Liberal Defends Neo-Nazis Over Chrome Extension

holy fuck

Why don't Liberals see that they're nothing but useful idiots to the Fascists?

Remember when there was a ton of outrage over a simple extension that just filtered the word Feminist to Nazi and Mozilla took it down from their browser?

Useful idiot?
Just like their ideology is capitalism with a nice face they are just fascists with a nice face

Define fascism.

Capitalism in decay

But I thought they were Dapper Conservatives™

thanks mass media

This abuse over the meaning of fascism is bothersome.

this retard can't even make his own mind up. must be great to feel so confident in your ideology when you can't even decide what it is

A fucking chrome extension? really? you can get a chrome extension to filter one word into any word if you want. That's fascism?

only fascists use chrome tbh

Are you one of those "liberals aren't left!" schizos?

Liberals are not, dare I say it, our guys.

are you one of those "liberals are leftists despite the fact that liberalism supports hierarchy and private property which are the very things leftism opposes" retards?

They're not Holla Forums's guys, that's for sure, but they're just as "left" as NEETsoc LARPers are "right".

Seems like a pretty shallow attempt and distancing yourself from the undesirables in your movement without actually having to do any work to publicly disavow them.

elucidating accurate definitions is not shallow. and if you think the conflict between liberals and leftists is something new, you need to read more

Nah, that's a Holla Forumsack. They like to create social media accounts posing as blacks or liberals or whatever, and then roleplay their bizarre delusions.


liberals once again proving that they are incapable of mounting any sort of defense against the far-right.

What the fuck did you just say to me, you reforming little anti-accelerationist? I'll have you know I have over 300 dimensions to my chess game, and right this second I'm voting for Le Pen in France.

You're fucking outvoted, kiddo.

What's the point of the extension?
To cement your ideology in a way that makes it unclear whether its intentional or not?
At least our word filter is ridiculous enough to clearly be a joke - you always know when its filtered

I don't get why these normies, even liberals are getting butthurt in our place. Its an extention, meaning that you can choose to install it or not, true?
Apparently they don't care that you can go to jail for "hate speech" but they care about some optional word filters, lmao. Its like they're projecting what triggers them onto us.

Opposition to private property is the fundamental defining characteristic of leftism. Now, what you should ask yourself is, "why are their economic principles identical to my own?"

Excellent digits, but liberals, while (often) left of center, are not leftists.

I make fun of Tumblr landwhales as much as the next guy, but their belief that hurting feelings is a crime seems to be a lot more popular than we give them credit for.