Why are halocaust survivors still cold and starving?


This commercial I just saw on Fox News station. It blew my mind. This is too ridiculous, why are these holocaust survivors starving? Who has been taking care of them the last 70 years, or have they been cold and starving all this time?

This must be a crafty ploy to make the holocaust look ridiculous. Nobody could take this seriously…

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another user raised this thing to
its retarded

Anything related to it is ridiculous.




Even in death, they still Jew.

jews gonna jew.
Just like gypsies gonna gyp.

Cold and hungry? They can eat whatever's in the oven and everyone wins.

I saw it on TV and couldn't stop laughing.


All jüden should starve and freez tbh
This is acceptable

But these cold kikes are wishing they had those ovens now

Even if we accepted the official Holocaust narrative, how the fuck would that make any sense?

Fucking (((FOX))).

Holocaust survivors seem to be biologically immortal. They dont seem to age, curious


It's like they know people are catching on to their bullshit.

Kind of funny how despite these "survivors" getting infinite reparations from the german government, they still manage to be cold and starving just like in those deathcamps where they were forced to dig their own ovens after being gassed by their dentist and only survived by eating their own hair clippings!.
I saw this ad in passing and thought I was going to have an aneurysm.


Of course OP, to do actually work WOULD BE a holocaust to these lazy fucking worthless kikes.

German taxpayers have been paying reparations to them for more than 70 years.
These kikes are cold, starving, without bread, blankets and medicine, they're 120 years old, but they just won't die. Why is that?

Josef Mengele did this.

Yeah that money is going straight into the international Jewish movement against "nascent white supremacist" white Europeans and white phosphorous to drop on Christian Palestinian and Lebanese Elementary schools.

This is the mid level management of Jews just instinctively being parasitic and deceptive. This isn't a top down Rothschild operation. Just jews being obnoxious and parasitic kikes. It's similar to the rabbis that run the "Cars for (((Kids)))" charity.

Those fucking digits

All survivors of the holocaust receive $2500.00 a month for reparations…. You are seeing the commercials now, because of Trumps executive order. The deep state/kikes money supplies are being cut off.

I saw this trash at my mom's on Christmas Eve. Bump.

I should be angry but I just can’t stop laughing, fucking kikes I hate them

This shit is old and has been mocked since 2002

Oy vey it's so cold in Israel, gibe shekel goy

I wonder why?

lol they (((lost))) 10s of millions of dollars in real estate transactions. not only does the money go towards kike summer vacations they just outright pocket it too.

it's actually not. it's in the comfortable 70s-80s the whole month of december. it's going to be 65-70 this week.

That's the joke.

Anyway, if Jews want to stay warm they can just rub their hands together.


The money goes to Russian jews, rather obviously. Note the fur hat.

Unfortunately none of this money will go to help those 6 million poor souls.

I just got an idea. What if we launched a campaign that takes on the guise of combatting anti-semitism by calling out liars who claim they're a survivor. We say "Oh no, Mr Goldstein this guy is taking money from poor Jews who were actually in the Holocaust! He's taking advantage of the worst disaster in history to profit! What an anti semite!"

One by one we're allowed to investigate "survivors" until there are no more claims.

Do you think it's some kind of statistics thing? They want to check out how effective the holocaust maymay is in 2017? There must be something about it. The spot runs on one of the most popular media network, so it's expensive (idiots couldn't possibly have that money). Said network is also popular amongst white, christian and conservative people, which happen to make the bulk of the pro israel citizens. This must be some kind of research, they are quietly trying to figure out if the antisemitism is growing. It makes sense if you think about it: people would lie if you ask them directly, if you ask for few dollars, you can think that those who pay don't hate jews. Compare the datas with those about donations towards vets, animals and cataclism victims, and you know the proportion of people that tollerate jews.

Nice biblical allusion

I remember watching One American News and their was a 2-minute long commercial about donating food to some hungry jews in Israel. They also the food will mention how it is from helpful Christians who love them.

underrated post tbh

try this
point out "fellow white people" as self-hating, point out how big the problem of "self-hate" is in this community and encourage people to be "loud and proud"
see how nice that sounds?

Because the ovens went out? Do a jew a favor user, set them on fire.

Very nice, but it brings up a very interesting question: will they be forced to retcon to make sure their story lines up with the current year? For instance, Iron Man's origin used to take place during the Vietnam war where he was taken prisoner by commies. Eventually enough time passed that they were obliged to change it to Desert Storm and make his captors into generic Arab extremists. So what are the juden going to do when there's no fucking way any of the "survivors" could still be alive? They'll have to make up something new or find a way to start shit in such a way that it doesn't go too far, but does allow them to kvetch about the shoah.


I doubt that they will try to claim there's 130 year old Holocaust survivors (though keep an eye out you never can judge the limit of the kikes audacity), but they will use their memory to keep the Shoah fresh in peoples minds, like creating Holo(caust)grams of survivors so they can continue to tell their story to little goyim and the Holocaust Museums. Maybe they will double down on Holocaust movies if Hollywood survives #metoo (I hope all the Jewish institutions crash with no survivors), maybe they'll go into hyper shut-it-down mode and just silence any disagreeing voice who claims the Shoah was not real (in their minds). Its hard to tell really, because as I said, you should never doubt the sheer audacity of the Jew. I hope the whole Holocaust narrative burns down before they can even get to this point.


*kikes, Kebabs, Gooks, Chinks, Niggers, Spics, basically any non-white


This is a white only board. Lurk at the minimum, Schlomo.

What the fugg?

because their kike kids abandoned them in shitty nursing homes to die.


Cold and starving, in the great void of non-existence right next to other fictional entities such as ferengi.

the true poor starving holocaust survivors are the Dutch German common people, probably, am I right?

That's pretty much how I felt when I played Halo 2, and it was nowhere near as good as the first game.

now think about how much of my 3.8 billion those illegal occupiers spent on professional cameras, sound equipment, tech engineers, producers, writers, actors, agencies, and then airtime all to jew me out of $25. fucking hebes.

Please Holla Forums.
Look into your hearts.
Find it in yourselves, in your dark core.

These poor people need help. They need YOUR help. They are cold, so very cold. There is no heating in their homes. The system is not being supplied with enough gas. It needs more gas. Much more gas.

Please user, they need you.

Turn on the gas.

Are those bottles of vodka in their ammo pouches?

Why are they even ALIVE in 2018???????????????????????????????????????????????????



Must have been one shitty genocide to leave this many survivors. It's almost like the Germans weren't even trying to kill them all…

LARPing has never been more profitable.

Miller is going to unveil the new meme "you're not actually Jewish" to people who have absolutely no biological connection to the tribe of Judah It will span the internet and get lots of non-thinking sheeple to consider that they're not Jewish after all. After it catches on, suddenly the people of Israel will be at each other's throats about who is actually Jewish or not; and they will fracture into a civil war where it will be Israel vs Judah all over again. Except this time, Israel will win.

This is why they're obsessed with calling it The Jewish State of Israel. The Jewish part matters to them. Judah was supposedly Israel's son… and they call it the Jewish state of Israel?

I have a hunch that the real wall Trump is talking about is actually a wall around Judah. What better way to separate yourself from evil than to build an actual wall to keep the evil out.

People need to update their anti-judaism, and I'm excited about Trump and Miller doing this.

Jew shill pushed anti-jew philosophy is designed to label as many people as possible as a jew, so that our numbers will be few while our enemy great. #They're not all jews

damnit, wrong thread.


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