Why haven't you joined the YPG yet? They could use your help

Why haven't you joined the YPG yet? They could use your help.

I'm scared to die.
More power to people who do, though.

Because as soon as ISIS is finished Assad and Turkey are going to bomb the Kurds with both Russian and American help. The PKK are designated terrorists for this particular reason, and Americans will, in their sheer stupidity, bomb the only group that may have even an iota of goodwill. They have done it before.

I'd probably be useless.

I would be useless.

Well, to be fair, I can't say that for certain. I've risen to the occasion in the past in ways that have surprised me.

But I have no firearms training.

because they're underequipped, underorganised and underskilled

There are so many Cold Warriors left in high places, they would bomb any shade of red.

I will not fight for nationalist thugs.

I dont have the link but they basically just use westerners for propaganda photo shoots and the rest of the time they just make westerners sit back never part of a battle and keep them in poor living conditions and wont let you leave.

lel, you mean YPG or Holla Forums?

as odd as this probably sounds on Holla Forums I have very cautious optimism for Trump's foreign policy in this specific regard. the only priority he ever talks about with regards to the Syrian conflict is just the "kill ISIS" meme (although I agree with him on that stance.

is it's proof that he will take a friendly stance? no, not proof of anything. but highly preferable to every mainstream Republican and Democrat who gave every possible indication of following the Israel/neoconservative line of thinking in the theater.

ypg. they have nothing


and this, no use jumping onto a sinking ship.

My hope is that you're an internationalist leftcom or anarchist but given your flair I have to assume you think Assad is the true defender of internationalism.

They've literally been one of the only competent forces in the region.

tbf the Syrian communist parties support Assad

And the CPUSA supports Hillary.

I'm 16 (if not id go over there)

its the ship of revolution

thanks to nato air strikes

Asthmatic autist with a heart condition and impaired motor functions. I literally can't hold a rifle straight without getting spasms that throw off my aim. With how little I have to live for, I really wouldn't really mind risking my life my such a worthy cause, but don't want to fly halfway around the world and either wash out or be a liability.

because they are an American proxy that is going to work as a destabilizer of Syria and neighbouring countries once the abandoned american islamist proxy is defeated

I'm not sure I saw the same article but I have read that this was a bunch of US vets who joined the Peshmerga in Iraq that got bored of there being any fighting and claimed that they were being used for propaganda purposes. Where as western volunteers in Syria are actually on the front lines.
Additionally; no western volunteers have died fighting in Iraq, however ~15 westerners have died fighting for the YPG in Syria

Same could be said of SAA and Russian air strikes. And the YPG are a far better fighting unit than the SAA anyway.

Assad's is massively reliant on Russia and Shia groups like Hezbollah. For tankies to pretend that getting help is a bad thing is retarded.

I'm too depressed now, and i don't like to feel pain, i wouldn't care about dying tho.

if they don't use the westerners then how do the westerners keep dying? starvation maybe?

Because all there is to join is that one national liberation movement instead of any other only the basis of some vague coop capitalist backdrop, which is not something any communist should be willing to risk their life for.

at least put the slightest bit of effort into your meme dipshit

They're allying with Assad.

That is an objectively shit meme.

temporarely. they wont be allies when ISIS is gone

ISIS are effectively gone.

What this demonstrates is that the Kurds are using and being used by many factions and are not the partisans of NATO, which purists would like to believe.

90% of the information in the image is completely true and unironically positive

it's bad because it's nationalist? how the hell else are the Kurds going to establish communism, or even establish anything at all? what would you have recommended for them to do, geopolitical genius? you think maybe they should ask the Turks or the Alawites in control of Syria or the terrorist Sunnis to cooperate with them and form communism together? or maybe convince all the religious right wing fundamentalist Islamic citizens in Syria and Turkey and Iraq to organize into a socialist revolution against their government? do you think that would have been more effective?

(and by the way, this is what I mean when I say there's a bunch of shit memes around here. what even is the point that this was making? did you think you were being clever when you made it? can you not distinguish from a good meme and an ass, shit meme that isn't funny or clever or persuasive?)

Because I'm a coward

I don't know how to. I can't speak Kurdish.

I know there are English speaking groups there, but how do I find out how to join? Will they help me get there and find them? I've got under 1000au$.

I would be a criminal that revokes their citizenship if I went, but I don't really care. I feel that these people deserve a chance. Will I help or hinder them? I have no military training.

that's convenient. you won't fight for anyone lol

Then why are western YPG volunteers dying during major offensives?