Trump Conned Right Wingers

Is he though? I mean, he clearly is capitalist because he owns real estate businesses and exploits proletarians. But is he necessarily a republican- or does he align more with them? None of his right wing polocies have really been held until he decided to run for office. He has donated to a variety of candidates (althought they're all right wing either liberals or conservatives) and he was even pro choice at one point.
In this election he ran on issues that were to the left of (S)Hillary: no free trade, keeping social security, lots of infrastructure.
It goes without saying btw that he is clearly a con artist who just says shit to get elected.
The main thing that gets me is his campaign against money in polotics. He also has said he doesn't like the electoral college. Is it possible that we see the end to big money in polotics or even theoretically an end to the electoral college practically gaurenteeing that populist leftists get elected from now until forevor.

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Trump is obviously at least moderately left. Center left even perhaps like bernie sanders or something.

No, he is going to cut taxes, deregulate, and privatize, but he will appear to be sticking it to the SJW libs and minorities so people will be happy about it.

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hi Holla Forums

but is it that he is doing this accidentally, or is he possibly going to do it on purpose?

Accidentally, he isn't smart enough to do it on purpose.

Would anybody happen to have the red-chart meme comparing the socialist movement, the "new left" and the far right on different issues?

The Republican party is the part of White people now.

The average age of a Democrat in congress is 69, the average Republican 49.

Once those old white people retire/die, power positions in the Democratic party will be staffed predominately by minorities who's primary political goal is rent-seeking. We can already see this in that the frontrunner to control the Democratic party is a Black Muslim with a history of advocating explicitly for things in his race's interests.

Most political discussion will now take place within the Republican party. That is, it will move left-wards on traditional left-right issues like monetary policy, fiscal policy, and foreign policy, but right-wards on identity politics issues.

Trump didn't con right-wingers so much as get out ahead of a demographic trend and out-maneuver both party's political establishments in the process.


This is your brain on anarchist theory.

look at the pain in his eyes - he didn't want to win

Is he our guy?


No he's not a republican jesus. The republican party hated him. Tons of republican establishment figures can out and said they were voting for HRC. His supporters thumbed their nose at the republicans.

You're ignorant on that subject and have been sold a lie. A republican congressman said that it was unlikely they would build a wall and the libs basically run with this /fake news/. Then two weeks later Trump's DHS pic accidentally leaks his plans to build a wall ASAP. There is no metaphor. He is building a giant wall.

Regardless if Trump's intends to follow through on what he said, it already has on all three, because he's revealed a new path to victory in White states that traditionally vote Democrat.

hasn't that already happened? they elected a republican against free trade, etc.

Trade was the only thing he was slightly leftist on and he immediately turned around and signed on a free trader as vp. Everything else was standard republican banter. i.e. muh illegal immigrants and muh lower taxes.

All that will happen is that Trump will go on about how disastrous trade deals and their tremendous environmental and labor regulations are preventing our country from being great again and do away with said regulations.

That you think Trump's promises were standard republicanism in 2016 shows how far he has managed the shift the frame of standard politics.


Trump has been steeped in Anarcho-Syndicalist theory since birth and he used this opportunity to bring about the downfall of the American empire. Truly, he has outsmarted us all.

holy shit he talked so much shit on donors this election why did no one talk about this
until this thread i had never heard this

Hillary Clinton actually ran a very successful media campaign.

Check Drudge every once in a while

I have never liked him to be honest. He is a shit fest all about big government and tariffs and he has campaigned on nothing that shrinks government.
I think you idiots are correct that he's just as left as you and he isn't even much of a capitalist when he has inherited all of his wealth and is a bad business man.

It's not as if trump didn't receive plenty of donations. iirc Robert Mercer, one of the guys who runs Rentech, gave him a fuck ton of money after Cruz was inevitably a failure.


where are his lobbies? no where. he even talked shit on the electoral college!

This expression indicates an ancap's confusion and lack of understanding. When confronted with something he cannot understand or respond to, ancaps mumble, "muh tariffs" or "muh tariffs muthafucka." This is usually followed by bong rips and seasteading articles.

I hope you are around to admit you were wrong when the retarded wall actually gets built

They did, if only to gloat that the hundreds of millions Clinton was pulling in surely spelt Trump's demise

Is he, dare I say it, /our guy/?





look at this shit

Look at their faces

The guy spent the entire election shitting on Trump overtly and covertly - next time it's probably best to wait until there's more evidence than "Romney emerges from transition talks with Trump at a hotel"

All these idiots utterly fucking destroyed.

He's actually very smart.
He got elected by telling people exactly that what they want them to listen.

I don't get you guys. Just because media keeps underestimating him, doesn't mean you have to believe their propaganda which is proven to be always false.
He fucking won. That was storybook PsyOPs he pulled off there

The Republican establishment is full of smart idiots, if that makes sense. By which I mean, they thought that people actually cared about Movement Conservatism and the whole intellectual edifice around it. Trump, on the other hand, is kind of an idiot, but he is smart enough to realize that if he just nominally opposes Americans being sent to die in foreign wars, free trade, and SJWs, then he can win the presidency. It never ceases to amaze me that Republicans were too stupid to figure this out.

Doesn't fucking matter. Their guy won, they will proclaim victory, anything he says that contradicts himself will just be 4D Chess, and anything that goes wrong was Obama's/Da Joos fault. Being right doesn't matter when you're ideology is based on image board memes.

liberals have this smug intellectual faggotry about them.
They cant and will never admit that trump is actually a fucking 99d chess master.
Everything trump does, should be questioned, if he is trying to hide something, is he trying to troll liberals into appearing out of touch.

Trump is the road runner and the left are some Wile E. Coyote motherfuckers.

Like leftypol cares way more if trump sells out than actual pol.

They dont realize this election was about the culture war and pol doesnt even fucking care what trump does
The election was a catharsis after 8 years of obongo and upper class college students telling people who had their jobs outsourced that they were muh privileged and wearing a sombrero was racist

Not really a 99d chess master when your entire shtick will fall apart once most people go "meh" and shrug their shoulders at your masterful social engineering.

I love this meme.

okay tell me when that happens 1 time.

He won, he wanted to win, and he's going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Wake up.


Trump didn't con anyone. He always campaigned on a centrist pro-social pro-government agenda.

It's not his fault (neither is it his problem, if it gave him Holla Forums votes) that media turned him into a far-right bogeyman just because he was saying insensitive things.

Also, he's not a fake Republican. He is a Republican A.D. 2016 and represents exactly what the party's voter base wanted this year. Sure, he's different from Reagan, or Bushes, or the post-2010 no-government-ever conservatives, but then again, so are Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower. Republican Party has no principles positions, perhaps other than literally believing in republicanism just like 99% of the population. It's a coalition of people wanting power, and now that Trump showed them what the winning formula is, they're quickly regrouping as a party of the rural working class.

Welcome to the Seventh Party System, everyone!