When even the Alex Jones fans start doubting Trump



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On how many dimensions you play your chess game on right now?

Donald Trump is very intelligent. He might pretend to be a globalist for a while just to get the classified information. Then, betray the globalists on a later time. Let's give him some time.






Oh God, please let this kill Alex Jones.



2017 will be a wild ride

I would forgive Alex everything if he turned to the left.

If Alex went left I would watch him every day

Why must insane conspiracy theories be the domain of the right, I want some too

If we survive to see it.

Also the fact that Le Orange Man was actually on his show brings in the extra lulz.


I predicted this would happen.

The pressure is on Alex for putting himself in such a position he now must defend the government to his audience.

Next few months will be priceless lads

Funny thing is, he's accused other people of being globalists for far less. Chomsky was on his show at one point and he decided that he worked for Rockefeller because they disagreed on guns.

I could but I don't want hurt you, you're good people.

It's not even December yet and Trump is losing his base.

Literally Bush 3.0.


I almost spat out my drink from laughing

Goddamn, just look the dynamics here. The USA is a fucking mafia-run banana republic now.


Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.




dis is gold.

someone shop the popcorn


Maybe when Trump switches on guns that's when he'll lose it. How was he to Bush initially?

That's some Class A shit.

Dear god I hope they keep following him to the grace.



He hated Bush from day one.

This is the first time Alex has actually had "his guy" on the inside. He has lost the ideological purity that comes from not being in power. Now his ideas are being tested for the first time. And they're already failing.

mein gott




apex kek

>Trump appears to have a penchant for back stabbing. Lets Drain The Swamp by appointing a Globalist, Bilderberger to run Americas Foreign Policy, as per usual. I know I'm not alone by feeling stupid for believing in Trump, Worm Tongue Trump. Better than Hillary, but a World Class Liar none the less.

Some of them seem to be getting it lel.



Truly capitalism is at its death throes. Alex Jones is the funniest guy ever.

On the one hand, this is hilarious. On the other hand, it may motivate a sincere ideologue, and that would be dangerous. The left needs to get working very hard. American leftists must get as many disillusioned people on their side as possible.

Vlad confirmed for absolute madman.

Truly glorious. I hope he holds on a looooong time. The longer the better.

Yes plz.

This a millions times.

Donald Trump is very intelligent. He might pretend to be a globalist for a while just to get the classified information. Then, betray the globalists on a later time. Let's give him some time

The mental gymnastics on some of these people are wonderful

Dear god. We need to make a Comrade Jones facebook page where we post these weekly.

I made them and I'd be happy to make more.


Means I gotta listen to more fucking Jones, but okay. I'll make some and post 'em tomorrow.


Alex Jones thread?

and the inevitable conclusion.

and slightly better version


Okay what the actual fuck

Wtf it's real

If dubs, the omens are true.





Oh god, I've got to see this.
Chomsky and Jones together in room is something that's so weird to me.


This photo will be in history books one day.

What's the name of that music?

You should listen to a show or two sometimes (there's a youtube channel called 'Ron Gibson' that uploads them every day). He's a classic liberal through and through, and his "conspiracy theories" have been being proven right time and time again via wikileaks. His tendency to get hyped the fuck up and then talk over his guests can be very off-putting to new listeners, but that's just his high-energy style and the people he's interviewing know what they're getting in to.

Holla Forums abhors him and will permanently ban you for speaking positively about him because he shits on the NEETsoc narrative they push, and Holla Forums dislikes him because their only experience with him is daily show-tier snippets taken out of context.

Curb your enthusiasm theme

Patreus is a genius general who everyone in the military knew as the man who took care of his troops.

Political opinions aside, he's a great pick.

I actually hope he picks a neocon and bombs the Middle East into ashes

The wall and deportations are all confirmed since he picked Kubasch to handle it.

I actually hope he picks a neocon and bombs the Middle East into ashes

The wall and deportations are all confirmed since he picked Kubasch to handle it.

No True Trumpsman

When did he say this?

Why does he keep referencing Quigley?

I have read Quigley and he does not mention them using communists at all - in fact, his main thesis in The Anglo-American Establishment is that Western elites were attempting to use Hitler as a buffer between the Soviet Union, because they were afraid of Bolshevism spreading into Western Europe.

This implies communism is the main threat to them, not a tool under their control. And this is entirely consistent with what we can read in internal Bilderberg documents, where they talk about the same thing.

Is Jones dishonest or is he just adept at lying to himself?

And do none of his followers care to read the books he references?

He does say a lot of objectively crazy bullshit though, i.e. aliens and Satanists, and does have some straight up fascist-that-thinks-he-wants-freedom lolbert types on payroll like JP Watson.

However he does seem to sincerely care about society. I will give him that.

Quigley does talk about the establishment supporting "socialistic" policies, but what he is describing is social democracy, which they prudently recognized as a way to preserve social cohesion by softening the class antagonisms that might otherwise lead to revolution.

Trump started running on June 2015 and during most of the primaries, immigration was the only thing he talked about.

#DrainTheSwamp and pacificism were last-minute pivots to attract normies.

He already said, before Trump even won, that he knows Trump won't deliver all his promises. He said that no man ever could deliver on everything, not even Ron Paul.

He also said that he would be comfortable so long as the SCOTUS pick was conservative, taxes were lowered and the border was secured. Everything else is a bonus.

forgot audio

oh my god ive never seen this one





My grandma does nothing but watch Jones and hate liberals. It's so fucking disheartening. First she fell for a conman's bullshit with Jimmy Swaggart and his televangelism. Now she's falling for a political conman with Alex Jones.


No one can possibly take US imperial projects explained as humanitarian efforts to export their democracy seriously ever again, The copious volumes excreted by the likes of Slaughter and Power eternqally btfo'd by a screencap of Trump's twitter. Forever.

Trump has permanently exposed the IdPol base to be not a legitimate struggle but, ismply of a coalition of refractory Axis I and II disordered persons who are essentially conservative scum in that they care about their own perceived interests only, irrefutably at this point.

He has illustrated the process elucidated in Manufacturing Consent to the entire world. He shows by DOING, not explaining. Not by trying to organize the blue collar with fruity french frog words you learned at your elite uni that they'll never start saying.

He decimated the Democratic Party, who in case you didnt realise, are the enemy.

There is now a tea party dictatorship in the united states with a legendary shitposter at the helm. Trump is pure late capitalism, hyperreality cannnabilizing itself at last, he's dialectics in its purest form.

Anti-accelerationist is code for counterrevolutionary.


Hi Cenk.

AJ has been amazing for the struggle. I don't know how anyone who has decided they are a leftist could fail to relate to the working people's mentality so spectacularly. It;s WWE. I got like 40 minutes into Obama deception and there wasnt even a single issue with it, KRS one dropping knowledge. His voice is actually tolerable when he;s not yelling too. The man fucking snuck into Bilderberg LOL. What have you done?

I would argue Milo has done more for promoting tolerance and acceptance homosexuality in the conservative base than decades of academic whining. If you are incapable of seeing the bigger picture or actually understanding the working class, you may just be a liberal,

Are we being raided by pro-conmen posters?

fuck off idiot

did she buy any filters?

No, not yet. She has a water filter thing though and an entire library of Jimmy Swaggart books.


So let me get this straight, you're a pair or college educated liberal intellectuals who are butthurt about student loans or something and so have decided to affect leftism due to it being risk-free, while being parasitical of the labor aristocracy and Western wermacht that impoverishes billions, getting rekt by flawless arguments from a single autodidact from the actual proletariat. Talk to me when you've worked a day in your life, and are capable of thought beyond recitations of abstractions you've passively absorbed by rote in the neoliberal education system your parents probably paid for.

don't get upset

Fucking kek

Guise AJ is just a performer who really does not for a minute believe the sewage that exits his mouth himself. It's called overacting.

If you pretend to believe something for long enough, you will eventually start believing it.

you calm down now


Let's talk Hegel and why it's an embarassment that the student weinors still seem to think the laborers of the world will say the word 'bourgeoisie', even ironically. Like just say "owners". It's not neuroscience, which i also understand



Educated Western Cosmopolitans are absolutely a hostile class interest. It's time to get revisionist, people. Support Alex "Aufhebung" Jones or gtfo back to left-liberalism where you belong, with all the rest of the victims of the psychiatric-medical-state complex

you're mad because I'm in your nucleus accumbuens, accumulating your Delta Fos B.

Debate me on any topic. Brighter sparks over at the Reichsministerium fur Volksaufklarung, you know what i mean I swear. if this is global class consciousness it's off to a fairly shitty start

Not him, but it might have more to do with the tendency of unsubstantiated and doubtful claims posted on anonymous anime forums to not be taken seriously.

Ive been working the Hans Herman Hoppesians to get them past the NAP and reactionary nationalism, to see there is a universality to the good, to see the distinction between the eternal striving towards justice in the face of it being unknowable, and absolutist prescriptions they feel they reject… And ive been getting them into seeing all 'rational' thought even the most autistic, as irreducibly only meaningful as also embedded in communities of speakers, cultures. And that there is a certain class embedded in our culture that have fundamentally distorted that, by introducing systematic contradictions, such that it precludes us even moving beyond our simple ideologies that appear to be in conflict, so they see their idea of property and naive positivism is as fraudulent as what they despise in the liberal's words…. And that we are one as workers. I've literally been converting fascists into pure communists.

I'm here to tell you how I'm literally Zizek 2.0 and this is the thanks I get? This appears to be reddit + ugly CSS


Anyway come raid pol more im sick of the uppity "empowered" conservatives gloating thinking they took their country back

I've never heard him seriously blame anything on ayylmaos, and I've been listening to him for years. He does make a lot of jokes that can be taken out of context though.
You'd have to look at things from his point of view as a christcuck. You have these globalist elite on both sides of the aisle enacting policies that do nothing but cause death and destruction, while participating in eyes wide shut-tier orgies at bohemian grove, or lite-occult shit like spirit cooking. If you believe in a devil, certainly those people are on his side.
That he does. He has his faults, but he genuinely wants to make things better for everyone, not just white people.

wat, why'd I reply to my own post? meant
but you got that already.

Get back to me when he drops "muh wholesome entrepreneur" fetishism and stops automatically associating any and all manifestations of socialism with "NWO globalism"

If he can't at least get on board with the concept of class under capitalism and worker owned co-ops, he remains capitalism's most useful of idiots. - as indicated in the election.

Can he be our God Emperor now.

Thank you Trump, based Globalist ally


My favorite.

That fuckin Rolex he wears

The whiny braggart ITT is right about one thing: the left could use its own Alex Jones.

He managed to get his bizarre views into the mainstream, surely we could do the same with what amounts to working class self-interest.

Or maybe he only became so prominent because his views are useful to certain people, who knows.


Don't all those retarded commercials for retarded products at the end make it too obvious that Jones is just looking for profit?

Yes but lolberts thing being sold something is good

alex jones is a meme

how anyone can take him seriously is beyond me

Nazi scum filth trash garbage is something people I know IRL say after this video

The Right has Alex Jones.We, on the other hand, have paranoid M-L Twitter, or "literally everyone but me is CIA"

Chapo Trap House is in the process of putting together a news network.

How in the hell did these people rationalise that a billionaire socialite and exploiter of workers worldwide let alone America, as anti-establishment.


I agree with owners

Keep your friends close and your enemies….

But then again leftists have trouble with political thought and reasoning.

you fucking dumbass

Thats because you have no truth to tell. Lies perhaps? But i think the people are sick of that.



whoah you fully schooled brah

i just subscribed to breitbart

How do you propose he funds himself?

No, ads aren't an option.

Alex Jones is a deep state asset

Lmao how does this STILL need explanation

Could have something to do with the entire world media (colluding with the big tech companies and the DNC) to operate as an open propaganda arm against him for 6 motnhs, also allied against him was every major US newspaper, both major US parties, including the most popular politician in the country (despite having clearly been got to), most world leaders, UN organs, Wall Street, many major corporations, syndicated public intellectuals/ "experts", other billionaires liek Buffett, all condemning him in the harshest terms possible while implying Hillary was a truly lesser evil, with liberals being seemingly now totally immune to reason to a cult like degree who believed the only reason Trump could win is because the ex-KGB head had successfully subverted the CONSERVATIVE base in the USA and about 43 other contradictory narratives they were parroting.

He's absolutely discredited both major political parties now, DNC is btfo, GOP's next. Ofcourse there is a cult of personality, just like any leader, but the idea was if he fucks up like he most certainly will, it would force a complete change in the system. Trump is a tool and many of his supporters do not actually like him or trust him at all. The point was he admitted he was lying and crooked, and exposed the nature of the game in doing so like come on this is the most basic tier shit where have you even been for the past year?

Examples please. Name a lie.

He's a straight up retard and crying he's a fascist is equally retarded.

Idk, like five or six right now, my dude?

this is some 10/10 shit kek

I feel like your ordered the events wrong. GOP got BTFO as soon as Trump won the nomination. As soon as he crushed Jeb really.


If only Ronny was alive today, maybe this tragedy could've been averted. But what former Conservative president wouldn't vote for Hillary, I mean, sheesh.

TOPKEK x 1000000

yeah but politics can be hyper amnestic. Think the backend powerplayers don't feel emboldened by control of all branches of govt by said party? One more state legislature and they can pass Constitutional amendments unopposed…. LOL.

Trump is still somewhat enigmatic to me, and i will like to see what actually happens, given his proven track record so far of playing the players. Anyone can be got especially a twitter troll man baby such as trump, he's got an ego but he's got a family. There are no such thing as basically decent strongmen really, not for long. The primordial ur-psychopaths, especially those who represent the real bourgeoisie, will always have the edge. The real power are just frantically shifting pieces around in the background now, maybe it was jsut an overhaul of the propaganda systems and heightening of the repressive instruments again now, using SJW in the same was the the capitalist elite subverted Christianity to create the religious right, who are in many ways their exact equivalent.

I dont think ideology matters as much in politics as a lot of the left seems to think it does anyway, it creates pressures, carves spaces, opportunities, but mainly provides excuses and can also easily be ultimately self-defeating as the systematic distortion of rationalizing dogma inevitably affects the elite buraeuocracy as well.

I think much of the left is convinced that official ideology matters far more that it actually does in politics at the level of real power, let alone at the head of the US. Ideology carves out opportunities, creates certain spaces and possibilities, good and bad, but the actual stated outcome of the outward ideology being actually successfully implemented tends to really be an alignment of fortuitous accidents… At times almost purely coincidental. Thus GOP becoming transformed into a genuine nationalist workers' mass party after Trump 4D chess purges the swamp…. doesn't seem that realistic to me.

Their international credibility is totally BTFO tho. But the true elite don't really give a fuck about the facades of respectability obviously, whatever works, works. The Bourgeoisie 101



There ain't no coming back from this for either party. They're both still on denial.

To be fair Reagan and Quayle and Clinton and Bush Jr. started this down hill trend in the credibility of the presidency, at least from an intellectual stand point.

People look at Presidential candidates now and go: "I dunno, seems a little too straight man, I need a little more foil in my president."

Hillary's no fun even as a straight women, but that's why she has Huma!



Alex, much like the NRA, expected Trump to lose and so put more stock in him then they would a normal candidate
Let them suffer for it

This is what liberals actually believe.

Lol nah he's the Frankfurt School in action, utilizing schlock against itself, he hides truth behind the insanity as deep cover. No one who's truly controlled would blow the lid off that much of it. But it's hard to actually gauge what's happening at the upper levels, there are definitely oppposing factions and they have been perfecting weaponized mass psychology since the 1920's. The enemy are legitimately Marxists and Leninists in that a deep understanding of the dialectical structures of ideology and false consciousness, it's tactical field manual in their total war against the human being itself.

Folks watch it for entertainment, but he offers a constant critique of capital's power, of which the "left wing" soft power structures and their drones, the liberals, that he and the naughty "right wing" lower class despise with a passion, and rightfully so.

The Right Libertarianism is simply misguided, it's effectively Leninism in that it makes absurd promises of total human emancipation via a mechanistic formula for a stateless society, acheived through excision of the malignant parasitical control system that currently dominates society in a way that distorts the level of the consciousness of the masses. Their enemy is just the Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie, those who promote "liberal" moralism, individualistic, ritualistic, they use bastardized structural critique to pretend it's not about disciplining and dehumanizing the masses they feel repulsed by, while concealing their own sins of bigotry thru layers of dissonance and abstraction.

There is very little difference, however the Leninists were more 'fascist' than the fascists, down to straight up ethnic cleansing. The libertarians on the other hand feel there will always be 'bad' people around even once the masses are freed of false consciousness, while the ML's tried to claim they'd eradicate all evil. In the end the result will be substantively the same, every time. Fuedal rule by a brutal single corporation in the vacuum created by the destruction of the liberal civil society that is, for all its faults, still a check against this from being the default state of affairs.

There is no collective without the individual, there is no individual without the collective.

The left believes some traditions are good, and others need to be abolished, while the right also believes this.

Neither can forsee nor control the future history they both hallucinate.

Lenin thought he would create the New Soviet Man who would be Goethe tier, is this not the radical individualism of the right? Trotsky was full of shit he was the one advocating for the total militarization of society. "The fascists" want to preserve the European culture that has created the most tolerant societies on Earth, while 70 years of total ideologicol control in socialist states utterly FAILED to create a more progressive citizen than the consumerist west. Tito's subjects couldn't wait to butcher eachother.

The so-called fascists are simply pointing out absurdities and contradictions and operating on the same exact premises that are given assent despite being supposedly diametrically opposed. Multiculutralism, a neoliberal project, when it compatibilist and assimilationist actually worked great. It comes from the WESTERN tradition of equality and justice, like leftism itself, we worked hard to beat the religious right, and abolish patriarchy etc, then are getting them to come and undermine the same values we hold as universal absolutes while arbitrarily relativizing everything else.

West abolished African slavery, but it is still practiced to this day in the ME. The contradictions are nearly endless, but ultimately much of what is passed off as enlightened left wing anti-racism is bizarrely white supremacist. (Or Jewish supremacist…)

There is no "The Left", it serves nothing to pretend any suhc unity or continuity was more than a phantasy. There is no transcendental "solidarity" rather than that being yet another way to elevate tactics and war above the ethical and rational foundation that justifies such activities in the first place, and a tool of endless subdivision the elite use to prevent true unity. which is why I think unironic self-identification as the left deserves to be mocked. "The Left" should be simply be harvested for good ideas and then left to rot. No heros. No movements to claim spiritual succession to.

The Left/right is wholly artificial and it isn't any less falsified by adding another axis, it's not a convenient heuristic. It's an artifact of the normalized mass scale psychological warfare the elites utilize and have always utilized, and they are only getting more and more potent tools, left wing theory, and our noble sciences being just another hammer for them. Why do you think there were Right Hegelians? Do you think the elite would somehow NOT use Marx, Freud, etc. as a template for reforming the masses, the same way "the left" did? Like because "we" had "the professors" situated within the society we oppose, we had one over on them? Haha. Please.

It was however the elites versus the people, the real dialectic, and right now we are so close to the precipice of either:

Pick one and only one.

Only other out is perhaps extinction / near to it and reboot from square one. That's a crash course in Jonesism-Trumpist schizoanalysis for these liberal normie fucks.

Conservatives were so sure trump would lose they were preparing to riot and claimed the election was rigged.

Who are these "conservatives" you're talking about? Certainly not Alex Jones. Why are you sitting here just making shit up on an obscure imageboard? What do you hope to accomplish from this?


perfect example of transference and countertransference ("projection") in the abusive therapeutic state the left-flavoured agents of the elite are eagerly constructing

Artful dodging of the question, comrade :^)



I personally make shit up on anonymous image boards because it takes away social pressure, via panoptic conformity and also combating my own vanity and egotism. Defending a position with my name on it invites doubling down in the face of criticism rather than accepting fault. I don't want to attach my name to some kind of "movement" like I can be an example of personal virtue. this is as a cornerstone of the false legitimation in the elite's sectarian chess. So I relentlessly btfo myself, as constant self-criticism is due diligence in an age of deceit. Dogmatism is the real spinelessness. You can learn to do this process, without it just being a horrible neurosis, and come to love perpetual liberation. It's nothing like the public flaggelation rituals of the normie left. I can be anything I want to be, I'm everyone and no one, and my only goal is knowledge, justice, equality, peace and freedom, and im trying to unify a divided and conquered populace, to make them see their cliche'd apparent irresolvable differences evaporate under examination and we can tolerate one another and work together to MAGA the world.

And the history revisionism begins.

Well alright then, carry on.

Are you mentally ill, friend?

Sure, Trump won, but he never had "the numbers" for an easy victory. 41% of eligible people just didn't vote. That's not a landslide for Trump, not even close to a majority.

What Trump had was rabid fanatics, and now more than ever they deserve to be called chumps. His betrayal will only get worse. Congratulations.

This is an irrelevant statistic. 40% of the electorate doesn't vote in ANY US election. This is higher than 2012's turnout.

so is there any validity at all to what he's saying? i'm pretty new to alex jones so i wouldn't know.

It's a joke

Time for Communist party?

This is pure gold, not sure how i've never heard this before.

He just sounds like a basic conservative. Maybe he really is just a CIA disinfo agent.

I'm going to start calling him "regime mouthpiece alex jones"


my original meme