Can anyone here explain to me what is the Eurasian movement and how is the media purposedly not even mentioning the...

Can anyone here explain to me what is the Eurasian movement and how is the media purposedly not even mentioning the fact Russia/China are allying themselves to take over the world?

Sounds entirely made up

Because Western media and online social media is heavily invested by chinks and sand niggers that pay to promote content that destroys patriotism and censors views they don't like. They're obviously not going to slander themselves. It only becomes obvious what Saudis own when sites like twitter start going after individuals that go against their political agenda.

Pic related. Kikes planned this Eurasian movement long ago. They're dividing the world into sectors. Globalism isn't about wide-open borders and niggers flooding in. That's the crisis they've created to encourage mass acceptance of their actual NWO scheme, which is disguised as a hyper-nationalistic movement.

You stupid faggot.

Eurasia is literially just Russian expansionism to reclaim Imperial territories.

Note that when I say Russian I mean Russian as in Russia, not Russian as in ethnic Russians, because Eurasianism is not nationalist, it is a globalist ZOG movement that just wants Russia to be ZOG's seat of power instead of USA.

There is nothing Russian ethnonationalist about it, it is globalist and would mostly see the white percentage of Russia decline.

Because it doesn't exist. China and Russia were always at odds with each other, take a look at the Chino-Russo border.
They don't trust each other at all.

Then how come China is playing ball all along?

I seriously doubt that, considering how both Russia and China had marxist governments for so long and nearly every socialist/communist hellhole are allied with each other (see: Foro de Sao Paulo). At the very least, there are disagreements on how the alliance plays along.

Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union weren't allied either.
Neither were the Czechs who called for another Communist revolution against the Russian Communists.

This. Commies are prone to sectarian conflict. Look at the Spanish civil war when the commies and anarchists started shooting each other over who's interpretation of the Talmud was the best.

Because the chinks need Russian women to stop their demographic crisis.

The jews better be careful. Nationalism often means anti-Semitism. Play this game wrong and they could end up with a nationalistic movement they can't control.

The Chinese want to be the Jews user.

If the jews want to abandon us and go to China, I will celebrate.
Of course the Chinese are probably not as stupid as White liberals.

The jews are going to suck the blood out of white nations before they let you go user. They don't just leave people alone and allow them to overcome them. The Chinese aren't as stupid as white liberals but their nationalism is in support of their communist government, which will never let them be ethnic nationalist. The jews will have them mix with the subhumans of Asia instead of niggers and then they will be the shabbos goy for all eternity.

We live in a dark world. In your opinion, is there any hope?

West and Russia needs to overthrow their kike grips and control the yellow menace.

Why would Russia throw away an alliance that was crafted through decades and decades? They'll stay beside the chinese as long as they are allowed to run rampant land invasions/buyouts.

Ethnic Russians don't want themselves chinked anymore than Western whites want to. The (((Soviets))) did the best they could to have Central Asians mix with pure Slavs and they antagonized the West to the point where their only ally was the Chinks. Russia's history and soul is closer to Europe than it is to the Asians and its a betrayal of that to sell out to China, but due to the century of (((communism)) the Russian peoples' connection to their past has been severed through the censorship and destruction of "bourgeois" culture, allowing them to be exploited. Nationalism will make a come back if the Russians see that this is the short of the stick for them and if they have a nationalist friend in the West.

Sounds easy enough…

Even brothers by blood are rivals. Sometimes even members of the same species kill the offspring of another, after all only the survivors can continue their bloodline, pass down their genes and traits that have proven successful for survival.
Natural order and natural selection is brutal but effective, it forces the best to strive and the worst to die, go extinct. A world order without wars is nonsense in the absence of a new driving force for progress, something equal to the basic fight for survival needs to come along for there to be a chance of world peace.
The jew being a lazy parasite does not care much for progress, it would rather manipulate the host body into a state of permanent status quo (dark ages) and simply live a hedonistic life supported by weak willed slaves and servants lacking identity or purpose. The only way they can even hope to succeed at this absurdity is through genocide of all other races and live on supported by self maintaining, absolutely obedient machines.

There was never such a thing. Your "status quo" was actually one of the biggest changes that happened in human history; the perfect storm that crushed the biggest empire ever created in the world.

It wasn't a revolution, it was Czech commies loosening the screws and essentially moving the country ever so slightly towards the West, since everyone (them included, it seems) was fucking sick of Soviet bullshit. So USSR came knocking, but there was no actual fighting.

Chinese-Russian alliance only exists due to USA. USA has the military capacity to defeat either of them in a military conflict, so they band up so as to be less vulnerable. The moment US empire dissolves is the moment Russo-Chinese alliance follows suit

I agree with the principle you lay out, user, but I'm afraid you just got fooled by a kike. For despite their bold proclamations, the kikes fully intend to have wars, for very much the same reasons there were wars in Orwell's 1984. It is easy to control and degrade the masses if you divert attention to a powerful, common enemy – just look at what USA's been doing since the end of WW2. The kike intends to have a small number of superstates (the less of them there are and the bigger they are, the easier it is to control them, as a commoner-led revolt becomes more and more unlikely), all of which he'll control, and have them fight among each other, with long periods in between full of fearmongering and massive military spending (which will both make the kike money AND impoverish the goy, while he cheers it on). Then one side will "lose", as in a small piece of territory will change hands and the group of kikes controlling one of the superstates will retire in welth, replaced by a fresh group of younger kikes that will do it all over again, maybe changing the sales pitch a bit so that it seems there's a difference.

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What the fuck are you talking about? It's kikes. ZIONIST KIKES and COMMUNIST KIKES that actively undermine western governments and cultures.

Please list all of the corporations, banks, media giants and areas of government that are run by chinks and sand niggers in the west.

Hey kike.

The West cant fight a war with Russia because that might ironically inadvertently delay it’s plan to genocide it’s own people. It can’t touch China because that might strengthen the Wests economy. The West is in the process of deconstructing itself, closing up for good and handing the keys over to a new owner. Why would (((it))) fight for dominance when that is the last thing it wants?

Hi Alex.

Either you're conflating two different things or I'm wording my thoughts improperly. What I mean with dark ages is the spirit of humanity killed off with the successful completion of kike world order, a bleak future with no more dreams of reaching out for the impossible and into the unknown, no more desire to be the best, be the first. Just eternal servitude to soulless parasites.
I wasn't referring to a period in history often called as the dark ages. I now tend to avoid building my beliefs on "historical facts" regardless of their source as I am aware I lack the huge context building library of knowledge in topics of history which takes a very long time to obtain. Rather I prefer to observe the nature of things and expand my understanding with the help of logic (a trust no one or verify everything approach I guess), it's what lead me to lurking in Holla Forums in the first place. It'd be a different story if I had a history teacher like the one Hitler had.

Ok, I mistook your term there as the historical period. Nevermind then,

its 4th political theory and no it doesn't mean white-asian race mixing. its a movement that is the 180 of total liberalism. although I've stepped away from its adherents a bit, I wish the Niekisch/Feder type NS would gain traction. most of 4th PT is regurgitated Strasserismo.

Kikes aren't the only non-whites that want to destroy Western civilization.

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