Globalism is anti leftist

So you're saying we should be poop throwing, chest banging nationalists instead?

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Capitalism is a globalist ideology.

Literal retardation



well nations are pretty great arent they

global circulation of capital =/= internationalist solidarity

globalism is bourgeois internationalism

Internationalism > Globalism

i really hate the term "globalism"

world capitalism is what it is

Nationalism is bigger cancer than capitalism and a threat to humanity itself. Just think how close we were to ww3 in cuban crisis.


Well i really wouldnt like that me and my family die from radiation. But for humanity i dont know. Many 3rd world countries would survive it.

At least let it be for a good cause.

What do you mean? Pollution seems like nothing compared to nuclear war.

Yeah, that was totally because some dude thought their nation was greater than the others'. Totally no economic interest involved.

You liberals tick me off.



leftists want global COMMUNISM

the foot soldier fights for nationalism, and without foot soldiers there can be no wars


uhh the 21st century would like a word with you

it's true though, even paid us soldiers fight for their national propaganda.

False dichotomy.
Globalism and nationalism are not opposite ends of a spectrum, often times they're pretty compatible with each other.

What must oppose capitalist globalism is localist internationalism.

There is no such thing as globalism. (Neither is nationalism for that matter, though that's a bit more complicated)

fuck off., Globalism in the sense you hear it used by Holla Forums and increasing the disillusioned left and right more generally, is the top-down enforcement of mass movement of people and the imposition of cosmopolitan cultural norms. Sure it might be inevitable under capitalism. In fact that makes perfect sense. So what these people are attacking is a symptom of capitalism. If you weren't so inherently hostile to the only defense mechanism most people can comprehend then you'd be recruiting pretty well atm. As is we're busy crafting an 'alt-left' that is basically just Holla Forums that speaks occasionally in economic terms.

it's teh gays

Another excellent dismissal by Protector of the Worker™ left/pol/. gg.

A rootless cosmopolitan, innit?

Great analysis comrade

Posadists need to leave

Posadism is the way. Posadism is the light. Praise Brother Bomb.

global capitalism is always the bigges threat to our lives, nationalism is merely a means to achieve a goal. i can imagine nationalism can serve the leftist cause as it is in scotland (too bad that their national leftism fucks britain as a whole over but at least helps protect health services and public education for the scots)
also theoretically there are elements of globalization that help the left, like new communication technologies and the spread of ideas, but as long as it is controlled by the global capital, globalist elites are an enemy.

The strong points just keep on coming…

I explained to you what 'globalism' is in the popular sense, seen as you all seem to struggle with the concept.

Please explain how capitalism is a threat to our lives and how this threat is more serious than nuclear war.

no user. This is a lie spun by the SNP. They want to sign on up to all porky's biggest and best schemes, TTIP, EU. They are neither left or nationalist. The only real element of nationalism Sturgeon and her cronies show is hatred for englishes.

This said, I can see left-nationalism or 'Social Nationalism' becoming a thing in the face of {{{globalism}}}

Scottish nationalism can only exist in limbo. Their power is based on the idea that England is tory scum, and that by gaining independence Scotland will never have to have austerity again, while the only thing that makes their level of spending possible is the Barnett formula that will be abolished along with independence.

Now all they do is assuring that Corbyn can never win.

Globalism boils down to the weakening of the nation state but what if this weakening happens in favor of big multinational megacorps OP?

The "popular" sense doesn't matter you spooked up retard.

The climate change caused by unrestrained capitalism has led to record breaking heat indexes and droughts through out the US. Several people have been killed just recently by the wild fires that have engulfed Gatlinburg.

And that's too say nothing of the millions directly affected by destroyed air quality thanks to industry.

Yes it does as this is what informs people's decisions. I love how you people here think you can have your glorious pleb revolution when you just dismiss the pleb's concerns or take the smug route of 'read a fucking book'. Here's a thought. If you're as well read and smart as 'read a fucking book' suggests then perhaps you could put forward the key ideas of how to revolution in your own words?

To be fair this would have happened under any system but yeah, cunts like Exxon have actively sought to downplay or discredit the significance.

kill yourself communist globalist scum

except no
even marx and lenin wanted a global government
does the phrase, "workers of the world unite" ring any bells

epic meme

Yes, the first protests against the globalization of capital came from the left:

An opposition to the ever-expanding need for capital to grow beyond its origin as to maximize profit is not an opposition to international solidarity. In fact, it's just another facet of why capitalism should be opposed. 'Globalism' is, at its core, an already idealist term that mischaracterizes the problem, which is that capital inherently wants to be omnipresent. You need but look at how every possible thing that used to belong the commons is becoming privatized or monetized.

That's not really a good argument considering the left is far more "globalist" than capitalism could ever hope to be.

You're basically saying "capitalism causes large amounts of immigration across the globe, this is the fault of the current economic system, therefore you should adopt this superior system that doesn't even employ borders (or nations, really)."

"Globalism" is a buzzword.

I'm arguing against globalism.

No. I support more isolationism between cultures. As an anarchist i refuse to believe we should live in global communism bs. That's something for people in various regions of the globe planet to decide, not me. What i believe is right to me and my region might not be for others. Just like asian and african nations adopting western model is destroying them.
I hate this retarded western mentality. There is no right or wrong path, there is no finish line, there is no competition.
People are the ones who decide how they want to live. If they enjoy sharia law, let them be, if they want live in an ancap society, let them be.

Sounds like ethnopluralism.

I wish Wiki didn't paint this as something exclusive to the 'new right'. Fuckin wikijew d&c shit right there.

Globalism is just Holla Forums's way of understanding global capitalism. It should absolutely be opposed.

Despite all the redpilling, Holla Forums's biggest problem is naivete. They can't comprehend that the economic system they love is actually very harmful, so they imagine some secret group of conspirators who are trying to make the world less national and less white or whatever.

You support fascism aswell?

Karl Marx endorsed free trade because it's gonna break down barriers, borders and thus nations.

Protectionism is a right wing stance.

this is a meme.

Holla Forums here, we do, just not the neoliberal modern one.

I don't think he "endorsed it", he just predicted that eventually we'll get an "universal interdependence of nations", where borders, checkpoints don't matter, and no one can get away with foul play (i.e. imperialism, protectionism, noncompetitiveness) without massive repercussions.

But then again, Marx also praised the marked innovations of capitalism, yet he said that does not cancel out its contradictions.

Holla Forums is half Nazi, half troll and half libertarian, with libertarians the smallest half.

And he's right, free trade is gonna destroy the old world order.

Stalin delays worldwide revolution by creating a multi-polar order.

Nazis are capitalists too.

Their economic model is a mixed one.

Then again, so are the Soviet.

I'm sorry to tell you this but the alt-left is probably the SJWs.

Nonsense. we had it first.

So is Holla Forums accepting to be the "alt-left"? because the alt-right is a stupid label for Holla Forums, that Holla Forums doesn't even like.

No, our problem is lack of alternatives (assuming you don't believe Nazi is a genuine, functioning "turd position", at least.)

There is no alternative.

Globalism will create communism, since it will destroy all the spooks and traditions, leaving only a minority of porkies ruling all the wage slaves, then poof, the revolution happens, and it's a worldwide one since every nations are dissolved and bam, you have full luxury communism.

Free trade and globalism are the fastest tools to communism.

That's what I said retard.

You are seeking an alternative when globalism WILL lead to communism.

lel this is brilliant.

You're not even conveying information in your post anymore at this point.

It actually makes sense.

Free trade will get rid of nationalism, borders, traditions, it will even get rid of the family unit, all will be wage workers 1 or 2.

And when that happens, the revolution is nigh to happen.

half of me thinks thinks this is a Holla Forums falseflag. But it is accurate, 100%. 'Socialism' has long been the end-game of teh global elite.

Video is of an old guy talking about his findings as head on the Reece commission.


they [tax exempt foundations] are working on reshaping education in america to make it more suitable for the eventual amalgamation with the USSR.

Essentially {{{they}}} see themselves philosopher kings, the only people smart and good enough to be global benevolent dictator.

The globalist elite are actually fucking dumb and they think they can control all with a new world government, this actually makes them more vulnerable than having many countries for them to run to.

"Globalism" is a buzzword for the natural result of a capitalist economy that is not restricted by borders. This is not in any way menacing or accusatory, in fact the lolberts that criticize strong borders on this basis are simply the right wingers with a less stupid and contradictory worldview because they actually accept capitalism for what it is.

Note, however, that nationalism is not the same thing as internationalism and that most people who want the dissolution of borders recognize that it must happen all at once.

It's hard to tell if it's a falseflag. Anti-communists are technically right when they say we want to get rid of nation, culture and family, but what this means to us is entirely different from what it means to them.

Explain this difference. The end result is the same. The means may not be, but they are.

Not all of Holla Forums or the 'right' are pro-capitalist.

Or maybe these girls are the 'alt-left', I'm not sure.

It's not really different.

The communists's worse fear isn't a new world order, the communist's worse fear is the old world order where everyone is still in their nation.

When the new world order is established, it's actually EASIER for communists to establish a communist revolution, due to the logistics and technology already being there to serve the NWO.

But they are still agents of the bourgeoisie and their petty and reactionary nationalism is what fails them. They are certainly no ally of the workers or the left, sure, some of their protectionist rhetoric is good but overall they still believe in the Capitalist framework and heavily dismiss the Marxist Doctrine.

You guys think we want to replace all of that with the One World Government that will rule all with their evil commie nanny state tricks.
We want to dissolve the things that divide people so that they can actually work together in a democratic manner, that way an oppressive government never comes into the picture.

I don't know if I'd say that, a global revolution is an extremely hard thing to pull off all at once as would be necessary to truly take on the coordinated powers of global capitalism. There's a reason you don't see cyberpunk settings having revolutions where the people end up actually living good lives.

At that point, the government/corporation would be extremely corrupt and inept, and the workers are united since their only identity left is the being a worker, everything else has been erased.
Most cyberpunk settings still have nations, breh. In fact, they are more advanced nations.

My point was that what they hold dear is little more than the superstructure of an economic base. Because they are not materialists, they think these beliefs are what drive society and hold it together, so they see us as evil people with a pathological need to create suffering.
In other words: feels > reals

This is also due to the fact because the inherent contradictions in Western right-wing thought has led them to create vague, nonsensical boogeymen as symbols of power, because they worship the people who actually do control society. This means the thought of an "NWO" is a lot scarier to them; communists have long since acknowledged it to be inevitable if the defense of capitalism becomes ideological.

On the contrary, globalism would hasten the death of capitalism, while protectionism and nationalism would protect it forever more.

This is why communists should lead on for globalism, because it is the next step for communism worldwide revolution (that can only happen after global capitalism is created).

Oy vey the dumb gentiles finally understand.

See, that's how we know you're falseflagging Holla Forums.

Not really, protectionism and nationalism will protect the market and borders, and thus capitalism will exist inside of that.

But you can have capitalism that does not work, which is still capitalism.

And this can perfectly exist with protectionism and nationalism.

kill yourself Holla Forumsyp

Actually I don't see what your point is here, because the death of capitalism is not somehow inevitable; nothing in human society really is except for death and taxes. It does not matter how fucking awful it gets if people consciously choose to defend it regardless–this is basically the foundation of neoliberalism after all, capitalism as an end unto itself and not merely a means to one, borne out of necessity once the free market started eating itself alive and the rest of society in the process.

Like you said, capitalism is capitalism, we oppose it regardless, and states as anything other than a status quo we have to work with are spooky faggotry.

Not really, just saying Marx is right, and global capitalism will result in global communism.

It will fix the question of "can communism be achieved in a single nation/time", yes it can, if all nations are dissolved and there's only one world government, you topple that and you become worldwide communist.

Capitalism is capable of existing in either state, it's just a question of which will allow the most class consciousness. I agree that globalism has and probably will continue to raise class consciousness, but I don't think that's worth allowing people's lives to be further ruined when the time for revolution is most likely generations out.

My point is that global capitalism will result in global communism.

While protectionism and nationalism will actually hold capitalism back, and preserves capitalism.

Dude, you cannot have worldwide communism without sacrifice.

A worldwide capitalism world will be a very advanced one (due to the logistics needed to connect it), and the worldwide communism that comes after that will be utopia or near-utopia.

You cunts don't have sole right to materialism. Strong borders are in MY material interests.

Internationalism is not globalism.

I am going to have to ask you to give rock solid examples of how and ideology of putting your nation first is compatible with an ideology that seeks to abolish all nations( for porky).

Did you even read one book in your pathetic life you retarded faggot?


Sensitive little faggot huh.

No it will not. No matter what sort of reforms, rebranding of the same idea you try to do, capitalism is simply not sustainable.

Yeah I'm easily triggered by the display of such humongous retardation and ignorance. Read a book nigger.

WTF? There is nothing in there that says the dominance of global capital over all is beneficial for those who put their nation first.

Straw grasping.

Nah just not reading your question.

Only the elites will live in high tech Communism. The rest of us will be exterminated with biological weapons and automated killing machines. There will be no revolution, the bio weapons are already being made.

FALC for the jew, neo-serfdom for the masses.

1. ask your Nazi board members how do they like classical liberalism
2. you cannot just retreat and remake classical liberalism of the 19th century in the 21st century, you realize that?

This is why nobody takes you seriously. 'capitalism' is just code for 'things that I don't like' and 'socialism' is the unattainable crux you lean on while pursuing your own 100% ideological goals.

you are so fucking stupid

learn the definition of things and stop cluttering up this board with your retarded crap

They do because of le marxist jew meme


What I say is true. Full communism is unattainable. As such it is the gold standard of your ideology. It is a vehicle you use for all your other demands. No matter how much more equitable the world becomes you people will still bemoan it for not being Communism™.


Just calling it as I see it m80o.

Lol nope

Le non-hierarchist supporting hierarchy meme

You don't even know what do commies mean when they say they want equality

That;s because you speak in your own language. Equality is equliity ie things being equal. Don't blame me if you're using words to mean something other than they are generally accept to mean.

Also, educate me. What do you mean by equality. How is it different from what I mean?

no we are internationalists. It's like globalism but communist and not terrible