New Academic Article about 8ch

Some academics have just published an article about Holla Forums and doxxing. The article is available here: >>>/pdfs/7750

Peter Snyder
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
[email protected]
732 West Bittersweet Place,
Chicago, IL, United States

Periwinkle Doerfler
New York University
Brooklyn, NY
[email protected]
1425 Brooklyn Ave
Apartment 2F
Brooklyn NY 11210-1906

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Chris Kanich
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
[email protected]
Phone ; 312-355-0950
2802 South Emerald Ave
Apartment 2
Chicago IL 60616-2681

Damon McCoy
New York University
Brooklyn, NY
[email protected]
238 Bond St
Brooklyn NY 11217-2940

Meh. It's a paper about doxing in general. It isn't specifically about Holla Forums.

This is true. They studied Holla Forums, /baph/ and cuckchan as well.

This is actually really interesting, albiet the graphs are kind of hard to follow. Especially the one with nodes.

This measures our effectiveness as a group too. Im honestly surprised they name dropped BAPH too. Is /baphomet/ even active? I stopped going once the original owner was shot and killed.


Are they blaming us for Kike Eunuch again?

Supposedly moved off site around the time of voat arising. Still active, somewhere, I've seen the occasional user claim to be cross posting.

Um sweetie.. it’s called cripplechan.

They're around. Isn't hard to find benny if you know where to look.

Here is edgy Periwinkle impersonating a grownup.

I can verify those locations if necessary.

Takeaway #1: It's effective or the research is low hanging fruit
Takeaway #2: Future information dispersal needs to make use of techniques that counter machine processing.
#2 is incredibly important because faggot companies would need to spend more money to shut it down.

Wow. She actually turned her failing love-life into a three part essay. Maybe we should tip off /cow/

now that you mention it that's a brilliant idea. Here is more:

WTF. I can smell the cum and stool slurry through the photo of these two faggots.

Fucking gross.

She's a first year grad student. Its a given she's fucking at least one of the co-authors. The question is which one.

so out of 1.8 million files they only found 1255 social media accounts?

You can find more dox on social media. That's a ratio of 1 dox per 1434 files.

That's one of the ugliest infographics I've ever seen.

Any background about the owner’s death? I’d always wondered why it never had much activity sonce I had heard of it.

Guy tried selling, openly, a stolen social security number. Cops got called on him. Last I heard.

Wow, well that’ll do it, thanks user. Negating my earlier sage, left it on from a previous thread.

Haven't spent much time in academica, huh?
For the information it conveys and does not constantly say (see fig 2 on page 19 index iv) and other variations for each item represented i'd say it's a decent academic infographic
but for their purposes, it's a shitty infographic that doesn't tell the whole picture - for example, they have a perfect 100% dox declassifier to osn extractor ratio which in theory, should be statistically irreverent and not included because nothing, not even super internet Nazis are going to give their program a 100% 5330/5330 match.
What does this even mean? There's not enough info to extrapolate meaning from that infographic so therefore should not have been included. It's like they're selectively publishing stuff. Reminds me of when some asshole presented an academic paper how to identify jihadis on twitter by sorting by geolocation and some IS hashtag, using some spook tools to verify they were in geolocation, and going full shut it down mode when asked "what if they spoof metadata?" back in 2014. If someone can't look at your graphics and instantly understand what it demonstrates, it's shit and shouldn't be published - much like presenting yourself as a jihad identifying expert when all you've done is say there might be terrorists communicating with this vector.
that said, little peer review never hurt anyone

I hate to break it to you, but you got memed on son



Never happened. Vince and Benji are the same guy.

Heh, they'll never learn

how the fuck were they able to spell it right and somehow OP failed?

you are retarded


At least they spelled it with one "x." They're better at this than TRS.


/baph/ got wiped once after the judge dox got dropped and I think it had some lost when the site went down that one time. I guess they missed the fact that quite a few databases were linked directly on /baph/. Patreon leak got a lot of news I thought

has transformed into a harassment tactic employed by high profile
groups, such as Anonymous and gamergate.

God damn these fucking niggers. It never stops with them, does it?

Also, I kept calling out the grad student threads. I knew this place was being studied by retards.

It's an endless source of scadenfreude picturing these spiritually diseased collegiate eromenoi scratching their heads in between sips of $6 coffee trying to translate the emergent egregore behind what Holla Forums represents into lefty meme buzzwords they can digest and regurgitate into purple-prosed clickbait.

I know you're reading this, you disgusting bottom feeders. You will never understand us, becasue to understand us is to become us. Do an expose on Gondola next, I'd love to see you try and grok that one. Fucking hacks.

I demand to know whether I'm paying for this with my tax money.

This not to mention they still are
it did, but apparently they forgot to mention it lulz

This must be memed.



This work was supported in part by National Science Foundation
grants CNS-1717062, CNS-1237265 and CNS-1619620, AWS Cloud
Credits for Research, and gifts from Google


I saved the assignment screencap from that thread where students were trying to raid cuck/pol/

must've been away when that happened lulz

it was months ago and one of my favorite tips is

yup I was busy with irl shit. And yes that was funny as hell. Also, the fact they had a plan on what to do if they were b& is yet another nail in the coffin in regards to cuckchan being fully compromised

Alright, because some of you newfags STILL don't get it:

Ergo, by spelling it with two X's you are implicitly stating that you are a virtue-signalling femishit that blames men for every problem that exists on the internet today.

This is university work today huh? Two faggots being faggots on their parents dime. Pathetic. Let's murder them. Set a good example for the next generation.

I'm impressed they spelled doxing right. Even OP couldn't manage that.

Uh, yea, no. Cute little leetspeak history lesson you have there, but it's wrong. The explanation is much simpler than that retarded BS you just made up. "Doxx" came from people being introduced to the concept via it's plural form, "doxxing". They then erroneously assumed that the singular was "doxx" instead of "dox". It then became as widely used as the single-x version.

Occam's Razor, faggot

Now that would be truly amusing. They'll never go near it though, of course.

No that is not its plural form you leddit-spacing faggot. It has always been dox and doxing, lurk more and/or kill yourself.

It's not wrong. What a whore, to actually start blogging about being a filthy tramp like it was a good thing rather than a mark of shame to be hidden at all costs.

again, you're wrong

The plural form of dox is "doxen", idiots. But serious, doxxing is what is more an intransitive verb.

I can see styx and his four goons at the top center

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Defund hackademia.

why even try?


Fucking kek. Imagine being so pathetic that you need "safe breaks" from the internet.

This poster is female.


Nah, there are no women on the internet. He's just a pathetic faggot.

You've gotta be fucking kidding me

Then why shill it as such?

Occam's razor says you're a nigger and wrong.

how fucking stupid do you have to be to research a whole article on groups that dox people, then write the article and publish it in your own name?

and to actually specifically call out /baph/. fucking retard. those motherfuckers are serious. literally the "hackers on steroids that can backtrace and blow up fbi vans in 5 mins flat" from cuckchan of old. why on earth would you, knowing full well what they are and do, try to pick a fight with them? and then be dense enough to lurk a dead board that they dont even post on anymore?

is it just the college educated marxist liberal feminist mindset of needing to get fucking raped?

its funny that they seem to think that /baph/ isnt the one doing the huge majority of the doxxing. i can almost guarantee that 90% of the legitimate dox that get distributed through these various sites that they wrote this article on, originated from some user from /baph/.

either way, from what i understand of /baph/, they are mostly the old lulzsec guys (the ones that didnt get v&) and theyve only gotten better and more refined at what they do since. i fondly remember years ago receiving arnold schwarzeneggers SS# from (i assume) one of those fine lads. in my younger, more degenerate days, i used to spray paint on walls "arnold schwarzanigger wuz here" and then his full social. fun times.

all i can say is, im glad you guys are on our side. keep doing what you do. yall are fucking incredible at it, probably the best there ever were. and unfortunately, due to the anonymous nature of the work, its a relatively thankless job. just thought id give a shoutout to you guys, because you fucking deserve it.

gr8 b8 m8
Haven't seen shitposting like this for a year, maybe two.

Found the nigger foreigner that shouldn't be here.

Now that's fucking hilarious on about a dozen different levels. Mein gott, there go my sides.

>Periwinkle (((Doerfler)))
>Peter (((Snyder)))

Two days later, 12 of them dropped out of school and formed a militia.


so does anyone know where the old /baph/ went?
once the blue cross shit went down and the supposed vince's death it went downhill and eventually died out.

Probably not the kind of question that's gonna get you a spoonfed answer, hombre.

Maybe it's just the fa/tg/uy in me, but I see a bunch of dice.

From what I understand most of the competent ones went off to do their own shit away from imageboards.
Some got jobs.

The incompetent got arrested.

I wonder how many red pills they've subconsciously absorbed whilst lurking Holla Forums.


i really hope its not the bunker

any idea what benjis twitter is now, if he even has one? BenjiBinLadin is some nigger now

nvm i found him …. what a fag he has a deviantart under his own name where he links to his twitter

"Gendera, where is your paper about Holla Forums?"
"It's right here! I made a crane!"

Welp. So much for opsec!

This is where burger tax dollaridoos go, people.

i dont think he gives much of a fuck anyway, he posted his own dox on baph and hes aware that people know about his deviantart for quite some time

I still remember that gold era cuckchan picture making that exact same joke.
Also reminding people only using purest of white paper

Such a shame. I thought she was a qt
But she is just another dumb whore.
Into the trash

What on earth made her think this was a good idea?


You are all wrong. The original spelling in the 1980s was obviously Dokken.

any hint about the new sekrit /baph/ club senpai?

Why the fuck I see so many posts that lack proper capitalization?

Don't act so high and mighty when you're on a website where people openly wish for a race war while thinking repeating numbers can be signs of prophecy or hidden truths. you forgot the word 'do' too

Reading this just made me miss /baphomet/.

Blood for the blood god.

This newfags never new this, thank you user.

Ya'll just mad that the article is spot on.

Are either of those supposed to be bad things?

No, but complaining about proper capitalization on the internet it.

SWAT yourself, nigger


And why exactly is that?

I didn't meant to sound condescending, I am not used to seeing so many post written in lowercase latter without punctuation to boot as well

because complaining about proper grammar on the internet makes things too serious and can take the fun out of it

complaining about grammar brings nothing of value to the conversation don't make me start correcting yours

Spot on what?

You seem to be taking this very seriously, instead of simply applying higher personal standards.

She has such a beautiful name. And she is really beautiful.
She could have been a great woman if not for communism.

I don't think anyone will want her after reading this.

PW I'm really sorry maybe and probably you will find some idiot who doesn't care.

But Mother Nature didn't intend you to be whore, fight your parents and travel to east Berlin and pursue some high end job which will take away your best years to become a mother

I know you're reading this.
It's such a shame.

She reminds me of this grill.

Sauce New Zealand/Straya? 4/b/ circa 2008 got really drunk and probably scared of chans for life in an epic meltdown drunken rant


Wasn't he claiming to be on the run from the authorities and moving to China or some ridiculous bullshit a while back before they went to tor?

Honestly, I hope someone is skilled enough that I'll be able to enjoy the meta of this woman (who wrote a paper about people who dox) to be doxed (1 x, 2 xs, I don't know).
Based off of that article, there probably are pcitures out there that would be suitable for /stol/.

Perriwinkle pls stop being a dumb whore.

Stop fucking random people and fightin "online racists"

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Holla Forums

Well memed, good sir.

Perriwinkle have this

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I find re(b/w)ound sex the absolute worst.
So you're telling me you're trying to heal with more tearing and devaluating yourself?

Song somewhat related as it really reminds me of you


Where's the promised /po/?

Told you faggots the shilling was real.

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Guys can we crowdfund a Periwinkle return to home again? I just want her to be an honest woman and have lots of American bebes

Also grill I didn't want to be to mean.
You can doxx me anytime ;^)


I come to this board because destroying global cabal, Save Europe organize legion to reconquer earth, mock degenerates and have lulz

Periwinkle please step into the darkness to come back into light


That's dowright hilarious

All of them

on one hand, it's a really good word that explains comprehension of something on a deeper level
on the other hand, the free love and commie shit from the characters was degenerate.

A simple caeser cipher will suffice. A more complicated method would be to capitalize the letters in say, a news article. If you're very concerned that is

He was shot after he pulled the Killswitch on his computer to protect /baphomet/ users. R.I.P. to the fallen.