I find it more likely that he's still following orders from his masters.
I find it more likely that whatever comes out of this will be used to oppress small business owners.
As always I'll be more than happy to eat my words if it turns out this is wrong, but this just smells too fishy for me to accept it as a genuine.

Jews jewing jews or Macaroni is cucked by sand niggers

He's not based u faggot he's a fucking Rothschild lackey he's probably just exploiting that kikes are leaving France in mass to Israel so when a race war happens Jews won't be harmed by the frogs or the mudslimes. He just recently said he wanted a bridge from Africa to connect to fucking Europe what else do you think he wants? The fucking protocols of zion say its ok even if Jews are at risk as long as the master elite Jews win.

user, you misunderstand the depth of the problem.
Yes, if you take an "ancestry only" test, and in the comments tell them you are a nazi and that you better be 100% white aryan masterrace or else, they may manually give you some jew to fuck with you, or they may tell you what you want to hear to shut you up. For everyone else, the fucking with is completely automated and no one cares how much jew anyone has. This is because every single number given in an "Ancestry" report is made up. It's "global warming" applied to genes and fucked up definitions of "race". They are nothing but a shitty pile of correlations based on very tenuous relationships, and the numbers are CONSTANTLY being recalculated and will vary wildly across different sites. All of it is shit.

What has happened is that you likely were fooled into thinking that this sort of thing was valid to beginning with, because you saw some data or nice pictures from a study involving race and region, so you though "hey they got this figured out" and didn't question the incompetence of this whole affair. These reports are completely inaccurate for whites, jews, asians, niggers and everyone else. There is not a single person they are valid for. They are at best a rough suggestions.

The only real value a dna has is from the raw data, which is also based on shitty correlations that may be proven or disproven in the future, but overall provide more direct and testable knowledge such as if you are likely produce a variation of a specific protein. Note that even if you have a particular gene, it could be active or inactive, temporarily or permently due to a variety of reasons. This is called epigenetics.
Additionally, it should be noted that there is an error rate in the raw data itself. A guy here:
And he found an accuracy of 99.7% between two sites, which is fucking impressive all things considered, but that's still 1000 conflicting ID's out of a common 303,000, so nothing should be taken uncritically.