What right-wingers actually believe

What right-wingers actually believe.

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Congrats to the peasants toiling on the fields. Mechanized harvesters have arrived to replace you.

this is going to happen in the long term though.
Companies will try to save money by automating. Result: lots of angry unemployed people too poor to buy porky's widgets.
Step one of FALC is automating as many jobs as possible.

They don't seem to realize that they're some years away from being replaced by machines too.

Paul Lafargue said something that I think was very interesting, about how people should stop working because it would cause technology to advance. Isn't this ironically the exact view being put forward in these memes?

Am I a bad person if I always use the self-checkout because I'm too nervous to talk to a stranger?

tfw automatons won't be on the workers' side

Actually it's happening right now. And we're going to see over four million jobs in driving disappear with self-driving cars. However, this is going to happen whether employees are paid $15 an hour or $5 an hour.

If anything, this is a bonus to the Fight for $15 movement. By encouraging porky to replace workers with robots sooner, they're accelerating the demise of capitalism.


McDonald's would have eventually done this whether the wage was 15 dollars an hour or 5 cents an hour, not exactly sure why some think this is "prophetic" or something. I mean, once even skilled jobs are mostly automated, you really think your carpentry position is going to be worth 20 bucks an hour? Get in the bread line with the rest of us, bucko.

I disagree. The entire reason for automation at that level is that it's cheaper than human labor. If you had workers that would actually work for 5 cents an hour, there would be no need for that automation as the robots surely cost more than 5 cents per hour to run.

Well yeah, I was getting at the idea that eventually they would have even if the wage was that low. My overall point was that the nature of capitalism basically demands that this will happen. Bad example that poorly illustrated my point, but there it is.

but then you run into the problem of there being noone with enough money to buy your mcburgers. Thats why capitalism is contradictory you either automate all the jobs away or you force labour costs to a minimum eventually in both cases you get a consumer population that cannot sustain your business for lack of money

they've done the same thing here in australia, where the minimum wage isn't much of an issue. this is just the technological reality of modern business

I'm teaching my kid robotics, math, science electronics, code, etc.

Or a Whopper will be $9.99

I enjoy watching the bourgeoisie selling us the rope with which they will be hanged.

Beg for scraps or you will starve

tbh I try to use manned checkouts because I'm less likely to have to awkwardly talk to a stranger.

With a cashier I can just smile, maybe make small talk if they initiate a conversation, pay my money and go. Any drama, there's a person right there to sort it out. Easy.

Self checkout, I dunno if it's shitty tech or I'm a dumbass, but they fuck up often enough - complaining about shit in the bagging area, double scanning or halting because some item isn't in the database properly - that I'm pretty often having to stand there looking like a complete moron while I look around for the one person watching the self checkout area to come fix it (and then their card doesn't work or…).

Nah, fuck that. I'll take some meaningless conversation about my weekend with a cute checkout boy.

I agree on both points, but how do we fix that in the existing framework of capitalism?

Business never raises wages by using a larger portion of profit towards the laborers. They pass it down to the consumer and say,"this is what you fucking proles get for asking to not get paid dogshit for any job" then retards like you lap it up and ask for more credit so porky can fuck you in every orifice.



You can't fix that within capitalism. That's the point. Or you need some outside threat that force Porky to make concessions. Like the existence of revolutionnary movements in the XXth century…

I'll take "non sequiturs" for 100 Alex.

Unless your kid's name is Raj, Hamid, or Tran it's not going to matter.

The problem is that the requirement for increased profits means that employee elimination is inevitable.

Not really, there isn't a reason to believe that the use of robots won't be able to turn a profit.

The narrow-minded Capitalists would say UBI, but in a realistic scenario UBI would crash and burn.
The real answer is Socialism, followed by Communism.
However, there are some people who would rather die then become Communist, for example Alex Jones. They will kick and scream every damn step of the way, but by the end they will have performed so many mental gymnastics, they will still find a way to think they were right.

Yes, absolutely. Everyone has a duty to use capitalism to solve the problems endemic to capitalism. You should feel like shit tbh

You do realize that even if we all use a manned checkout line, they will be replaced by machines at almost the same time, right?
Porky would crash an airplane full of children if they would turn a profit. Employees cost significantly more then a machine ever would. By not using the machine you delay the inevitable decay of Capitalism, and exploit another worker for their labor while doing so.

Just be aware that by using the self checkout you are self exploiting your labor for porky's profit.

OP you should be glad that this is happening.
It basically provides the only chance for a future left-wing uprising.

porkyposting is kind of a hint im being sarcastic, buddy

In the short term, but the tendency of the rate of profit to fall means that to maintain their profits corporations will increasingly turn to automation. As that happens the pool of consumers will decrease as wage earners are eliminated, exacerbating these trends as the pool of captureable capital in the market shrinks. Eventually without wage paying jobs to replace capital extracted through profit, the system will collapse.


But if you don't use self checkout then you contribute to exploiting an employee's labor.

In a Capitalist market it is.
This is a very good thing for us though.



No, but I would prefer to exploit my own labor over another humans.

ayyy, full unemployment and hence no buyers - here we come

They're actually on the verge of replacing Asian garment workers (among whom the elite get paid $150/month) with robots. Mechanization is inevitable.

Explain pls. Both how full employment = no buyers, and how this is desirable.


Although, the real result will be some form of UBI in the core capitalist states (propped up by the prison-industrial and military-industrial complex) and mass dying and slavery in the 3rd world, justified because they hate us for our freedumbz.

Full mechanization means full unemployment.

b-but m-muh S-STEM job
b-but w-who will maintain the robots, amirite?




There is always a guy like you around that thinks technology can't progress anymore. Watch "Humans need not apply" on youtube, it gives a lot of examples of what we can already mechanize.

Mathematica isn't magic
Gaussian isn't magic

The AI system was able to recreate the complex quantum experiment to create an extremely cold gas trapped in a laser beam, known as a Bose-Einstein condensate.

“I didn’t expect the machine could learn to do the experiment itself, from scratch, in under an hour,” said co-lead researcher Paul Wigley, of the Australian National University Research School of Physics and Engineering, in a statement.

AI is really just applied statistics.
Which is certainly not to say it doesn't have potential, just that comrades should refrain from magical thinking about technological progress. Technology is something to be understood objectively, in both its current strengths and limitations, because this is the mindset most conducive to its actual advancement beyond them.
Just as one may be historically and metaphysically materialist, he must too be a materialist about the state of technology and its future. What this comes down to is scientific skepticism and a keen eye for evidence.

It's obvious that productive forces are right now such that we can afford to work much less. It is not obvious, or even decidable at this point, whether full automation, post-scarcity society and complete obsolescence of labor is possible, much less historically inevitable. This is where many of us cross into utopian territory.

Kirk's communicator was a sci Fi fantasy

Now everyone has one

Naw. It just so happened to be part of a sci-fi show.

"Let's take radios, and, like, make them smaller and portable" and "let's take computers, and, like, make them smaller and portable" wasn't exactly the stuff of fantasy.
The transporters were, at least as described, because there's no real scientific precedent and they run up against the hard problem of consciousness.

The key is, as always, cultivating a trained eye

You fucking wish you obsolete fossil.


You are so fucking stupid


There were always hard-headed cynics in every stage of technological development, who dismiss the prospect of advancement and novel technologies out of hand and without any sophisticated background to them.

There were always extreme optimists who make spurious claims about future technology not based on any available evidence.

I'm telling you that the truth of any claim about the future can be predicted, at least somewhat, by evidence. The beliefs of the "general public" aren't relevant. This is literally the position of historical materialism. It shouldn't be a controversial one here.

It's not hindsight that makes Kirk's communicator seem plausible, and an uninformed, nonspecialist public allegedly balking at the idea does not mean that it eluded scientists, especially since science is an inherently socialized, iterative process.

I think you would be more cautious if you could see the current sorry state of sensationalized science """journalism""" for what it is.

Trips of troof

>Business never raises wages by using a larger portion of profit towards the laborers
Thanks for stating so openly what is implicit in many right-wing rants about us plebs, we who try to destroy the world with our endless greed. This is transparently silly. For this statement to apply to a business, one of the following has to be true:
1. It operates at the point of breaking even prior to the wage increase, so then it must raise prices corresponding to the wage increase to continue existing.
2. It could have gotten much higher profits through higher prices, but hasn't done so until the wage-hike for some reason. That is, it was acting irrationally.

Of course, the above scenario is micro-economic, that is, we are abstracting away any possible increase in demand. A general minimum-wage hike is different from some business raising the wage, it is a macro-economic issue. Considering this makes the right-wing claim look even more silly.

I keep hearing this shit at work, which is an average restaurant slightly higher that fast food tier. The guys at the grill making $11/hour endlessly mocking "the poor" who are "butthurt" because they want a higher wage. Then they complain about how they have no money for Xmas presents and they want a raise. Then they talk about how "trump will fix it all". We're doomed, aren't we?


Not too far off
That's basically how the drug cartels work today

It's tough to pierce the veil of ideology. Some people can't be reasoned with or convinced, no matter what.

It's not hopeless I don't think. Young people are seeing more and more that things as they are are bullshit. Even older people are starting to come around. The illusion of functionality is still with capitalism though. Most people just want things to go back to the way they were, and the prospect if the good times never coming back again is terrifying.

Low skill work is slowly disappearing.

But if you use a self-checkout you can pretend to swipe barcodes over the scanner and loss prevention has no way of knowing you're not paying for them


It's funny. A burger flipping low-life who contributes nothing to society shouldn't be making as much as an entry level construction worker.

So they want a return to true capitalism?

thanks for your "contribution" to the discussion, classcuck


you mean a house that costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy, and will probably be left unoccupied while the homeless guy in the dump down the street freezes to death?

Yes. The workers that built that house bolstered the economy, provided people with a place to live, and added to the usable infrastructure of the country. Worth more than a burger flipping lowlife…

To the wall.

oh so only those whose work "contributes" to "society" deserve a living wage. everyone else should just starve and go homeless when they can't pay their bills. i guess those 8 hours of work each day deserves no compensation.

There's no such thing as a "living wage." The cost of living is different in every state, and it's vastly different between city and rural life.

the cost of living also differs between countries and eras. are we spouting truisms for fun here? a living wage is an amount that adequately covers a person's living costs; things like food, accommodation, utilities, etc. it's not a complex concept

I work a shitty low-wage job with people that used to be engineers. One was a mechanism designer for Kodak and another was a quality control specialist for a heavy machinery company. Despite decades of experience, for some reason they're working at home depot putting shit on shelves after the companies they worked for shit the bed.

And there are millions of other people just like that because the vast majority of the "middle class" jobs that were lost in 2008 have been "replaced" by menial, minimum wage work.

So for all you know that "burger flipping low-life" could have his masters degree.

It is a complex concept, actually, considering you can't have a national "living wage" because the cost of living is so drastically different around the country. $7.50 is a living wage in most parts of the country. It's not a living wage in most parts of CA–especially not the shit-hole rat den Leftist cities, laden with regulations and taxation–but then again, that's their problem, and it's entirely self-inflicted. No one's forcing these low-skill morons to live in the most expensive areas of the nation while not being able to earn a wage capable of paying rent and purchasing food in those areas. Go work at a Burger King in Vermont and I'm sure you won't have as much of a problem "living." If wages are raised, then they need to be proportional across the board, and proportional to the local economy. A "national living wage" is retarded, and further displays the retardation Leftists have in regards to economics.

all i needed to hear. please kill yourself, it'll make for a good "contribution to society"

Nigger are you joking?

Better get on your beloved Democrat authoritarians then about their lust for free trade, open borders, and increased regulations and taxation. Or do you like competing with third world workers while your government makes you more and more expensive in the eyes of corporations?

Nigger get out of your little rat den city and experience the real world.

are you seriously retarded?

do you have any idea where you are?

of course he doesn't. he's a Holla Forums tourist who got here 10 minutes ago and has never read a book

Fucking tourists
This is what we get for trying to normalize relations

Wow! Are mcdonalds jobs communism!

they want a return to the period in time where North America was the industrial center of the world post ww2 and where people could raise a family and own a house by being a teacher or pay their tuition by working at mcdonalds for the summer (my grandpa did both of those.)

Yeah, Holla Forums. Lefties love authoritarianism. You're only getting what you asked for. Just like the Russians did. Just like the Venezuelans. Just like the Chinese. "b-b-b-but on paper!" You wanted to give unlimited and unquestionable power to government, and not even on the cusps of that and the government is already working against our interests, and yet there's Lefties out there protesting in the streets demanding authoritarians take control of the government the constitution be damned. Sub-humans…

If a retarded money could do it, why didnt you get them to do it?

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Yeah, a freer market in the US where the Federal government didn't regulate and tax you into oblivion the second you try to start up a small business. Where American workers didn't have to compete with the third world. That's not Leftism.

Have you been to a McDonald's lately? Loaded with nigg… Monkeys.

If they are animals without human rights why do you keep paying them?

You act like I'm in a position of power. If I had it my way they'd be exterminated. They're not worth the half-assed labor they provide.

They might as well click their heels and wish for it to rain bon bons because neither are going to happen.

We should. I mean look at the UAE. We approach this immigrant thing so stupidly. I say let Mexicans in. Institute something equivalent to the kafala system so that they are legally bound to thier employer and won't get uppity.

I agree it's an absolute travesty we let decent people do these terrible jobs when we could get Indians and Mexicans to do them.


The government is designed to do that. It's a device of class rule.
Socialism does not mean "get the government do, like, more stuff, maan!" We explain this every single day, why is it that it never stays explained? We disavow liberals and welfare statism as much as we do right wing authoritarian ethnonationalism.

And yet you Lefties are constantly advocating giving government total power to implement your ideals. Let's take a look at the twentieth century to see how that worked out. I don't care about your on-paper Leftist bullshit. Every single real world Socialist and Communist country has been a failure with out-and-out government authoritarianism and oppression.

I know, you Lefties love your sub-humans.


And yet you Righties are constantly advocating giving government total power to implement your ideals. Let's take a look at the twentieth century to see how that worked out. I don't care about your on-paper Rightist bullshit. Every single real world Nazi and Fascist country has been a failure with out-and-out government authoritarianism and oppression.

Waah waah I won't accept your on paper bullshit
I won't listen to anything you say because my preconceived notions overrule what you actually believe and advocate for

Dog bless merica


Oh, so Rightists didn't kill hundreds of millions and oppress billions last century?

that's your answer kek

Oh and this:


Yeah, because right-wingers have totally never used that to establish regimes.

Wow, that's funny. I and the rest of this board very clearly and very openly DON'T want these things. Does that mean we're not actually leftists after all?

Or maybe, just maybe, you've pathologically misunderstood something along the way.

"Leftism" doesn't even exist, when was the last time anyone used the word "rightism"?



No, just keep saying that to yourself knowing that you're loss.


What ideals does the term leftism encompass?

And we see here how Holla Forums plugs it ears and repeating a word so that it can get its way.

Holla Forums everyone!

Comrade, I see nothing there.
What is thy statement making here?



Did an admin delete the Holla Forums posts or did they self-delete?

If it was an admin shouldn't we keep Holla Forums's stupidity on full display, if at least for posterity's sake?

If authoritarianism is leftist and bad then why do rightys suck the cock of CEOs and the authoritarian mode of production

I've literally already said, point blank, "the government is a device of class rule" ITT. Why the fuck would we make our goal the expansion of government power, being that we believe government exists only as an administrative function of a ruling class?
We can totally get behind your desire to limit government power. We want that too. But it's at best an incomplete solution, because government isn't some unmoved mover. It itself results from more fundamental material forces. And it's entirely possible for these forces and class antagonisms to limit peoples' freedoms, exactly how a government might. The root cause is private ownership of the means of production by an elite minority.
Look at the ancaps "just don't call it a state" theories and you'll begin to understand.

There were leftISTS in the USSR, It's too bad really that Stalin had them all murdered
It was an attempt to build socialism, at least on day 1. There were several stumbling blocks, namely that that the productive forces of Russia were nowhere near the point of development as to have exhausted capitalism's historical role, bolshevik rule consequently was a "holding action" which saw dismantling of the soviets (democratic workers councils) in the early years en route to further revolution, and ultimately the "socialism in one country" model which neglects capitalism as an inherently international system.

No. We don't. It's deliberately ambiguous terminology you're using as a rhetorical trap and to hide your own profound ignorance. Define. Your. Terms.

Triggered: The post

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you are lucky that this board is so poorly moderated. any sensible person would have range banned you and pathetic raid party hours ago

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The Right is on the rise globally, while the Left is dying globally. We win.

You got deleted because it was so stupid it came off as trolling
"Different point of view" my ass. It's the exact same old boilerplates. You won't even listen to people explaining what we actually believe in and argue for, and how different it is from what you've assumed our views to be.

New rule: you have no business posting here if you don't know what the fuck lurking is.

you won't be able to enjoy your fantasy victory with a bullet in your head

Enjoy your safe spaces while they last.


my guns and my will to kill subhumans like you will protect me. your precious state won't protect you, especially after you're dead

Eh, McDonalds would roll these out everywhere no matter the wage. These were test trailed in Australia years ago and now they are everywhere in spite of the wages.

This isn't a game you fool, our future is at stake, I want EVERYBODY to "win", even the bourgeois once they've been overthrown (I can only dream of living to see that day).

Who "wins" in your vision of the future?

himself, of course. that's what it's all about; he wants to rule and to dominate. leftists want to destroy rulers and dominators; and if leftists do that, that means he won't get hi chance to be a ruler. that's why he hates leftists

*his chance

Wow, and I thought it was only biology that Holla Forums failed.

see and

Your reasoning is like this
1) Rightism is the belief that all dogs should be shot
2) I do not want dogs to be shot
3) Therefore rightism is evil

If you respond to this with "no, actually, shooting dogs has nothing to do with what I believe" and get a reply like "YEAH BUT WHAT ABOUT THE FACT THAT RIGHTISM IS SHOOTING DOGS HUH DOGSHOOTER?" you might be a little annoyed. It may seem as though the other guy either didn't read what you said or was too stupid to understand it.

this is why reactionaries always fall in the end, because they think when they win a battle, it means the war is over. Here's wakeup call for you, history didn't end with an election or with a revolution, cycles begin an end. the only reason reactionaries are rising is because of turmoil, but that turmoil doesn't last, and with AI and automation coming, there's going to be less and less work, and if you think nazi ideals are somehow going to rewind the clock, I got some bad news for you.

Wait, do you actually believe that it was not? Open a history book.

smh fam


I'm not arguing against you
I'm highlighting the inconsistency and ahistoricality of the Holla Forums position just like you were

I thought "genocidisplace" was obvious enough, but I guess not. It IS some real Poe's Law stuff after all

my mistake, I've been reading so much shitposting and Holla Forumslogic I can hardly tell the difference anymore

I know that feel

my local mcd has the same machines since 2 years ago and I live in a town in italy