Dubtrack thread!

Dubtrack thread!
Queue music and converse!


sadness overwhelms me


Prokofiev is dead. Shostakovitch is dead. Mahler….is dead.

People are born to die.


stay away, kids

som next levül egyption shit going on here, kíd

going full classical piyano here, fam



Feels good man. Even tho he isn't a big guy

I'm not gay Pierre is

what the shit r u talking about nigger

mods please ban the faggots who keep posting these shitty threads with their shit music and shit people

>mrw Board Celebrity Schnitz sends me his duick picks

I would gulag my own mother for Schnitzdickpics.

I have some Schnitzel picks if you know what I mean.

Contact me at
[email protected]/* */

You're just going to give everyone pictures of mexican dicks aren't you.




thank you ComradeSchnitz

10/10, leftypol