Trump has picked his treasury secretary to help him drain the swamps

Trump has picked his treasury secretary to help him drain the swamps
He's a Goldman Sachs banker and friend of George Soros

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He isn't even Dutch, why do you think he can drain swamps, you guys can't even keep your roads in drivable condition in most of your cities, let alone fund and maintain dijken and polders.



I bet on the night of the elections, before Trumop caome out with that highly pc victory speech someone had a similar conversation with him like this one:


Lmao. Trump has no control over his presidency. He's just letting the usual suspects take the wheel.


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Trump didn't chose anyone yet. Find the sources for this accusation (NYT). Nowhere does it mention anywhere that Trump indicated in any way that Mnuchin would be selected, he was just the financial head of his campaign. The wording on Vox is insane but look at the wording on the NYT article. Its all "expected to be chosen" etc.

This is like what happened when they selected a bunch of lobbyists for him to appoint, everyone complained, and before they could blink an eye he rejected all of them.

Wait until he's actually put together a cabinet before you jump.

They didn't "select a bunch of lobbyists for him to appoint", he let a bunch of lobbyists tell him whom to appoint. Looks like they've largely gotten their way so far.

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idk like 5 or 6 maybe

Network is such a great movie.

Howard was right. We're all humanoids now.

He left Goldman Sachs more than a decade a go. He will be helping Trump understand better how to destroy them.

Someone with proper shopping skills needs to meme this.

Did Obama ever get this level of scrutiny for effectively outsourcing the White House response to the 2008 Financial Crisis to Wall Street insiders?

IDK what to do for the fourth panel lmao someone else do something if they have an idea.


wtf I love Hillary now


Trump is a monkey. He likes the shiny thing. He likes the gold plated condo, the skinny blonde wife, the big crowd staring at him, the casino, the magazine cover and the magazine. Trump likes the shiny thing "be President of United State," so he grabbed it, and now he has the shiny thing. Everything is Great (Again) because Trumpmonkey has the shiny thing. Other people had the shiny thing, and America was not great because there were other people with the shiny thing he was owed.
But now Trumpmonkey has a headhurt, because ever since he grabbed the shiny thing, he has been surrounded by meaniepeople who want him to do things. Trumpmonkey doesn't know what alt-right is, Trumpmonkey doesn't know what lobbyist is, Trumpmonkey doesn't other than the fact that no one likes them.
Trumpmonkey has a grandson, he's so good with computers. So good. Maybe Trumpmonkey's grandson can figure this one out. He needs a cabinet position. Secretary of being good at computers.

This is why Jimmy dore is right

oh I'm sure it's afraid

my favorite part of all this is watching the backtracking and rationalization by Holla Forums of all this
They've already gotten to the point of banning all their legit nazis, pretty soon they'll be praising jews and saying how Trump keeping Obama, Bush, etc policies is really a good move

A pic of him shaking hands with one lobbyist?