Trump Proclaims January 2018 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention M

Here we go lads

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Soon to always be kike free first post since they'll all be locked up for irl CP

Are the Podestas and Clintons actually in Gitmo now?


Slavery prevention month also happens to be the month preceding (american) black history month…

How many fucking levels of chess ares't being played here?


He knows, there's no denying it anymore.

Can't wait to see nigs get triggered over this someone overriding MLK day. there's also a hat day but surely that's unrelated

Excellent - soon user soon
One thousand four hundred and eighty eight levels

It's ALL related

So January is the month he yanks all support of Israel since it is the human-trafficking capital of the world? I wouldn't hold my fucking breath on that one.

Mossad and CIAniggers just attempted a color revolution in Iran. You tell me.

This could be a something burger.

wew, crafty

What a load of bullshit. "Human trafficking" is a deepstate hoax and all the agents here are promoting it furiously right now lol(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING LEGITIMATELY RETARDED)

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This is how elites make each other laugh.

Many in various pedo abuse and trafficking discussion groups are heralding this as a sign of things hopefully to come.

This apparently ties directly into his recent EO - for which a thread has been going steady since the signing.

Gotta say, this has my jimmies roasting something splendid. Who needs chestnuts when ya got jimmies.

Fuck yes


What did he mean by this?

They're mocking us, you know.



Cheer Cheer, a good start to 2018. Let Hansen lead the charge against pedos.



I wasn't expecting something so blunt.