I guess that's what the threat of holding 3 billion dollars in government contracts hostage can get you...


I guess that's what the threat of holding 3 billion dollars in government contracts hostage can get you. I'm skeptical of the quality and longevity of the jobs that are sticking around.

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Watch the jobs have like, fuck to no pay and only hispanic immigrants take them, and a shitstorm starts about immigrants again

White America literally cannot get its hands dirty with agriculture and industry at this point.

Who did those jobs when America was 88% white 60 years ago?

Times have changed.

So the company wasn't planning on cutting any jobs, Trump called in a favor, and then they announced that they were going to "keep the jobs."

this is basically nothing

But they're talking about right now and as it stands white Americans aren't taking those jobs.

The plant was closing and the manufacturing jobs were moving to Carrier's newly expanded plant in Mexico. Total job loss was 1400.

Protectionist economic policies and the repeal of the 1965 immigration act

There I fixed America

No you didn't. There's no baby boomer social safety net. You gave us new wall paper. You aren't incentivizing jobs for people who don't want them.

typical anfem post

get out of high school dude

the plant was moving.

He probably told them they could get a $20 billion tax break once he gets into office or something.

This is a neat non-sequitor. I'd like to hear the logic behind it.

I never claimed whites were lazy subhuman lumpens, I simply said the people who voted for Trump want jobs back, as long as it's not done by them, themselves.

A notable caveat to this is agriculture, where whites still exist in rural areas.

But that's also to deny the massive immigrant labor force, where whites could work for low wages but don't.

I see the same deal in "bringing jobs back", white Americans won't want to do them in the same way this phenomenon currently happens.


Pls fuck off.

I'm right aren't I? They don't want their hands dirty. At least the strong number of middle class voters don't.

No, the white working class was the definite driving force behind Trump winning. Those people voted with the expressed desire of bringing American manufacturing and factory work back.

That doesn't account to which labor forces. A large number of whites do minimum wage jobs yes, but when it comes to intensive share, it diminishes.

I didn't claim that whites did not work, more, that whites that want jobs back from the middle class are using it to feel liberally better about themselves in their new pet faux-labor cause.

Now, some of it is legitimate. However, some of it is not legitimate and they would rather ignore who does said minimum wage jobs.

Also to account is the population of whites which is a majority.

We're playing semantics but you see my point well enough. I'm talking specific suburbanite.

You're not right if they didn't want those jobs back they would've just voted for Clinton. Just listen to yourself, why would anyone want to bring back a jobs they don't want to do? From your POV the white working class should be commended for their charitable spirit in wanting to bring back these jobs home for their hispanic and black brothers and sisters to do them.

It means a lot to the workers who work there, their families, and the community where the factory is located.

No you aren't

You've been repeating "i'm right" all the thread, get out already

I doubt it. It's more complicated than that, and it isn't like Trump will bring everything back as corporate as a president as he is.

And his base doesn't think or care about that fact. Which is unfortunate, given they want labor back in many cases.

He cannot bring all labor back because he's surrounded himself with people who don't want that occurring, we have labor imported for a reason. Pushing hard wage slavery somewhere else.

Not new to the US.

I think you're new to the idea of "pet issue". And again I'm not talking about the active working class here, I'm speaking for the upper middle.

No, this is not my POV.

Alright I'll shrink the demographics down so you get the point.

Most people on the internet blowing Trump's cock are middle class and don't want to work in industry or agriculture. Which was my point.

It's a real dumb point considering the middle class is shrinking substantially and most of them are finding themselves members of the working class. Whole reason they voted for Trump. I'm sure they'd work in agriculture if illegal immigrants were not dampening the wages in that industry by being paid less under the table by crony corporations.

Who cares he's going to destroybmore than that with the government programs he's shutting down.

Who gives a fuck any more, you gotta get work no matter what these days. Just because your little bitch hands can't be seen turning a wrench doesn't mean I don't want that job. Not like a trust fund faggot like you would understand.

I grew up dirt fucking poor dipshit, I worked my ass off through discipline to get to where I'm at with enormous scholarships to college because if I got less than an A my ass was beat.

He will just cut their taxes, the absolute madman.

Hi Holla Forums this is capitalism and working class has to do with your relationship to production.


Sure, the middle class Repubs who voted for Trump were going to vote for him no matter what, just because he had (R) behind his name. But the white workers and minorities who actually ended up swinging the election are actually the factor that really matters and they wanted their jobs back. As for your point that white workers don't want to do sub-minimum wage farm work, guess what? Most blacks don't want to do it either most would rather get on welfare, sell drugs, or pull licks if they can't get an honest minimum wage job and I don't fucking blame them. It's hard enough getting by on the minimum wage.

Take your copy of J Sakai's Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat and put it in the trash where it belongs.

A feminist who believes anarchy is possible, yes.

I would love to see your lily white ass survive as a kid growing up in an Asian household, I really would. You don't even know half the shit the Koreans do. For example, holding textbooks above your head with bent knees for 30 minutes as punishment. It's intense and abusive.

EG, motivation to get good grades and go out of high school not screamed at.

The United States is to blame for your ancestors savagery?

wow, look at all these gulagposts

sage and report.

No the problem is you're saying minimum wage cross job. Which isn't what I said. I admit, I am a bit unread on the issue, but from what I understand urban minimum wage jobs are largely white, while certain agricultural jobs are largely hispanic, and the same goes with low paying jobs in industry, though I could be wrong on that, I admit.

My point was specific to industrial labor which Americans haven't had in years, I just don't know if they'd fill up with white employees. In this hypothetical scenario where Trump actually goes through with his word.


I believe this still means 2000 jobs are leaving

I mean the logic of "Trump bringing back jobs", is the idea someone who's been in real estate all his life and surrounds himself with establishment Republicans won't act predictable to Capital. And every force around him will hardly bring back all those low paying jobs.

Especially the corporations he received donations from.

He will bring back jobs through tax cuts and deregulation.

Are you confusing him for Hillary and Bernie?

were you comatose for the past year and a half?

You are missing the point. Corporations owns the government, and they really don't want to pay Americans to do jobs they could do jack shit for elsewhere, even in the face of sense.

The last thing they want are people who can legally unionize.

No. I'm not. He also did this.

The chairman of the RNC and Mike Pence are really looking out for the Conservative voter. Just like Reagan was. Just like Bush was. Just like Nu-Bush was. Just like Obama was, or Hillary was.>He will bring back jobs through tax cuts and deregulation.

As a white American, every factory I have ever worked in has had pretty great pay and better overtime policies than most other jobs I've seen. (i.e. they actually let you work overtime and don't tell you to fuck off and go home after 40 hours)

I don't know if you've ever actually been to a factory, but there's usually plenty of whites. Then again I've never lived in a major metro area.

Businesses also pay for regulatory compliance and shipping costs if they outsource. If he cuts their taxes enough it could be cheaper to stay in the US. Of course everyone else will be on the hook for those tax dollars, but at least the manufacturing jerbs are back.

Why would these workers unionize if they were afraid to lose their precious jerb that the God Emperor saved for them? The threat of outsourcing can basically be wielded by corporations against proletarians, forever.

typical anfem post because it was retarded. white people in urban America have continued and do continue to take dirty, shitty, manual labor jobs, despite the wages being driven down by guest worker programs and illegal immigration and outsourcing

never accused you of calling anyone subhuman. just of having a high school mentality that's more based on what you observe in your immediate vicinity than it is based on statistics or any kind of reliable evidentiary basis

Because going into it, the types of labor China does, that corporations will expect Americans to do now, is basically soul crushing.

Not all industrial jobs are the same.

For some they would want to unionize, and it's for that reason, among many, those jobs get sent over sea.

You think this shit is just going to get fixed in a small matter of four years and it won't.

That's more typical of all posters than just specifically anfem.

I don't expect anything to get fixed. All I expect is a Reagan-esque program of tax cuts and deregulation, that will bring back some jerbs, along with privatization of things like Social Security, Medicare, and probably the public school system, along with corruption and Trump using his office for business deals.

This all just a ruse people.

(I work in HVAC btw) and all the HVAC manufacturers have long since went overseas(even "American" standard).

Look, carrier employs like 50,000 people. Where do you think the rest of the people are employed? Not America

They literally only put the thing together at these Indiana plants

People used to take pride in using "American' products, nowadays no one does enough to justify staying in the USA

The fact is trump or anyone won't make these companies come back unless they weaken unions and lower worker pay enough so it becomes economical.

And if that happens these retards will hail it as a victory.

So, you don't really know the issue, but you're going to speak about it anyway. Well, I'm not really a maoist, but I largely agree with the spirit of "no investigation, no right to speak."

The United States is still an industrial powerhouse. The size of the US industrial economy in capital outlay and learnings is estimated at over 2 trillion dollars(data.worldbank.org/indicator/NV.IND.MANF.CD?locations=US) that's larger then Italy's entire economy with France's economy as a whole only being slightly larger then the US industrial economy.

The nearest comparable Industrial economy in the West, to my knowledge, is Germany and 29% of its population works in industry coming out at 12.18 workers. How does the US rank?

According to BLS figures there were 15.3 million workers in manufacturing in the US. What percentage of minority workers make up this workforce? Approximately, 32.5%; Whites make up approximately 67.5% of the industrial labor force. That's roughly commensurate with population on both sides as reported by census data which might actually undercount the "white" population for various reasons

What about agriculture? That's really the great trump card in any Third Worldist or pseudo-Third Worldist discourse about the white working class. There are approximately 2.4 million people employed in agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting (etc.) and of that workforce only 27.4% is made up of minorities–even less then in manufacturing. The rate of female participate in this industry is even lower at 24.6%. So going by these figures 72.6% of the ag. worker is white and the majority of these are men.

Even crop production where minority workforce participation rises to its highest at 35% is still a majority white workforce. While the exploited, despised, and even raped, migrant worker is an important factor in keeping porky's pockets fat saying that its the only thing keeping American agriculture up or implying that the native workforce simply lives off the fat of the land cultivated by migrant workers is bullshit. The statistics don't differentiate between native-born and migrant hispanics in any case or black immigrants in any case, so its hard to know definitively. Based on their current employment in these fields we can surmise that whites likely would take these jobs if more of them became available.

Most of the American labor force, including the minority workforce, is employed in the service industry. Some work classed as service work like restaurant work is much closer to productive labor imo then other forms of "service work" but that's another discussion.

It's true that US industrial capital's importance has diminished against the economy as a whole with retail and the FIRE sector taking the lead. But to say that Americans haven't had industrial labor in years either literally or metaphorically clearly isn't true. Anecdotally, I actually have a job interview lined up for an industrial job coming up soon.

Another pampered chink cunt that never loved to learn. Is that why y'all cheat so much?

*and earnings

Doesn't your type bitch about being psychoanalyzed.

Yeah, don't do it. I love learning in certain subjects.

For example, I love reading Marxist material more than you do.

How the fuck is that supposed to help me weld.

the most important thing for america is the huge amount of money the capitalist class receive from the rest of the world because of globalized investments
And people think Trump would do anything to fuck that up.

This happens so frequently its crazy. Literally every time one of these sensational "omg these guys are moving out of the country what traitors" shit happens, it's pointless because the damage has always already been done.

Like when like two months everyone got mad at ford for moving all thier production of small cars to Mexico, just like with carrier ALL THE PARTS WERE MANUFACTURED OVERSEAS. This useless anger only comes after years as they've slowly moved and they're left with like 1000 workers and they're about to take the last step

I actual have no problem with a globalized economy. But not in the context of this race to the bottom shit.

I concede that point

Is this guy serious? Why did it take a dude on a Peruvian belt making forum to inform me of this?

Still Mexicans. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bracero_program

So is this a real victory for him or some meaningless bullshit?

Well in in a sarcity-economy that's all globalization will ever do. Every country wants to hoard as much shit as possible, every country wants to buy low and sell high. As long as capitalism exists someone has to be at the bottom supporting the pyramid.

you peruano?