'Nigerian Prince' Finally Arrested!: 67 Year Old Shekel Shekelstein Detected!

>Michael (((Neu))), 67, was arrested this week following an 18-month investigation by Slidell Police Department's Financial Crimes Division. He has been charged with 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering and is believed to have set up hundreds of scam email accounts costing unassuming citizens thousands of dollars.

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He looks so fucking Jewish it should be illegal


There's something funny, yet extremely unsettling that we can truthfully sum everything bad in the world up with

Almost like we're in a very limited populated MMO and only the kikes and the few hundred of us gentiles are the actual players in this simulation, per the NPC Theory.

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If anyone says kikes have high IQ just point out this retard thought it was a wise idea to collaborate with nigerian niggers

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Jokes from my childhood are becoming real.

1 hour in Paint
Enjoy OPs OC

screencapped for posterity

I'm from Slidell. This kike looks familiar..

Oh Shit!
Don't Tease user

One day it will be.

dubs confirm it

He doesn't even look Jewish

Nice try there, Schlomo.

Could Holla Forums ever be wrong? What does "always right" mean to you?

I'm going to print your comment out and attach it to the end of my line when I next go fishing. (you) degenerate master baiter

I prefer to look at it the other way around. If there were a million different causes of all the bad in the world, we could probably never meaningfully improve things in the long term. But the fact that it all comes back down to kikes means there is a single root of evil which we can tear out and permanently destroy.

The world isn't entirely shades of grey. The image of a glorious struggle between good and evil isn't just fantasy, and we're all brothers and sisters on the side of good. It's really a rather comforting thought.

What part of his face looks Jewish?

He looks like a goblin from Harry Potter.

If he doesn't look like a kike to you, you need to discard your current mental image of kikes and replace it with him.

His name is ashkenazic too.

You can't even name specific features.

It's German

German and jewish. Their names are always "[something] and jewish", because literally everything kikes have is stolen from whites. ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=neu

Kike name attached to a kike face. Trying to insist that kike crimes were committed by a German outs you as a kike or a shill, and you should kill yourself without delay.

Nice autism. Plenty of non-Jew Neus.

He looks English


Actually, hold off on killing yourself. They might replace you with somebody slightly less incompetent.

He isn't the jewish archetype, though. This post is an exaggeration.

looks like a kike

Holla Forums never fails to amaze
This place might as well be dead



You are very bad at this and you should seriously consider suicide

Rofl, I was wondering how long it would take for a thread about this kike to pop up. Has anyone found a sideview?

Rofl, get ahold of this kike trying to deny.
It took the fucking comments on RT less than five fucking minutes to name this goblin as a kike. You've outted yourself schlomo by attempting to deny the fucking obvious.

The Nose alone is a dead on Jewish nose.
How is his kikeiness even up for debate?
Nose and a Fucking Money Scam!
If you can't get those the hello kike shill

Can I get sauce on this? I know the artist but ive never seen this animation

Hol' up, you sayin' we wuzn't even chop de mugu's dollar?

It's the one with the sheep.
I wonder how that gook has managed to avoid being thrown in jail, with worst Korea's laws being how they are.